Before the birth of a child, new parents need to buy a lot of things, and a crib is most often at the top of this list. A baby can sleep 17 hours a day, so it’s important to provide him with a safe, comfortable space to sleep.

The choice of baby beds for newborns is extremely large, and without a hint it can be quite difficult to decide which of the many models to choose. In this article, I will give some tips on choosing the perfect bed for your baby, as well as consider the most popular models on the market, analyze their pros and cons.

Criterias of choice

Types of cots for babies:

  • Classic bed. More than one generation of young parents has tested the reliability of an ordinary crib. Perhaps you once slept in this one. A wooden crib with a standard size of 60×120 cm is the best choice. It is designed for children up to 3 years old. Modern models are supplemented with such options as an adjustable bottom, a removable sidewall, underbed drawers and others.
  • Cradle. It is a cradle on a stationary stand. Its main advantages are mobility and compactness. It does not take up much space in the room, and it can be easily attached to the parents’ bed. But in just a few months, the baby will become cramped in it. And mom and dad will again be puzzled by the purchase of a more spacious crib. Such models are designed for babies up to 3-6 months.
  • Bed-transformer. The shape resembles the classic one, but it has an addition in the form of a chest of drawers with drawers and a changing table. When the child grows up, these elements are dismantled. So, a crib for a newborn is transformed into a standard «adult» bed, which can serve a child up to 6-7 years of age. In practice, this multifunctional model still has drawbacks — for example, a rather cumbersome design. At the same time, the dimensions of the bed, drawers and table are smaller than those of traditional ones. And a long service life is not always an advantage. Over time, the crib loses its original appearance. In addition, it can simply bother both the child and the parents.
  • Bed-playpen. Combines the functions of a crib and a fenced area for games. Such a piece of furniture is a metal frame with textile and plastic elements, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. When assembled, the furniture does not take up extra space, and it can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. That is why this option is ideal to take with you on the road. For everyday use, it is better to choose a more traditional bed. Playpens are wider than classic beds, and it is difficult to choose a good, fairly hard mattress for them. Their design is not always stable, and this poses a great danger to the child. After all, trying to get out, he can turn the crib.

Product dimensions

This parameter must be taken into account by all potential buyers, but to a greater extent it concerns the owners of a very modest living space, where parents are forced to allocate strictly limited space for furniture. Experts recommend focusing on the following indicators:

  • the usual dimensions are 120 × 60 centimeters (the European standard is 125 × 65 centimeters);
  • increased dimensions are 140 × 70 centimeters (typical for transformer beds);
  • The dimensions of cradles for newborns are usually 97 × 55 centimeters.

Knowing the dimensions is necessary not only to fit furniture into the interior of the apartment. Manufacturers of mattresses, blankets, pillows, bed linen and other bedding are guided by average sizes. Experts advise taking furniture of common dimensions, so that later you do not have to alter sheets or blankets or order mattresses according to individual measurements. Naturally, this will lead to higher costs.

Materials for children’s furniture

The main parameters of the materials from which beds for babies are made are no different from the general requirements for children’s furniture. The ideal baby bed is durable, environmentally friendly and reliable. Only a few materials meet such requirements to a greater or lesser extent:

  • wood. Wood products, if it is, of course, sanded, coated with safe coloring or protective compounds, are most preferable due to the naturalness of the material. Usually children’s furniture is made of beech, birch, alder, oak wood. Pine cribs are cheaper because this wood is softer and less resistant to physical impact;
  • MDF. Furniture made from pressed wood fibers are reliable and safe, but only on condition that harmful substances are not used in the production process. It is important to clarify the emission class with the seller — it should not be higher than E1 (formaldehyde content does not exceed the minimum allowable values);
  • Chipboard. But tiles made from pressed chips often contain an increased amount of formaldehyde, so the choice of such furniture should be treated with caution. It is important to make sure that the model you like is safe in terms of the content of harmful substances. Such information can be found in the certificate of conformity;
  • metal. Furniture made of steel or aluminum is durable, longevity, but at the same time it has a lot of weight and a high price. Their main advantage is the ability to pass on a metal crib by inheritance to the second and even third child. Just make sure that the sidewalls are covered with textile covers.

Another material is high quality plastic. Typically, beds are not made entirely of polypropylene, since it is not the most durable. It is possible to use plastic elements — handles, rivets, but you should make sure that this material is non-toxic.

Product safety

Children’s furniture should be safe. This is an axiom that does not require proof. Therefore, it is necessary to talk in more detail about such an important parameter as security:

  • It is better to choose a crib for newborns and children under three years of age with protective sides that will protect the baby from falling during sleep and wakefulness. The optimal distance between the slats of the sidewalls is 6 — 7 centimeters. If the slats are located more often, the limb may get stuck, if less often, the child’s head.
  • All components of the product must be in close contact with each other, there should be no gaps and cracks. The tight fit will prevent cases of pinching of the arms and legs, loosening of the structure.
  • You should not take an overly light bed, and even with a narrowed base. Such a model is not stable, so that the baby can turn it over. Give preference to a wide bed with a low center of gravity.
  • Cribs for small newborns have from two to five levels of bottom height. The highest position is suitable for a child who has just given birth, she will also please her mother, who will not have to bend over three deaths. As the children grow older, the sunbed is lowered so that curious kids cannot climb over the sides.
  • A crib with wheels makes it easier to move around the room. However, such mobility can create some problems when the child is excessively active. To prevent unwanted movements of the crib, make sure that there are locks or stops for the wheels.

In addition to the above structural elements, you should pay attention to the overall safety of the crib. All open parts of the furniture must be smooth, and the corners must be rounded. You should refuse to buy a bed with protruding or easily unscrewed parts, as the child will be able to break them off, unscrew and swallow them.

Features of motion sickness

Many pediatricians convince parents not to accustom children to motion sickness and not to solve many children’s problems in this way. The sources of children’s crying can be completely different and sometimes quite serious. Defenders of motion sickness give their own arguments: the child gets used to the measured movements during the period of being in the womb, so the motion helps him calm down. A similar effect is achieved when rocking a newborn in bed. Of course, we are talking about smooth, not abrupt movements. Motion sickness is achieved due to two main mechanisms and design features:

  • Skids. In this case, the crib is equipped with curved plates instead of traditional legs, and it is precisely due to this that it becomes possible to rock the baby. When the child grows up, the bed must be fixed with the help of special clamps and stoppers.
  • Pendulum. The crib, suspended on the straps, allows you to rock the child lying in it without lifting him on the handles. The pendulum mechanism can be longitudinal (along the child’s body), transverse (across the body) or universal (swings in both directions).

If you choose cots with a pendulum, do not forget one important nuance. Depending on the type of rocking chair, you need to add at least 10 cm to the length or width for more comfortable rocking. In addition, you should remember about the function of fixing the bed with a pendulum mechanism in order to prevent the rocking of the structure (and, as a result, its overturning) by an older child.

Rules for choosing a mattress and linen

  • Choosing a bed is half the battle. For a comfortable and restful sleep, you need to purchase an “ideal” mattress. Briefly describe what requirements apply to this bedding. First of all, the mattress in the crib must be suitable in size. If you place too small a mat in the bed, then the child will be able to stick his fingers into the gap between it and the sides of the bed. If you take an oversized mattress, then it will become deformed, go «bumps», which will disrupt children’s sleep.
  • Do not rush to take too soft bedding. The main requirement that is imposed on the surface of the couch is optimal rigidity and evenness. This is very important for the proper formation of the spinal column.
  • To buy the best mattress, you should ask about its “stuffing”. Refuse to purchase a filler made of cotton wool or foam rubber. The first rolls up quickly, and the foam layer does not allow air to pass through well, so the child will sweat.
  • Optimal fillers are horsehair, woolen threads, felt, dried seaweed, coconut fibers. In addition, you should pay attention to the coverage. It should be waterproof, anti-slip and soft to the touch.
  • Another important point is the choice of pillow. Do not put a head roll on a child under 12 months of age. The baby should lie on as straight a surface as possible. In some cases, a thin cotton sheet folded in several layers is placed under the head.
  • Bed linen is selected only from natural fabrics: cotton, terry, flannel. For a baby bed, you will need several duvet covers, large and small sheets. Linen is changed daily, the mattress is regularly dried to prevent mold.

Under bed drawer

Babies get and give a lot of different dowry: diapers, sliders, diapers, bed linen, play accessories. In such situations, a bedside box comes to the rescue. However, such an element is not found in all models, so parents should decide for themselves whether you need it or if you can get by with a bedside table. Some models of beds, for example, transformers, are hard to imagine without drawers. But for beds with runners or with pendulum motion sickness technology, such an element is not “mandatory”. On the contrary, some parents complain that at the moment of motion sickness, the box can suddenly roll out from under the crib. In any case, the question of the need or uselessness of underbed boxes must be decided, as they say, on the shore. The answer will depend, among other things, on the choice of a model of children’s furniture.

Additional elements

In addition to the basic equipment, cribs have all kinds of additional elements. Are they needed? It all depends on the accessory itself:

  • A mosquito net, knobs or a canopy are not the most important components of children’s furniture. It is quite possible to do without them.
  • Another thing is the silicone pads on the head and foot. Parental reviews show that babies often scratch their gums on bedding during teething. There may even be bite marks on the wooden headboards and sides, and the child will be able to swallow a piece of wood.
  • Another important point is the removable side walls. Usually, cribs with such a design feature are purchased so that a grown-up child can go to bed on his own or get out of it. Also, parents will be able to push the crib with the side panel removed to their bed.
  • Having carefully studied all the nuances described above, parents will be able to make a list of the most preferred and important parameters that the selected piece of furniture should have. In this case, the purchase of a crib will be greatly simplified.

Newborn crib rating for 2021

1 Best Bassinet: Noony Lula

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Why we liked it: An ideal sleeping place for a newborn with a bunch of additional features. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

In terms of comfort in the very first months of the child, this cradle has the highest score. The plastic body is trimmed with soft textiles (there are several colors). On the side there is a pocket for small things, and on the bottom there is a place to store clothes and diapers. Inside the cradle there is an orthopedic mattress with optimal rigidity for the baby. The cradle looks incredibly cute.

Design features

The model is designed for the smallest children (age up to 5 months, weight up to 7 kg). The size of the bed is 82×42 cm. In a small space, the newborn will feel calm and protected, which means that the chances of a long sleep increase.

The height of the cradle is adjustable according to the height of the mother. There are three positions. The wheels make it easy to move the cradle with you to any corner of the house. A small roof-hood protects from bright light. The model has a built-in carousel with teddy bears — your baby will definitely enjoy watching them. The motion sickness mechanism (transverse pendulum), as well as the vibration function, will help lull the baby to sleep.

You can connect a gadget to the cradle (it is possible to listen to MP3). The built-in dim night light will allow you not to turn on the main light if the baby woke up in the middle of the night.


  • comfort for the newborn;
  • additional functions (vibration, carousel, night light, MP3 player);
  • places for storing things;
  • wheels;
  • cute appearance.


  • enough for a maximum of 5-6 months.

2 Best Round Baby Crib: Noony Cozy

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Why we liked it: Cute bed with soft rounded lines and nine possible transformations. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

The model looks cute and very cozy, both in a round version and in an oval version with additional sections. There is nothing superfluous in the design, no decorative elements and carved facades. The body consists of rack sections and a base. Additional details are under the bed. The bed is made of solid birch combined with MDF.

Design features

Before you is a transformer from which you can assemble as many as nine pieces of furniture: a cradle, a toddler bed (sleeping place 75×125 cm), an extra bed, an arena, a changing table, a sofa, a table, chairs, a teenage bed. Not all of them will necessarily be useful to you, but the idea itself is cool.

The assembly process is simple, although the rather brief instructions sometimes cause difficulties. To save time, it is worth entrusting this work to a store employee or an experienced dad. By the way, for the transformation into a teenage bed, you will need additional elements that are sold separately.

The model has a transverse pendulum, which helps to lull the baby smoothly and gently. Also on the legs are wheels with locks. The front side wall is removable — for installation as an extra bed or sofa. The base has three positions in height.


  • 9 in 1;
  • natural materials;
  • removable wall;
  • spacious bed;
  • pendulum;
  • wheels.


  • uninformative instruction.

3. Best convertible crib for newborns: Nuovita Ferara

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Why we liked it: Unusual catchy design and simple transformation system. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

The crib immediately draws attention with clear lines and contrasting trim. The body is made of natural wood (beech), MDF panels are used at the base. There are five color options. The highlight of the model is that the upper and lower crossbars are painted in a different shade. Water-based paint and varnish are completely safe for the child. And in the crib you will not find a single sharp corner.

Design features

This is a transformer. A spacious bed (125×65 cm) allows you to use it up to 3-4 years. When the child grows up, the bed can be disassembled into two stylish and comfortable armchairs.

Compared to multifunctional transformers like the Noony Cozy, you might think that Nuovita Ferara doesn’t have that many features. In fact, after several years of operation, the furniture just gets bored and you want to buy something new for your child. At the same time, there is no desire to get rid of the old bed. Nuovita Ferara is from such a story. The chairs assembled from it are complete. They are suitable not only for children, but also for adults and will successfully fit into the interior of a country house or terrace.

The longitudinal pendulum will help gently and quickly lull the baby. The legs have wheels with stoppers, which makes it easy to move the crib around the room and securely fasten it to the chosen place. The height of the bed is adjustable in two positions. It is a pity that the crossbars are not removable. A grown up baby will not be able to get out of bed on his own.


  • unusual design;
  • transforms into two full chairs;
  • natural wood;
  • spacious sleeping area.


  • crossbars are not removed.

4 Best Budget Baby Crib: Fairy 304

Fairy 304

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Why we liked it: An excellent balance of price and quality for practical parents. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

Looks good and reliable. Classic rectangular shape, slatted walls and rounded backs. More for this price and is not required.

The bed is completely made of wood. Processing on the «four» — there are no sharp edges, but there are small roughnesses.

Design features

The model is easy to assemble, but the instructions themselves are not complete enough. The side walls differ in length, and this can cause difficulties.

The height of the bed is adjustable in two positions. The side wall is lowered, but the slats are not removed. For an older child, the sidewall will simply have to be dismantled. There are silicone pads on the crossbars, cross-swing skids and removable wheels for easy movement around the house. The bed is very light — it weighs only 18 kg.


  • affordable price;
  • completely made of wood;
  • little weight;
  • drop side.


  • incomplete instruction;
  • there are roughness.

5. Best luxury crib for a newborn: Nuovita Fulgore

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Why we liked it: A chic bed for your baby with a rococo design. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

This baby bed looks luxurious. The side panels are trimmed with a carriage tie, rhinestones and gold-colored elements. Sturdy carved legs successfully complement the elegant look of the crib. It all looks elegant, expensive and at the same time not pretentious.

The main material is MDF. Some parts of the box are made of chipboard. The manufacturer has certificates that guarantee the safety of the materials used.

Design features

The bed is a classic. The size of the bed is 60×120 cm. The model is designed for children up to 100 cm tall (up to about 3 years), although it can withstand a load of up to 50 kg.

The bottom is adjustable in height, there are two positions: upper and lower. One of the sides drops down to make it easier to take the baby out of the crib. The rack wall itself is completely removed. There are removable silicone pads on the handrails, and a capacious drawer with two compartments is arranged under the bed. It is convenient to put bed linen here and not only. There is no swing mechanism.


  • interesting design;
  • capacious linen box;
  • silicone pads on the sides.


  • there is no swing mechanism.

6 Best Newborn Bed: Geuther Cottage

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Why we liked it: Spacious and beautiful bed that will serve the child from birth to primary school age. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

This bed combines classic and modern trends. The model is made in white color, looks concise and noble in any interior. It will appeal to parents with a variety of tastes.

The end sides are made of solid panels, and the side ones are with the usual slats. The main materials are MDF and wood. The bed is very strong and stable. The coating does not chip and is patient with attempts to try on the tooth. For greater reliability, the kit includes silicone pads on the sides.

Design features

Officially, the model is considered a transformer, although it looks more like a classic bed, although more spacious. A bed measuring 140×70 cm may even seem too big for a newborn. You can add comfort to the crumbs with the help of soft voluminous sides. If you remove the slatted walls and remove additional facades, you get a comfortable bed for a child from 3 to 7–9 years old (depending on height).

The bottom of the crib has three height positions. There are removable slats so that the grown-up baby can get out of the crib on their own.


  • universal berth up to school age;
  • noble appearance;
  • high quality coating;
  • removable rails;
  • the presence of silicone pads.


  • too big for a newborn.

7 Best Baby Boy Crib: Nuovita Fortuna

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Why we liked it: Quality bed with a classic motion sickness mechanism and a very cute unobtrusive design. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

Perhaps it cannot be said that this bed is exclusively for a boy. It’s just that her design has that balance of cuteness and conciseness that is perfect for a small man. If you have a daughter, but you don’t want extra frills and rhinestones in the interior, this option is also for you. The bed is a bit reminiscent of Feretti Majesty Brillante: the same solid fronts at the headboard, rounded lines and light colors. But the swing mechanism is different here, and the appearance is more restrained.

The headboard is decorated with a cute bear and a heart. The color scheme is white-gray or ivory. The main material is solid beech. This is the standard for high quality baby beds. Some parts are made of chipboard.

Design features

This model has a standard bed measuring 120×60 cm. There are two levels of height adjustment, a lowered side wall and silicone covers for the crossbars. The side is lowered — your back will be grateful when you need to get or put a heavy, strong man in the crib. But the slats, unfortunately, are not removed.

At the bottom is a small laundry box. The bed is on sleds. If there is no need for rocking, you can screw the wheels and the bed will become motionless.


  • natural wood;
  • cute but discreet finish;
  • wheels;
  • linen box;
  • lowered rim.


  • rails are not removed.

8 Best Baby Crib: Feretti Majesty Brillante FMS

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Why we liked it: Italian quality and chic design for your little princess. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

Once you see this bed, you will immediately fall in love with it. She is incredibly beautiful and gentle. The model has smooth, streamlined lines, girly-style patterns and two cute teddy bears on the front.

The main material is solid beech combined with MDF. All parts are smooth and absolutely safe. A patented feature from the manufacturer is a pendulum mechanism that is not striking. It is hidden inside the bed.

Design features

The model belongs to the classic. There is nothing to transform here, but an oversized bed (65×125 cm) will allow a child up to 4–5 years old to comfortably sit in a crib. True, the crossbars are not removable and over time you just have to remove the sidewall so that the baby can climb into her bed herself.

The bottom of the crib has two positions. The set includes wheels and silicone pads on the sides. An interesting solution is a viewing window at the head. You can watch your little one in it. The longitudinal pendulum swings very smoothly and easily — just touch it with one finger. It’s hard to resist this kind of lulling. The model is really chic, but also expensive.


  • royal appearance;
  • hidden pendulum;
  • slight motion sickness;
  • viewing window;
  • spacious sleeping area.


  • crossbars are not removed;
  • high price.

9. The best bed for a newborn with drawers: Teresa Gandylyan


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Why we liked it: This is not just a bed with drawers, it’s a whole system of storage for children’s things, complete with a growing bed. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

High-quality and reliable — such an association arises when looking at this furniture. Strict laconic design will suit the interior of any room in your home. The main thing is to find a place for her, because the bed is quite large (171x74x97 cm).

The manufacturer offers a choice of 6 colors. The main material is wood (solid beech). The boxes are made using chipboard.

Design features

This bed is also a transformer, like Noony Cozy, but the assembly principle here is completely different. The baby mattress is provided in a standard size — 60×120 cm. It is suitable for a child from birth to three years old (and sometimes older, depending on height). To the right of the bed there is a comfortable diaper and a spacious chest of drawers with three drawers. There are also open shelves on the side of the chest of drawers for storing toys, books and other little things. Another drawer with two sections is located at the bottom of the crib. It is very spacious and can easily accommodate several sets of bedding.

The transformation of the crib is very simple. The back and headboard are shortened, the sidewalls are dismantled. The chest of drawers is removed and installed separately on wheels. The vacated space is suitable for a mattress measuring 60×168. This length will most likely be enough for a child until adolescence.

The model has a longitudinal pendulum, rocking smoothly and comfortably. The bottom of the crib has two positions in height, the side wall is lowered. The rails have plastic overlays. It is a pity that there is no way to remove one or more slats, because the grown-up baby will want to get out of bed on his own. In this case, you will have to completely dismantle the side wall.


  • many boxes for storage;
  • bed from birth to adolescence;
  • body made of natural wood;
  • plastic pads;
  • simple transformation.


  • takes up a lot of space;
  • crossbars are not removed.

10 Best Cantilever Bed: Winnie’s Papaloni

Papaloni Winnie

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Why we liked it: A simple and reliable model with a classic swing mechanism. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

The bed looks simple but dignified. All walls are slatted, so that the bed is well ventilated and visible from all sides. Five color options allow you to choose the perfect option for your environment. The main advantage is that the model is completely made of wood (beech).

Design features

Everything is standard here. Sleeping place 120×60 cm (suitable for up to 3-4 years old child). The height is adjustable in two positions. Reiki from the sidewall, unfortunately, are not removed, but one of the walls is lowered. True, this may require some effort, especially if the mattress lies closely.

On the base are fixed runners for rocking the baby. To fix them, you can install the wheels (included). Under the bed there is a drawer with two sections. Bed linen and diapers will fit here.


  • natural wood;
  • skids and wheels included;
  • drop sidewall;
  • the presence of a linen box.


  • rails are not removable;
  • it is difficult to lower the wall.

11 Best Bedside Baby Bed: Fairy 100

Fairy 100

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Why we liked it: Simple and comfortable crib design for sharing sleep with parents. Editor’s score:

Material and appearance

The model is completely made of solid birch. No unnecessary details — three walls, a base and legs. The fourth sidewall can be purchased separately. It will come in handy if you decide to move the baby bed away from your bed.

Design features

A model for experienced parents who understand that the first nights with a newborn are frequent rises and feedings. So that the mother does not have to get up every time and get the child out of his crib, they came up with such attached models. The height of the bed is adjusted to the level of the parent’s bed. It turns out that the baby spends the night next to his mother, but at the same time is protected from falls and has his own sleeping place.

The size of the mattress is 90×50 cm. This crib belongs to the cradle, and the baby can sleep in it from birth up to a maximum of 6-7 months. The only caveat: there is no attachment to the parent’s bed. Care must be taken so that the cradle does not accidentally move away. It is possible to install wheels for ease of movement around the house (sold separately).


  • entirely from solid wood;
  • nothing extra;
  • 5 height levels;
  • convenient attachment design.


  • the fourth wall is not included;
  • there is no attachment to the parent’s bed.

Crib for newborns which company is better to choose

There are many models of different brands in the stores. The most sought after are world leaders, as well-known companies monitor their reputation and are interested in manufacturing quality goods. Domestically made cribs are also often purchased due to their more affordable prices. The most comfortable and safe were the beds of the following companies:

  • Feya is a Russian brand that has been producing goods for children for 50 years. The trademark belongs to the Votkinsk Industrial Company, which regularly expands its range.
  • Papaloni is a domestic company whose main goal is to ensure the safety of the baby, the materials used do not contain harmful substances.
  • Krasnaya Zvezda — the history of the company’s development began more than 90 years ago, and since then the brand’s catalog has a wide range of children’s furniture made of natural wood.
  • Nuovita — the Italian brand is an excellent assistant to parents in arranging a children’s room. The catalog of the company includes strollers, playpens, swings and other useful goods for children.
  • Valle is a Russian brand that produces inexpensive functional furniture. The baby cots of this company are comfortable and elegant, and the details are made of eco-friendly materials.
  • Micuna — furniture for children is made in the best traditions of the Spanish brand. The activity of the company began in 1973, when the first wooden children’s bed was presented.
  • Baby Expert — the collections of the Italian company allow you to equip a cozy nest for a child. Furniture combines functionality, practicality, safety and great design. The company uses water-based paints to create cribs.
  • Feretti — brand products from Italy are famous for their high quality. The company, founded in 2004, immediately occupied a niche for the production of high-quality products for a peaceful baby’s sleep. Success was won thanks to the latest developments and unique design.
  • SKV-Company — since 1999, the company has been selling inexpensive, beautiful and comfortable furniture. The enterprise is located in the Arkhangelsk region, where it is possible to choose the best wood for products.
  • An island of comfort — the company offers cozy children’s beds at a low price. Each model has a unique design, which allows you to choose furniture for any interior.
  • Gandylyan — children’s furniture of this company is in great demand. The company started its activity in 1993. Italian specialists are working on the creation of the original design.

Best Inexpensive Baby Cribs

Fairy 1100

Universal design, designed for a child from birth to approximately ten years of age. This crib is made from natural wood and laminated chipboard panels, all elements are additionally treated with protective antifungal compounds. The bottom has two levels, made of fairly wide lamellas, 2 side walls are closed, two more are made of smooth slats. The front crossbar is removable, has a height adjustment mechanism. The design also provides a convenient chest of drawers, combined with a changing table, in addition, there is a pendulum-type rocking mechanism. If necessary, the crib quickly transforms into a comfortable couch for an older child. There are two spacious drawers under the bed. The overall dimensions of the product are small: 63.5 cm wide, 173 cm long and 108.5 cm high, such a bed is perfect even for a small bedroom.


  • Multifunctional design
  • There are several sleeping positions
  • Lots of roomy drawers
  • Drop-down front side
  • Made from natural materials


  • Weighs quite a lot
  • The changing table is small — only one month old baby will fit on it
  • At first, it emits an extraneous odor, so it should be installed a few weeks before the birth of the child.

Giovanni Tree O 6 in 1

Stylish and cozy transforming bed is made of solid New Zealand pine, and transforms into 3 unique designs: oval, round and side, with 6 in 1 options, also a playpen, 2 mini-chairs and a sofa bed. The most voluminous size of a bed among oval and round beds (120 × 90 centimeters).


  • Six steps of transformation
  • Long service life 3 levels of mattress base
  • Bottom height adjustment
  • Removable front wall
  • wooden frame
  • slatted bottom
  • Self-centering wheels with locks
  • On wheels


  • No storage box
  • Price
  • No changing table provided
  • No silicone pads

Fairy 304

Recommended by many buyers who have already tried this crib in action. Customers liked it because of its design features, reliability and reasonable price. The side wall can be raised or lowered, part of the rods at the sidewall is removable: in this way you can make a kind of door for the baby, while he will continue to be safe during sleep, since the remaining elements of the side wall will protect him from falling.


  • Reliable build quality
  • User friendly design
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks pretty


  • Sold in one color option only
  • No storage box for accessories

Antel Alita 5

A good inexpensive crib made of birch with a longitudinal pendulum. There is a bottom adjustment in two positions, front wall adjustment, polymer lining on the walls. Users highly appreciate the quality of woodworking and painting and the smoothness of the pendulum movement. By the way, the longitudinal pendulum is considered more physiological for the child. In its category, this newborn crib deserves the best rating.


  • excellent quality materials and processing
  • smooth pendulum with stopper
  • orthopedic slatted bottom
  • 5 classic colors


  • no wheels

SKV-Company 12011X Berezka New

Classic bed for newborns, which has the most necessary functions, goes well with any kind of accessories and fits into any interior. The product is made of birch wood and is particularly durable and environmentally friendly. Looks attractive and will look natural in any room interior. The product is sold in several colors, both light and dark. The height of the place to sleep is adjustable, the front wall is a removable type. The crib mechanism allows you to adjust the height level by lowering the front wall. The bed can be moved on wheels and used as a rocking chair. The optimal mattress size for such products is 120*60 cm. There are two levels of bottom height. You can assemble this bed in half an hour, since the instructions are clear and informative. But be careful: the quality of the parts corresponds to the price, you do not need to apply too much force when tightening the screws.


  • Great price
  • Easy to move around the room — for this purpose, wheels are mounted below
  • Simplicity
  • Practicality
  • Bottom height adjustment
  • Wide range of colors (6)
  • Swing skids
  • Silicone protective railings
  • Two height positions
  • Ability to lower the wall
  • High-quality body made of natural wood (birch)


  • No storage box
  • The motion sickness mechanism can only be used after the wheels have been removed.
  • Parts processing

What are cribs

Cribs for newborns are divided into 4 large categories. It:

  • classic beds;
  • transformers;
  • cradles or cradles;
  • arenas.

Classic cribs are also the most popular. For the most part, they are similar to each other: designed for children from birth to 3 years old, they have similar sizes, a standard rectangular shape. Often these cribs are equipped with a number of additional features: wheels, motion sickness mechanism, folding or removable sides, boxes for linen.

Transformers are more technically sophisticated beds, often having a non-standard shape, for example, an oval one. Such cribs are versatile — they can be decomposed into a bed for an older child, which will allow you to use one piece of furniture for 10-12 years. Many manufacturers also provide their cribs with additional modes, allowing you to turn them into a table, sofa or other piece of furniture.

The cradle is designed for children under the age of six months to a year. In it, the baby will be cozier and more comfortable than in a classic bed, in addition, a good cradle is much easier to move around the apartment and move to the parent’s bed at night, so that the child is under supervision all the time. The main disadvantage of cradles is their relatively short time of use. The child grows out of them very quickly, forcing them to go to the store for a new crib, while the cradle itself can only be sold or put away in the pantry.

Playpens with the function of a bed are suitable for families living in rented apartments. Their main advantage is ease of transportation. The playpen is easy to assemble and disassemble, equipped with wheels and weighs little, which makes it easy to move it around the apartment. However, it also has significant shortcomings. So, soft walls without crossbars make it difficult for the child to stand up. These cribs are best used as a spare or travel option.

The best premium baby cribs

Feretti Majesty Brillante FMS

There is nothing superfluous and unnecessary in this bed. The high cost is due precisely to its impeccable quality. The bed is made of solid beech, the wood is carefully processed and painted with safe paint. There are no sharp corners in the model, all lines are smooth. The bottom is adjustable, the pendulum mechanism is implemented very well — the crib can be rocked literally with one finger. The size of the model is quite roomy, suitable for a child up to five years. After the purchase, parents write admiringly in reviews about the really high quality of workmanship, environmental friendliness of materials. Many of the pluses include a stylish, expensive design, good shapes, a window, rhinestones — a great option for a girl. The disadvantage of users can only be called that the sidewall does not fall, but most parents do not see this as a serious inconvenience. Country: Italy.


  • stylish design
  • little window
  • successful forms


  • sidewall does not go down

Stokke Sleepi Mini

One of the best baby cribs, if you listen to user reviews. First of all, this design does not weigh too much compared to the designs already considered — only 16 kg. The product has an oval shape, due to which it will need more free space compared to a classic-shaped bed. The structure is made of natural beech, covered with harmless varnishes and water-based paints. Largely due to the oval shape, a comfortable rest of the child is ensured. If necessary, the bed can be adjusted in height. If desired, you can buy additional elements for the bed, which allow you to turn it into a full-fledged structure designed for a child under the age of ten. There are slats around the entire perimeter of the bed, the bottom is also made on the basis of slats.


  • Not an ordinary look
  • Includes orthopedic mattress with cover
  • Low price
  • Can be used as a playpen
  • High quality production


  • The threads on the wheels are rather weak, in a year and a half they will need to be replaced
  • You have to buy additional items
  • Some bolts cannot be fully tightened, causing them to loosen from time to time.

Red Star Juliana S757

The classic model with a removable, drop-down front wall is appreciated by many parents as luxurious due to quality materials. There are three colors to choose from: chocolate, white and ivory.


  • appearance
  • quality finish
  • 3 stock levels
  • silent pendulum
  • protective silicone pads


  • complex assembly

ComfortBaby SmartGrow 8 in 1

This is one of the most versatile models of the best cribs. Suitable for a child from birth to five years old, if necessary, it turns into a round cradle combined with a changing table, a full bed for a child, a sofa, a playpen, as well as a set of furniture that includes a table and two very comfortable chairs. The structure is made from solid beech wood of the highest grade, processed with paints and varnishes allowed for children’s furniture. The crib comes with an orthopedic mattress, each side of which has its own rigidity. It is suitable not only for the crib itself, but can also be used as seats on chairs. It has a removable zippered case. The bed has an adjustable bottom height — as many as four positions, is able to withstand a significant weight — up to 120 kg, it can be moved on wheels with a travel lock.


  • Looks nice
  • Good workmanship
  • The presence of an orthopedic mattress
  • All transformations are intuitive and simple


  • Round shape requires a lot of free space
  • High price
  • Mounting holes are often not completely cleared of chips, it happens that they are not drilled to the end


This bed is designed for a real princess or prince. It is unique in its royal design: crown engraving, velvet upholstery fabric, Swarovski crystals. The model is made of Caucasian beech. It is very safe due to the absence of sharp corners and is very high quality. No wonder this bed is included in the premium class. The wood is very well sanded, so the child will not get hurt on the railing. The front wall drops down, and parents can easily take their child in their arms. The bottom is lowered for older children and raised for newborns. The sleeping place is produced in Russia by Gandalyan.


  • Amazing design
  • Safe for baby
  • durable
  • Has wheels for movement
  • natural material


  • Very expensive

Lists of the best

This rating presents cribs belonging to several categories: classic, cradles and transformer models. Given this, the logical step is to determine the best option in each category.

Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 is the best cradle

The main disadvantage of all cradles is the very limited time of their use. Not every parent is ready to buy a rather expensive piece of furniture that can serve for six months, a maximum of a year. The creators of the Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 cradle were partially able to get around this shortcoming. After the child no longer fits in the cradle, it can be turned into a deck chair or high chair, thereby extending the life of the product.

In addition, the Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 model can be used as a side crib thanks to the ability to smoothly adjust the height. It is distinguished by excellent build quality and a multimedia arc with toys suspended from it, which partially replaces the mobile.

Nuovita Nido Magia 5 in 1 — the most functional transforming bed

A convertible crib is a great option for parents who prefer to buy furniture that can last as long as possible. The Nuovita Nido Magia is the perfect solution with impressive functionality. For reasonable money, the buyer receives at the same time a cradle, a changing table, a crib for children under 3 years old, a sofa, an arena, a table and two chairs. In addition, the manufacturer offers the opportunity to buy an additional segment, with the help of which the crib turns into a full-fledged teenage bed. The model is distinguished by high build quality, all transformations are made easily, without the involvement of furniture assembly specialists.

Wundermöbel MultiSleep Klassik — the best classic crib

It may seem that the design of classic cribs is difficult to improve, but the creators of the MultiSleep Klassik model were able to do it. This crib is equipped with a special pendulum mechanism, devoid of all the shortcomings of the longitudinal and transverse structures. He needs less free space to work, in addition, motion sickness occurs as naturally as possible, without creating a load on the child’s vestibular apparatus. If necessary, spring mechanisms are easily dismantled and changed to standard legs.

The model is distinguished by the highest build quality, allows you to very flexibly adjust the position of the bottom, and is easy to assemble.

The best beds for newborns in terms of price / quality

Red Star Elisey С717

This model is made by a domestic manufacturer. Looks stylish and cute. The manufacturer offers its product in two color options. The main material is birch, wooden materials are lacquered. Removable type side grilles are available.


  • The sleeping place is adjustable in height: it can be fixed at four different levels
  • At the bottom there is a box for storing baby supplies
  • Looks beautiful. Wooden structural elements are covered with carvings and rhinestones


Nuovita Nido Magia 5 in 1 (transformer)

The durable, comfortable oval-shaped model stands out for its functionality. If you consider that over time you can buy parts for the construction of a teenage bed, the benefits of the acquisition become obvious.


  • quality
  • easy assembly
  • 3 levels of height adjustment
  • pendulum
  • 6 pieces of furniture in one


  • relatively high price

Red Star Irina С625

Crib made of solid birch with smooth rocking function. Sealed bearings do not require constant lubrication, and the quality guarantees a long service life.


  • large sealed bearings
  • price
  • reliability
  • smooth motion sickness
  • comfortable


  • not very clear assembly instructions

Red Star Christina С619

Russian-made baby bed. A longitudinal pendulum swing mechanism is installed here, which has a lock. The sleeping place can be installed on one of three levels. The side guard lowers when the hooks are raised at the same time. If necessary, the side panel can be removed completely to substitute the product to the parent’s bed.


  • slatted bottom
  • made of solid birch and planed veneer
  • water-based paints and varnishes
  • 6 colors


  • no box
  • not all parts are of the proper quality

Gandylyan Lyudmila K2002-06

Crib with a classic design. The product is made of solid Caucasian beech. The swing mechanism is a longitudinal pendulum. It is completely silent, so the baby’s sleep will not be disturbed. One side bar drops down for easier access to baby. The bottom under the mattress is slatted, due to which ventilation is improved. The bed can be installed on one of two levels. The model is completed with a big box for storage of bed linen or toys.


  • water based paint
  • simple and fast assembly
  • side bar can be removed
  • Has silicone pads


  • plastic retainers

comparison table

To make it easier for the reader to navigate the characteristics of the products presented in this rating, I have reduced all of them into a single comparative table. With its help, you can quickly determine which of the cribs best suits your needs.

Model Type of Bed dimensions Number of bottom height levels Material Motion sickness mechanism
Red Star Paulina-2 С422 Transformer 65×125 cm 3 levels Tree (birch) longitudinal pendulum
Gandylyan Dashenka K2001-02(12) Classical 60×120 cm 2 levels Wood (Beech) skids
SWEET BABY Luciano Classical 60×120 cm 2 levels chipboard, wood transverse pendulum
Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Cradle 85×60 cm Infinitely adjustable height Metal, plastic, textile Not
Wundermöbel MultiSleep Classic Classical 60×120 cm 8 levels Wood (beech) Specially designed pendulum mechanism
Bed Fairy 1100 Transformer 120*60cm 2 levels Wood, chipboard transverse pendulum
My baby My baby Cradle 90×45 cm one level Tree (birch) transverse pendulum
Nuovita Nido Magic 5 in 1 Transformer 76×126 cm 3 levels Wood (Beech) transverse pendulum
Geuther Cottage Transformer 70×140 cm 3 levels Chipboard, MDF Not
Nuovita Accanto Bonta Cradle 72×42 cm 6 levels Metal frame, textiles, plastic Not

The best beds for newborns in the middle segment

Red Star Paulina-2 С422

Transformer 8 in 1. If necessary, the product turns into a comfortable and safe arena, a table with a pair of chairs, a sofa, an oval-shaped bed, a cradle with a changing table. Variations of color solutions will allow you to choose the most optimal option for the existing design of the nursery. The manufacturer has installed an easy-to-use pendulum mechanism. The bed has three levels of fixation. In order to rise from the crib, the baby just needs to grab the racks and pull themselves up a little. As they grow older, the sides are removed. The design belongs to the category of large-sized, therefore it cannot be used in small-sized rooms.


  • build variations
  • design
  • carcass strength
  • auto-swing
  • removable wheels


  • dirty gray wheels
  • branded accessories are not enough

Baby Italia Dalia

In appearance, a simple and unremarkable design has amazing characteristics. As the main raw material, exclusively safe high-quality wood is used, which goes through several stages of polishing. There are three color schemes — dark, light and white wood. Each of the wheels is equipped with a stopper. There is also a spacious storage compartment. Highly durable construction that does not take much time to assemble.


  • Italian quality
  • capacity of containers
  • design
  • stoppers on wheels
  • ease of assembly
  • the quality of the raw materials used


Gandylyan Chu-cha

The sleeping place from the Gandylyan company is produced at the Russian factory. It is made from chipboard and solid oak. The parts themselves are well dyed and have no smell. You can choose any shade you like from those available on the market. In addition, the bottom has two positions, and have latches that hold the bottom. The top railings have silicone abrasion protection. The set includes a chest of drawers for storing things and hygiene items for the child. It is attached to the bottom of the bed. When the baby grows up, you can remove the side grille and use the bed as a small sofa. In addition, the bed is equipped with a pendulum for motion sickness of the newborn. You can freeze it if you wish.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • well painted
  • functional


  • If it has a pendulum, it is difficult to move the crib
  • Some may find it difficult to assemble

Lel (Kubanlesstroy) Buttercup AB 15.0

The classic in the direction helps to fit perfectly into the design of the children’s room. Equipped with wooden skids for rocking and wheels. Production material — beech. Distinctive features: wear-resistant and high quality. Covered with Italian lacquer and paints that provide an elegant interface and are harmless. The sample represents a selection of functions, quality factor and comfort.


  • three height-adjustable positions
  • front wall goes down
  • rich color scheme
  • high quality texture


  • no drawer for items
  • overpriced

Gandylyan Anastasia

Functional and comfortable crib without any frills. Like most other products of this type, the sidewalls and the front wall of the product are removable: they are quickly removed and put in place. The main materials are wood and chipboard. Also in the crib there is a pendulum mechanism for motion sickness of the baby.


  • Fixing a bed at several levels in height
  • Suitable for kids up to 3 years of age
  • Several device colors
  • The presence of a capacious box at the bottom of the crib for storage


  • Chipboard is the weakest element of the crib: medium-quality chipboard is used, so it is she who fails first of all


  • It is important that the crib does not have sharp corners, and the baby does not hit them.
  • The material from which the bed is made, as well as the paintwork must be environmentally friendly.
  • It is better to choose beds with a slatted bottom and walls so that the baby has enough air. The optimal distance between the slats at the wall of the crib is 8 cm.
  • The crib should have an auto-wall or auto-bar that can be raised and lowered as needed.
  • The front wall must be removable. Thanks to this function, the mother can move the baby to her bed and watch him.
  • In addition, slats should be removed in the front wall so that the grown-up child can independently get out of the crib and climb back.
  • Please note that there are special silicone pads on the walls of the bed so that the baby gnaws them (and not wood or metal) when his teeth erupt.
  • The mechanism of the auto-wall or auto-bar must be safe for the child.


  • The size. Bed sizes are most often standard 120 × 60 or 140 × 70, mattresses and bed linen are easily selected for them. A sign of quality are strong connections of elements.
  • bed material. The best and safest cribs are made exclusively from natural materials: most often from solid beech, since it is very strong and durable, or from pine — the environmental friendliness of coatings and materials, in these cases, is provided. Also, there are products made of metal, plastic and chipboard, but such non-natural materials should be avoided. Carefully check the surface of the product, it must be smooth.
  • Design. Regardless of the chosen design of a children’s bed, whether it is a pendulum, a transformer, a regular one, with a drawer, chest of drawers, a changing chest, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the rods and the distance between the planks (usually from 6-8 cm, no more). Also pay attention to the presence of wheels, as mobile beds are more practical. If the selected crib is equipped with a pendulum mechanism, then check its noiselessness and smoothness. The bottom should not be monolithic, but slatted, since the monolithic bottom makes it difficult for air to circulate, and can cause fungi to appear in the mattress.