Computer tables are universal products that are used to arrange equipment and audio equipment, are used as an office desk, have compartments and shelves for storing small stationery.

When choosing designs, consider the following parameters: dimensions, weight, type, product packaging, availability of accessories. It is important that the table fits its owner in height, is comfortable and convenient for everyday work and leisure activities.

Choose a design depending on the type of activity that is most suitable in terms of dimensions, functionality and design.

Benefits of a computer desk

The computer desk has a number of advantages over the classic models of desks:

  • Sophisticated design, taking into account the features of operation, the anatomical features of the human body, safety requirements.
  • A large number of drawers and shelves on which you can place sets of external disks, papers and disks.
  • The presence of several tiers that allow you to place all the components of the computer (speakers, system unit, printer, scanner).
  • The shape of the tabletop and side shelves is designed in such a way as to save the user from pain in the neck and back.

Before purchasing a computer desk, you should carefully read all the parameters of a particular model, with the necessary characteristics and sets of additional options.

Additional Tips

  1. Install the computer desk so that direct sunlight does not fall on the monitor. This will help to avoid rapid fatigue and eye strain.
  2. The location of the work area near the outlet is welcome.
  3. The color and style of the selected furniture should be in harmony with the interior.
  4. The chair should be at a sufficient distance so as not to sit right next to the tabletop.
  5. To fit numerous appliances in a small area, choose models with several shelves, ergonomically located in height.

Types of computer tables

Depending on the design and the options provided, the following types of tables are distinguished:

Exclusively computer models. Such options are intended only for work on digital devices, they do not have additional components and retractable systems. The design of computer tables is often compact, not distinguished by an abundance of decor.

Versatile options. These models have all the features of combined tables: several tiers, a sufficient number of shelves and drawers, side surfaces of countertops. All available fittings are maximally focused on the needs of the user.

These models differ most often in cost, so be sure to determine in advance the purpose of a future purchase.


Worktops of furniture designed to work at a computer are made of the following materials.

  • An array of wood. The surface has high aesthetic characteristics, pleasant to the touch, durable.
  • Particleboard with a protective coating does not overload the structure and is able to withstand significant loads.
  • Glass will add volume, is not afraid of scratches and moisture, but requires constant care.
  • High-quality plastic is quite suitable for the manufacture of the top cover. The material helps to reduce the overall weight of the product, is affordable, pleases with a variety of designs and colors. However, the surface quickly deteriorates from contact with sharp objects, is sensitive to loads, and is designed for a short service life.


Types of computer tables

The computer desk occupies a prominent place in the interior of the room, so when choosing, you should also focus on the shape of the table.

Among the huge range of modern tables, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Classic straight table.
  2. Corner computer desk.
  3. Model-transformer.
  4. Hanging table model.
  5. Table model for gamers.

Each presented form is distinguished by indicators of compactness and convenience. The choice depends on a combination of factors: the purpose, size and shape of the room, the design style of the room, the cost of furniture.

Color palette

Widespread colors.


It is a universal shade that suits any interior design, goes well with various colors and gives the environment a clean and fresh look.


It draws attention to itself and at the same time is quite loyal to many style decisions.

The photo shows a dark wenge-colored computer table in the interior of the office.


Emphasizes the status of the interior and its refined taste, creates a truly presentable and luxurious atmosphere.


Restrained and elegant gray shade, allows you to create a well-thought-out compositional design.

The photo shows a modern office, decorated with a gray computer desk.


Gives the environment a richer and richer look, emphasizes the bold design and places bright accents in it.


Such a color scheme gives the environment a calm and harmonious appearance.

The photo shows a computer rectangular table in a green hue in the interior.

Classic straight table

Only owners of those apartments where there is enough free space can use this model.

Universal computer tables with shelves, built-in drawers and drawers take up a lot of space.

Corner computer desk

A very popular model in modern design. Due to the compact thoughtful shape, you can install a table between two adjacent walls, freeing up space for other interior details.

This design option is modeled according to the needs of the user:

  • Under the table top there are drawers and drawers for storing personal belongings and stationery.
  • Above the table are additional tiers, which conveniently accommodate all PC components, external drives and auxiliary accessories.
  • Some models are designed for collaboration or play activities of two people.

Like all other computer tables, these models are made in compliance with the recommended parameters for the height of the tabletop, its shape and width.

The form

The following tables are distinguished by form:

  1. Rectangular. Classic elongated models, reminiscent of an ordinary desk. Installed along the wall or closer to the corner area.

  2. Linear with a notch in the middle. They provide comfort when sitting at the table for a long time. It becomes possible to place the elbows on the table, which reduces the load on the hands.

  3. Corner. They look like a triangle. Designed for a small room where you need to save space.
  4. L-shaped. They are corner structures, where one part is larger than the other. Suitable for both office and home use.

  5. U-shaped. Are completed from several linear tables. Such models are preferred in large offices for demonstrating presentations at collective meetings, meetings, planning meetings.

Choosing a computer desk is a responsible task. The Eurostyle online store offers a wide variety of models for every taste. On our site you will definitely choose a product that fully meets your requirements. After placing an order, delivery is carried out within a few days in Bishkek and other cities of Kyrgyzstan.


Such a model is an excellent solution for saving space in a studio apartment or Khrushchev. The table can be adjusted in height (as the child grows) or in width (folding out side panels).

When assembled, it occupies a minimum of space, often performing some kind of decorative function.

What size should be

You can calculate the appropriate countertop height using the following formula:

  1. take the height of the future owner in cm;
  2. multiply by 80 (standard countertop height);
  3. divided by 175 (for men) or 162 (for women).

computer desk height
The height of the table is calculated according to the height of its owner.
Also, the dimensions of the furniture must be selected taking into account the size and characteristics of the room.

Important! The minimum distance from the eyes to the monitor is 50 cm. This must be taken into account when calculating the choice of furniture installation location. The legs of the person under the table should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and the hands and elbows should be parallel to the surface.

eye distance to monitor
It is necessary to take into account the distance from the eyes to the monitor and other parameters.

Hanging computer desk

The original style and design in the room can be emphasized with hanging tables. The frame of such options is made of wood, special attention is paid to the fasteners and the strength of the supporting wall.

Such a small computer desk is very compact, allowing you to save space in a miniature room.


How to choose

To choose the right table, you need to consider:

  • Installation location — for small rooms, models with built-in racks and cabinets are suitable, they partially or completely replace other shelves, you should also pay attention to corner or modular tables. It is better to put a classic table in the study or office, which will not block the space with additional extensions.
  • Purpose — the more time you plan to spend at the computer desk, the more convenient it should be. The most comfortable models are gaming ones. If you supplement them with an orthopedic chair, then the body will be easier to endure a long stay in a sitting position.
  • Interior style — the table should not stand out from the general color scheme and design solution. There is no need to put massive furniture if the rest of the space is occupied by miniature and weightless furniture.
  • User features — with special care you need to approach the choice of a student table. Preference should be given to models with an adjustable top, which are made of wood, plywood or MDF. These are the safest and most durable materials.

choosing a computer desk
When choosing a computer desk, there are several factors to consider.
Most tables are placed close to a wall or in a corner, so lighting is important. If this is not possible, then it is better to place the furniture closer to the window and equip it with a table lamp.

workplace lighting
It is very important that the workplace is properly lit.

Important! At night, the backlight of the monitor is not enough. Therefore, additional lighting is necessary to protect the user from visual disturbances.

Computer tables for gamers

Technological progress and the imagination of designers have made it possible to create a universal model of a computer desk combined with an anatomically adapted chair.

Tables have several tiers, racks for screens and game installations. Consoles for the keyboard, joystick and steering wheel are also provided. The entire interface is adapted for a professional online player.

All models differ in cost, shape and design. For lovers of individual style, it is possible to assemble a computer desk with your own hands.

To do this, it is necessary to prepare a project and a scheme, purchase materials and fasteners, and also take into account all the parameters for the future model.

Illustrative examples and diagrams

In order to create your first furniture, you need not only to prepare a tool and purchase material with all the components, you need to find a suitable document that will indicate the dimensions and algorithm of actions.

In most of these instructions, in an understandable language, the entire scope of work and the necessary steps on the path to success are explained, any beginner, knowing how to use the tool in this matter, will easily repeat all of the above steps and succeed.

If necessary, you can upload a video version of the master class and understand in detail all the incomprehensible moments or ask questions of interest in the chat.

The choice of material for the table

The material used in the manufacture of a computer desk must be environmentally friendly, resistant to moisture, and strong enough.

Before purchasing a computer desk, you should make sure that the material has been pre-treated with antipyretic, antiseptic and antifungal solutions.

Today, the following models of tables are available in furniture stores:

  1. Natural wood options.
  2. Metal tables.
  3. Tempered glass computer tables.
  4. Combined models.

Each material on the list must meet the specified safety requirements, technical parameters and the chosen design style.


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Natural wood table

Models made of natural wood are distinguished by their original design, natural pattern, and rich decor. Sturdy structure and reliable fastening ensures long service life of the table.

The structure of wood allows manufacturers to create the most unusual models, distinguished by fittings, sliding systems and a variety of colors.

metal tables

Robust chrome iron constructions are durable, resistant to moisture and corrosion (with appropriate surface treatment).

Tables are decorated by installing plastic or glass inserts.


A high-quality table has the appropriate documentation (certificate, conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination), as well as assembly instructions.

Make sure that there are no defects on the surface of the countertop — the slightest chip will lead to the destruction of the coating (especially for products made of chipboard and MDF). It is worth checking the quality of the fittings (rollers, handles, hinges on the doors). It is desirable that they be metal.

ends countertops — the most vulnerable places — should be pasted over with a plastic or metal border to protect against scratches and abrasion. If gaps are found between the border and the tabletop, this indicates a low quality of the product: moisture in these places will damage the tabletop. If such a border is slightly higher than the edge of the tabletop, then pencils and pens will not roll off the table.

It is good if the legs of a metal table are connected with additional details — this will give it greater stability.

Glass computer tables

Glass tables have a special style and decor. A sufficient degree of strength is achieved by using tempered glass panels. Surface decoration is carried out by original spraying.

The only drawback is that it is impossible to place a sufficient number of drawers, drawers and shelves on the surface of the table.

Today, furniture manufacturers offer their customers a wide range of designs: a computer desk with an add-on, a model for two users, an option with adjustable table height.


Pull-out keyboard shelf — saves the working surface of the table and thereby expands its functionality: with one movement of the hand, the computer desk turns into a writing desk. The length of the shelf can match the dimensions of the countertop, or it can be less — approximately 50 cm.

The disadvantage of this device is that during the set, the elbows will hang in the air, which means that the fatigue of the hands will quickly set in, and then the stretching of the hands. This minus can be compensated by purchasing a special palm rest.

Important: in a high-quality table, all rollers and guides of a sliding shelf are metal. Plastic analogues do not withstand the load (keyboard weight, hand pressure) and quickly fail.

Stand for the system unit — protects the device from shock. It comes in two main variants:

  • stationary — has a number of limitations: a high probability of overheating of the PC, problems when connecting headphones, USB flash drives and other devices;
  • withdrawable — a more modern solution, devoid of the disadvantages of a stationary shelf: if necessary, you can easily connect any devices to your PC.

Important: quite often you can find an open stationary stand, which provides good ventilation and free access to the back of the system unit, if the table is not placed close to the wall.

Shelves for speakers, CDs, peripherals (add-ons) — Optimize desk space so that the user has enough space to work, and at the same time everything you need will be at hand. And the look of the workplace will be more aesthetic. All shelves are fixed on the table by means of metal guides.

Rotating monitor stand — allows you to rotate the monitor in different directions. Such a stand is useful for those who watch a lot of movies on a PC: watching movies will be convenient from anywhere in the room.

Drawers — used to store documents, stationery and other things. The more such boxes, the more functional the table, however, its weight also increases.

cable management — a system consisting of several sockets and cable channels. Such a system provides convenient work with the wires of a computer and office equipment, prevents them from tangling and makes the workplace more tidy. Cable management tables are more expensive.

Cabinet — a low often roll-out cabinet with drawers. Sometimes such a solution will be more practical, although somewhat more expensive, than having a large number of drawers in the table itself. It should be remembered that in this case the drawers should not extend more than ¾, and if you use 2-3 drawers at once, the cabinet may tip over.

wheels — make it much easier to move the table around the room. This accessory is useful for users who plan to frequently change the situation in the room. A table on wheels must have a locking mechanism that ensures secure fixation in one position.

Footrest — during prolonged work at the PC, it relieves tension from the legs and improves blood circulation in the vessels (prevention of varicose veins). To achieve the effect, you need to put your feet on the stand from time to time.

Practice shows that a side monitor stand is more harmful than useful: the top edge of the monitor should be parallel to the top edge of the screen, and its center should be below eye level. If the monitor is higher and at half an angle, then this will negatively affect the health of the eyes and spine.

Photo of computer tables