Amazfit smart watches are stylish gadgets with a wide range of functions. With the help of this device, the owner will be able not only to determine the time, but also to control the main vital signs of the body.
The device is manufactured by the Huami brand, a subsidiary of the well-known Xiaomi brand.

A distinctive feature of these smartwatches is that at an affordable cost they have sufficient functionality for full use.

When choosing a device, pay attention to its style and design, the list of basic and additional functions, as well as the type of materials used for production.

The rating will help you choose the right model, which contains the best Amazfit smartwatches in terms of price / quality ratio according to the version of 2021.

When selecting models for the rating, experts’ recommendations, owner reviews and official Rostest test data were taken into account.

Top 12 best Amazfit smartwatches of 2021

Place Name Price
TOP 3 best Amazfit smartwatches by price/quality for 2021
one Amazfit Bip Ask for a price
2 Amazfit Bip Lite Ask for a price
3 Amazfit GTR 47 mm stainless steel case, leather strap Ask for a price
TOP 3 best Amazfit women’s smartwatches
one Amazfit GTS Ask for a price
2 Amazfit Bip S Ask for a price
3 Amazfit Bip S Lite Ask for a price
TOP 3 best Amazfit men’s smart watches
one Amazfit Amazfit Bip U Ask for a price
2 Amazfit GTR Lite 47mm Ask for a price
3 Amazfit GTR 47 mm aluminum case, leather strap Ask for a price
TOP 3 best Amazfit waterproof smartwatches
one Amazfit T-Rex Ask for a price
2 Amazfit Neo Ask for a price
3 Amazfit Stratos 3 Ask for a price


Amazfit Stratos watch is a device that is tailored for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It tracks heart rate and blood pressure during workouts and is extremely accurate in counting calories. It is also especially popular among people who are actively involved in tourism, because of its large 280 mAh battery.

Main purpose Sports and a minimal set of social features
Main plus A large number of sports modes. It is possible to track your activity while running, exercising on simulators, swimming, cycling, tennis, football, triathlon and climbing.
Main disadvantage No microphone, no speaker, no cellular support. There is also no NFC payment module.

How to choose an Amazfit smart watch?

Many users choose smart watches solely for their appearance. But, in addition to matching the device to the owner’s clothing style, the device must also have sufficient functionality.

When choosing, pay attention to such technical characteristics:

  • Display type. Different watch models can be equipped with AMOLED or LCD display. Both of these screens are quite bright, and most models are backlit for comfortable use of the gadget at night.
  • Battery capacity. The battery life depends on the battery capacity.
  • Price. The price of a smart watch directly depends on the choice of functions. The wider it is, the higher the cost will be, although for many users the basic functionality is enough.

You should also pay attention to the type of materials that were used for the production.. Budget models are equipped with a silicone strap, while more advanced models are equipped with a leather or metal bracelet.

WeLoop Hey 3S

WeLoop Hey 3S is a watch from Xiaomi, which with its design is very reminiscent of the well-known Apple Watch. There is almost the same body shape, very similar screen outlines and a similar control system. True, the “Chinese” has a hint of its “sportiness” more emphasized — the model comes with a bright rubber strap. However, this strap can be replaced with any other one you like, since the mounts for it are standard, so a bracelet from absolutely any chronometer will do.

But the functionality of WeLoop Hey 3S, of course, is not the same as that of the «apple» gadget. This watch does not have a full-fledged mobile operating system on board and does not provide as many features as an Apple product. However, for the price at which you can buy a device from Xiaomi (in Russia it costs from 5,000 to 6,000 rubles), this can be forgiven.

WeLoop Hey 3S cannot work completely autonomously. The model does not provide for the placement of a SIM card in it, so the operation of the watch is possible only after connecting to a smartphone or tablet.

Here are the main specifications of WeLoop Hey 3S:

  • compatibility with mobile operating systems Android and iOS;
  • housing made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • 1.28-inch square LCD touchscreen display with 176 x 176 resolution;
  • the ability to receive incoming phone calls;
  • notification of SMS messages received on the connected smartphone;
  • built-in navigation module that can connect to GPS and BeiDow satellites;
  • biometric sensors (sleep, calories, heart rate, physical activity);
  • built-in accelerometer;
  • Bluetooth — module;
  • 720 mAh battery.

What are the benefits of smart watches?

A smart watch is a small but very functional gadget that allows you to not only tell the time.

With this device, the owner will be able to monitor the quality of sleep and the level of physical activity, the number of calories burned, the level of oxygen in the blood and many other vital signs of the body.

Many devices also have additional sensors and modules for orientation in space..

Such models are perfect for tourists and travelers, because with the help of ordinary watches, the user will be able to get directions or determine their location.

Mijia Quartz Watch

Mijia Quartz Watch is a traditional watch. They resemble a classic quartz chronometer and have a very ordinary dial with real hands, a steel case and a leather strap. However, the device can connect to a smartphone. After such a connection, the gadget sends notifications about incoming calls and SMS messages received on the phone, and also monitors the parameters of the owner’s body (pulse, physical activity). Since Mijia Quartz Watch does not have its own display, all the collected information can only be viewed using a special mobile application.

Here are the main specifications of this model:

  • the ability to work with mobile operating systems Android and iOS (from version 4.4 and 7, respectively, earlier versions are not supported);
  • notifications of incoming calls and SMS messages;
  • calorie and physical activity sensors;
  • built-in accelerometer.

Mijia Quartz Watch has a simple water protection of thirty atmospheres. It allows the watch not to be afraid of splashing water. There is also an automatic time setting function. It happens with the help of a mobile application. You don’t need to bring the Mijia Quartz Watch yourself — as soon as they are connected to the smartphone, the arrows will take the desired position themselves.

The average cost of Mijia Quartz Watch in Russia is about 2,500 rubles, which is quite inexpensive.

Mijia Quartz Watch

Xiaomi MITU Rabbit Smart Watch for children made of environmentally friendly materials

Xiaomi MITU Rabbit Smart Watch

Excellent smart watch made of food grade silicone, suitable for 3-7 years old kids. The weight of the gadget is only 37 grams, and the material of the strap is hypoallergenic, the structure resembles human skin. The plastic round screen with LEDs is resistant to drops, shocks, moisture and dirt. The battery with a capacity of 300 mA allows you to work without recharging for more than 6 days.

Pros and cons

4G cellular connection guaranteed.

The device supports GLONASS, Gravity Sensor, Wi-Fi, Base Station.

Voice messages for 6 contacts.

The emission of electromagnetic waves is 0.232 W/kg, which is much less than the average EU norm, which is 1.6 W/kg.

Dedicated SOS button.

The watch has improved water protection.

Compact and bright.


Expert review

Olga Klepikova

Olga Klepikova

Smart watches are great, the main thing is to purchase from an authorized dealer so as not to buy a fake. All the necessary functions are present in the children’s gadget: SOS button, notification of leaving the permitted zone, location tracking, alarm clock.

Samsung Gear S2

Among the best smartwatches for women, the Samsung Gear S2 has a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED touch screen. Just look at the list of wireless technologies: these are Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 LE. Impressive, right? And if you add to this also a heart rate monitor, barometer, accelerometer and gyroscope, then the overall impression becomes incredibly powerful.

The appearance of smart watches Samsung Gear S2

Four gigabytes of internal memory is enough to download music, and a dual-core processor is enough for a really instant response to any user commands. He can choose from a variety of watch faces, view information about his sleep and activity, set an alarm or timer, and read notifications on the screen. The battery will last for 2 days during medium-intensity operation, and if desired, you can turn on the power saving mode.

A certain disadvantage is the impossibility of making / receiving a call.


The Amazfit GTS watch is the choice of those who want a multifunctional device, but have not previously worked with smart devices. This model has the necessary minimum of built-in functions: a pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie counting, several sports modes.

Main purpose Sports, health tracking, minimal social features.
Main plus Large battery. Works up to 14 days when Bluetooth is turned on, as well as when using all applications that can function and transfer data to a paired smartphone autonomously.
Main disadvantage There is no clear direction. The device can perform some functions in any area of ​​human life, from sports to maintaining contact with social networks, but nowhere does it stand out with outstanding characteristics.


Amazifit GTR is a versatile and stylish device that is well suited for those who are looking for versatility and do not want to limit themselves in functionality. The watch has different types of workouts, good moisture protection, the ability to receive notifications, measure heart rate, control music and much more.

Main purpose Sports, health tracking, social features set.
Main plus Stylish design and many features. Leather strap, metal case. Glass with an oleophobic coating.
Main disadvantage The AOD feature is permanently enabled and is not configurable. There are also problems with pop-up notifications: long texts do not scroll, you cannot send a prepared response from the watch.

Xiaomi Mi Mitu Children Learning Watch 4 Pro with two video cameras

Xiaomi Children Learning Watch 4 Pro

One of the most modern children’s models, which is equipped with a dual camera: main and front. There is Gorilla Glass 3 scratch protection. Parental controls and an SOS button are provided. Battery size 920 mAh.

Pros and cons

The device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 processor.

Built-in 1 GB of RAM, and you can also expand it with an 8 GB flash drive.

Screen resolution: 326 x 326 pixels.

High resolution cameras: main — 8 MP, front — 5 MP.

Not detected.

“Expensive watch, but super-accurate location. With this configuration, you can not worry about the baby, I always know exactly where he is and what surrounds him.
— Andrey Kostovoy (Kirov)

Xiaomi Mi MITU Rabbit Children Watches 2: children’s watch with HD display

Xiaomi Mi MITU Rabbit Children Watches 2

The smart watch is made of medical material. The screen has high brightness, but does not produce harmful radiation. The radiation background is five times lower than the average. The gadget is convenient to use even in sunny weather, the color screen is safe for children’s eyes. The dial with neat roundings on the case, which gives the device a special charm. The model can work without charging for about 7 days.

Pros and cons

Wireless interfaces and compactness.

Front camera.

Powerful battery — 750 mAh.

budget cost.

There is data transfer (Beidou, GPS, Wi-Fi, gyroscope and PDR).

SOS button.

Built-in LDS antenna.

Moisture resistant.

It does not have a dual camera and 5G support.

“I bought it from an online store with a big discount. The child is happy and so am I. I always know where my child is. Ideal for those who cannot afford a more fancy watch.”
— Lyudmila Kotova (Novorossiysk)


T-REX watches are named so because of their grandiose design, the most reliable case and functionality. This device, by its very appearance, demonstrates reliability and inspires confidence. The clock is built into a protected case that can withstand extreme loads. They are ideal for active sports, tourism. The device is equipped with a powerful battery, good GPS-sensor. It also has 14 sports modes built in to track different types of activity.

Main purpose Sports and tourism.
Main plus Conform to army standards. Withstand shocks, falls, immersion in water up to 50 meters. The gadget can work seamlessly in temperature conditions from -40 to +70.
Main disadvantage Narrow scope. The watch is strictly sharpened for tourism and active sports. Social functions are practically absent.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Do you prefer a varied active holiday? Cycling, golfing, snowboarding, or swimming/running? With Vivoactive HR you will be able to track the intensity of your workouts, get data on the energy burned and your own heart rate! The advantage is that tracking starts both by pressing the Start button, and automatically when your device detects your activity.

Feeling the vibration, you will know that an SMS has arrived on the phone, an incoming call, an email has arrived. To do this, you need to connect to the LiveTrack service or use the Connect IQ™ store. An energy-saving system is also implemented here, which allows maintaining stable charge indicators for up to 13 days with GPS turned on.

All the best models of smartwatches for women are united by an impeccable and seasoned style, which will be appreciated by fans of beauty.

Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2 from Xiaomi

Xiaoxun Children Smartwatch S2

Xiaomi of this model is ideal for the little ones. Children’s watches are equipped with a GPS tracker, which at any time will determine the location of the object with high accuracy. In case of emergency, you can press the SOS key. Display — 1.44 inches, battery — 420 mAh.

Pros and cons

9 hours of continuous conversation.

Support for GPS and China Beidou navigation system.

Support text messages.

The camera is missing.

“I chose this gadget because the watch contains a GPS module and the ability to connect nano-SIM to make calls. Of the shortcomings — it is difficult to find on sale. If you order via the Internet, there is no guarantee that a person will receive a quality product.
— Daria Soboleva (Nizhny Tagil)