The internal arrangement of the thermal curtainAny technique needs care and prevention. No exception are air-thermal curtains, which are installed to comfortably delimit zones with different temperatures and cut off cold streams of street air when cold weather sets in. This type of equipment is intended for continuous operation during the winter season, and many devices are for year-round operation. Therefore, the issue of their timely service becomes especially relevant.

Why Service is Necessary

The air in many rooms where thermal curtains are installed, especially in industrial workshops and warehouses, almost always contains a large amount of dust and aggressive substances. Settling on the working surfaces of the air curtain and accumulating, they significantly increase the load and impede the normal operation of the equipment. As a result, malfunctions occur, vibration increases and noise characteristics deteriorate. Such violations subsequently very quickly lead to a breakdown and the need to purchase a new unit.

Preventive cleaning of the thermal curtainSo, for example, an increase in the load on the bearings leads to their premature wear. Without regular inspection, it is almost impossible to identify such a circumstance. As a result of simple inattention, such an expensive part as a fan motor can fail. Its repair will cost much more than the timely replacement of bearings. Especially often for this reason, curtains with a length of more than 0.8 m break, because. the turbine built into them is very sensitive to such loads.

Professional service is a prerequisite that manufacturers put forward in order to maintain their warranty obligations. The terms of service activities are indicated in the technical documentation and such an item necessarily includes an instruction manual. The frequency of service depends on the conditions in which such equipment operates.

Service types

Service maintenance of thermal curtainsExperts recommend not just purchasing a thermal air curtain, but concluding a contract for its maintenance, which can be carried out:

  • 1 time per month;
  • 1 time per quarter (4 months);
  • once every 6 months (seasonal);
  • once every 12 months.


It includes an external inspection, checking the reliability of fasteners, power supply (voltage and phases), testing in different modes, cleaning filters, blinds and housings. If a thermal water curtain is used, then it is necessary to control the condition of the pipeline and valves.


It involves a thorough check of the contact groups, terminal boxes, cleaning of electrical contacts, replacement of blown fuses, checking the condition of the fan blades or the operation of the turbine, diagnosing and eliminating the causes of increased noise, and the presence of grounding.


It is carried out when switching to another mode of operation (if the device is used year-round) or conservation work is carried out for the summer or de-preservation before winter, settings are changed and modes are adjusted, and the heat exchanger and all components are completely cleaned from accumulated contaminants.


It includes checking the bearing group, replacing worn out units, chemical (bacteriological) cleaning of the heat exchanger.

A timely inspection will allow you to find out how correctly the installation of the thermal curtain was carried out, and to eliminate the existing shortcomings. If you wish, you can choose a specific list of works, but in order to ensure full and efficient operation and extend the service life, it is better to conclude a comprehensive service contract.