Humidifiers are appliances that maintain the optimal level of humidity in the room, and also purify the air from dangerous microorganisms.

Production of the company Xiaomi is in great demand, since all models of such devices have an acceptable cost and high performance.

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Rating of the TOP 8 best Xiaomi humidifiers

Place Model Price
#one Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM
#2 Xiaomi DEM-SJS100
#3 Xiaomi Sothing Geometry Desktop
#four Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM
#5 Xiaomi VH Man
#6 Xiaomi DEM-SJS600
#7 Xiaomi JSQ01ZM

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Top 10 best Xiaomi air purifiers in 2021

Place Name Price
TOP 4 best Xiaomi air purifiers in price / quality ratio
one Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier (FJY4013GL) Ask for a price
2 Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (FJY4031GL) Ask for a price
3 Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S (FJY4020GL) Ask for a price
four Xiaomi MiJia Air Purifier 3 Ask for a price
TOP 4 best Xiaomi air purifiers with HEPA filter
one Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H (FJY4026GL) Ask for a price
2 Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier (JHN4001CN) Ask for a price
3 Xiaomi Smartmi Fresh Air System Wall Mounted (VTS6001CN) Ask for a price
four Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 Ask for a price
TOP 2 best Xiaomi air purifiers with ionization
one Xiaomi KJ300F-X3(M) Ask for a price
2 Xiaomi Youpin Cleanfly DF-500 Ask for a price

Features of Xiaomi Humidifiers

Note! Dry indoor air often causes viral diseases.

Xiaomi brand models are very high qualityTherefore, more and more people prefer to purchase products of this brand.

To main features Xiaomi humidifiers include:

  1. Design. Almost all models are made in a modern style that will suit any interior. In addition to white humidifiers, the brand produces products in brick red, emerald green and blue-blue shades.
  2. Price. The cost of Xiaomi products is really lower than that of other companies. For the same price, the buyer receives a device that has many characteristics than similar devices from other brands.
  3. Quality. «Smart» devices for air humidification are equipped not only with high-quality assembly, but also have their own mobile application. Smartphone control makes the operation of the device more comfortable.
  4. Range. Xiaomi carefully follows the latest trends in modern home appliances. This means that buyers always have a choice.

In addition, almost all humidifiers operate silently.

Stay up to date! They do not disturb the tenants either day or night, while creating a calm atmosphere in the house.

What to look for when choosing?

Despite the variety of models, each of them has a certain set of characteristics.

When buying a Xiaomi humidifier, the buyer should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Performance. This indicator is measured in the amount of water that the device is able to evaporate per hour. This option should be selected based on personal considerations. The main thing to remember is that one device is able to humidify only one room.
  2. Noise level. In order to maintain the humidity of the air continuously, the device must be switched on 24 hours a day. The noise level determines how comfortable a person is in a room with a working device.
  3. Energy efficiency. Before purchasing a device, the buyer should think about the power consumption. The lower the power of the device, the more economical it consumes electricity.
  4. Dimensions. The size of the device is very important for a person if he has a small apartment. No matter how small the device is, it will have to be installed somewhere.

Keep in mind! The efficiency of the device is also affected by the size of the tank, additional functions and the hygrostat.

How to choose a Xiaomi air purifier for an apartment?

The main element when choosing an air purifier is a filter, which can be of several types: coarse cleaning, fine cleaning, carbon filter, electrostatic, water.

Also important factors when choosing a purifier are:

  • Noise level. In the case of working at night or in a children’s room, a device with a low noise level of up to 30 dB is best suited.
  • Performance. The parameter is responsible for the volume of air that the product processes in one hour. An excellent result is processing two or three times an hour.
  • Also important when choosing a model is a timer, installation method, an indicator of the level of filter contamination..

Review of Xiaomi Humidifiers

Consider the rating and review of the best models according to customer ratings and reviews.



Ideal and natural moisturizing, giving a feeling of sea air.

Thanks to a special water evaporation technology, the Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM device humidifies the indoor air with high quality.

The advanced evaporation system allows you to evaporate 240 ml per hour. liquids.

For continuous circulation of water, 36 blades are used, which are constantly in contact with water.

Each user can easily fill the tank with water by pouring it through the grate.


  • power consumption — 8 W;
  • serviced area — 36 sq.m.;
  • tank capacity — 4 l;
  • water consumption — 240 ml / h;
  • hygrostat — yes;
  • control is electronic.


  • high performance;
  • easy to manage;
  • convenient to pour water;
  • compact;
  • stylish design.


  • no adapter for euro;
  • the Mi Home application needs to be improved;
  • no built-in temperature sensor.


Xiaomi DEM-SJS100

An ultrasonic humidifier-air purifier that can instantly create a favorable microclimate in your home or office.

Budget model Xiaomi DEM-SJS100, which can be used as a fragrance and humidifier.

The device is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp, so that the user has the opportunity to carry out the procedure for disinfecting the room without any hassle.

The device has a small size and is great for both large and small rooms.


  • power consumption — 25 W;
  • filters — carbon;
  • control — mechanical;
  • installation — desktop, floor;
  • dimensions — 20.8x33x22.4 cm.


  • indication of inclusion and low water level;
  • aromatization function;
  • large water tank;
  • convenient filling of the container with water;
  • intuitive interface.


  • noise during work;
  • short power cord;
  • The device is recommended to be placed on a stand.


Xiaomi Sothing Geometry Desktop

An improved model that combines compact size, functionality and reasonable price.

Xiaomi Sothing Geometry Desktop dry air humidifier with a minimalistic design.

The device has a low noise level during operation — this figure is within 30 dB, which means that the user can safely turn on the device at night.

The transparent water tank allows you to observe the remaining liquid level.


  • power consumption — 2 W;
  • filters — filter wool;
  • control — mechanical;
  • installation — desktop;
  • dimensions — 11.6×10.7×6 cm.


  • low noise level;
  • attractive appearance;
  • water level control;
  • fan speed control;
  • small weight and size.


  • small volume of the water tank;
  • meager equipment;
  • branded plastic case.


Xiaomi Guildford

Miniature air humidifier which the will become an indispensable household appliance for ensuring a healthy microclimate in the house.

Portable model Guildford, equipped with a compact water tank — when fully charged, it will last for 12 hours of continuous operation.

Only one button is used to control the appliance.

The device can be turned on or off with a short press, and by holding the button for a few seconds, the user has the opportunity to turn on the built-in LED backlight.


  • power consumption — 24 W;
  • filters — HEPA filter;
  • control — electronic;
  • installation — desktop;
  • dimensions — 7.5x19x7.5 cm.


  • fan speed control;
  • indication of low water level;
  • work up to 12 hours;
  • ultrasonic humidifier;
  • body lighting.


  • no ultraviolet lamp;
  • the device does not work in the «smart home» system;
  • small water reservoir.


Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM

The device, created from antibacterial material, allows the skin to be saturated with moisture and feel the touch of mist.

The device model Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM destroys germs and bacteria using ultraviolet radiation.

The device sprays a purified liquid, which makes the air in the space humidified.

Parts of the device that come into contact with water are coated with an antibacterial composition to prevent mold from growing on the body.

The 3.5 liter water tank allows the device to work up to 16 hours continuously.


  • serviced area — 48 sq.m.;
  • hygrostat — yes;
  • water consumption — 355 ml / h;
  • control — electronic;
  • noise level — 38 dB.


  • convenient to pour water;
  • automatic firmware update;
  • large volume of water tank;
  • two levels of water disinfection.


  • complex software configuration;
  • no smart tank full control;
  • noisy.


Xiaomi VH Man

A modern and easy-to-use device that will bring the humidity in the room to normal in a short time.

To start the VH Man device into operation, you need to connect it to the mains and press the activation button.

The device will be able to work continuously for 10 hours.

If the liquid level in the tank approaches a critical level, a warning indicator will light up on the body.

The device has compact dimensions, which means it can be placed on a desktop or window sill.


  • water tank volume — 420 ml;
  • noise level — 30 dB;
  • water consumption — 35 ml / h;
  • indication — low water level;
  • support for the smart home system — no.


  • ease of use;
  • compact size;
  • universal design;
  • silent.


  • small volume of the water tank;
  • works only from USB.


Xiaomi DEM-SJS600

A compact ultrasonic device that includes a flavoring function.

Humidifier model Xiaomi DEM-SJS600, unlike other ultrasonic devices, has a lid with a wide slot that allows you to add water to it on the go.

To control the device, a round knob is used, above which there are on and off buttons.

Steam is supplied from a narrow hole located on the edge of the upper part of the device.

Many housewives will like the opportunity to use the humidifier as a fragrance by pouring aromatic oils into it.


  • serviced area — 25 sq.m.;
  • water consumption — 270 ml / h;
  • continuous operation time — 18.5 hours;
  • noise level — 34 dB;
  • the volume of the water tank is 5 liters.


  • there is a backlit indicator;
  • convenient and capacious water tank;
  • concise design;
  • you can fill the water without turning off.


  • no hygrometer;
  • short power cord.


Xiaomi JSQ01ZM

Lightweight and economical device with a 2.5 liter capacity for 8 hours of continuous operation.

Humidifier model Smartmi Air Humidifier JSQ01ZM is made of high-quality plastic, resistant to cracks and scratches.

A tank with a volume of 2.5 liters is placed in the body of the device.

In order to pour water into it, you need to remove the top cover.

The noise level is only 38 dB, which means that the humidifier can be installed in the bedroom.


  • productivity — 200 ml/h;
  • noise level — 38 dB;
  • humidistat — no;
  • adjustment — yes;
  • timer is not.


  • legs with silicone pads;
  • compact dimensions;
  • elegant design.


  • there is no hygrostat;
  • there is no aroma function.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 is a new smart humidifier

Today on review is a new humidifier from Xiaomi partner Smartmi, designed to work in the Mijia smart home ecosystem. The humidifier is interesting primarily for its unusual principle of operation — it is not ultrasonic, like most devices of this class and the first version of a smart humidifier, but mechanical, there is a process of natural evaporation of moisture from a large area of ​​​​the plates — which does not create a white coating on furniture, and does not affect air purifier sensor.

Where could I buy?

Gearbest Banggood Aliexpress JD.ru


The humidifier is supplied in a regular cardboard box, there are no identification marks, except for the contour image of the humidifier on one side.

Everything is packed soundly, foam inserts protect well from impacts and the device came in complete integrity and safety.

Inside, the package contains a humidifier, it is rectangular in shape, size — 24 * 24 * 36.5 cm, weight is about 5 kg

What’s in the box

The device consists of two parts, all parts, including the internal ones, are lined with a shockproof film, which must be removed.

The humidifier is made of white plastic with a matte surface, everything is very high quality. The only inscription on the front is the name of the manufacturer Smartmi


Unlike ultrasonic humidifiers — where the lower part is the active element, and the upper part is the water tank, the opposite is true here.

The lower part is a water tank with a capacity of 4 liters, which is equipped with a liquid level sensor. Inside it is a rotating shaft, on which a large number of evaporation discs are mounted.

The shaft with disks can be easily removed, along its edges there are removable covers in the form of gears, through which rotation is transmitted from the engine in the upper part of the housing.

The covers are unscrewed, for which they are marked with the corresponding marking indicating the direction of rotation.

After removing the cover, you can remove all the evaporation disks one by one in order to wash them.

The surface of the disc is dotted with many special elements to increase its area for better evaporation.

The shaft in cross section is hexagonal, thanks to which all discs rotate without scrolling.

The water tank, thanks to its shape and the absence of electronic components, is also easy to clean. The inner surface of the tank has an antibacterial coating that prevents the development of harmful microorganisms.

Unlike ultrasonic humidifiers, it is absolutely impossible to leak. The water level sensor turns off the humidifier when it runs out.

All electronics and controls are located in the upper part of the humidifier, almost the entire surface of which is occupied by a grate through which humidified air is supplied from the humidifier.

Air enters through another grill, which is located at the top of the back of the case.

In the same place, on the left side, there are temperature and humidity sensors.

The humidifier is equipped with a motor that rotates the air intake fan — it is black, and through a gear train, transmits torque to the evaporative disks.

Operating principle

It consists in the fact that air is drawn into the humidifier through the upper air intake, and then through the evaporative plates it exits through the upper grille. Evaporation can reach 240 ml per hour, and the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room is up to 36 square meters. m.

Filling water is very easy, just through the upper grill of the humidifier, and there is no need to remove the upper part of the humidifier, or even turn it off.

By the way, the bundled cable is equipped with a flat, American plug, so if you have not yet acquired universal sockets, you will have to look for an adapter.


Manual control of the humidifier is carried out using two buttons on the top. The left button toggles the brightness of the LEDs — bright, medium and off. LEDs — 10 pieces, 5 — this is the water level, then the wi-fi indicator and operating modes, automatic and three speeds. The right button — in a circle switches the operating modes, between three manual and automatic.


The gadget works in the Xiaomi Mijia smart home ecosystem and is controlled by the MiHome app. After turning it on to the network, we launch the wizard for adding a device, which has now taken the form of a radar, detect it, select the main wi-fi network and wait for synchronization.

After a couple of minutes, the device is connected to the system, after which it remains only to select its location.

The default plugin is mostly in English, but there are a number of inscriptions in Chinese. Therefore, I replaced the plugin with a localized one, from w3bsit3-dns.com — an assembly from Opel.

The main window of the plugin, in the center, in the largest font — shows the current humidity. Above — temperature and comfort level. Under the humidity — the rest of the water. At the bottom of the button — on / off, operating mode and timer. The panel at the bottom slides out, on it you can turn off the sounds of the device, set the brightness of the diodes, turn on the drying mode — it’s not entirely clear what it is yet, parental control — turns off the control from the buttons, and the bad performance alert mode.

The menu gives access to device management. In the main list, in addition to the standard options, such as renaming the device, updating the firmware, adding to the desktop, deleting and location, there are some more interesting options.

The presence of Bluetooth — turns the humidifier into a gateway for devices with this interface. Recently, it has become possible to change the time zone for devices — for the timer to work correctly, and when installing MiHome from vevs, there is a device token in the network information menu.

In scenarios, the device can only work as an action, although it could be done for the conditions of the readings of the hygrometer and thermometer. Actions — seven, turning on, off, switching, and four modes of operation, auto and three speeds.

The humidifier works quietly, in 12 hours — approximately 35% of the tank capacity is used up. Power consumption is from 2 to 4 watts, while the air purifier, which does not tolerate the steam of an ultrasonic humidifier, does not react at all to this one.

Alternative control systems

Thanks to the token, the device can be used in alternative systems — for example, domotics. The principle is the translation of commands using the miio protocol, which I talked about earlier, and the php-miio-master package. I managed to turn the device on and off, switch operating modes — examples of the command on the slide.

On this slide is a command to get the status of the device — the names of the first, second and third speeds. They can be substituted instead of auto — in the command on the previous slide, to enable the desired speed.

All these commands are relevant for the air purifier, with the exception of the names of the modes, which can be similarly obtained.

Video version of the review


This is a very economical, quiet humidifier that does not leave white marks on furniture, does not interfere with the air purifier. Perfectly managed through alternative control systems.

If possible, I plan to change all my ultrasonic humidifiers to this model, expensive, but worth it.

That’s all, thanks for your attention.