Water fan heaters are an excellent alternative to other heating systems and provide significant cost savings in large rooms. They are installed where it is not possible to use central heating due to lack of power, deterioration of heating mains, or where there is no centralized heating system at all.

Such equipment requires an uninterrupted source of hot water, therefore it is installed permanently and can only be located in a certain place in the room. It will not work to rearrange such a fan heater to another, perhaps more convenient one.

When is it appropriate to use

Reasons why you should opt for a water heater:

  • high heating efficiency is required without significant costs for heat supply;
  • it is necessary to quickly heat the air in a large area;
  • the room has too high ceilings and it is necessary to heat a large volume of unnecessary air above the working area;
  • when the power grid cannot provide sufficient power for another type of heating;
  • if the room has a high level of humidity or dust;
  • when a high class of equipment protection is required.

Where applicable

In most premises installation of water heaters produced in addition to the existing heating system. For smaller spaces, more compact and mobile devices are used. And for large areas, reducing heating costs plays an important role. In this case, water heaters will be simply out of competition.

Such devices do not depend on the weather, they use the air that is in the room and do not require the creation of chimneys. Thanks to this, they can work both with and without a ventilation system. They can be used in rooms with a high moisture content (80-100%), dust and aggressive substances, which is often the case in industrial production: in workshops, workshops, car washes, hangars and transport depots.

The ability of water heaters to maintain a constant temperature is essential in warehouses. Such devices help to provide storage conditions for various groups of goods: household, industrial or products.

Water fan heaters often used for heating shopping and sports centers, office and administrative buildings, multi-storey residential buildings and private cottages. Their high efficiency, economy and modern design allow you to create heating systems that meet the most stringent requirements.

Such heating devices have found their application in agriculture: livestock farms, poultry farms, greenhouses. They allow you to save heat by directing it to the area where animals or plants are located. Forced air supply with the help of a fan allows you to equalize the temperature characteristics over the entire height of the room, and the creation of an air duct system will make it possible to use only one fan heater over a fairly large area.