Now there is nothing mystical in the bath, but the choice of the main device for heating the bath still needs to be approached responsibly. A wood-burning sauna stove is a classic Russian bath. Experts believe that it is a wood-burning stove that allows you to get light, soft and fragrant steam, creating a cozy atmosphere in the steam room. If the furnace is additionally equipped with a glass door of the combustion chamber, while staying in the steam room, everyone will be able to enjoy the view of the burning flames. How to choose the right wood burning sauna stove? The appearance of the device does not play a particularly important role. The technical characteristics of specific models deserve much more attention, because the temperature in the steam room and the comfort of staying in it depend on them.

Criterias of choice

For true connoisseurs of the steam room, not only the temperature inside the room matters, but also the properties of the steam. From this point of view, the right choice of a wood-burning stove for a bath is half the success. There are a number of points to consider when doing this:

  • features of the device of the heater;
  • thermal power;
  • material used;
  • operating principle;
  • contents of delivery.


Which wood-burning sauna stove to choose, based on the features of the device? Various designs are possible:

  • with an open or double heater;
  • conventional and with a ventilation-convection casing;
  • with a central or offset to the edge location of the chimney.

When deciding which of the wood-burning stoves for a bath is the best, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for use. To ensure intensive heating of the room, a design with an additional casing is recommended, which also significantly reduces hard thermal radiation.


The thermal performance of a particular furnace depends on the shape and volume of the furnace, the flow section of the chimney and some other factors. The rated power of the heater is usually indicated in the technical description or passport. When choosing the model you need, you should proceed from the ratio of 1 kW per 1 cubic meter. m of space.


The best wood-burning stoves for the Russian bath are made of structural or stainless steel, as well as heat-resistant cast iron. When choosing a specific model, you should pay attention to the thickness and grade of the material. High-alloy alloys have excellent strength characteristics, which, among other things, are resistant to corrosion. To protect steel and cast iron parts of furnaces from adverse environmental factors, paint and varnish coatings are applied to the outer surfaces, it is better if these are powder compositions.

Principle of operation

To answer the question of which stove is better for a Russian bath, you should understand the features of its functioning. The proposed rating considers exclusively wood-burning models, but there are also gas and electric ones. In the first and second variants, heat generation occurs as a result of fuel combustion. In electric furnaces, heating is carried out through the use of heating elements. Wood stoves, in addition to heating the room, create a special microclimate, filling the atmosphere with the aroma of burning wood. This makes the process of taking wellness procedures especially pleasant and brings it as close as possible to one that can only be obtained in a traditional Russian bath.


Deliveries of heating devices to the consumer are carried out with a full set of elements. How to choose a wood-burning stove for a bath, and which of the configurations is considered the best? It all depends on the financial capabilities of the consumer. The mentioned top of the best stoves for a Russian bath contains models with metal doors that can be replaced with heat-resistant glass. A relatively small surcharge is worth the opportunity to watch the flame dance in the furnace. When buying a heater in the store, you can also order a filler for the heater.

additional characteristics

What are the best wood-burning stoves in the bath — this is one of the most common questions asked by specialists. To answer it, in addition to such key factors as thermal power and strength indicators, a number of additional characteristics should be taken into account:

  • efficiency;
  • fuel consumption;
  • wood sizes.

The importance of these parameters should not be exaggerated, but it should not be completely ignored either. The low efficiency of the furnace will not allow to achieve the required temperature and humidity conditions, as a result, the very meaning of visiting the steam room is lost.

How to do it yourself?

Despite the fact that the shops are full of various and even quite budget models, many craftsmen prefer a heater of their own making. Both the reasons and the skills of the bath owner can be different, so we will not indiscriminately deny the possibility high-quality manufacturing of a do-it-yourself wood-fired sauna stove.

Below is an approximate description of the process, which, in our opinion, is quite enough to estimate our strengths and capabilities.

We will not consider the brick version, because this stove, in principle, is just as suitable for a sauna as a Finnish electric heater is for a Russian bath. Therefore, we will consider only iron, which, by the way, is easier to manufacture.

What do you need from tools and materials?

  • Bulgarian;
  • scissors for working with metal;
  • welding machine;
  • electrodes (diameters 3-4);
  • steel sheets (the choice of brand and thickness is up to you);
  • pipes (under the chimney, etc., depending on the design);
  • metal bar (diameter not less than 1 cm);
  • grate for grate (made of cast iron or steel);
  • latch;
  • tap;
  • loops.

Please note that we are not talking about a specific furnace design, because there are a lot of them, each, as usual, becomes the subject of heated debate, but we just want to give an idea of ​​u200bu200bthe general thing that will have to be dealt with with any design. After all metal wood-burning stoves for baths and saunas consist of the same elements.
All further work, as you understand, will be reduced to the fact that cut and cook. This is where you’ll need some professional skills, and we hope that a wood-burning sauna stove won’t be your first experience. stainless steel brewed special electrodes and argon welding.

Then, already during operation, it will be of great importance quality of welds. It must be checked immediately and, if necessary, digest. It may be worth entrusting welding to a professional, leaving the choice of drawing to yourself. In industrial manufacturing, they try to keep the number of seams to a minimum by bending the metal, but this requires certain machines.

Related video

Visual process of implementation of the plan. You can get an idea about the stages of work and some methods for making a furnace from a pipe.


Let’s summarize. A wood-fired sauna stove is a perfectly acceptable option for this type of bath. Buy it or make it yourself — it’s up to you.

What are the best bath stones?

The main requirement for bath stones is their ability to withstand high temperatures and keep warm for a long time. Also, do not forget that stones of a specific size are suitable for a certain type of furnace. Therefore, it is better to first buy the heating device itself, and only then pick up stones for it. When choosing the stones themselves, you should pay attention to their appearance. The surface must be smooth, without inclusions and impurities. There is a clear difference between chipped and polished stones. Chipped ones are more suitable for avid vapers, because the surface of such stones heats up faster and gives off more heat. Polished ones take longer to warm up, but due to the rounded edges they provide an even distribution of warm air throughout the room. The most affordable option for stones is large river or sea pebbles. You can buy it or build it yourself. In the latter case, the collection is best done in ecologically clean areas. If finances allow, you can buy jadeite or raspberry quartzite for a bath.

Fuels and stove types

The stove in the bath is divided into 2 main groups, these are: metal (cast iron) and brick options. Brick bath stoves are heat-intensive, they heat up longer, but also cool down for a long time. An iron stove is an economy type heating object, due to multitasking, simplicity and convenience of equipment. When choosing a stove or fireplace, it is necessary to look not only at the design of the heat source, but also at the type of fuel. Different fuels, when burned with the same mass, will release different amounts of heat. There are many variations of the energy carrier.

According to the aggregate residence and type of fuel, all fuel groups are divided into solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Solid is a common class of fuel, it includes: coal, peat, briquettes, firewood, pallets. They are used only in ordinary furnaces, as they burn out rapidly. Liquid type of fuel is kerosene, fuel oil, diesel, boiler, coke-chemical liquid.

They have a significant calorific value. The first type of gaseous fuel is natural gas obtained from gas deposits or associated gas from naphtha extraction. It has good calorific property.

The best inexpensive wood-fired sauna stoves

Teplodar Rus 12 L

A compact, inexpensive, but powerful enough sauna stove, designed specifically for installation in home steam rooms. This model is considered one of the most popular not only due to adequate cost, but also because of the thoughtful design and advanced performance. Each element of the case is carefully thought out, so the stove allows you to quickly warm up the room without drying out the air in it. In addition, the body is equipped with a capacious heater, and is able to withstand an increased mass of stones. Due to this, an optimal microclimate is created in the steam room, and the temperature desired by the user is maintained even after the complete combustion of firewood. The heater is made in the form of a basket, and the stones are laid out around the hottest element of the device. Due to this, the stones quickly and evenly warm up, filling the room with fragrant healing steam. The outlet of the chimney is shifted from the center to the edge of the device, which greatly simplifies installation and makes the stove suitable for even the smallest rooms.

height 80.8 cm;

furnace weight 35.5 kg;

heated volume 12 m3.


  • can optionally be equipped with a gas burner element
  • you can heat the stove from an adjacent room
  • the furnace is made of heat-resistant steel
  • adequate cost


  • too simple design
  • not the most capacious heater, in comparison with analogues

TMF Tunguska 2021 Carbon YES terracotta

One of the most successful models of sauna stoves on the market today. Its popularity among users is explained not only by its democratic cost, but also by a well-thought-out design. The manufacturer made sure that the stove body was as compact as possible, and did not take up much space in a home steam room. At the same time, the furnace is made of high-quality steel, capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures without overheating and deformation. A sealed steel door is installed in the front of the case. The furnace tunnel is short, so putting firewood into the stove from an adjacent room or from the street will not work: this will have to be done directly in the steam room. To make it easier for the user to install the stove, the manufacturer slightly shifted the location of the chimney to the edge of the device.

height 82 cm;

maximum weight of stones 35 kg;

heated volume 18 m3.


  • universal top connection to the chimney
  • high-quality steel body, resistant to elevated temperatures
  • Sufficiently roomy stove
  • can be easily installed by hand


  • can not be heated from an adjacent room
  • not suitable for large couples

Ermak 12 Classic

This wood-burning sauna stove has a discreet, ascetic design, but at the same time it has enough functionality to evenly heat the steam room. The closed type of the furnace ensures safe operation, and a separate box is provided for collecting ash, which is easily cleaned of accumulated ash. The outer part of the housing is made of durable and resistant to mechanical damage steel. The front door is glass, but the material itself is very durable and resistant to high temperatures, so users can enjoy the view of a burning flame without fear of getting burned. The firebox is also made of steel, so the material warms up quickly and holds the temperature for a long time.

steam room area 14 sq.m;

power 12 kW;

chimney diameter 11.5 cm;

weight 51 kg;

dimensions (W/H/D) 42.5x69x52 cm.


  • affordable price
  • discreet versatile design
  • safe closed firebox
  • quality materials and assembly
  • handle does not get hot during use


  • heater only 40 kg
  • only suitable for fixed installation

Teplodar Rus 9 LU

The domestic sauna stove is distinguished by the bright color of the body, thoughtful design and complete safety of use. The device is designed for floor installation, and the built-in chimney ensures high-quality removal of smoke from the room. The body and front door are made of steel, and the handle is made of high-quality plastic that does not heat up during operation. Additionally, the device has a separate compartment for placing stones with a total weight of up to 25 kg.

steam room area 9 sq.m;

weight 30 kg;

dimensions (W/H/D) 67x55x30 cm.


  • affordable price
  • reliable domestic manufacturer
  • thoughtful design
  • complete safety of operation
  • simple use


  • only suitable for small steam rooms
  • for floor installation only

Water tank

Before you make a stove-heater with your own hands, we advise you to decide on the size of the container for heating water. To do this, you should approximately imagine how many tenants will live at home and whether it is planned to invite guests to the bathhouse. The calculation is based on 8-10 liters of hot water per person.

Water heating tank

It is better to use an open water tank. Evaporation during operation will be small, but you will get a number of advantages:

  1. Free access when filling

    Water heating tank

  2. Ability to service the interior.
  3. During the operation of the oven, scale will form on the walls of the container. Open access will allow you to freely clean and dry the inner surface.
  4. In winter, this will completely remove the remaining water, protecting it from freezing.

    Water heating tank

For the container, a boiler of the appropriate size, sold in specialized stores, is perfect. If desired, the container can be welded individually.

Water heating tank

Our advice: use thicker steel when making the bottom.

The best stoves for a premium wood-fired sauna

EasySteam Sochi-M2

One of the best wood-burning stoves with a power of up to 40 kW, used to heat a bath or sauna, the volume of which comes from 12 to 22 cubic meters. meters. The outer casing is a closed mesh of steel bars 4 mm thick. The mesh cells are large, which allows for faster heating of the air. The casing holds up to 95 kg of stones, during use you can splash water on them to form thick clouds of steam or use the built-in steam generator. Both the body of the furnace and the firebox are made of steel, and the door combines a steel base and an insert made of heat-resistant glass-ceramic. There is an additional door on the side that gives access to the stones to get light steam without activating the steamer. As fuel, you can use not only firewood, but also natural gas.

Type of food — wood fuel.

Heated volume — 22 m3.

Furnace power — 40 kW.

Material of the case/furnace — steel/steel.

Weight — 155 kg.


  • heater up to 155 kg
  • equipped with an additional side door
  • economical fuel consumption
  • thick-walled firebox that heats up the air quickly and maintains the optimum temperature


  • not detected

Harvia WK200R

Stylish and functional wood stove, which, despite its compact dimensions, is perfect for heating a home steam room. The design has a built-in chimney, which ensures optimal removal of smoke from the room. Since the oven has a closed design, it is absolutely safe to use. The front door is glass, so the user will be able to control the process of burning fuel, and the built-in water tank will help to get the necessary amount of water to rinse after the steam room.

steam room area 20 sq.m;

power 24.1 kW;

weight 65 kg;

dimensions (W/H/D) 58x76x51 cm.


  • 40 kg stone tank
  • stylish design
  • quality assembly
  • solid steel body
  • tempered glass door


  • high price
  • not always available

Harvia 20 boiler

A compact wood-burning stove with a built-in heat exchanger will help create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the steam room. The design of the device is thought out in such a way that the stove warms up the room as quickly and efficiently as possible. The power of the device is enough to heat steam rooms up to 20 square meters, so the model is ideal for small home baths. Another feature of the model is in the heater, which can hold up to 49 kg of stones. Due to this, the temperature in the steam room will remain stable even after the complete combustion of firewood. The heat exchanger is installed in the side of the structure. Due to this arrangement, it is possible to additionally connect a tank for heating water to the furnace, although the tank itself is not provided in the kit. The compact dimensions of the body allows you to install the stove even in a small steam room, and its minimalist design will harmoniously fit into any room design.

height 76 cm;

maximum weight of stones 40 kg;

heated volume 20 m3.


  • closed stove structure
  • thick steel walls
  • heat resistant glass door
  • universal top connection to the chimney


  • high cost compared to other brands
  • not the most spacious stone

Vesuvius Everest 24 (280)

One of the most expensive sauna stoves on the market today, but its high price is due to its well-thought-out design and advanced functionality. The body is made of high-strength cast iron, and the elements of the furnace are prefabricated. This means that in the event of a failure of some part of the furnace, it will be enough to replace one element instead of replacing the entire device. Also, the device implements dual combustion technology, which significantly increases the performance of the device. The oven door is sealed. It allows you to quickly warm up the room and maintain the temperature at the set level. It should be borne in mind that the door itself is opaque, so you won’t be able to enjoy the view of a burning flame. For uniform combustion of fuel in the device, a grate is provided, and for removing ash — a convenient drawer. Another feature of the furnace is the presence of a remote tunnel, with the help of which fuel can be put into the furnace from an adjacent room.

height 67 cm;

chimney diameter 15 cm;

heated volume 25 m3.


  • solid cast iron body
  • contributes to the rapid heating of the room
  • convenient floor installation
  • firewood can be placed from the adjacent room
  • increased chimney diameter


  • the price is very high
  • not always available

TMF Sayany XXL 2015 Inox Vitra ZK TO

This model of a sauna stove is distinguished not only by high quality workmanship and original design, but also by a well-thought-out design, which greatly facilitates operation. The mesh for stones is made in the form of a barrel to make it more convenient to water the stones with water. As a result, they will begin to give off heat much better, and the steam room will warm up much faster. But it should be remembered that the furnace furnace is closed, so it will not be possible to warm up the steam room in just 30 minutes, but in the future the temperature in the room will be maintained at the desired level. In terms of power, the stove is designed for small and medium-sized steam rooms. You can load firewood into it directly from the street or from an adjacent room, so it will always be clean in the steam room, and the heat-resistant glass door will make the room really cozy. The body is made of heat-resistant high-alloy steel with a wall thickness of up to 3 mm. Due to this, the design gives off heat perfectly, and the user will not get burned if he accidentally touches the device.

height 92 cm;

furnace weight 69 kg;

heated volume 24 m3.


  • comfortable heater in the form of a grid
  • suitable for home couples
  • can be fired from an adjoining room
  • compact dimensions make installation easy


  • high price
  • not very roomy

The best stoves for a wood-fired sauna in terms of price / quality

Vesuvius Sensation Aqua 22 (DT-4)

Inexpensive, but high-quality and functional wood-burning stove for a bath from a well-known domestic manufacturer. The body is made of cast iron. This material gains temperature for a long time, but then holds it for a long time, so this stove will be an ideal choice for those who like to take a long steam bath. Also, the device has a separate tank for heating water, so the stove can be used not only for heating the bath, but also as a complete replacement for the boiler. The device does not have a glass door, so you can control the combustion process only by opening the firebox doors.

steam room area 24 sq.m;

chimney diameter 11.5 cm;

dimensions (W/H/D) 57x68x68 cm.


  • safe closed design
  • Has a built-in chimney
  • affordable price
  • quality assembly
  • easy to find for sale


  • extremely simple design
  • impressive weight

Harvia M3 SL

The sauna stove model from a well-known Finnish manufacturer is absolutely deservedly considered one of the best on the market. It simultaneously performs the functions of a stove (for heating the room and generating steam) and a fireplace. The door is transparent, which allows the user to enjoy the view of the burning flame. In terms of power, the stove is designed to heat medium-sized steam rooms, so it can be safely recommended to owners of small home baths. The manufacturer supplied the device with a furnace tunnel of increased length. Due to this, it is possible to lay firewood in the firebox directly from the adjacent room. Thanks to this, a stable temperature will always be maintained in the steam room, and the room will always be clean. In the lower part of the body there is a box for collecting ash. It performs another important function: it supplies air to the combustion chamber to improve the combustion process.

height 71 cm;

maximum weight of stones 30 kg;

heated volume 16 m3.


  • high quality steel body
  • transparent tempered glass door
  • firewood can be loaded into the firebox from an adjacent room
  • there is a Finnish sauna mode


  • some users have difficulty installing

Vesuvius SKIF STANDARD 16 (DT-4) 2016

Outwardly, this stove looks very simple, but the minimalist design should not mislead the future owner. The manufacturer has carefully considered every detail of the product for maximum convenience, safety and ease of use. The body of the furnace is made of special boiler steel of special strength. Due to this, the equipment can withstand a large weight of stones that can be placed in a roomy chamber. The stove itself is made in the form of a lattice. This performs not only an aesthetic, but also a practical function, because hot air is more evenly distributed throughout the room. Important structural elements (furnace door, chipper tooth and grate) are made of cast iron. This significantly extends the life of the device. Another feature of the device is that it can be used for different types of steam room: Russian classical bath, Finnish sauna, Russian hot and Turkish bath. The only drawback of the stove, according to many users, is that the furnace door is opaque.

maximum weight of stones 130 kg;

height 64 cm;

heated volume 18 m3.


  • adequate price
  • high strength steel body
  • key structural elements are cast iron
  • a long furnace tunnel allows you to put firewood from the next room
  • many stones can be placed in the heater


  • opaque firebox door
  • sometimes difficult to install

Harvia M2

The closed wood-burning stove for a bath is distinguished by its light weight and well-thought-out design. The sealed body of the device ensures safe operation, as the fuel is inside, and the ash is poured into a separate box. The body is made of durable steel, resistant to high temperatures. The door is glass, so the user will be able to observe the burning of firewood. The increased strength of the device allows you to simultaneously load up to 30 kg of stones into it. This will help distribute warm air even in a large steam room. The design itself is mobile, so it can be installed in any part of the room, and the built-in chimney will ensure high-quality smoke removal.

heated area 13 sq.m;

chimney diameter 11.5 cm;

maximum length of firewood 35 cm;

weight 45 kg;

dimensions (W/H/D) 39x71x43 cm.


  • fast heating
  • affordable price
  • ease of use
  • economical fuel consumption
  • outer walls practically do not heat up


  • poor quality painting
  • body metal is not very thick

Convection Convection 12B

An inexpensive, stylish and high-quality domestic-made wood-burning sauna stove will become an indispensable assistant not only in heating a steam room, but also in heating water for washing. The design provides a separate water tank so that the user can rinse after the steam room. The body and front door are made of steel, and the handle is made of high-quality plastic that does not heat up during operation. Another feature of the device is its low weight and compact dimensions, so the stove can be safely installed even in small home baths.

steam room area 12 sq.m;

tank for 22 l;

weight 38.6 kg;

dimensions (W/H/D) 40x70x83 cm.


  • safe closed device type
  • there is an ash box
  • built-in chimney
  • capacious water tank
  • durable steel body


  • simple design
  • not always available

The best stoves for a wood-fired sauna in the middle segment

Vesuvius LEGEND FORGING 16 (205)

First of all, this model attracts attention due to its attractive design. It consists of three elements with forged accents, the joints are closed with a ceramic cord that can withstand temperatures of 1200 degrees. This allows you to achieve complete tightness of the furnace, and therefore the furnace is fully protected from the point of view of fire safety. Firewood is used as fuel, the heat from them is enough to heat a room with a volume of 12 to 18 cubic meters. meters. The body and firebox are cast iron, they are not afraid of mechanical stress and will last for many years. The door is decorated with heat-resistant glass, the casing is ventilated and covered with heat-resistant paint, the user can load up to 120 kg of stones into it.

Type of food — wood fuel.

Heated volume — 18 m3.

Wall thickness — 1.2 cm.

Material of the case/furnace — cast iron/cast iron.

Weight — 110 kg.


  • authentic look
  • spacious stove with excellent ventilation
  • high degree of fire protection


  • not detected

Harvia Legend 150SL

Wood burning stove from a reliable manufacturer, which produces a power of 16 kW. This is enough to heat rooms with a volume of 8-13 cubic meters. meters. The body and firebox are steel, the walls are thick and resistant to corrosion. The door is made from tempered glass. The firebox is a grate with uniform air distribution for perfect combustion of fuel. Its volume has become larger than that of previous models and both heat and steam have increased. The user can load up to 120 kg of stones into the heater. This model is often used for commercial baths and saunas, since the stove can be fired from an adjacent room. Also, the stove has adjustable legs, which greatly facilitates the installation process, selecting the required height. The chimney of this model is top and rear.

Type of food — firewood.

Heated volume — 13 m3.

Furnace power — 16 kW.

Material of the case/furnace — steel/steel.

Weight — 62 kg.


  • roomy heater
  • authentic design
  • even burning
  • soft steam due to new design features
  • heated from adjoining room


  • door glass often darkens

Birch Favorite 24

A wood burning stove is used in small steam rooms, so it is ideal for installation in a small home bath. The body of the furnace is cast iron, and practically does not heat up during operation. In addition, this material allows you to load a large amount of stones (minimum 70 kg) into the heater. The furnace firebox is steel, and the wall thickness reaches 8 mm, so the future owner can count on the long-term operation of the device. Another feature of the model is that its design involves the connection of a tank for heating water. The container itself is provided in the kit, so the user can easily connect it himself. If the steam room space is limited, the tank can be removed: the tightness of the structure will not suffer because of this. Also, the stove boasts a spacious heater. It holds up to 120 kg of stones, so the user can easily create the desired temperature in the steam room and maintain it at a given level.

height 86 cm;

maximum weight of stones 120 kg;

heated volume 24 m3.


  • the central location of the chimney facilitates installation
  • durable cast iron body
  • roomy heater
  • door with transparent heat-resistant glass
  • hot water tank included


  • not always available for sale
  • not very convenient location of the ash drawer

Teplodar Sahara 24 LK/LKU

The Sahara series includes many models of sauna stoves, but this particular modification is considered one of the most successful. It has several modes for high-quality heating of the room. For example, in fast mode, the owner will be able to warm up the steam room in just 30 minutes. By pouring water on the stones, in this mode, you can easily create an elevated temperature, which will surely appeal to experienced visitors to the bath. Also in the device there is a special mode of moderate firebox. With its help in the steam room you can create a unique atmosphere of a Russian bath with soft and light steam. For more convenient installation, the central location of the chimney is provided, and the rounded edges of the body allow the stove to harmoniously fit into the interior of any bath. The heater is quite roomy, but its main feature is the presence of numerous holes. They allow you to quickly and easily clean the chamber from soot and ash left after the combustion of firewood.

height 80 cm;

weight 56 ​​kg;

heated volume 24 m3.


  • there are several modes of heating the steam room
  • firewood can be placed from an adjacent room
  • convenient heater makes it easier to clean the chamber from ash and soot
  • the central location of the chimney facilitates installation
  • can be fired with any wood


  • the price is higher than that of analogues
  • for complete cleaning of ash, the heater will have to be completely freed from stones

Ermak 16-PS (2012)

Stylish, high-quality and functional wood-fired sauna stove. Its design allows easy loading of fuel, and the closed design ensures safe operation. The body is made of steel, and the front door is made of tempered glass, so the user can not only enjoy the view of an open flame, but also control the process of burning firewood. The handle is made of durable plastic, which does not heat up during operation, and the power of the device is enough to heat a steam room of an average area.

the volume of the steam room is 18 sq.m;

power 16 kW;

weight 62 kg;

dimensions (W/H/D) 60x73x51 cm.


  • simple stylish design
  • reliable domestic manufacturer
  • quality assembly
  • durable steel body
  • tempered glass door


  • limited length of firewood
  • not always available

Vesuvius SKIF STANDARD 12 (DT-3) 2016

The stylish outdoor wood-burning stove has an original design and well-thought-out design. The power of the device is enough to heat the steam room, up to 14 square meters. The design has a built-in chimney, which ensures optimal removal of smoke from the room. Since the oven has a closed design, it is absolutely safe to use. Inside there is a box for collecting ashes. The outer casing is made of high temperature resistant steel. The firebox is cast iron, so it does not warm up very quickly, but it keeps the temperature for a long time. The door is glass and allows users to enjoy the view of the burning flame. To load stones, a separate grate is provided, into which both chipped and polished minerals can be loaded.

power 12 kW;

chimney diameter 11.5 cm;

weight 63 kg;

dimensions (W/H) 50×58 cm.


  • affordable price, in comparison with analogues
  • reliable domestic manufacturer
  • withstands up to 110 kg of stone weight
  • convenient control
  • original design
  • cast iron firebox


  • the design does not provide a pallet for stones
  • not very thick body metal


Traditionally, wood-burning stoves were used to heat the baths. They not only allow you to maintain the optimal temperature in the steam room, but also allow you to enjoy the fragrant smell of smoldering wood.

There are several important criteria to pay attention to:

  • Steam quality and air convection. Steam in a Russian bath should be light (not too hot). The optimum temperature in the steam room is 85 degrees. To get the so-called «light steam», you need to get water on the stones. In modern wood-burning stoves there is a special chamber in which fragrant steam is formed. The presence of convection is another useful feature, because it is it that contributes to the uniform distribution of heated air throughout the room.
  • The presence of a furnace tunnel. A furnace tunnel is needed if firewood is put into the stove from a room located next to the steam room.
  • Power. The selection of a furnace for power directly depends on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe steam room. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates the power and the optimal area of ​​the steam room in the instructions for the product.

Operation features

The operation of these ovens is simple. After laying firewood, lay some thin wood chips near the door for kindling. Now fully open the slide gate and slightly open the ash pan and light the firewood. The firebox door must always be kept closed. After the firewood has flared up, the ash drawer is completely closed and the air damper is covered.

It remains only to wait for the steam room to warm up and enjoy the fragrant steam. Damp wood should not be used, the humidity level is at least 20-30%.

You should not burn tar fuel, in this case the chimney will have to be cleaned more often than once a month. At the first symptoms of a deterioration in traction, immediately repair the damage or clean the ventilation pipes.