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*A review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Watches don’t go out of fashion. True, they have lost their original purpose and today they are increasingly used as an original accessory. Among the huge range of watch products, it is not easy to choose the best brand.

Criterias of choice

The rules for choosing an accessory take into account the main indicators: material, unusual design solution, functionality and brand.

Types of watches. Depending on the mechanism, the following types are distinguished:

  • mechanical — the simplest, most reliable watches, which are also called chronometers. The main element is the clock spring. They last for decades with proper care, and many premium companies still adhere to this particular mechanism;
  • quartz — they are based on a high-frequency generator with a quartz crystal, which supplies electrical impulses to a stepper motor. They do not require a lot of energy to work, so such watches are powered by a small tablet battery, the energy reserve of which is enough for a year or two;
  • electronic — a modern version, which is a set of chips. Their style is close to classical, but there are also more spectacular models.

The style is:

  • classical — with a round dial, leather or metal strap;
  • casual — for everyday wear, not so strict and more comfortable to use compared to the classics;
  • sports — strictness is alien to them, functionality is the basis. They differ most often in a massive case and wide bracelets;
  • original — most often made to order.

Body material. The main criterion when choosing a device is the material from which the case is made.

  • Titanium is used in combination with additives to become strong and durable. When worn in winter, discomfort does not appear due to low thermal conductivity.
  • Gold is out of time and fashion trends. Beautiful models, but not suitable for daily use and weigh a lot.
  • Brass is durable, but leaves dark marks on light-colored skin and clothing.
  • Steel is used in products of the middle price segment. Suitable for everyday wear.
  • Plastic belongs to an affordable price category and is in demand. Due to the improved qualities, it does not corrode, but it can be damaged.
  • Palladium is affordable and lightweight. Flaws on the surface are eliminated by polishing.

Protective glass. The type of glass is another indicator of reliable products. It protects against dust and minor mechanical impacts.

  • Mineral glass is used in budget samples. Scratches are easily removed by polishing.
  • Sapphire glass is used in branded movements. It does not become cloudy during operation and looks immaculate, but a strong blow can damage it.

Strap. A harmonious addition to a stylish watch is a strap (thin or wide). For fashion straps use the following materials.

  1. The skin looks prestigious, but does not differ in versatility. It absorbs moisture, gets dirty and wears out over time.
  2. The metal will last a long time, but will make the product heavier. High-quality chrome-plated steel differs in significant weight.
  3. Silicone is often used in sports models. May cause allergic reactions.

There are such varieties:

  • classic clasp (oval or rectangle);
  • «butterfly»;
  • The folding clasp is the strongest of the three types.

Functional. Before purchasing a good watch, you need to decide what features you need:

  • weeks, months indicator – included in the calendar function;
  • second time zone – the function is important for the traveler;
  • alarm — reminds of important events;
  • backlight — helps to see the time in a dark place;
  • tachometer — calculates the speed of movement.

It is also worth noting the importance of moisture protection. Watches must be waterproof with a mandatory level of 50 meters and pressure up to 5 atm. (may be higher, but not lower). They resist the penetration of moisture when washing hands and tolerate short-term immersion in water. Luxury watches are distinguished by their versatility and high price.

Water resistance. Gaskets and O-rings at the points of attachment of the glass, bezel, crown, buttons and case back increase the tightness of the watch, preventing moisture from entering inside. Depending on what pressure and temperature the seals can withstand without deformation, the watch is assigned a water resistance value according to the WR (Water resistant) standard. Waterproof parameters:

  • WR 30 – resistance to splashes and rain;
  • WR 50 – the watch withstands occasional (accidental) immersions under water;
  • WR 100 – for practicing any water sports, with the exception of diving;
  • WR 200 — allowed by scuba diving.

Important: when fresh water enters the watch, condensation forms on the inner surface of the glass. If a small amount of moisture has entered the mechanism, it can be saved by contacting a service center or by disassembling and drying it yourself. If salt water has entered the watch, the forecasts are less encouraging.

Which firm to choose?

Specialists distinguish the following brands:

  • Casio. A Japanese brand whose products are able to withstand not only shock and water, but also a fall from a great height. Functional, precise and long lasting.
  • Diesel. A young brand compared to others, the models are concise, restrained, reliable and precise. The common features of all models are brutality and originality.
  • Fossil. One of the youngest watch companies. A distinctive feature of their models is blue glass and a light dial, as well as a cuff-shaped strap. They have a sporty style and are great for young people.
  • ORIENT. Japanese manufacturer. Known since the middle of the last century, when a number of models were presented, made with high quality materials and made in a recognizable style;
  • TISSOT. A Swiss manufacturer that relies on the respectability of its accessories. They differ from analogues in a complex, carefully designed design;
  • TAG. Watches from Sweden have almost a century and a half history. Deserved fame thanks to the technical perfection of the mechanisms;
  • CITIZEN. This brand first appeared in Japan in 1931. CITIZEN watches are distinguished by a variety of styles, precision and rich functionality;

«Amphibious Turbine»

Domestic watch manufacturers are increasingly delighting consumers with products that are almost as good as Japan and Switzerland. In the Amphibian lineup, among others, the Turbine series stands out. Unlike its brothers, the design of the watch case of this series has anti-shock properties, is equipped with good hermetic performance and non-standard appearance. For example, the Vostok Amphibian Turbine watch has a black case, which is made of stainless steel with PVD coating. Dynamics is achieved using various textures and graphics. White numerals and hands and a red bezel stand out against the background.

men's wrist watch waterproof and shockproof

The best premium men’s watches

Aviator V.

The design of the Aviator V. watch in no way betrays its capabilities. In appearance, this is a strict accessory for business meetings. At the same time, the sophisticated case is protected from impacts by high-strength sapphire crystal, is able to withstand immersion under water and contains an anti-shock mechanism.

Movement: Sellita SW 290-1;

Stones: 31 pieces;

Dial: 12 o’clock with off-center second hand;

Inscription of numbers: Arabic;

Glass: anti-reflective sapphire;

Case: stainless steel;

Waterproof: WR100 level (snorkelling);

Dimensions: 45 mm (diameter) x 13 mm (thickness);

Weight: 130 g.


  • Swiss build quality
  • the dial does not glare in the sun
  • stroke accuracy


  • the weight
  • great cost


The standard of quality in the view of Japanese watchmakers. The manufacturer supplied the product with a battery that holds a full charge for about 6 months. Recharging from any light source makes the watch completely autonomous. Synchronization by GPS-signal from the satellite is useful not only for everyday control, but also in case of an emergency. The titanium case with a ceramic bezel maintains a balance between elegance and robust solidity. By purchasing such a watch, the user can be sure that they will serve him both in everyday life and in extreme conditions.

Movement: quartz;

Countdown: arrows;

Case material: titanium + ceramic;

Strap material: silicone.


  • titanium and ceramic case
  • GPS synchronization
  • recharging from solar panels
  • sapphire glass
  • long work on one charge



Stainless steel quartz watches are equipped with powerful water resistance, allowing you to use them in diving without taking off. The sapphire glass is not very resistant to impacts, but it perfectly protects the electronics from damage and does not scratch even with regular rubbing against clothing. They are powered by a solar battery, which turns them into an almost “indestructible” model. Of the functionality, there are a stopwatch, a timer, a power reserve indicator, radio synchronization and a chronograph. The energy reserve is enough for 6 months. Additionally equipped with a slide rule. The alarm clock with two settings is not the loudest, but it will be enough for reminders and countdown. The warranty period is short, but the frequency of watch breakdowns is practically reduced to zero, with the exception of manufacturing defects.

Type: quartz;

Food: from the solar battery;

Waterproof: WR200;

Case/bracelet material: stainless steel/stainless steel.


  • functionality
  • the presence of radio synchronization
  • backlight
  • slide rule
  • anti-reflective glass coating




Movement type: quartz;

Gender: male;

Water resistance class: WR100 (swimming, diving without scuba gear);

Energy source: solar battery;

Body material: stainless steel steel + plastic;

Glass: sapphire;

Additional functions: alarm clock, built-in memory;

Sports functions: chronograph, altimeter, countdown timer, stopwatch, barometer, compass, thermometer.


  • appearance
  • functional
  • quality of materials


TISSOT T52.5.411.31

The round laconic model is made of durable steel alloy in golden color. On the dial with analog hands there is an indicator showing the day of the month. The waterproof case is covered with a durable scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. According to the manufacturer’s description, the quartz movement is powered by a battery with a service life of 68 months. The model is held on the hand by a narrow dark brown leather strap.


  • sapphire glass
  • long-lasting battery
  • stroke accuracy


  • fragile strap

TOP 5 mechanical watches for women

Recently, such accessories are considered exclusively for men. But many global and domestic brands continue to produce lines for the fair sex.

Fossil ME3186

This list also opens the American brand. Despite the fact that the manufacturer constantly saves on glasses, in general, its products can be called reliable and durable. This model is assembled on 32 stones, the dial is decorated with golden flowers, and dots are used as marks. The watch is not recommended for swimming and diving, but you can safely take a shower. Steel case, leather strap, mineral glass. You can buy a similar accessory for the amount of 18 thousand rubles.

Stuhrling 3952.2

American watch in steel case with white dial and strap. The metal is covered with a pink material, the glass is from the famous brand Krysterna. This material surpasses sapphire in strength and provides wear resistance to the accessory. The perimeter of the watch is decorated with transparent crystals, as are the marks on the dial. The degree of water protection is low, 50WR, so swimming in this watch is not recommended. The manufacturer managed to combine in one model the original design, high reliability and a relatively low cost of 20 thousand rubles.

Emporio Armani AR60020

A stylish accessory from a world-famous brand will appeal to lovers of exclusive things. In principle, the model can be classified as unisex, but it is popular among the fair sex. The Italian accessory is enclosed in a reliable case made of ion-plated steel. The glass is mineral, so it does not differ in wear resistance, the strap is leather, and the dial is decorated with crystals. You can buy a model for about 34 thousand rubles.

Carl von Zeyten CVZ0062WH

This is truly a unique item in our collection. Stylish skeleton with 20 stones. The case is made of steel and decorated with crystals. The clock has a built-in calendar with dates and days of the week. The dial is decorated with guilloche technique, thanks to which the product looks unique. The marks are silver, in the form of strokes and Roman numerals. The back cover is transparent, the degree of water resistance is 50WR. The cost is approximately 40 thousand rubles.

Nika 1071.2.9.24B

And our TOP accessory of domestic production completes. The self-winding movement is set in a 925 sterling silver case. The total weight of the noble metal is 13 grams. In addition, the product is decorated with cubic zirkonia. Comes with a white leather strap and standard buckle. This product is recommended to be used only as a stylish accessory. The degree of water protection is only 10WR, which is why the watch can be worn maximum in light rain. The glass is tempered mineral, but with a sapphire coating, so scratches will not appear soon. The cost of the model is 50 thousand rubles.

Nika 1071.2.9.24B

How to use

After purchase, accessories with additional functions require adjustment. Be sure to check the attached instructions or the manufacturer’s website. The watch is also accompanied by a warranty card, and for accessories with a car factory, maintenance periods are required to be indicated. In the process of wearing, dirt accumulates on the case, scratches appear on glass and metal. It does not matter how much this or that model costs. To improve the appearance of expensive and budget accessories, they should be systematically cleaned.

  • Use a toothpick to remove accumulations of dirt in the recesses and junctions of parts.
  • Polish the body with a soft, lint-free cloth. If the model is waterproof, you can gently rinse with water and dry with a towel.
  • Store your accessory in a case. This will protect the glass from scratches.
  • Cracked glass should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, moisture and dust will get inside the mechanism, which will cause a breakdown.
  • Metal bracelets are gently washed in soapy water with a toothbrush, then wiped with a dry cloth.
  • A leather strap will keep its flawless appearance longer if it does not come into contact with water. If it gets wet, do not dry it with a hair dryer or on a radiator. Wipe with a dry cloth and leave to dry completely.
  • What to look for when buying self-winding accessories is that they need regular calibration. Try not to miss the next check with the watchmaker.

A wrist watch is a fragile and complex mechanism. Simple work on replacing the link of the bracelet can be done independently. But the intervention in the operation of a thin device, trust the professionals.


Another popular brand in our market, which is often found on store shelves, is Romanson. Although the development of watches (infill and external distinctive qualities) takes place in South Korea, the vast majority of production is located in China. This reduces the cost of goods several times, but despite this fact, the company was able to win the trust of millions of people around the world, competing with many famous brands.

unkillable hours

A unique business card is a unique design that perfectly suits any style. Romanson watches are suitable for everyday wear and for going out. This is the most indestructible watch at an affordable price.


Qualified specialists give several recommendations on which wristwatches are better and how to choose them correctly.

  • For people who work hard in production or in some special conditions, budget models with a steel or plastic case are suitable.
  • Sports and outdoor enthusiasts prefer mechanical accessories that feed automatically. But do not give up on the electronic clock.
  • Business people are accustomed to choosing wrist watches very carefully, because in their environment an accessory indicates the status, wealth and position of the owner. Here it is better to dwell on the classic model, equipped with a massive case, decorated with precious metals.

When choosing the right accessory, it is recommended to take into account the above material and study the watches of the best brands. Also, you can consult with a specialist or read reviews on specialized forums. The most important thing is to remember that the product must be made of high-quality material, have a warranty period and look beautiful.


Another legendary product of the Japanese company, which started with the production of calculators. A leap in the development of the company was the production of electronic watches, which earned their trust with their quality. Today, many men know this Japanese company as the creator of G-SHOCK and PRO TREK.

G-SHOK is a watch that is ideal for hiking, skydiving and extreme sports. They are moisture resistant, they are not afraid of mechanical damage and maximum temperatures. The watch is equipped with a stopwatch, backlight and even an alarm clock.

PRO TREK is a real discovery for lovers of travel and long hikes. This small indestructible wrist watch has a huge number of useful sensors that mark the direction of the route, altitude, atmospheric indicators, which makes it possible to fully control the route.

indestructible wrist watch