Wristwatches have long become an element of luxury, a way to please yourself and show others your position in society. Hundreds of thousands of watches are presented in watch shops, very different and at the same time similar to each other. And how to choose a watch when buying and not get confused in such a variety? Whether you are purchasing your first watch or already have a collection, there are a number of criteria to consider when buying:

  • Purchase budget
  • Brand
  • Mechanism
  • Functions and complications
  • Housing material
  • Style
  • Waterproof

Purchase budget

It is the basic criterion when choosing a watch. A number of parameters depend on the amount of money that you are willing to spend on a purchase, such as brand awareness, feature set, body material, and others. For example, a watch made of platinum for 10,000 rubles cannot be bought with all the desire. There is an opinion that the cost of watches should be a certain percentage of monthly income, but it is better to be guided by common sense and your own desire. If you’re targeting a particular model but can’t afford to buy it right away, it’s worth holding off. There are also situations on the contrary, an interesting model is much lower than your budget for the price. Take it and rejoice, because buying a watch is a very pleasant and emotional moment. You should not buy something that will not give you it.

The principle of operation and the device of the watch

types of watches

All watches are divided into 2 types according to the type of drive:

  • mechanical
  • quartz.

Mechanical models — the oldest, but still relevant type of chronometers — are assembled from a variety of levers, spirals and gears. The engine here is a compressed spring, which is contracted at the time of winding and ensures the operation of all mechanisms when straightened. So that it does not “shoot out” immediately, a regulator (balance) is installed in the case, which stabilizes the course of the watch, as well as an anchor escapement. The latter causes the balance wheel to rotate evenly while maintaining a stable spring preload.

This is what is inside the watch. But the owner sees completely different elements:

  • Glazed body;
  • plant head;
  • Arrow translation mechanism;
  • Actually hands and dial.

Otherwise, quartz clocks work. Here, a battery is installed inside, which starts the stepper motor — an electrical impulse from the generator comes to it every second, and as a result, the arrows move.

By the way, electronic watches are also quartz, although in our country no one calls them that. There are no longer gears that drive the pointer mechanism — an electrical signal is transmitted to the display, which displays the desired numbers.


The fame of the manufacturer, its history and the technologies used most significantly affect the prestige and cost of watches. Even models that are similar in function and materials used can differ significantly in price if they are made by a brand with a big name and a centuries-old history of existence. The watch industry is one of the few where the company’s origin legend, development path and revolutionary technology are of such great importance. Some manufacturers are known for their inventions, and some have become famous thanks to cult personalities, discoverers and entire states that prefer this brand.

watch terms

Telling how to choose a watch, one cannot do without explaining some watch terms, which often cause confusion.

  • Collection — a wide range of models released by the brand. An example is the TAG Heuer Carrera.
  • Series — a narrower line, coming out as part of the collection. An example is the eCommerce series in the Maurice Lacroix Aikon collection.
  • collaboration — a specific model or collection created jointly by brands. Collaboration does not necessarily take place within the framework of the watch industry only — watch brand collaborations come out with clothing brands, show business people and pop culture. The Casio brand is known for numerous collaborations.
  • Limited edition (limited edition) — a limited edition of one or more models, sometimes in a single copy.

Our main advice — trust your taste! And choose a watch in the CONSUL catalog!

Mechanical watches

A mechanical clock is a complex system, everyone’s favorite «ticking» and the sound of rotating gears, measuring the most valuable thing we have — time. This is a classic, it embodies many years of experience and tradition of watchmakers. The creation of a mechanism requires precise calculation, combining hundreds of smallest details into a single whole, long and painstaking manual work of a watchmaker. Eminent manufacturers skillfully decorate not only the dial, but also every detail and screw of the movement. Mechanical watches are especially appreciated by lovers and admirers of high watchmaking art.

+ «magic» inside the case

+ prestige

+ reliability

+ does not require recharging or battery

— the need for winding

– the need for maintenance every 2-3 years


Before buying, it is important to listen to the advice of experts so that you can determine exactly what style you prefer, what clothes to wear, whether there are any preferences or restrictions.

  1. There are no restrictions for an extraordinary style or sportswear, the main thing is that they emphasize the style. Appropriate are wrist items of different colors, shapes, etc.
  2. Preferring a discreet style, the best option would be a watch with a leather strap that matches the color of the shoes. This option will make the image stylish, sophisticated. An important role is also played by the diameter of men’s watches.
  3. A classic product will not be suitable for a sporty style or vice versa. In order not to spoil or make the image tasteless, it is necessary to select the appearance in order to preserve individuality.

Do you wear an electronic watch?

Not really

Functions and complications

The main purpose of the clock is to indicate the exact current time. However, there are a number of complications of mechanisms that allow you to display additional information or perform other functions. Some of them are more of an aesthetic value, but they all increase the complexity of manufacturing and the final cost. We list the most popular:

  • Chronograph — measures time intervals
  • Perpetual calendar — does not require manual adjustment of the date when the month has less than 31 days.
  • GMT — displays the time in a different time zone
  • World clock — simultaneously shows the time in different cities
  • Repeater — strikes the time at the touch of a button
  • Tourbillon — compensates for the effect of gravity on the movement

Straps and bracelets

One of the important elements of watch design are straps and bracelets. The choice depends both on the style of the accessory and on the requirements of the material.


Wristwatch with metal bracelet

Metal bracelets are created for classic male and female models. They complement and decorate the product, give it a jewelry look. Chronometers with bracelets look organically with a business wardrobe, and are also relevant as an accessory to an evening dress or suit.

The prestige of a bracelet depends on the metal from which it is made. The most commonly used are titanium, stainless steel, brass, silver, gold and platinum. Items made of precious metals can be decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. At the same time, bracelets have high wear resistance and retain a presentable appearance for a long time.


Straps are used with accessories of different styles and price categories. This is facilitated by a wide choice of materials of manufacture and design solutions. Most often, straps are made of natural and artificial leather, rubber, fabric, silicone, carbon fiber.

Wrist watch with leather strap

Leather look solid and stately. Their cost mainly depends on the type of leather used and the design. The leather is pleasant to the touch and breathable. These straps complement the classic models. But it should be remembered that with active wear, the leather product will have to be changed every 3-4 years due to wear and tear.

Wrist watch with rubber strap

Rubber straps are more suitable for sports and youth models. Natural material has a small weight and is able to tightly fit the brush. Rubber is resistant to moisture, so the straps made of rubber complement professional chronometers for sports on the water.

Wrist watch with fabric strap

Straps from fabric suitable for those who love variety and bright design. They are made from natural and artificial fabrics. At the same time, the material allows manufacturers to experiment with colors, weaves and textures in any way, creating unusual, original models for every day. A fabric with a special impregnation will make the strap resistant to water and sweat.

Wrist watch with silicone strap

Silicone straps are a little different from rubber. They are designed mainly for youth and children’s audiences — silicone is easy to clean, and straps from it are produced in various colors.

Wrist watch with carbon strap

Straps carbon fiber put, as a rule, on sports and men’s models. They are resistant to any mechanical damage and water. Sometimes, to soften the hard material, fabric or leather is sewn to the inner surface.

Housing material

The appearance, cost, weight and features of operation depend on the material from which the watch case is made.

Steel Gold Ceramics


The most commonly used jewelry steel is 316L. It is durable, hypoallergenic in most cases and can be easily polished if scratched. It can have both a shiny and matte surface.


This precious metal looks great. The purer the gold, the softer it is. Watches made of 18K gold can become a real «magnet» for small scratches. Be careful!


High-tech ceramic, lightweight and scratch-resistant, your watch will always look new. This material is hypoallergenic, has a comfortable constant temperature — the watch is easy to wear in hot or cold weather.

Titanium Carbon Bronze


Lighter and stronger than steel material.


Durable and lightweight carbon fiber. Has a pleasant texture.


The bronze case develops a natural patina over time, the pattern of which makes each piece unique. In addition, this film serves as a kind of protective layer that protects the case from scratches.

Brietlight Plastic Platinum


Breitling patented material. Lighter than titanium and steel several times, and at the same time stronger than them.


A rare noble metal, used in watches of the highest price segment.


High quality resin material, easy to maintain and clean. Allows you to achieve different colors of the watch case.

Aluminium alloy

Aluminum alloy is pleasant for its temperature, light and durable.

Tightness level

Watches with protection against water and moisture

In addition to accidental drops and bumps, ordinary water can damage a complex mechanism. Even increased air humidity adversely affects the details of the chronometer. Therefore, manufacturers develop and apply special systems to protect against moisture. At the same time, the level of protection varies from elementary and medium, as in the Galaxy Gear Sport, to professional.

To unify the parameters of moisture protection, the ISO 2281 standard is used. If the case meets all the requirements and successfully passes the test, then water resistant is marked on the back of the chronometer. Depending on the pressure that the mechanism can withstand, the level of protection is additionally indicated. This indicator is denoted by meters or the ratio of atmospheres to bars (ATM / bar). So, 10 meters corresponds to the value of 1 ATM / bar, 20 — 2 ATM / bar, 50 — 5 ATM / bar and so on.

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The owner’s capabilities depend on the level of protection — do not remove the accessory while washing hands, swim in the pool or scuba dive:

Marking Rain, splashing water Washing dishes, swimming Snorkeling underwater scuba diving Deep sea diving with helium
WR Yes No No No No
WR 30m (3 bar) Yes No No No No
WR 50m (5 bar) Yes Yes No No No
WR 100m (10 bar) Yes Yes Yes No No
WR 200-300m (20-30 bar) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
WR from 1500m (150 bar) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

What not to do even with a watch with a high level of water resistance:

  • press the buttons underwater, not being sure of the capabilities of the device;
  • «bath» in a hot bath and use in the sauna;
  • take a shower — soap can damage the mechanism.

How to take care of a waterproof timepiece like the Fenix ​​5X:

  • rinse with fresh water after sea water;
  • avoid sudden changes in temperature;
  • to replace batteries, use the services of authorized service centers;
  • carefully study the instructions and follow their recommendations.


Often this element of the chronometer is underestimated. The material of the glass seems insignificant compared to the case and movement. Nevertheless, the protection of the «stuffing» of the device, its resistance to shock depends on its quality. Therefore, the type of glass significantly affects the price of the accessory. There are three main types: plastic, quartz and sapphire. Each of them has its pros and cons.

plastic glasses

Wrist watch with plastic glass

Easy to process, this material is flexible and lightweight. Such glasses are the most inexpensive, they are put on budget and children’s models.


  • the flexibility of the material allows glass to be molded into a wide variety of shapes. This is true when creating extravagant, unusual accessories and sports devices;
  • the structure of the plastic makes it durable and resistant to mechanical damage, so breaking such glass is not easy;
  • affordable cost allows you to replace the glass with a new one without hitting the budget;
  • polishing will help get rid of small scratches.


  • the material is easy to scratch, scuffs appear over time;
  • plastic absorbs moisture, therefore, with temperature fluctuations and high humidity, condensation droplets form on the inside.

mineral glass

Wrist watch with mineral glass

Quartz glasses are put on most models of the middle price segment. Modern technologies have made it possible to process the material in a special way to increase its resistance to scratches.


  • the material has high transparency and attractive appearance;
  • scratches can be removed by polishing;
  • Quartz glass, which has been specially adjusted, has the properties of a magnifying glass. Therefore, the chronometer will be convenient to use even with poor eyesight.


  • such glass is not particularly resistant to mechanical damage, so in extreme situations it is better to save an accessory with it;
  • when used in dusty rooms, the material may become cloudy;
  • from direct sunlight, glare appears on the quartz, which makes it difficult to see the values ​​​​on the dial. As an option — purchase a model with an anti-reflective coating.

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Sapphire crystals

Wrist watch with sapphire crystal

The most expensive and prestigious material is put on premium models.


  • glass is not afraid of scratches — it is so resistant to mechanical damage that it can only be spoiled with a diamond;
  • high transparency makes the values ​​​​on the dial clearly distinguishable, regardless of the quality of the lighting;
  • cloudiness and dullness will not appear even after a long time.


  • for all its merits, the material is fragile, and will not withstand a strong targeted blow.


Conditional division of watches according to their appearance:

  • Classic watches are characterized by elegance that does not age with time. Great for wearing with a suit, business meetings and special occasions.
  • Sports watches are notable for good readability of the dial, increased protection of the elements. Appreciated by lovers of outdoor activities and casual style of clothing. Often bright colors are used in the design. Such an hour can also be found in combination with a formal suit.
  • Fashion style watches reflect current trends from the fashion world. The dial is painted in the color of the season, the design is bold and original, the functionality is minimal, the mechanism is most often quartz.

The best watch manufacturers — which company to choose

If you need a really good model, choose watches from famous brands (of course, taking into account your financial capabilities):

  • Patek Philippe
  • longines
  • Rado
  • Tissot
  • Seiko

You can read more about these and many other popular brands of watches in our article about the best models according to customer reviews. Those who want to choose a good chronometer for themselves, not limited to just one name on the dial, should read this manual to the end.

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Water protection is important not only for swimmers. The ability to wash your hands without removing your watch, or get caught in the rain without fear for their safety, is a tangible plus. Usually, the case or dial is marked with the degree of water resistance in meters or atmospheres (1 ATM=10 meters). Water resistant to 200 meters allows you to dive, and watches marked «30 meters» are protected only from accidental splashes of water.

Having decided on all the criteria, you can proceed to the purchase of a suitable model. Remember the most important rule of choice — you should personally like the watch!

In the next article, we will help you choose a watch in the price segment up to 10,000 rubles.

Which watch to choose

how to choose a watch

1. Athletes and people leading an active lifestyle are ideally suited for mechanical watches with automatic winding or electronic models. The case here is needed lighter — titanium or plastic, but it is better to use a combined glass. It is desirable that the chronometer has a comfortable strap and an anti-shock system. Choose the level of water protection according to your preferences.

2. Those who work in difficult conditions will need an inexpensive watch made of stainless steel or plastic with plexiglass glass. It is better that they are shockproof, quartz and have an appropriate degree of moisture protection. For fastening on the arm, it is also worth choosing a strap, because an inexpensive bracelet can accidentally unfasten.

3. The world of business people has its own rules for selecting accessories — here you have to focus on the unspoken laws of your circle. But this applies only to the price and brand of watches. As for specific criteria, it is better to turn to classical mechanics (in some cases, automatic winding is allowed) in a heavy case made of precious metals. The glass is sapphire or sapplex, preferably on a bracelet, but a good leather strap is also not considered bad manners.

4. For the fair sex, design is more important than the functionality or durability of watches. However, the presence of a calendar will not hurt, and women will like the light thin body more. This means that it is better for them to stay on quartz models. Moisture protection is sufficient within 1-3 atm, the choice of glass, fixtures and decorative elements remains with the lady.

5. For children, you should look for inexpensive versions of quartz watches with an electronic time display in a 24-hour format or with a combined dial — it’s easier to navigate. Choose a plastic case and glass, the level of water protection up to 3 atm also does not hurt. Also, children’s models may have additional features such as voicing the time and an alarm clock.

World leading watch manufacturers


Tissot — since 1853 has won recognition for the desire for high technology, innovation. It is a tycoon in terms of Swiss watch production.

Tissot Automatics III. Image source www.bestwatch.ru

JeanRichard They only make luxury watches. This brand is attractive for fans of expensive exclusives.

JeanRichard2TimeZones. Image source www.oclock.ru

longines — the brand is famous for its record-breaking use of watch movements in the conditions of aviation flights, in aeronautics and in the difficult conditions of polar expeditions.

Longines Conquest L2. Image source www.bestwatch.ru

Appella — is distinguished by a unique concept of a democratic price policy and a high level of quality.

Appella Chronograph. Image source www.bestwatch.ru

Davidoff is a universal manufacturer of branded products from tobacco and coffee to luxury watches. In 2009, the brand introduced a watch with a 46 mm steel case. Double-sided sapphire crystal allows you to see the work of the automatic movement. The watch is water resistant and can withstand immersion to a depth of 50m. Since then, you can find a lot of models of sophisticated style in the Davidoff collections.

Velero Chronograph. Image source www.watchtime.com

Jaguar — the brand is not modest and does not hesitate to use the most expensive and high-quality materials for watches. In all stages of production and assembly, only highly qualified experienced craftsmen who have a baggage of hereditary watch secrets participate.

Jaguar 1938 Chronograph J942_1. Image source www.imagetime.ru



Citizen Titanium. Image source www.bestwatch.ru


Seiko Sportura. Image source www.bestwatch.ru


Orient M Force. Image source www.bestwatch.ru

Crystal Precision Quartz Watches

Quartz have an autonomous power source — a battery. Many are equipped with solar panels. The operation of the pendulum system, based on oscillations, is represented in this watch by a quartz crystal. The wheel mechanism drives an electronic generator. Compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches are much more accurate. Permissible error +20/-20 sec/month.

How to choose the right quartz watch

  • The frequency standard in high-quality quartz watches is at least 32 kHz. In high-frequency models — up to 1 MHz, which allows you to reduce the error to a record low level — 5 sec / year!
  • «Megahertz» require a more powerful and capacitive battery. The best option is new generation lithium batteries.
  • Ambient temperature has an effect on the performance of quartz watches.
  • Quartz in most cases cannot be adjusted independently due to the lack of an adjustment mechanism. This is justified by a slight degree of need for adjustment.
  • For lovers of perfect accuracy, models with a regulating capacitor have been developed. They differ in a higher price threshold (from $ 700). The decrease in reliability is compensated by the possibility of replacing the quartz resonator.