A good fabric softener is able to return the main consumer qualities to clothes and household fabric products. But, in order not to harm wardrobe items and yourself, you need to know the nuances of dosages, composition and methods of using washing substances.

The editors of the site «Yanashla» will tell you how to choose an effective and safe tool to improve the properties of tissues. In our review of the best fabric softeners for 2021, the reader will find all the information they need to make a decision on a particular laundry product. The rating includes conditioners with various forms of packaging, expensive and budget popular models of funds.

Dealing with security

Any, even the most hypoallergenic and high-quality conditioner will contain two types of substances:

  • surfactants (surfactants);
  • silicones.

The first component is used in most types of household chemicals. In rinses, it is represented by cationic surfactants. Their main task is to soften the fabric, eliminate the static effect and protect against pollution through a thin film. Thanks to these properties, the life of things is extended. It is a safe additive that does not cause harm, and also neutralizes the aggressive environment of anionic surfactants.

Silicones, depending on the formula in which they are used in the product, absorb or repel moisture. They give the material elasticity and softness. Especially relevant when used with colored fabrics, as they are able to preserve the brightness of colors in them. Silicones do not belong to toxic substances, they are not capable of causing cancer and other diseases. Their biggest harm is that they do not decompose in the environment. Therefore, they are prohibited for use in organic and eco products.

All other components of the composition are optional additives. Among them:

  • flavors (both artificial and natural);
  • other ingredients that facilitate the ironing process and additionally remove static charge from the fabric.

What to look for: conditioners become dangerous if they contain:

  • Chloroform is a colorless liquid, is a carcinogen, toxic, has a high hazard class. It is used as a strong antibacterial agent, solvent.
  • Ethanol is a fragrant perfume substance that gives jasmine, floral aromas with fruity notes. Irritates the upper respiratory tract. May cause headache, nausea. Negatively affects the central nervous system.
  • Terpineol, linalool — have similar properties and side effects with ethanol. They are used to give household chemicals the smell of lilacs, lilies of the valley.

What things are not suitable for

The main mistakes when choosing are made at the moment when they purchase a product that is categorically not suitable for the type of fabric.

So, with what rinses, whether it be a conditioner, conditioner, wipes or capsules (yes, yes! There are also such forms of release) are not compatible.

  1. Microfiber — often used in the manufacture of cleaning products. When interacting with the air conditioner, it loses its ability to absorb moisture and attract dust.
  2. Clothing for sports — the technological qualities that allow the skin to breathe and regulate heat transfer are completely lost.
  3. Silk — use very carefully. Read the inscriptions on the packaging, where the use of a particular product with silk products is allowed. Otherwise, stains remain, the appearance of the fabric deteriorates.
  4. Terry towels — moisture stagnates in the fibers, after which drying takes a long time. Products do not dry completely, an unpleasant smell of dampness appears.
  5. Nylon tights and corrective underwear — the external composition of the products is modified. It is impossible to return to the previous view.
  6. Children’s clothing — the risk of allergies in children is high. If a certain type of children’s clothing is impregnated with a refractory mixture that allows you to save the child’s life in case of fire, then after applying the air conditioner, the product will no longer have such a quality.
  7. Specialized water-repellent fabrics — the specific property of repelling moisture is lost.

Paying attention to the clothing label and following the recommendations of the manufacturers indicated on the packaging, you can easily avoid problems with washing specific fabrics.

Why you should try

Most housewives consider this purchase a waste of money. Others do not consider such a purchase because of the possible harm of chemical components. Or the most banal reasons: they do not tolerate additional smells from linen, they do not see the point in the product as such.

Despite all the nuances considered, the use of fabric softeners has very significant advantages.

Firstly, fabric products become soft, tender.

Secondly, it will be possible to forget about the fact that your favorite sweater “beats with current”, because most rinses remove static from clothes.

Thirdly, ironing things is much faster and more comfortable. And the appearance of clothes is kept in a tidy condition for a long time.

Fourth, the wear resistance of the material is increased. Creases, spools, scuffs, dull color from repeated washes — all this can be avoided for a long time.

Solving the security issue is quite simple. How to choose a conditioner? We simply buy those products that do not contain the dangerous components discussed above. At the same time, we make sure that the content of surfactants is at the level of 5% -15%. If lower — there will be no effect when washing, therefore, «money down the drain.» If higher, then there is harm from the use of washing substances.


Which conditioners are best for hand washing, and which ones for automatic washing

For automatic washing, the conditioner is placed in the machine before washing. For this purpose, it is better to use the most liquid formulations (“Vernel” or “Lenore”). For hand washing, it is desirable to use thicker and harder mixtures. However, in this case, it is necessary to wait for their complete dissolution.

For each treatment of clothes, it is necessary to adhere to the dosages and scheme for the use of conditioners, guided by the volume of linen and washing equipment. To do this, you need to use a dispenser cap.

How to replace the rinse aid at home

Soda and vinegar are absolutely in every home. Therefore, we will consider how to make a great analogue of expensive store chemicals with your own hands. We remember a simple recipe. Dissolve 1 glass of soda in 0.5 liters of boiled hot water. Next, pour in 1 cup of 9% vinegar and observe how the mixture actively foams and boils. Then pour all the contents into a plastic bottle for storage. Shake before use to activate the liquid and get carbon dioxide. It then has the main effect: softens the fibers of fabrics and preserves the brightness of colors.

Consumption in the following quantity: 50 ml — 60 ml for every 5 kg of laundry.

The best manufacturers of fabric softeners

The rating of quality laundry detergents has been compiled by the same companies for many years. These are mainly Korean, German, Japanese and Russian brands. The popularity of models of their products is due to the method of manufacturing products and a special recipe. The characteristics of most products of such brands meet international standards, they undergo strict quality control.

So, which company is better to choose a conditioner?

  • Kerasys — high quality and safety standards. Products from Korea are popular in more than 50 countries around the world. They produce, in addition to household chemicals, professional cosmetics, products for facial skin and hair care.
  • Kensai is a Japanese brand of household chemicals. Product quality is higher than price. The safety and environmental friendliness of products give exceptionally positive results when they are used.
  • Vernel is a German brand that gained high popularity in the middle of the 20th century. Considered a classic in its field. It features sensual persistent aromas.
  • Organic People is a Russian brand whose products are distinguished by natural compositions, absolute environmental friendliness and safety. Sold at an affordable price.
  • If we consider a Finnish product from the Comfort brand, then you can be 100% sure of the quality. However, the availability of these products is too low: high prices, hard to find in stores.

It is worth noting that the purchase of goods from European countries guarantees quality, but does not guarantee the authenticity of products. Therefore, the main selection criteria should include checking the product for the authenticity of the contents of what is stated on the package. A real product, which is better to buy without a chain of dealers and resellers, will meet the required standards, however, if it is possible to check product certificates. And this is possible if you contact the brand’s information website in advance and clarify all the necessary information.

Comparison table of characteristics

In the table below, we once again list all the key characteristics of each of the products. By comparing them with each other, it will be much easier for you to make the right choice in favor of an attractive air conditioner.

Air conditioner name Hypoallergenic Producing country Type of
Vernel «Children’s» there is Russia children’s
Frosch «Almond Milk» there is Germany manual, automatic
Big Wash «Winter freshness» No Russia concentrate, automatic
LENOR Freshness of garden flowers No Russia concentrate, manual, automatic
Lion soflan with citrus aroma there is Japan automatic, concentrate
Softa «Air Softness» No Japan concentrate
Aroma viu «Scent of roses» there is Japan machine

Review of the best fabric softeners for 2021

Concentrated Conditioner Silk Acacia Blossom Lenor

The liquid is translucent in a very nice plastic package with a pearl tint (it is very noticeable in the photo). The lid opens easily and acts as a dispenser. The Lenor fragrance gives off woody notes, but at the same time has a rich floral scent. The feeling of freshness in clothes is preserved for 12 hours — this is what the manufacturer tells us.

Now the important point. What fabrics are suitable for:

  • cotton;
  • synthetics;
  • wool;
  • silk;
  • colored, black and white fabrics;
  • Underwear.

The effect is perfectly noticeable when used with shirts and bed linen. According to buyers, the fresh smell remains for a long time and, moreover, easy ironing is ensured. Pronounced antistatic property. Things dry faster than usual. High availability upon purchase.

Sold in a volume of 1.78 liters at a price of 400 rubles. The consumption is quite economical, because inside the bottle there is a concentrate, that is, an increased amount of active substances.

Concentrated Conditioner Silk Acacia Blossom Lenor


  • Nice smell;
  • Long-lasting freshness;
  • Facilitates the ironing process;
  • Things dry faster;
  • Minimum consumption;
  • With antistatic effect.


  • High price;
  • Imperfect composition.

Concentrated conditioner Children’s Vernel

The hypoallergenic composition is designed specifically for washing children’s clothes. Vernel has been peer-reviewed by the European Allergy Research Centre. Suitable for very sensitive skin.

After application, the fabric feels incredibly soft to the touch. Suitable for most types of fabrics. Does not contain dyes.

Sold in a transparent plastic bottle with a volume of 1.82 liters. There are notches for fingers — it is very convenient to hold in your hands, and because of the transparency of the package, you can easily monitor the rest of the contents. Customer reviews claim that one bottle is enough for 4 months of use. The concentrate allows you to use the rinse aid quite economically. For one medium load of laundry, 1/3 of a measuring cup-lid will be optimal.

The content of surfactants is 5% -15%, which is within the norm for this type of product.

The product itself has a white color and a liquid consistency. After washing, it is not felt at all on clothes, because it is completely rinsed out. No sticky or slippery feeling.

And of course, Children’s Vernel is an excellent antistatic agent.

What is the price? The price for such a bottle is much more affordable, compared to other children’s products — 160 rubles.

Concentrated conditioner Children’s Vernel


  • Economic consumption;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Tangible effect.


  • Large variation in prices depending on the seller;
  • May settle in washing machine containers.

Organic People Organic Watermelon Eco Conditioner

A safe product of domestic production, the goods of which are certified by ICEA (Italy) and COSMOS ORGANIC (European quality standard). After washing clothes with eco-conditioner, it acquires a natural, gentle and pleasant smell of watermelon. The product contains natural active additives that penetrate into the fibers of the fabric and protect it from rapid wear and fading. This facilitates the ironing process and eliminates static electricity.

Rinse aid differs from standard household chemicals intended for washing. The content of natural components in it is at the level of 96%.

This composition is designed for especially sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic formula allows people suffering from skin reactions to household chemicals to come into contact with the product.

Most importantly, it does not harm the environment — it is completely biodegradable.

There are dyes in the contents — pink. But it has no effect on clothing. Its manufacturer adds to give a «watermelon» feeling.

It can be used for cotton, synthetics, wool, silk, underwear. Fabrics of almost the entire color spectrum perfectly tolerate the product.

The consistency is liquid, therefore, if you do not use a measuring cap (its volume is 50 ml), then you can easily pour too much. A huge plastic bottle of 1.5 liters with a comfortable handle costs 230 rubles. Using the indicated dosage, the funds should be enough for 30 washes.

Organic People Organic Watermelon Eco Conditioner


  • 96% natural composition;
  • Subtle and pleasant smell;
  • All the necessary functions that are expected from the air conditioner are performed;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Unstable smell — quickly disappears.

Disinfectant hygienic rinse Unicum

The disinfectant solution is intended for any type of clothes that accumulate bacteria and have an unpleasant smell during wear. It perfectly fulfills its function as an antibacterial agent, killing fungi, bacteria, in particular, remaining during the release of sweat. An indispensable helper for the home when washing bathrobes, socks, sportswear and children’s underwear.

Studying the reviews, we note that with this tool you can wash children’s toys without even adding washing powder.

Has a neutral aroma. Leaves a feeling of freshness and cleanliness after application. Providing delicate hygiene, it works as economically as possible. Even at low doses, it completely copes with stubborn odors.

Suitable for white and light fabrics, colored, black. And also for cotton, synthetics, silk, wool, children’s and underwear.

The consistency is quite liquid, pale turquoise color. The release form is a solution in a plastic bottle, on the reverse side of which you can find a clear and simple description of how to use the liquid. The average price for a volume of 1 liter is 180 rubles.

Disinfectant hygienic rinse Unicum


  • Convenient packaging with a handle;
  • Kills bacteria;
  • Suitable for all types of things;
  • Without smell.


  • Not sold everywhere.

Air conditioning Irin «Walk in the clouds» KeraSys

A Korean product sold in huge 2100ml soft packs. It has a subtle floral scent. The consistency is liquid, milky in color. The content of plant components in the composition gives perfect cleanliness and freshness of linen.

Extracts of honeysuckle flowers, chrysanthemum and eucalyptus allow you to achieve an antimicrobial effect. As a result, unpleasant odors from fabrics are eliminated. Naturally, like most air conditioners, Irin Walk in the Clouds eliminates electrification from the material.

The rinse aid does not contain chemical additives such as stabilizers, preservatives, artificial colors and fluorescent bleaches. This makes it possible for people who are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin to come into contact with the product. The formula of means allows to wash even children’s things and underwear.

For this composition, the product from KeraSys received a LOHAS certificate. It is awarded to products that have passed the control and evaluation for «environmental friendliness».

Suitable for hand wash and machine wash.

Irin «Walk in the clouds» has absorbed the best qualities that an air conditioner can have. The cost for it cannot be low — from 425 rubles.

Fabric softener Irin «Walk in the clouds» KeraSys


  • Hypoallergenic composition;
  • Safe for skin;
  • Designed for all types of fabric;
  • Very economical consumption.


  • Inconvenient packaging.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing one of the proposed products, we recommend that you study the criteria for choosing air conditioners.

  • Foam. If the product you have purchased foams when shaken, replace it immediately! A good and high-quality product will not foam under any circumstances!
  • Number of surfactants. A product is considered harmless if it contains no more than 5% surfactants.
  • Hypoallergenic. For safety reasons, we recommend purchasing harmless products, that is, hypoallergenic. Such a product will not cause itching or redness on the skin. Also, if there is a child in the house, it is imperative to purchase a hypoallergenic fabric softener.
  • User comfort. Almost all air conditioners in the middle price segment are equipped with a dispenser cap, which indicates how much product to use. Comfortable? Seems to be yes.
  • Best before date. Be sure to check the label for this information. Otherwise, even if the product is hypoallergenic, the spoilage of the product can greatly harm not only your skin, but also your health. Be careful.
  • Variety of funds. Children’s. Clothes for newborns are suitable for special products without fragrances and harmful substances. Balm. Designed for sensitive skin of newborns, does not cause an allergic reaction. «Eco». The main difference between an environmentally friendly softener and other similar products is the vegetable origin of all components. Dry. Soaked wipes. Aromatic. The product will not be able to make the fabric soft and save it from dirt, however, it will give the linen freshness and an amazing aroma that will accompany you for more than 10 days.