Fancoils are highly efficient equipment designed to create the necessary climatic conditions in industrial, office and commercial buildings. They perform the same functions as the indoor units of conventional split systems, only they do not use freon, but water or antifreeze, and there is no compressor and condenser inside. Such devices provide high-quality air circulation and can be connected to a central air conditioner, chiller and supply ventilation.

Installation of fan coil units allows you to create a high-quality air conditioning, heating and ventilation system in rooms with a large area, multi-storey buildings and in those institutions where maximum energy savings are required.

Fancoils in industry

Together with chillers fancoils are used in various technological processes when it is necessary to cool the equipment with high quality: casting and molding machines, injection molding machines, extruders, vacuum and hydraulic installations, galvanic baths. Such equipment is used in dairies, meat processing plants, ice cream factories and other food industry enterprises.

Facoils in special rooms

Often fan coil units are used where constant maintenance of the specified temperature conditions with high accuracy is required: data centers, server rooms, rooms with a large amount of computer equipment, automatic telephone exchanges. They can be used in place of precision air conditioners — installing such a system will cost much less than several expensive air conditioners. Due to their compactness, they do not take up much space, do not require the creation of a raised floor and large volumes of space.

In office premises

Installation of fan coil units is economically justified in multi-storey buildings with a large number of offices. Such equipment will allow creating the necessary temperature conditions in each of the premises and even simultaneously cooling some of them and heating the other (in the presence of a 4-pipe system). They are relevant in those premises where the appearance and prestige of the company plays an important role. Located on the floor, behind a false ceiling, on the wall, they do not disturb the interior at all and do not require as many external units as conventional split systems.

In supermarkets

The most effective scheme for shopping malls with several floors and many small rooms is considered to be the connection of fan coil units installed in each section to the general air conditioning system of the building, when cooled or heated air will enter the room through them, and not through the air duct system. A variety of installation options are possible: floor — ceiling fan coil unitscolumned, wall-mounted or cassette fan coil units. In order to prevent shop windows, stained-glass windows, large windows from fogging up, such devices are often installed instead of heating radiators.

If earlier climatic chiller-fan coil systems were installed only in large-scale buildings or in production, today there is a tendency to install such equipment in private houses and cottages. By connecting fan coil units to an existing heating and ventilation system, you can achieve significant energy savings and save on the purchase of air conditioners.