It is considered by many that sneakers or sneakers are the most suitable shoes for everyday wear, as they usually follow the natural contours of the foot due to their shape and regular lines and because of this they are so comfortable even after many hours of wear. New sneakers are chosen according to different criteria: someone needs all-season “tanks” that have at least a medium-height platform and waterproof fabric at the same time, someone is looking for an evening pair that would compare favorably with the design, and someone completely focuses on them price.

How to choose walking shoes?

When choosing comfortable walking shoes a number of factors must be taken into account:

  • cover type,
  • frequency of use
  • distance length and so on.

If you plan to walk in sneakers daily, then preference should be given to models with a «breathable» surface that easily passes air.

For Nordic walking, a pair with a embossed and flexible sole is suitable. Sneakers for asphalt are models with good cushioning and wear resistance of the sole. For walks outside the city on uneven terrain, a pair with a deep tread and a hard block that provides good fixation of the ankle joint is suitable.

Fila V94M

The question arose — what sneakers to buy for the city, the answer is simple — these. Firstly, because they attract with their affordable price, given the high quality of the tailoring of the Italian brand Fila. These can be worn not for 1-2 seasons, like fakes, but for 3-4 seasons and even more if you take care of sneakers. This lightweight model has a recognizable design that takes us back to the silhouettes of the 90s, but with modern materials and redesigned details. Choose them and you won’t regret it.

Fila V94M Price: 3 999 rubles. Buy: fila.ru

What is the difference between running shoes and walking shoes?

Walking shoes are a little different from running shoes. Models for walking should provide comfort to the foot, relieve tension and fatigue that occur during tiring and long walks. The main function of running shoes is to protect the athlete from injury during training and competition. They provide good fixation of the foot and absorb the shock load when moving.

The main external difference between walking and running shoes is the outsole. The walking pair is soft and flat with a heel pad. This guarantees uniform cushioning and softness when moving.

The running shoes have a heavily reinforced outer side of the foot and a bevelled heel. The sole thickens noticeably from toe to heel. This configuration of the model allows you to develop a higher speed when running. Its wide outsole absorbs shock loads from the ground, which prevents injury.

adidas Originals Stan Smith

There is always something to be said for a shoe that has truly stood the test of time, remaining virtually unchanged for decades. That goes for the iconic adidas Originals Stan Smith, an instantly recognizable pair of shoes.

The Stan Smiths were one of the most sought after in the 1980s, popular around the world for their clean, understated design and exceptional comfort. Today, 30+ years later, nothing has changed.

adidas brought the Stan Smiths back and instead of drastically changing them to fit the times, the company has left the best aspects of the shoe intact. Crafted from smooth leather, these minimalist sneakers are as comfortable as ever, yet with a sophisticated, modern look. Instead of the classic three stripes, Stan Smith Originals has perforated stripes.

It also features Stan Smith branding on the tongue and back on the heel.

The most comfortable shoes for long walks around the city

Running shoes for city walking should be lightweight, durable and comfortable. You can safely choose a model if it has the following characteristics:

  • durable and flexible outsole with good cushioning made of wear-resistant rubber;
  • breathable upper with mesh toe;
  • rather rigid, but comfortable block, providing good fixation of the ankle joint;
  • insoles that absorb moisture well;
  • strong laces, preferably flat, which do not untie;
  • comfortable stopper.

It is also worth paying attention to the quality of the material from which the top of the model is made. It can be synthetic or natural. The main thing is that the material is wear-resistant and not demanding in care.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

Another timeless classic is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. Chuck Taylors were announced in 1917 (over a century ago) as basketball shoes and, almost unbelievably, have not changed much since then. As they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

After 100 years, Chucks have managed to keep up with the times while remaining true to their original design. They are also more popular than ever and are available in a dizzying array of colors and patterns.

You can even create your own designs online! We love pure classic white as it goes with literally everything. Please note: if you have never owned a pair of Chuck Taylors, sizing can be a little tricky for a beginner. Usually they are half a size smaller, so order carefully so as not to be mistaken.

Orthopedic shoes for daily walking with flat feet

Physical activity with flat feet is useful, then only in properly selected shoes. Its selection must be approached responsibly. Many sports shoe manufacturers offer options that are great for training with foot deformities. Models of such sneakers should provide a higher level of cushioning and foothold than regular shoes.

Well, if they contain:

  • strong lacing;
  • rounded toe;
  • gel inserts in the back and forefoot;
  • a special shape of the sole with varying degrees of density;
  • stabilizing frames to support the arch of the foot.

Among the variety of models of orthopedic sports shoes, the following can be recommended: Adidas SolarDrive ST, Asics Gel Kayano 26, Nike LunarGlide 6, Hoka One One Elevon.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

Air Jordans, or simply «Jordans,» are more casual and athletic shoes than some of the others on this list. After all, they are basketball shoes.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is inspired by the original Air Jordans, created exclusively for the one and only Michael Jordan in 1985. Because of this, Jordan has always attracted its cult following. People try to buy the newest pairs as they are released and collect collections from them, some never even wear them on the street.

With high-end uppers, Jordans are presented with a retro feel, but crisp colorways help keep them modern and trendy. Choose from solid white or white/black/azure blue with solid color accents.

Wear them with nice jeans and a button-down shirt for a modern casual yet stylish look, or pair them with joggers for a day out in the country.

Sports walking and hiking shoes

Sneakers for sports walking and hiking should have a number of important characteristics: lightness, durability, and comfort when wearing.
A flexible soft outsole with a clear tread pattern or studs provides reliable grip on the surface. High sides will fix the ankle structure well and prevent the risk of injury during loads.

Special requirements are placed on the quality of the material from which the top of the model must be made. For the hot season, options with mesh inserts that provide good ventilation are suitable. And for walking in autumn, winter and spring, models with elements from a waterproof membrane will be required.

New Balance 574 Classic

Price: 12 990 rub.
New Balance 574 Classic is a laconic pair for every day. Sneakers are made in a minimalist design and made with the best technology for your comfort. The upper of the model is made in various colors so that you can choose the most suitable sneakers for your look.

The New Balance 574 Classic features a stabilizing insert, a shock-absorbing core, and dense piping. Suede sneakers look especially expensive, according to buyers, in blue.

The model boasts durability — according to one of the buyers, he bought the sneakers back in 2015, and they are still alive, with the exception of the sole, which tends to wear out.

Best Men’s Walking Shoes

Men’s models of sneakers are somewhat different from women’s, primarily in that they have a more massive look. They have a stiffer block, and the sole is rougher. But otherwise, men’s walking shoes have the same characteristics as women’s. Consider the most suitable options in this category.

Asics Gel Odyssey WR

Men’s lace-up sneakers from the Japanese sports brand ASICS are made of natural black nubuck. Special silicone inserts on the heel and toe tightly fit the foot and reduce the load on the joints of the legs and spine during long walks. The outsole is made of durable rubber. Lightweight midsole provides good cushioning.

  • moisture protection;
  • wearing comfort;
  • affordable price;
  • wear-resistant.


  • not suitable for the hot season;
  • slippery sole.

The model is great for everyday wear, but not in hot weather. The classic design and versatile black make this pair perfect for more than just sportswear.

Nike Run All Day 2

Men’s sneakers from the famous sports brand Nike are made of high-quality textile material and artificial leather. Foam midsole provides soft cushioning and durable traction. Due to the presence of a foot lock and a special weave in the middle part, the model fits the foot well.

  • light in weight;
  • excellent ventilation;
  • simple and concise sports design;
  • good quality laces.


  • removable insole;
  • hard back;
  • The soft sole wears out quickly.

The manufacturer of the model claims that it is great not only for walking, but also for running. However, consumer reviews speak in favor of the fact that these shoes are suitable for walking. When running in them, the leg gets very tired.

Converse Bandulu Chuck 70 High

The model from the American shoe brand Converse is not a sneaker, but a lifestyle high-top sneaker. The design of the pair is very interesting, it was invented by designer Pat Peltier. Sneakers are made in brown with bright blue, pink and white, as if by chance splashed, spots.
The upper material is a dense durable canvas. The spots on the model are embroidered with multi-colored threads. For additional ventilation, two eyelets are provided inside. The high top provides a good grip on the ankle and gives stability when walking.


  • breathable fabric;
  • Durable high quality rubber outsole;
  • interesting design;
  • long service life due to the use of durable materials:
  • high rise.


  • high price;
  • not suitable for wearing in rainy weather.

Converse sneakers are comfortable and easy to walk even for long distances. They are ideal for everyday wear. But they are not suitable for walking in rainy weather.

New Balance 530

The men’s sneaker from New Balance, an American sportswear and footwear manufacturer, is made in the style that was at the peak of popularity in the 90s. The line is available in a variety of colors. The upper material is synthetic leather and textile.
The sole is massive, made of rubber and elastic lightweight EVA material. The top of the model is complemented by mesh inserts that provide good ventilation. The midsole absorbs impact as you move.


  • lungs;
  • good ventilation;
  • durable;
  • effective design.


  • high cost;
  • Not everyone fits the shape of the foot.

Lightweight New Balance shoes keep you comfortable walking even in very hot weather. But due to the fact that they do not fit the foot tightly, some consumers complained that the model rubs the legs with prolonged wear.

Adidas ZX 1k Boost

These men’s running shoes from the world famous German sports brand Adidas are made of high quality materials. The top of the model is a ripstop fabric, which is highly durable due to the presence of a reinforced thread in the fiber composition. Faux suede inserts give the shoe an original design.
Mesh upper provides good breathability. The midsole is made using Adidas technology. It consists of two materials: light elastic EVA and foamed thermoplastic polyurethane. This outsole provides good cushioning when walking.


  • light and comfortable;
  • well fit the leg;
  • provide excellent ventilation;
  • high service life;
  • the presence of a shock-absorbing Boost sole;
  • affordable price.

Minuses: the model is often faked.

The Adidas ZX 1k Boost men’s running shoes are perfect for long walks and indoor sports. But it is worth buying a model only from an official manufacturer. Otherwise, there is a risk of running into a low-quality fake.

Puma x Mr Doodle

Price: 8 990 rub.
Puma x Mr.Doodle colorful sneakers will be the highlight of your look. Playful, rich embroidery inspired by London-based artist Sam Cox’s iconic one-line drawings.

Unusual colors — what you need for those who are used to stand out from the gray mass. Puma x Mr.Doodle is a unisex model, suitable for men and women.

Sneakers are made of 2 materials: artificial and natural leather. The midsole of the sports shoe makes it incredibly light and soft, which lovers of long walks will appreciate. A pair of additional laces are included in the package, which is very convenient. While some are in the wash, you can put on others.

For reference: sneakers are oversized, before buying, consult with the managers of the online store.

Rating of women’s walking shoes

Women’s walking shoes, unlike men’s, have a more elegant design. But otherwise, they have the same characteristics as men’s: light, durable, comfortable. Consider those models that meet these parameters.

Nike Revolution 5

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, these Nike women’s running shoes feature reflective panels. The top of the model is made of «breathable» durable jersey. Lightweight PU foam outsole with a pattern provides good traction.

  • minimalistic design;
  • light in weight;
  • «breathable» upper material;
  • low price.


  • quickly get dirty;
  • poorly extinguish shock loads;
  • The upper fabric wears out over time.

The manufacturer stated that this model is designed for running. However, consumer reviews indicate that the shoes do not absorb shock loads when running on asphalt. Therefore, it is recommended to use them for hiking and running on a treadmill.

Puma Rebound Layout SD

Sneakers from the famous German manufacturer of sportswear and shoes Puma are made in a combination of two styles at once: futuristic and retro. Their design is suitable for both men and women. The top of the model is made of genuine leather combined with artificial. The sole is rubber.

  • soft and comfortable;
  • durable;
  • spectacular contrasting colors;
  • suitable for wearing in the cold season;
  • tightly fit the foot and ankle;
  • affordable price.


  • not suitable for wearing in warm weather;
  • get wet quickly.

Walking in Puma sneakers will be convenient and comfortable. But they are not suitable for use in the heat and in the rain.

Asics Gel Sonoma 4

A feature of women’s sneakers from the Japanese manufacturer of sports goods Asics is the use of special gel pads in the heel area. When walking and running, they dampen shock loads, providing good cushioning. The top of the model is made of «breathable» textiles, the sole is made of wear-resistant rubber.
The waterproof GORE-TEX membrane around the perimeter of the foot reliably protects the shoes from getting wet. Mesh upper provides extra ventilation. Removable insole with antibacterial impregnation prevents unpleasant odors.


  • good depreciation;
  • light in weight;
  • do not get wet;
  • antibacterial insole;
  • excellent ventilation;
  • long service life.


  • high price;
  • are often faked.

Asics running shoes are perfect for walking and running in any weather. They are lightweight, breathable, yet waterproof.

Salomon Tech Amphibi 4

Women’s sneakers from the French sports brand Salomon are suitable for different types of outdoor activities, including hiking. The manufacturer claims that only environmentally friendly materials were used in their manufacture. The top of the model is made of nylon on the outside, and cotton on the inside.
Mesh inserts on the top and sides provide good breathability. Outsole material: rubber and EVA. Adjustable heel strap for a secure fit. Waterproof wedge protects shoes from getting wet.


  • convenience and comfort when wearing;
  • do not get wet;
  • good ventilation;
  • excellent cushioning.

Minuses: narrow block.

Salomon women’s running shoes are well suited for walking even for long distances. They will always be comfortable, light and not hot. The only complaint from consumers is a narrow block, which is not suitable for everyone.

Reebok Royal Bridge 4

This model of women’s sneakers from the American sports brand Reebok was created for active women who value convenience and comfort. They are very light, reliable, have an attractive design with bright contrasting prints. The top of the model is made of breathable textile material.
The sole is massive in appearance, but very light in weight, made of 3D foam. This outsole provides good cushioning during movement, softening shock loads in contact with the surface. The plush FuelFoam footbed provides great support for your foot.


  • light and comfortable;
  • affordable price;
  • strong and durable;
  • The durable material holds up well to multiple washes.

Minuses: quickly worn out.

Lightweight Reebok sneakers are a good option for everyday walking. They have only one drawback — they wear out over time, which can create difficulties when walking.

Sneakers are perhaps the most comfortable walking shoes. In order for hiking to bring joy and pleasure, it is worth taking seriously the choice of a suitable model for this.

ASICS Court Slide 2

Price: 4 240 rub.
Tennis shoes, which you can also use for everyday walks, combine improved stability and increased comfort. ASICS Court Slide 2 looks nice on the outside, the manufacturer has chosen a favorable color combination: white-blue-red, which looks very refreshing.

Flexible and lightweight design allows you to quickly change direction with maximum comfort. Sneakers incomparably hold the foot and have good cushioning. Thanks to the tread, the necessary grip with the surface is provided, which is especially important when you make movements.

Reebok Premier Road Plus VI

Move to the rhythm of the city with the Premier Road Plus VI. Sneakers have an interesting design with a touch of classics, but in a modern design. Downward-facing sinuous synthetic overlays create a fluid design that’s complemented by DMX foam cushioning to keep you moving forward in comfort and ease. If you want to buy sneakers for the city, then you will surely like this option. And if not, then there are many other iconic silhouettes in the manufacturer’s assortment. Go to the official website and find your match.

Reebok Premier Road Plus VI Price: 8 399 rubles. Buy: reebok.ru

UPDATE 04/16/2021: Updating the selection to the current models of 2021. Only the best new sneakers for urban conditions have been selected.

Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole

The Spanish fashion house Balenciaga offers the same sneakers this year, only with more color options. The redesigned Triple S Clear Soles feature a familiar design with bold shapes. According to the manufacturer, sneakers are designed for running and even suitable for basketball. There is a three-layer sole, where one of the layers includes an air cushion. The latter provides improved cushioning and creates increased comfort.

Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole Price: 68 384 ₽ Buy: farfetch.com/ru

Off-White Odsy

Italian brand Off-White knows how to create stylish sneakers thanks to its founder Virgil Abloh. Unusual streetwear performance with haute couture elements. These are not just shoes, but a challenge to public opinion, which sometimes does not allow you to look at things from a different angle and drives you into boring banality. In general, when you want to buy sneakers for the city, then this option is perfect. Of course, if you are ready to part with a solid sum of money.

Off-White Odsy Price: 60 015 ₽ Buy: farfetch.com/ru

2. Reebok Workout Classic, from 3,500 r

If you compare Nike, Adidas and Reebok, the latter are often undeservedly underestimated. It’s especially a shame for the iconic laconic model Workout Classicwhich honestly stood the test of time and active sports.

Sneakerheads should definitely remember the good old British design, as now you can afford it for a divine price. And also try to take them down, because this quality is from Reebok.

Reebok Zig Kinetica

Reebok chose the concept of visualizing the flow of energy when creating these running shoes for the city and sports. A multi-coloured Floatride Fuel foam outsole with a transparent zig-zag Zig Energy Shell for that kinetic backstop delivers a bold, dynamic look. The shock absorption system with springy rebound literally pushes forward and is revolutionary. The novelty is available in different colors, but white, with a tie-dye midsole, is the most interesting of all.

Reebok Zig Kinetica Price: 9 999 ₽ Buy: reebok.ru

Saucony Cohesion 13

  • Weight: 250 g
  • Pronation: neutral
  • Heel-toe drop: 12 mm
  • Average price: 5490 rubles

Running shoes from the famous American brand Saucony delight both the wallet and the feet of beginner runners. The shoe has sufficient cushioning for its class, with VersaRun foam in the midsole, which, among other things, is durable.

Buy Saucony Cohesion 13 running shoes

The rubber outsole with a segmented structure also works for general wear resistance.

The light mesh upper is well ventilated, and the figured dense reinforcements sewn on it extend the life of the sneaker and additionally fix and stabilize the foot inside.

It has a high rear end of 29mm and a drop of 12mm, so it should appeal to those who run from the heel, which are the majority among beginners. The design of the sneakers is traditional and simple, without regard to fashion trends.