To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to move as much as possible. For the average person, it is necessary to comply with the norm of more than 10 thousand steps in one day. For those who want to lose weight, the number of steps needs to be significantly increased.

It is impossible to count the number of steps manually. To do this, you will need to purchase a pedometer device. There are a large number of offers on the market for the sale of the product, so the user needs to choose the best pedometer in the class based on the pedometer rating. Ratings are compiled by experts and users based on reviews.

Appearance of devices

The best children’s pedometers

Separately, pedometers for children are rarely sold, most often they are included in the functionality of smart watches. Just such a model participates in this rating, and it is selected because of its wide possibilities and practicality in use.

Watch Life Button Sport

Inexpensive watches with a built-in pedometer «Sport Life Button» are suitable for both boys and girls. They determine the number of steps taken, regardless of the current speed and their length. Also, with their help, it is possible to find out the calorie consumption, the time of activity and the distance covered. The product has a wide strap that securely fixes it on the child’s hand.

The Life Button Sport watch has a parental control option and supports all telephony features: call notifications, built-in microphone, vibration, etc. They are compatible with two operating systems at once: Apple iOS and Android. The product is equipped with a touch screen for easy operation. The battery capacity of 400 mAh is enough for long-term work without recharging.

Watch Life Button Sport


  • Good dust and moisture protection;
  • Soft rubber strap;
  • Connects to the phone via Bluetooth v 4.0;
  • Beautiful blue color;
  • A good screen resolution is 240×240 pixels.


  • It is not very convenient to tuck over the sleeve of a sweater, T-shirt or shirt;
  • The camera is weak.

How to choose a pedometer

The most accurate in terms of readings are recognized as electronic or electro-mechanical models that display results when worn in a pocket or on the wrist. The cheapest are mechanical devices that analyze data using pendulum technology.

For those who want to record all their movements in space, it is best to pay attention to a pocket pedometer. Athletes involved in, for example, jogging, should pay attention to bracelet options, and for daily use, products with fixation on a clip in the belt area are suitable. However, they are not very effective when the user is overweight.

For people who want to lose weight, the option to display calorie consumption data on the screen is mandatory. Those who have problems with the cardiovascular system should first of all give preference to options with a built-in heart rate monitor. Each pedometer must be compatible with mobile phones for data transmission. The fastest and most reliable way here is synchronization via Wi-Fi, but it requires a lot of energy. The most economical option is contact via Bluetooth.

Given the above recommendations, the following conclusions can be drawn regarding which pedometer is better:

  • Those who want to lose weight should give preference to Honor Band 3.
  • For those who are jogging, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse will be useful.
  • People with irregular heart rhythms can choose the Sigma PC 15.11, which, among other things, measures the pulse.
  • For everyday use in order to prevent obesity, it will be convenient to use the Pedometer TFA Hitrax Walk.
  • When running, squatting, jumping rope, Omron HJ-005 or Torneo A-946 will be relevant.
  • If you need to not only count the number of steps taken, but also determine the distance traveled, it is recommended to take a closer look at the Medisana Vifit or Solar Power HY-02T.
  • For children to lead a healthy lifestyle, the Sport Life Button watch is the best choice.

A pedometer can perform both one main function and several at once, so before choosing a suitable model, you should decide on your goals: maintaining a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, heart rate control.

Criterias of choice

belt pedometer

If you decide to take care of your health under the supervision of a pedometer, then before buying we advise you to use some basic requirements for this gadget:

  1. Functional. For a newcomer to the ranks of athletes, a device is not needed that makes up a diagram of biophysical deviations and vibrations of both limbs. A counter of steps, length of distance and calories is quite suitable.
  2. Design. Any pedometer should be comfortable and easy to wear, but not too small and inconspicuous, so as not to inadvertently put it along with things in the washing machine.
  3. Mounting method. According to consumer reviews, both bracelets and devices attached to the belt with a clip are convenient. Other pocket options are easy to lose while running.
  4. Price. For novice athletes, and experienced runners, the most standard devices without unnecessary “chips” and synchronization will do. The easiest way is to press a button to start, besides, such models are much cheaper than touch ones.
  5. Additional functions. Advanced functionality, such as measurement memory, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, etc., can satisfy the most demanding user, but the price will be appropriate.

Before buying, you should study the opinion of other buyers about the model you like. It would be useful to visually study the pedometer, tactile and functional. In our rating, there are devices with a clock and a pedometer, as well as without them. With this little gadget, you’ll get the most out of your workouts, running, and walking, as well as a dose of extra motivation for your next workout.

The best pedometers for the belt

These models are usually the cheapest, since most often they only perform one function, such as measuring the number of steps, they do not even always determine the distance traveled in kilometers or miles. We reviewed 15 products in stores and based on their practicality, efficiency, versatility, convenience, added 3 options with the best features to this category.

Pedometer TFA Hitrax Walk

…Testing has shown that the Pedometer is easy to set up and the LCD display is easy to read. If necessary, you can reset the settings and clear the memory with one click of the corresponding button …

Expert opinion

This is a separate pedometer, without additional functions, which is inexpensive. It is fixed on the belt with a special attachment, so the risk of loss is reduced to almost zero. The device works while the user is moving, counting the steps taken. The product is automated and in a state of physical calmness of a person turns off on its own exactly after 2 minutes, which saves battery power.


  • Small size;
  • Powered by batteries;
  • Impact-resistant plastic;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Ease of controls;
  • Convenient button layout on the front.


  • Not very bright display.

Omron HJ-005

The Omron HJ-005 pedometer has earned the title of the best due to its compactness and reliability of counting steps both when running and when walking. The principle of its operation is based on pendulum technology. The results are displayed on a small LCD screen, which, if necessary, is closed with a special cover. Thanks to these data, you can increase the load and adjust the training program.

The display has a device control button, located in a convenient place — in front. For secure fixation on the user’s belt, there is a built-in fastener that allows you to place the product on a belt or trouser pocket. The sensitivity level regulator is responsible for the accuracy of the readings, which, if necessary, can be adjusted depending on the activity of movements and the type of training.


  • High-quality fastening to clothes with a clip;
  • Shows accurate data at temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees;
  • Data error is 5%;
  • Considers every step;
  • Captures even slow movements;
  • Controls walking both outdoors and indoors.


  • Weight in 24 g;
  • The battery lasts less than a year.

The Omron HJ-005 pedometer from the Japanese manufacturer counts almost all steps (from 0 to 99.9999) and is relevant even at very large distances.

Torneo A-946

Those who want to buy a good pedometer should pay attention to this model. It is inexpensive, has a round shape and a rectangular monochrome display, not very large, which can be inconvenient for people with poor eyesight. The device works on one battery for an average of six months. The product does not interfere with the user and is attached to the belt using a special clip in the kit, which securely holds it on the person even while running. With the help of Torneo A-946, not only the number of steps is measured, but also the time of activity is recorded.


  • Can be fastened both on a belt and on a trouser belt;
  • In the sun, the data is clearly visible, there are no glare;
  • Quality plastic;
  • Good build;
  • Bright color;
  • Neat round shape.


  • There is a small error, about one step in every thirty;
  • Noisy, clicks during operation.

Torneo A-946 is easy to operate, but to change the current mode and reset the data, you need to not only press the button, but also hold it for a while.

The best pocket pedometers

Such products are designed to be carried in a pocket, therefore they are small in size and light in weight. They are equipped with a display that displays data on the number of steps taken and the distances covered. Out of 10 options, only two models with the best indicators of quality and accuracy were included in this TOP.

Medisana Vifit

The main advantage of this fitness pedometer is the ability to count not only the steps taken, but also the distance traveled. The received data is stored in the built-in memory for up to two weeks and displayed on the OLED display. With the dedicated VitaDock app for Android and iOS, you can schedule your workouts. The set includes a soft fabric bracelet that does not rub the skin, although the product, according to the instructions, should be worn in a pocket and, due to its small size, does not fall out of it. The device runs on battery without recharging for at least a week.


  • The case is resistant to wear and scratches;
  • Counts calories burned;
  • There is an indication of the training time;
  • Fast synchronization with mobile via bluetooth;
  • Weighs only 11.5 g;
  • Black, not easily soiled.


  • Not low price.

Solar Power HY-02T

This is the most unusual pedometer in the ranking, it can be powered by both batteries and solar cells. It can be used at temperatures from +5 to +40 degrees, the device is controlled using three buttons on the case. Solar Power HY-02T considers both short and long steps up to 120 cm, if necessary, this parameter can be adjusted for you depending on your height.

This option is relevant for weight loss, since it effectively calculates calories burned in the range from 0 to 9999.9 kcal. The device reacts to the user’s weight in the region of 30-150 kg, therefore it is also suitable for overweight people, however, a deviation of 5% up or down is possible here. It is characterized by an intuitive interface that simplifies the use of the product, as well as a high-quality plastic housing that increases the service life.


  • Low price;
  • Can be attached to the belt, belt, pocket;
  • Light weight — about 18 g;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • The number of steps taken is tracked by day;
  • The distance covered is indicated.


  • White, easily soiled case.

When deciding which pedometer is better, one cannot fail to notice that the Solar Power HY-02T automatically turns on almost immediately after the start of movement, but turns off only a minute after it stops.

The best pedometers on hand

These are the most common models on the market that are fixed on the wrist. They more accurately determine the number of steps and the distance traveled, but due to additional functions in the form of counting calories burned, they are many times more expensive. Before adding 3 products to this rating, we studied 10 offers and focused on their convenience, efficiency, and versatility of use.

Honor Band 3

This is not just a pedometer, but a full-fledged fitness tracker that measures heart rate, monitors sleep, and counts calories burned during training. It shows the distance traveled with almost zero error, being waterproof and calmly plunging to a depth of 50 m. It can be as accurate as possible by taking into account 10 types of physical activity and focusing on a specific lesson scenario. The product is put on the wrist and sits on it securely due to the strong clasp, but it does not press on the skin.


  • Large white numbers
  • Black background;
  • You can follow your running routes via GPS on your mobile;
  • Work without recharging for at least 30 days;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Works with both Android and iOS mobile devices.


  • Compatible with smartphones based on Android OS not earlier than version 4.4.

Honor Band 3 allows you to control your smartphone remotely — determine the number of subscribers, reject calls, receive messages in messengers and email, play alarms.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse

Fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse has a built-in distance meter. It is one of the best pedometers because it performs its functions both during a quiet walk and when jogging. All mileage information is displayed in large numbers on the smartphone screen. The device connects to it remotely via Bluetooth, for wireless contact the Mi Band application is used.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse is also interesting for the possibility of receiving recommendations for improving lifestyle based on the results of data analysis. It is functional and easy to use — the charge is enough for at least a month, counts the number of twists and jumps with a rope, controls sleep. The device serves for a long time, in particular, due to reliable protection against water and dust.


  • On the hand is not felt due to the low weight of 5.5 g;
  • Small size;
  • Does not rub the skin;
  • You can swim in the water;
  • «Friendly» interface;
  • Clear menu;
  • There are bright female models.


  • There is no display;
  • There are complaints about the stretching of the strap over time.

The application sometimes does not have a very accurate translation, which can make it difficult to find the right option.

Sigma PC 15.11

The Sigma PC 15.11 sports watch has a built-in pedometer and calculates the distance traveled, but cannot cope with counting the number of steps taken. In addition to this, the device shows the number of calories burned, which allows you to better control the process of losing weight. On the screen of considerable size, large numbers display data on the speed of movement and heart rate.

Sigma PC 15.11 has its own rounded display and a fairly wide strap, which can be adjusted to the size of the brush if necessary. It retains all selected settings even after changing the battery. For use in poor lighting conditions, a bright backlight is provided here. The product is waterproof and can be submerged to a depth of 30 m without consequences.


  • High-quality plastic case;
  • Available in two colors;
  • Possibility to choose units of measure of speed;
  • Good equipment;
  • Reliable assembly;
  • Adheres to the skin almost closely, but does not rub it.


  • Due to the bulge of the round display, it is not very convenient to do household chores;
  • Not low price.

The Sigma PC 15.11 model warns the user about non-compliance with the training conditions or exceeding its allowable limits.