Updated: 09/30/2021 Computer glasses are special optics to protect the eyes from the influence of the monitor. There is such a thing as computer vision syndrome, which occurs when a person spends many hours behind a screen. The eyes get a lot of work.

As a result, the sharpness of visual perception decreases, blurring, pain, dryness, redness of the organs of vision and other manifestations appear. Their cause is direct bright light from the monitor, with its radiation harmful to the eyes, flickering, glare and limited movement of the eye in a small area.

The task of glasses for working at a computer:

  • Neutralization of rays of excess violet and blue spectrum.
  • UV blocking.
  • Glare elimination.
  • Improved color reproduction and image clarity.

And, thus, reducing excessive visual load and eye fatigue. If you spend more than three hours a day on your computer, you need glasses.

The appearance of glasses for a computer is not much different from ordinary glasses for vision correction. Their design consists of a frame and special lenses. Lenses have a special coating, usually multi-layered. Each layer, or light filter, is responsible for its task:

  • Protective layer against blue-violet light.
  • UV protective layer.
  • Anti-reflective, or anti-reflection coating. Eliminates glare.

Glasses for working at a computer are divided into two main types:

  • Without diopters. For people without vision problems.
  • With diopters. For people with visual impairment. Appointed according to an individual prescription.

By type of lenses can be:

  • With clear lenses. The best option in conditions of a sharp change in lighting.
  • With tinted lenses. Better blocking of blue light rays.

By appointment:

  • Universal. Suitable for various types of work at the computer and other gadgets.
  • For working with texts. Emphasis on enhancing contrast and softening midtones.
  • For working with images. Emphasis on improving color reproduction.

Lens material:

glass or plastic.

The types of frames that are used for computer glasses correspond to the general classification:

  • By design: rimmed, semi-rimmed, rimless.
  • By material: metal, plastic, combined.
  • According to the shape of the eyepiece (lens opening): round, rectangular, square and others.

Frame size:

eyepiece width, bridge (bridge) width, temple length, eyepiece height, frame width.

The cost of optics depends on its functionality, cost of materials and technologies, design, brand name. Inexpensive glasses are unlikely to have a high degree of protection, but they can be of high quality. Such models are suitable for those who do not spend a critical amount of time at the computer, but need protection.

Introducing the 2021 computer glasses rating. The top 11 models that were selected by our experts based on user reviews and ratings.

Rating (2021) Prices, ₽ Country
1. Xiaomi Roidmi B1 from 2900₽ China
2. Gunnar Intercept Onyx Work Play from 5400₽ China
3. Arozzi Visione VX-500 from 4500₽ China
4. Xiaomi Roidmi Qkan W1 from 3000₽ China
5. Alice 96 SPG Exclusive AF055 from 1900₽ Russia
6. Xiaomi Turok Steinhardt Anti-Blue FU006 from 970₽ China
7. Alice 96 SPG Premium AF023 from 1490₽ Russia
8. Alice 96 SPG Comfort AF024 from 1200₽ Russia
9 Loris 5306 from 700₽ China
10 Siberia 1267 from 600₽ China
11. Lectio Risus BLF004 from 700₽ China

The negative impact of the computer on the operation of the eye apparatus

The eyes get very tired from observing small objects on the computer screen. The load on the visual apparatus creates a bright computer screen and glare.

Why do eyes get tired

The entire visual system is protected from the monitor (UV, glare, flicker), and everything really works very hard, because these same effects cannot damage the eye. So the muscles overstrain, the lens constantly sharpens when flickering, the brain intensively processes frames to show a still picture with good sharpness.

An overstrain occurs in the cerebral cortex, and a signal is sent to the retina to reduce the flow of information. A person feels tired, the image blurs, lacrimation or dryness of the mucosa begins, sharpness is disturbed.

BY THE WAY! Headache when working on a PC is also a sign of overwork. Most often, discomfort occurs in the temples or the back of the head. So the body asks for a break.

How computers harm the eyes

Everyone knows that sitting in front of a screen for a long time is harmful, but not everyone knows why. However, understanding the causes is very important, because this is the only way to neutralize them. While working at a computer, for better concentration, a person unconsciously begins to blink less often. This leads to dryness of the cornea and a burning sensation, sometimes even a feeling of sand in the eyes. In addition, the eyes experience severe overload due to the constant flickering of the screen, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Incorrect screen settings also pose a danger: too high brightness, insufficient contrast, unsuccessful font size. Finally, poor image quality on the screen has a negative effect: for example, when you have to peer into the picture to distinguish details. To prevent the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms, it is worth every 45 minutes to be distracted from working at the computer for 5-10 minutes and do eye exercises.

But there is a much more insidious enemy that cannot be dealt with with the help of exercise alone. And his name is blue light. Why is he dangerous?

  • Waves of blue light emitted by gadget screens are on the border with ultraviolet. Constant exposure to blue light causes degenerative changes in the retina and leads to nearsightedness.
  • Blue light has a higher frequency of vibration than, for example, red or green. Because of this, we get tired faster and feel tension in the eyes up to a headache.
  • Blue light blocks the production of melatonin. This is a natural mechanism that makes us wake up cheerfully with the appearance of the sun and fall asleep at nightfall. But artificial blue light before going to bed, on the contrary, prevents you from falling asleep normally. Working at a monitor shifts the biological rhythm by about 3 hours, which is why a person who has been sitting at a computer for a long time in the evening has difficulty falling asleep, even if he is tired.

Almost all modern devices have a green light filter function. It harms less than blue radiation, but still shifts the process of falling asleep for an hour and a half. Therefore, scientists advise to abandon the use of gadgets at least a couple of hours before bedtime. But how do you protect your eyes during the rest of the day?

How computer glasses work

Thanks to modern technology, computer glasses are able to cope with the glow, glare, and lack of contrast at the same time. However, this may be ineffective if the deviation from normal vision in the patient is more than one unit. In this case, it is necessary to use glass with diopters for operation. They should be selected by an ophthalmologist based on the results of a study of visual acuity.

What is the difference between anti-computer glasses and regular glasses?

Ordinary lenses are made of special glass and can be provided with an anti-reflective coating or UV light protection. But for them, eye protection from the computer is just an additional function. Ordinary monofocal lenses cannot completely smooth out the negative impact of PC: their task is to correct the focus.

Computer glasses can do this, since most of the work is done by a special metallized coating. It reflects harmful radiation and improves the perceived image.

NOTE! Opinions about products such as computer glasses are divided because improper use significantly reduces efficiency. Contact a specialist to choose an accessory, or carefully read the instructions.

Do I need glasses for computer work?

So, do computer glasses help or not? Ophthalmologists answer: they help, provided that they are correctly selected and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Eyepieces take on part of the load, thereby increasing the duration of work. It is necessary to use glasses made of glass or polymer periodically, otherwise the eye loses its own protective forces and becomes dependent on glasses (acting as a lens).

The need for technical breaks remains, but this can be done less frequently — once every 2-3 hours, remove the frame, give your eyes a break from the radiation of the screen, and do gymnastics.

Office Alternative! Sometimes managers prefer to take care of the health of their staff and make computers safe, all that is needed is protective screens for monitors, which are cheaper than personal protection and sick leave.

Do computer glasses distort the image and colors on the monitor?

Since computer glasses are designed to block out part of the light spectrum, they do not have 100% light transmission. Because of this, the colors on the screen may be slightly distorted, but these distortions are negligible. This does not create discomfort when working with graphics or photographs.

Who can wear computer glasses?

Any person who spends a lot of time in front of a computer or phone screen can wear special glasses for working at a computer. At risk are office workers, students, schoolchildren, people whose work is associated with a long stay at the computer.

It is worth noting that glasses for working at a computer are designed for people with poor eyesight and for those who have no vision problems.

Poor eyesight and glasses for working at a computer.

Computer glasses can be made according to absolutely any prescription: for farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Lenses can be monofocal (with one optical power) or multifocal (with several optical zones for far, medium and near distances). Specialists in the optics salon will help you choose glasses for each case individually.

What are computer glasses?

For those who spend at least two hours a day at the computer, ophthalmologists recommend wearing safety glasses to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of technology. And if you choose the right accessory, then labor productivity will increase by 30%.

REFERENCE! These glasses are made of a special coating of tinted glass. In addition, the device has special lenses with an interference filter that absorbs blue-violet rays, which significantly reduces eye strain.

How do they act?

It should be noted that such glasses will not completely get rid of an existing eye problem. There are people who even note the futility of the device. However, glasses can reduce stress on the optic nerve that affects vision and eye fatigue.

Ophthalmologists distinguish a number of advantages of glasses for a computer, despite the fact that for an ordinary person they may be invisible:

  1. The eyes are protected from radiation from a luminous monitor.
  2. Eliminate the symptoms that develop with a long pastime at the computer: fatigue and pain in the head.
  3. Able to improve the blood supply to the cornea.
  4. They are allowed for people of all ages.

IMPORTANT! If you choose the right optical product, you can protect your eyes from a decrease in the quality of vision and maintain the health of this organ. If a person already has vision problems, such as farsightedness or nearsightedness, then such computer glasses will prevent the progression of the disease.

Help or not

Expert opinion

Nosova Yulia Vladimirovna

Doctor ophthalmologist of the highest category. Candidate of Medical Sciences.

This question is of interest to many who wish to purchase computer glasses. The answer is simple, the product will help if it was chosen correctly. People who have visual problems should not expect miracles when wearing such optical aids. Computer glasses are not intended for vision correction. Their main purpose is to protect the eyes from the negative effects of computer technology.

ATTENTION! The quality of the product also plays a role, if it does not meet the standards, then such glasses can even aggravate the situation.

Benefit and harm

Here are the main advantages that can be identified when wearing glasses while working at a computer:

  1. Reduces eye fatigue.
  2. Lachrymation, burning and photophobia do not develop.
  3. Helps improve blood circulation in the tissues of the eyes.
  4. Improve performance.
  5. Reduce the negative impact from the computer.
  6. Equally shown to both adults and children.

In general, experts do not note much harm from goggles, but it is worth remembering that their effectiveness may decrease in some situations, namely, if the computer is used incorrectly:

  1. When using the computer for more than 4 hours.
  2. Non-observance of a certain distance between the visual organ and the monitor, which is less than 50-60 cm.
  3. Poor image sharpness and brightness settings.
  4. The lack of light in the room with the computer, which creates an additional strain on the eyes.
  5. Prolonged staring at the monitor and no blinking.

Doctors’ opinion

Ophthalmologists are sure that buying goggles is a good solution if you want to reduce the harm that a computer can cause to your eyes. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. When choosing glasses, you need to consult a specialist. You should see a doctor in any case, not just if you want tinted lenses or plan to increase your UV protection.
  2. Wearing computer glasses should be comfortable. The weight of the glasses, the type of frame, width and other parameters — everything must be matched perfectly so that the glasses themselves do not provoke headaches.
  3. Special lenses are not a panacea. You can’t work in a dark room, without breaks, behind a monitor that’s set too high, and hope that the lenses with a special coating will be enough to stop the eyes from hurting by the end of the day. In any case, it is important to follow the rules of working at a computer.
  4. Glasses are selected individually. The doctor specifies the features of the patient’s work, his wishes, takes into account the age, measures the interpupillary distance and other parameters. And only on the basis of all this data selects lenses and glasses.

Who needs these products?

Today, anti-glare glasses are a sought-after accessory, drivers and office workers need them. Their main purpose is to protect the eyes from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. That’s why computer workers and long-distance drivers need glasses.

People who spend a lot of time indoors with artificial lighting will also benefit from purchasing anti-reflective lenses.

And also the category of people in need of these devices includes fishermen, athletes, sailors, that is, people who, in the course of their activities, are also forced to experience bright lighting.

Reviews of ophthalmologists: is it worth using computer glasses

Ophthalmologists recommend using any protective equipment when you are in front of a PC screen for a long time. It can also be special lenses. Doctors note that it is important not only to use them, but also to know how to do it correctly. If all protection is reduced only to their use, risks cannot be avoided. To be as effective as possible, you should rationally equip the workplace, maintain the correct distance between the face and the monitor, and take regular breaks. Doctors also note that the wrong choice of lenses can aggravate vision problems. Before buying, be sure to be examined by an ophthalmologist. At the doctor’s appointment, you can find out the causes of existing problems that will need to be eliminated not only with optical devices. Experts note that it is also necessary to get used to such glasses, which can take several days. Quality products from trusted companies are safe, but fakes are best avoided. It is also important to understand that they will not solve the problem instantly, but only partially eliminate the negative factors of influence. Ophthalmologists recommend using computer glasses when there is a real need for it, that is, typical symptoms of the negative effect of light and monitor flicker on the organs of vision are observed.

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How to make the right choice?

It is important to approach the choice of optics for working at a computer with all responsibility. As well as optical glasses, they should be chosen in optics salons. And be sure to take into account the recommendations of a consultant optometrist.

There are three main selection criteria that must be considered:

  1. type of lenses and the presence of diopters (if necessary);
  2. the degree of darkening of the lenses;
  3. the presence of a protective coating.

You should not order ready-made glasses via the Internet, because. There is a good chance they won’t fit. After all, if the accessory is chosen incorrectly, then wearing them will cause discomfort. And it can even lead to visual impairment.

It is best to seek help from an optics salon. Specialists will check your eyesight, align the frame on your face and mark the lenses with the marks of the centers of the pupils. Only after all measurements, adjustments and in accordance with individual characteristics, the master makes glasses that will be comfortable to work in.

Also, when choosing optics, it will not be superfluous to take into account the type of activity. For example, for those whose work is related to text (writing, editing, etc.), models that enhance contrast are suitable, while graphic editors and designers should prefer lenses that improve color rendering.

In the case of an incorrectly selected accessory, there is a risk of encountering a number of inconveniences:

  • incorrect color rendition;
  • feeling of discomfort when wearing;
  • decreased vision, if glasses with diopters were chosen incorrectly;
  • fatigue with poor-quality frames.

Types of computer glasses

There are no high-quality ready-made glasses for working at a computer, all products are selected individually, the doctor takes into account a number of parameters and selects the optimal spectacle lenses for each patient.

It is worth clarifying that the lenses themselves are not computerized, they are made so by a special coating. And just these coatings are different. For example, you may be recommended budget coatings that completely block blue-violet light. This is important when working at a computer, but you cannot wear such spectacle lenses for more than 4 hours a day, since blue-violet light is important for a full perception of the world, life, etc., its prolonged absence can cause headaches, depression, etc.

And you can choose more expensive options for computer coatings of lenses that selectively block parts of the blue-violet spectrum: they block only harmful light and let in useful and necessary for the body. Glasses with such lenses can be worn indefinitely. If you work a lot both with a computer and with documents, then computer glasses will be an excellent option, the lens design of which also provides support for accommodation. Such glasses reduce the load on the visual apparatus when frequently switching vision from a computer to documents and vice versa.

Coatings to protect against the harmful light of gadgets can be applied to lenses of various designs: progressive lenses, monofocal, bifocal, office, toric, etc.

Important nuances when choosing a product

When choosing glasses for a computer, you should not consult with the opinion of friends, the selection of lenses should be individual, and the opinion of an ophthalmologist is important here. Buying online is also not suitable, since the product must first be tried on and made sure that it suits you.

It is necessary to pay attention to the frame, which should be practical and durable to wear. But you can not pay special attention to the design, since glasses will be needed only when working on a computer, they are not used in everyday life.

How to choose lenses

Lenses for glasses can be different, they have their advantages and disadvantages:

  1. mineral These lenses are made from glass. Their advantage is high resistance to damage, scratches and good ophthalmic characteristics. Concerning minuses — it is possible to allocate the big weight and low durability.
  2. Polymer lenses — made of plastic. Such lenses are more durable and reliable. They are light in weight. Such lenses can have various shapes, as they are easy to cut. However, plastic lenses cannot adequately protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. In this case, they are inferior to glass lenses.

Zero or with diopters?

Spectacles with diopters are selected by an ophthalmologist, depending on the type and complexity of the vision problem. With one hundred percent vision, zero glasses should be selected. But they should have a protective coating on them.


Glass lenses can have one single coating — anti-reflective. But polymer lenses are much more diverse. They are of the following types:

  1. Antistatic — it assumes the presence of a film on the lenses, which prevents the accumulation of static charges.
  2. hardening type – The film coated on top of the lenses prevents scratches.
  3. Anti-reflective or anti-reflective lenses – they have several brightening type coatings that reduce reflective light.
  4. Hydrophobic coating type — It has a smooth surface, which makes it easy to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt.
  5. Metallized lenses – neutralize the influence of electromagnetic influence.


The design does not play a special role, but the strength of the frame, good lens fixation should be of high quality. Therefore, in order not to save on health, immediately purchase glasses from well-known and reliable manufacturers. The frame should be comfortable so that it does not squeeze the ears and bridge of the nose.

Useful video

How to choose glasses for working on a computer:

How to choose glasses for a computer?

Observations of ophthalmologists indicate that with a high intellectual load or weakened general health, fatigue comes faster. Three factors have been identified that form this effect even in healthy people. Keep this in mind to choose the right glasses for your computer:

  • the blue glow of the screen, which is blocked by a lens with a so-called blue-blocker;
  • glare, which must be compensated by an anti-reflective lens system;
  • features of the perception of contrast during the glow are smoothed out with the help of a metallized coating of glasses glasses.

About how to choose an accessory for working at the monitor, ask the ophthalmologist in the optics where you are going to make a purchase. Your eyesight will be checked and plain protective lenses or prescription lenses will be recommended.

Pros and cons of computer glasses

Any protective glasses for working at a computer must be used periodically and combined with other methods of eye protection: gymnastics, technical breaks, rapid blinking, drops. When used correctly, the benefits of computer glasses are obvious:

  • They neutralize the harmful effects of rays;
  • Improve the quality of the visible image;
  • Facilitate reading and creating drawings;
  • Reduce fatigue by redistributing the focal load.

Attention! The constant wearing of protection weakens the visual function!

Which glasses are better to buy for a computer

After a couple of hours spent at the monitor, there is a burning sensation and dryness in the eyes. To prevent this from happening, you need to unload the organs of vision with special glasses. Their protective lenses are equipped with EMI filters that resist electromagnetic waves and bright light, relieve stress and strain on the eyes.

Glasses for a computer can have ordinary plastic lenses with a special coating and diopters that correct vision.

Visually impaired people should visit an optometrist before buying, so as not to aggravate the situation and choose the right accessory.

Specialists working with texts can use lenses with a reflective effect (blue-violet, yellow or smoky film) — they soften the tones and contrast of the image on the monitor. It is better for designers to choose transparent glasses that do not interfere with color reproduction.

As for the frame, it is chosen according to the shape of the face to your taste and color. It can be plastic or metal — the main thing is that it sits securely on the bridge of the nose, but does not press.

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When is it harmful to wear computer glasses?

Often forums publish topics: «Computer glasses: benefit or harm.» When properly selected, these ophthalmic products do not adversely affect eye health. However, it should be borne in mind that they block part of the light spectrum, therefore they do not have 100% light transmission. In this regard, the colors on the screen may be slightly distorted, but these distortions are insignificant. Glasses for the computer are presented both with diopters and without them. The first ones are designed for people with refractive errors — myopia, hyperopia, etc. Before buying these products, you must be examined by an ophthalmologist. Incorrect selection of optics can not only cause discomfort, but also worsen vision.

The quality of their lenses and frames directly affects the usability of computer glasses. Poorly manufactured optical products often cause discomfort during operation.

Possible problems when using these glasses:

  • Slight color distortion
  • Unpleasant sensations and deterioration of vision with the wrong selection of glasses with diopters;
  • The appearance of discomfort when wearing optical products with low-quality lenses or frames.

Where can you buy lenses?

To buy lenses, it is advisable to visit only specialized stores. They have ophthalmologists who can write a prescription for such glasses. Products must have a quality certificate.


The average price for high-quality branded computer glasses will be 800-1000 rubles. If desired and possible, you can order glasses worth up to 10,000 rubles. You should not buy cheaper analogues, as the quality of such products does not meet the standards.

Does it make sense to buy glasses for a computer?

If you want to protect your eyes while working at a computer, you should take a comprehensive approach to this issue. Buying glasses will not be enough in this case. They will not protect the eyes from drying out, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms associated with rare blinking and prolonged focusing on one object. Also, they will not help if the lighting level in the room is insufficient or the monitor is too close to the eyes.

These optical products will cope with their main function — protection from glare, rays of excess violet and blue spectrum — but this is not enough. To maintain the health of the organs of vision, it is necessary not only to wear special safety glasses, but also to follow the rules of working at a computer.

Prevention of eye fatigue during prolonged work at the computer:

  • If possible, take a break and exercise for the eyes every 45 minutes;
  • Set comfortable parameters for brightness, contrast and refresh rate of the screen;
  • Make sure that the display is clearly at the same level with the eyes;
  • Make sure that the workplace is comfortable (sufficient level of natural light, comfortable furniture, etc.);
  • Position the monitor at least 50-60 cm away from your eyes. If you can hardly read the text, increase the font size or use
  • means of correction;
  • Use special goggles to protect your eyes when working with a PC.

Computer glasses: benefit or harm?

Many people are interested in why computer glasses are needed. This question is often discussed on the forums. Some doubt their positive properties and are even afraid to use this optics. Manufacturers claim that it has an extremely positive effect on the visual system. These glasses increase efficiency, as well as eliminate burning, tearing, redness and eye fatigue. In addition, by blocking the excess violet and blue spectrum, they minimize the negative effects of working at the computer, such as headaches and dizziness.

At the same time, it is impossible to say unequivocally whether computer glasses help. In each case, the effect of their use may vary. It all depends on the characteristics of the human visual system, compliance with the rules for working with a PC, as well as external factors (the level of lighting in the room, etc.). It should be remembered that these optical products do not guarantee absolute eye protection. However, they make daily work at the computer more gentle.

The benefits of computer glasses:

Increase efficiency; Reduce fatigue and eye strain; Minimize the negative consequences of prolonged work at the PC (dizziness, headache); Eliminate burning, lacrimation and photophobia.

Popular Models

Opticians are well acquainted with Fedorov’s glasses (Fashion, Alice-96). Their lenses are made of high quality acrylic and provide excellent UV protection. Manufacturers (Glodiatr, Gunnar, Seiko, Mastuda, DeKaro) take into account the interests of buyers, so today you can find specialized optical accessories:

  • for graphic design;
  • for working with text;
  • for computer games;
  • to view moving images;
  • for kids.

Computer glasses Gunnar

Comparison table of models

Before buying goggles, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the comparative table of the above models. The table captures important parameters that may affect your decision.

Model Design frame material Lens material Cost, rub.
Xiaomi Turok Steinhardt Anti-Blue FU006 rim plastic plastic from 1460 to 1990
SPG Comfort AF024 rim metal plastic from 1169 to 1200
SPG Premium AF023 semi-rimless metal, plastic plastic from 1199 to 1844
Roidmi B1 rim plastic plastic from 3890 to 5990
Roidmi Qukan W1 rim plastic plastic from 3300 to 3790
SPG SKILL rim plastic glass from 1590 to 1890
GUNNAR Torpedo Amber Onyx rim plastic, metal glass from 6290 to 8990

Lists of the best

In addition to the above list, there are many good points for working on a PC. Below we have presented some of them belonging to the following categories:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Metal frame.
  • With anti-reflective coating.

Let’s take a look at each model.

SPG Comfort AF024 — inexpensive

In appearance and configuration, they are very similar to the fourth model of our top, but there are certain differences in characteristics. The lens size is 50×33 centimeters, the length of the temple is 130 mm, the width of the bridge is 18 mm. The pads are soft and flexible.

Price: from 1085 to 1328 rubles.


Externally, the model is unisex. It has a metal frame protected from corrosion, transparent plastic fixing elements that are almost invisible. The lenses are distinguished by a yellowish tint due to a special coating that completely blocks UV rays, provides complete relaxation of the optic nerves. The product is available in two varieties — without diopters and corrective.

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Cost: from 1400 to 1970 rubles.

Arozzi Visione VX-600 — with anti-reflective coating

Stylish computer glasses from the Swiss manufacturer help those working at the computer feel comfortable during the day. Blocks up to 50% of the blue spectrum of radiation, helps to cope with «digital fatigue» of the eyes

These glasses have a European quality certificate, and have been tested and certified by the American Quality Control Authority.

Price category: from 3980 to 51200 rubles.

Preventive measures when working with a PC

Despite the fact that the reviews about computer glasses are largely positive, you should still expect the best result if you follow other generally binding rules when working with a PC and other gadgets.

The distance of the screen from the person should be within 50 cm. The room needs to be well lit. If you’re working on a PC, it’s a good idea to learn how to do some eye exercises. They are presented below.

Simple gymnastics

The exercises are done like this:

  1. Eye rotation, first left to right, then up and down.
  2. Circular movement of the eyeballs in different directions.
  3. Close your eyes tightly for a few seconds. Then open them wide. Such actions are repeated several times.
  4. Rapid blinking for several seconds. So you can overcome dry eyes.
  5. Look into the distance, hold your eyes for a few seconds, this exercise will relieve eye fatigue from prolonged stress.
  6. Close your eyes, then massage your eyelids with your fingertips for a few seconds. The movements must be circular.

Useful video

How to choose glasses for working at a computer:

Matsuda computer glasses

Matsuda manufactures quality protective gear that is comfortable for extended wear and durable. They have a stylish mother-of-pearl hue frame, so they are great not only for home use, but also for office work. Customer reviews confirm that the glasses of this company not only relieve fatigue, but also help get rid of the constant drowsiness that occurs during prolonged work at the PC. Lenses improve color perception by skipping the green part of the spectrum. At the same time, the brightness of the monitor is reduced due to the absorption of light by the coating located on the glasses. The filters are designed with multi-layer coating, which increases their protective ability. They help to clearly see the image without blurring the picture, which is especially important for designers.


These glasses are recommended for those who spend more than 8 hours in front of a PC screen, playing computer games during the day and at night.

Glasses Features

It should be understood that glasses block a certain part of the light. Because of this, there may be a slight distortion of the picture from the monitor screen. But these are very minor changes that in no way affect the work even with graphic images. They, on the contrary, protect your vision in every possible way. Computer glasses stop the light of the harmful spectrum of the eyes, prevent the effects of electromagnetic waves and eliminate the effects of flicker. Also, the device is able to protect our eyes from glare emanating from the monitor screen, shiny structures, glasses and windows. Now our eyes will be securely protected. The eyes will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Rating TOP 10 best glasses for computer

laptop glasses features

The list of the best accessories for eye protection when working at a computer includes the following models:

  • GUNNAR RPG is designed by Razer Onyx Amber.
  • Arozzi Visione VX-500.
  • Roidmi Qkan W1.
  • Xiaomi Turok Steinhardt Anti Blue.
  • Fedorovsky glasses.
  • GUNNAR Torpedo Amber Onyx.

Let’s move on to an overview of each accessory presented above.

Loris 5306

Another budget model of glasses for a Chinese-made computer is Loris 5306. The Loris brand has established itself as a manufacturer of quality products. The glass lenses of the glasses are coated with a multi-layer multi-coating, which provides eye protection from harmful monitor radiation and has an anti-reflective effect.
Spectacle frames are plastic, rimmed, in several colors. The design is positioned by the manufacturer as universal, for everyday style. It is also suitable for business style. For young people and middle-aged people. Orientation — unisex.

The shape of the frame is square, with rounded corners. The lenses are smaller than previous models: 49mm wide, 38mm high. The width of the bridge is above average, 22 mm. The length of the temples is 145 mm, the fastening is usual.

Customers find that Loris 5306 glasses make working at a computer more comfortable. The model is rated as simple and high quality. From the comments: the lack of a case for the product, non-adjustable nose pads.


  • Protection from harmful radiation.
  • Antiglare effect.
  • Durable plastic frame.
  • Universal design.
  • Choice of frame color.
  • Price.


  • Easy ear hook attachment.
  • Case not provided.

Alice 96 SPG Premium AF023

Another interesting model from Alice 96 is the SPG Premium AF023. The glasses are ideal for working at a computer and watching TV with any type of screen. The lenses are made of polycarbonate with a special light yellow filter. Provide complete protection against UV rays, blue-violet light, screen glare, improve image contrast.
The lens size is medium, 49 by 27 mm, with a rectangular geometry. The semi-rimmed frame gives originality to the design. Looks strict in black. The dark gray version of the frame is combined with black temples, it has a stylish look. Bridge width 19 mm.

The main part of the frame is made of Monel, the temples are made of durable plastic. The lenses are polycarbonate, with damage protection. Adjustable transparent plastic nose pads. The glasses are light, their weight is 24 grams.

This model has flex-mounted temples (spring), that is, the product is more comfortable to wear, less pressure on the temples, with a more durable design. A good option for people with a large face.

Users consider the glasses to be effective: their eyes get tired much less with them, the difference in image contrast is noticeable, and they feel comfortable to wear.


  • Lens quality.
  • Universal functions.
  • Design.
  • Lightweight, comfortable.
  • Hook fastening.
  • Certification and state medical registration.
  • Soft case and cleaning cloth included.


  • Nose pads are tight when worn for a long time.

Lectio Risus BLF004

Open rating points for the computer Lectio Risus BLF004 made in China. The model is characterized by conciseness and simplicity of forms, low cost and good workmanship.
The product is certified, has recommendations for use in rooms with artificial lighting, when working at a computer. They can be used while watching an LCD TV, while using an iPad or other similar gadgets.

Lenses are made of modern material — polycarbonate. Its advantages: impact resistance, lightness, durability. The manufacturer claims that the lenses transmit light in the same amount as ordinary ones. At the same time, a special coating protects the eyes from a greater proportion of harmful blue rays.

The design of the frame is rimmed with rectangular shapes for lenses. It is made of plastic and metal. According to buyers, the model looks simple. When wearing glasses while working at a computer, the eyes get tired noticeably less.

A nice bonus to the product is a transparent hard case.

Dimensions: lenses are quite wide, 53 mm, bridge width with an average value of 18 mm, temple length 140 mm. Weight 50 grams.


  • Affordable cost.
  • Impact resistant lenses.
  • Blue ray protection.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Case included.
  • Unisex design.


  • Hook fastening.
  • No protection against glare, UV rays.

Siberia 1267

In tenth place is the product with the lowest cost in the rating — glasses for the Siberia 1267 computer, made in China. The model is characterized by a unisex style and a large selection of colors of plastic frames.
The lenses of the glasses are made of glass. It has a multilayer interference filter for selective absorption of blue-violet rays. Thus, when working at a computer, the user’s eyes are protected from harmful radiation. The rest of the light rays of the lens pass unhindered.

Rim glasses frame. Square lenses. The square shape is conditionally called. In fact, this model has trapezoidal lenses, with an upward extension and rounded corners.

The temples have a length of 145 mm, their ergonomic shape contributes to a comfortable fit of the model. Bridge width 19 mm. Lens opening width 53 mm, height 42 mm. The product is supplied with an instruction manual. Comes with a case.

Users note the quality of the product. It is believed that the glasses reduce the strain on the eyes from the radiation of the monitor, reducing the feeling of fatigue.


  • Blue-violet protection.
  • Price.
  • Rugged frame.
  • Ergonomically shaped temples.
  • Case included.
  • Wide choice of frame colors.


  • Glass scratches easily.
  • No glare protection.

Alice 96 SPG Comfort AF024

On the eighth position are glasses for the Russian-made computer Alice — 96 SPG Comfort AF024. Brand products are widely known as Fedorov glasses. Scientist, academician took part in the development of eyeglass lens technology. The model is in great demand among consumers.
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The frame AF024 is rimmed, made of wear-resistant and durable monel metal, an alloy of nickel and copper. It is offered in three colors: black, dark gray, silver.

The lenses of the product are polycarbonate, equipped with a special light yellow filter. The filter blocks harmful radiation from monitors and has anti-reflective properties. Wearing such glasses prevents the development of computer vision syndrome, reduces eye fatigue, tearing and pain.

The geometry of the model is rectangular, the width of the lens opening is 50 mm, the height is 33 mm. The width of the frame between the temples and the bridge are considered average: 135 and 18 mm. The model is very light, 23 grams, a comfortable fit is complemented by adjustable nose pads.

Buyers note that the glasses simply do not feel on the face, they are so light and comfortable. Eye fatigue is noticeably reduced when using glasses.


  • Lens quality.
  • Protection from harmful radiation and glare.
  • Durable durable frame.
  • Adjustable nose pads.
  • A light weight.
  • Certification and state medical registration.


  • Simple design.
  • Pronounced yellow lens tone.

Alice 96 SPG Exclusive AF055

The rating continues with another model produced by Alice 96 — SPG Exclusive AF055. The glasses completely absorb UV radiation, harmful to the retina of the violet-blue spectrum, and have anti-reflective protection.
Ergonomic lightweight frame is a feature of the model. It is made of high-tech Russian-made ULTEM polymer. The material has such qualities as lightness, flexibility, strength, hypoallergenicity. The polymer has an increased resistance to temperature extremes and always retains its shape.

The frame is full-rimmed, with an oval-shaped lens opening. The manufacturer offers two color options: strict black and a combination of black and turquoise. The lenses have a yellow tint and are made of polycarbonate. Glasses are recommended for both women and men. The width of the aperture for the lens is 47mm, the height is 39mm. Bridge width 19mm, earcup length 127mm.

Users who spend many hours at the computer note the effectiveness of this glasses model. According to them, fatigue occurs much later, the sensations in the process of wearing glasses are very comfortable.


  • Degree of protection.
  • The quality of lenses and frames.
  • Lightweight, 14 grams.
  • Unisex design.
  • Certification and state medical registration.


  • Hook fastening.

GUNNAR RPG designed by Razer Onyx Amber

This model is a modification and is intended exclusively for men. Perfect not only for people who work on a PC, but also for avid gamers. The frames are made of lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy, respectively, the glasses themselves are quite light and almost not felt on the face. Despite the low weight, the accessory is quite durable. Glasses are completely plastic. The weight of the product is only 26 g.

Frame color black
Lens color yellow
The weight 26 g

Price: from 7100 to 8300 rubles.

  • the frame is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy;
  • light weight (26 g);
  • the yellow color of the lenses completely neutralizes the excess blue.
  • inconvenience when putting on monitor headphones.

I ordered from aliexpress not so long ago. They fit perfectly, by the way, I never wore glasses, but here they sit well and look cool. When using gala, they do not get tired and do not watery, as is usually the case. I wipe it daily with a tissue before wearing. Already ordered another set from the Chinese for my wife.

Arozzi Visione VX-500

A reliable and solid accessory from Swedish manufacturers that looks like ordinary sunglasses. The frame is made of lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy, it turned out to be very comfortable. In addition, the material is quite flexible, which provides even greater wearing comfort. The lenses are plastic. Due to their light weight, the pressure in the bridge of the nose is minimal. Special pads on the temples, made of plastic, greatly facilitate getting used to the glasses. The well-thought-out shape of the accessory allows you to maintain an optimal moisture balance.

Frame color black
Lens color transparent
The weight 25 g

Cost: from 4200 to 4750 rubles.

  • minimal pressure in the area of ​​the nose;
  • frame made of lightweight magnesium-aluminum alloy;
  • case and microfiber included.
  • The lenses are very dusty.

My work is directly related to coding, so after a certain period of time, my eyes began to water and ache. I made an appointment with an ophthalmologist. At the appointment, the doctor prescribed drops and advised this model of glasses. After a course of drops and using the proposed accessory while working at a PC, my eyes stopped watering and hurting. The glasses sit comfortably, do not press on the bridge of the nose. A couple of times they fell from a height of two meters, not a single scratch remained. I advise you to purchase.

Roidmi Qukan W1

The Chinese company never ceases to amaze customers, and produces a unique accessory that will perfectly help protect the eyes of those who spend most of their time at the computer monitor screen and TV. Schoolchildren, students, office workers are now less exposed to harmful effects, namely blue and ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to a special coating, which is made of 9 layers that are highly resistant to external threats and scratches, with a special oleophobic coating. Coating against grease marks. Xiaomi Roidmi Qukan W1 is made of high quality material that will sit on your face without discomfort.

Frame color grey, coffee, red, black
Lens color transparent
The weight 21 g

Price: from 2150 to 3700 rubles.

  • two nose pads included;
  • two arms (classic and sports);
  • anti-UV, anti-blue, radiation protection coatings.
  • nose pads can cause discomfort and impair the fit of glasses.

My work is related to everyday being near the computer monitor screen, so these glasses are just right for me. I’ve been using them for three weeks and I’m already impressed with the Qukan W1. The accessory performs its declared functions on a solid five, but over time, the bow of the glasses begins to put pressure on the bridge of the nose and this is the only disadvantage of this product. Everything else suits.

Xiaomi Turok Steinhardt Anti Blue

The accessory is made of plastic, the lenses are yellowish. This lens color is perfectly adapted to the night mode used in all smartphone operating systems. The manufacturer stated that the lenses filter out streams harmful to the eyes during prolonged work at the computer. The design of the glasses is reliable. They sit firmly on the nose. Weight is only 8 grams. Blocks 35% of blue light.

Frame color black
Lens color yellow
The weight 18 g

Price category: from 1130 to 2375 rubles.

  • weigh only 8 grams;
  • robust design of the accessory (impact-resistant plastic);
  • The lenses block out 35% of blue light.
  • over time, put pressure on the bridge of the nose.

I didn’t notice any problems with transparency, there are no special features in terms of image clarity. After cleaning, they are smeared like ordinary glasses, I wipe them with a special cloth. I still use it at work, but I don’t always wear it, but when I feel a kind of pain in my eyes, tension from long work at the computer. According to my feelings, in these cases it is easier to work with them, the pain and pain disappear.


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TOP 5 best

The following are considered the best glasses for a computer.

SPG Luxury AF034

These glasses can be worn every day while working on the computer. Their design is strict, so the device is jokingly called «glasses for the programmer.» The frame is metal, but in order not to make the product heavier, the manufacturers made plastic lenses. The total design weighs approximately 23 grams.

Buying SPG Luxury AF034, you can choose one of two colors — black or dark blue.

Xiaomi Roidmi Qukan W1

The frame has three running colors — red, black and brown. The kit also comes with additional temples and nose supports. The goggles provide 95% UV protection and 35% blue light protection. And sports accessories that don’t let goggles fall off your nose are a great way out when exercising outside during the daytime or in a brightly lit gym.


This is a gaming glasses model created by Russian manufacturers. They are not able to protect a person with a change in vision, since they only perform a protective function from monitor radiation.

Products weigh only 22 grams. They have a plastic frame. Due to their small shape, they are more suitable for girls and teenagers. But they may not fit on a large male head.

Arozzi Visione VX-500

Country of origin — Sweden. The frame is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which makes the product the lightest and at the same time durable. Plastic lenses reduce the weight of the product, in addition, glasses do not put pressure on the bridge of the nose. The total weight of these glasses is 26 grams.

GUNNAR RPG designed by Razer Onyx Amber

When working on a computer with these glasses, the images appear brighter and better. The basis of the frame is aluminum-magnesium alloy. The yellowish lens tint neutralizes blue light to reduce eye strain. The lenses themselves are made of plastic, which allows the product to weigh 26 grams.

What to look for when choosing

It would be great if the device could last forever. But each device has its own lifespan. Much depends on the care and handling of it. Of course, technical parameters also play an important role. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the following parameters before buying goggles:

  1. The presence of an anti-reflective coating. With this, unwanted colors are noticeably smoothed out and the ingress of bright light is fixed. By removing glare, the contrast of the image is increased.
  2. Where to buy glasses. Must be a specialized store, pharmacy or verified online store. Where an employee can provide you with a document and a certificate for the goods. The thing is that fakes are often found on the market, which, as you understand, only worsen the user’s vision. Be attentive and careful.
  3. Lenses. Before buying computer glasses, we recommend talking with an ophthalmologist. After the examination, the specialist will sum up the results and tell you which lenses suit your eyes. Because both glass and plastic lenses have their pros and cons. Glass is considered a more popular and high-quality device, but fragile and unsafe. Plastic, on the other hand, is prone to scratches, a quick defect, and even slight distortion.

Who can wear safety glasses

When buying protective optical products, first of all, you should think about:

  • people whose occupation is associated with a long stay at the monitors;
  • children whose fragile lens and cornea need special protection;
  • people with visual impairment.

Computer glasses with a special lens surface are not designed for reading books. But you can read texts on electronic devices, since this optics is designed specifically for gadgets.

Yellow glasses — what is the difference from ordinary computer glasses

Many computer glasses are associated with yellow lenses. And indeed, it used to be like that. The principle is based on the fact that yellow is a natural light filter that blocks blue. And the more intense the color toning, the fewer shades of blue. But the blue range is not all harmful, but only the one that is closer to purple. Modern manufacturers have now moved away from color (yellow) filters and are focusing on spectral ones. They not only win visually, but also cut off not the entire blue spectrum, but only the redundant one.

Cheap and expensive glasses — the main differences

The main thing in computer glasses is lenses with BlueBlocker technology. Good lenses are not cheap. This is not just glass, but a complex high-tech product. Modern lenses can combine blue light protection and correction for distance, near, and medium distances. And all this without loss of aesthetic qualities.

The best computer glasses are custom made. In high-quality lenses, many factors will be taken into account: features of vision, distance between pupils, age, type of activity, personal preferences. It is in these glasses, selected for a specific person, that working at a computer will become as comfortable as possible. The only negative is that they are made to order, so it takes a lot of time.

Finished products, which can be immediately purchased in many optics stores (and not only), are produced according to average parameters. At a cost they will be much cheaper, but may not be suitable for everyone. However, in the absence of problems with vision and its deterioration, you can buy a suitable option.

It is advisable to purchase glasses with Blue Blocker lenses in a specialized online store or optics salon. All goods must have the necessary certificates. Experts will help you choose the best product that meets your needs.

You can order glasses of the TRY OPTICS brand at competitive prices on our website, just select the model you like, add to the cart, enter the delivery address, select the delivery method by courier or pickup point, pay with a card and start working on your computer safely in 2-3 days!