Optimal indoor air performance is based on temperature, humidity and oxygen saturation. The air space should be free of dryness, toxic substances, bacteria and household dust. Therefore, climate devices that are easy to install are actively used today: devices can be installed in any corner of the house and continue to do daily activities.

Humidifier Rating

The main types of humidifiers

Ultrasonic and steam devices are suitable for air humidification. Traditional devices that pass air through cassettes get dirty quickly and take a long time to maintain. Let’s dwell on those humidifiers that are in demand:

  1. ultrasonic models. To date, they are leaders in sales, over 500 different devices are presented in stores. This is due to safety and low noise levels. There are also disadvantages: if the device does not have a humidity sensor, it will continue to work further, to unnecessary limits. Ultrasonic devices often heat the air and spray a white coating on objects.
  2. Steam humidifiers are not as popular, but they have their advantages: they are easy to operate, they do not require special filters for cleaning, and such models perfectly cope with large areas. They should be chosen, focusing on the temperature of the steam jets and energy consumption.

Budget Humidifiers

In this group low-cost solutions from ultrasonic and steam devices will be presented. Low cost doesn’t mean low quality: some models do the job well, but don’t have advanced control features like LED screens or remote start.

Classic from Xiaomi DEM-F600

A classic model in the collection of inexpensive air humidifiers. The device is quiet, silent, with a water flow rate of up to 350 ml per hour. The filled tank is enough for 15 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Xiaomi Deerma DEM-F600 in the ranking of humidifiers

Xiaomi principle of operation: water is passed through a special dispenser and a carbon filter and, by vibration, turns into fine water particles. Water dust enters the room through a tube. The device consumes a small amount of energy, its power is only 25 watts. The model is recommended for small rooms with a square of 30-35 m.

In the package, along with the device, there is an adapter and a bowl for aromatic oils. The body is made of snow-white plastic, in the center there is a transparent insert to control the water level. The device has a built-in function to change the direction of steam, and with a long press on the timer button, the humidifier goes into sleep mode.

Product advantages:

  • external design;
  • duration of the operating mode;
  • simple settings, touch buttons;
  • the presence of a carbon filter.

Product disadvantages:

  • weak power;
  • no moisture percentage indicator;
  • inconvenient to flush the tank;
  • the humidifier must be placed on a stand.

Royal Clima Sanremo — Italian style design

Another model from a Chinese manufacturer that runs on ultrasound. The power is similar to the previous device — 25 W, but the device is of good build quality, without visible defects and flaws. The water consumption is 380 ml in 60 minutes, three liters of water are placed in the tank. With this amount of liquid consumed, the humidifier works for 7-8 hours. It is controlled mechanically and weighs about one kilogram.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Royal Clima Sanremo in the ranking of humidifiers

The device comes with legs that are conveniently attached to the surface of the table. A special system notifies the user if the liquid in the tank has run out.

The model is made in three colors: in white gloss, lilac tone and azure blue color.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 24 months of trouble-free operation.

Product advantages:

  • light weight;
  • long cord;
  • capacious tank;
  • the presence of flavoring;
  • affordable price.

Product disadvantages:

  • narrow neck of the reservoir;
  • the appearance of sputum during intensive work;
  • too bright indicator;
  • the appearance of sediment at the bottom of the tanks.

Air protection from Beurer LB 55

The device is suitable for those consumers who are looking for inexpensive, but high-quality solutions. This is a steam type model with high power and uninterrupted operation up to 15 hours. The water consumption is 400 ml per hour, the tank capacity is 6 liters. Special filter units purify water from lime and other impurities.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Beurer LB 55 in the ranking of humidifiers

The device has a humidity regulator and an automatic switch in case of lack of liquid in the tank.

The humidifier is recommended for rooms with a square of 50 m, while it is able to purify the air from bacteria, viruses and allergens.

The power of the device is 365 W, the warranty period is 12 months.

Product advantages:

  • ergonomic design;
  • excellent performance;
  • high powerful performance;
  • capacious reservoir;
  • auto mode.

Product disadvantages:

  • a bit noisy;
  • releases hot jets of steam;
  • does not always cope with rooms of 50 m2;
  • no humidity sensor;
  • overpriced according to some consumers.

Ballu UHB-200 is the bestseller

An ultrasonic type humidifier at an average price of all budget models. Designed for apartment-type houses and for rooms with an area of ​​​​not more than 40 m2. The device holds 3.5 liters of water with a capacity of up to 350 ml of liquid per hour. For such a price, these are good indicators, so Ballu is one of the leaders in sales.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Ballu UHB-200 in the ranking of humidifiers

The rest of the device is simple: there is no screen, timer and air humidity sensor. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic protection against switching on when the tank is empty. The kit comes with a filter to purify water from salts and hard elements.

The device is controlled mechanically, it can be installed on the floor or on the surface of the table. The device weighs 950 g.

Warranty period — 12 months, manufacturing country China.

The humidifier is recommended by 93% of users.

Product advantages:

  • famous brand;
  • compactness;
  • in the presence of aromacapsules;
  • affordable price.

Product disadvantages:

  • there are models with unsuccessful colors;
  • can make a hum;
  • over time, the plastic becomes covered with a yellow coating;
  • short cord;
  • tight tank lid.

The best premium ultrasonic humidifiers

This subcategory contains more expensive models of ultrasonic humidifiers. Their difference is a higher quality of workmanship, an extensive list of additional functions and a large area of ​​covered territory.

With the help of these devices, high-quality and safe humidification is ensured with automatic control of the required set humidity, the most convenient control and long-term operation without additional addition of water is carried out. Such equipment provides systems for cleaning and neutralizing air, as well as protecting the device itself from scale.

4 Electrolux YOGAhealthline EHU-3815D

The innovative Electrolux YOGAhealthline EHU-3815D model opens the premium segment rating. This air humidifier belongs to the category of technology that takes into account all the necessary criteria for creating a comfortable microclimate in a room or room.
The increased volume of the tank (6.3 liters) and the evaporation rate of 550 ml / h allow the device to work uninterruptedly up to 11 hours, while the covered area is 50 square meters.

Inside, the device is equipped with a hygrostat for automatic regulation of the required humidity, a steam cleaning and sterilization system, an ultraviolet lamp for the destruction of bacteria, viruses and a filter cartridge with silver ions. Steam pasteurization is also provided, and the body inside the water tank is made of an antibacterial coating.

The appliance performs more than 20 useful functions, including a breathing simulator, a light and sound alarm clock, a home weather station, aromatherapy, an on / off timer and mute if necessary. There are 10 different operating modes including YOGA mode (optimal conditions for exercising), SMART night mode, children’s BABY, HEALTH for people with increased respiratory sensitivity and FITNESS modes for active sports.

Control is carried out electronically or via remote control, power consumption 110 W, weight 2.9 kg, noise level 35 dB, cord length 1.5 meters.


  • Large tank volume.
  • Performance.
  • Air purification system.
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
  • Antibacterial coating.
  • 20 useful features.
  • 10 operating modes.


  • There is no system of self-diagnosis of malfunctions.
  • The remote control is inconvenient to use.

Humidifier Electrolux YOGAhealthline EHU-3815D

3 Okami Air 710 Aqua

In the third position is the floor model Okami Air 710 Aqua. This device is capable of covering a room area of ​​90 m2. The volume of the tank is designed for 23.4 liters of water, while the evaporation rate is 750 ml per hour. The bright display shows all the necessary information about the operation of the device, incl. humidity level and air temperature. The model is equipped with ionization.
The device comes with a remote control. With it, you can change the settings of the unit. The user has several modes available, among which there is an automatic one. Thus, Okami is able to independently maintain the level of humidity.

Despite its dimensions and weight, which is almost 5 kg, the model looks concise and not bulky. The presence of wheels will allow even the most fragile hostess to easily change its location. The device is powered by the mains, the power consumption is 110 V. Despite the low noise level within 45 dB, many buyers note that it is impossible to sleep in the same room with it.


  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • Several modes.
  • Large coverage area.
  • Automatic maintenance of humidity.
  • Ionization.
  • Remote control.


  • High noise level.

Humidifier Okami Air 710 Aqua

2 Boneco U700

In second place is the elegant and high-tech humidifier Boneco U700. The model has all the necessary characteristics for proper and timely humidification of the air, thanks to its special design it will become a stylish decoration of any interior.
The device is able to maintain the optimally required humidity level from 40% to 80%, can operate in two modes (cold or hot steam), consumes 600 ml/hour of liquid, while covering an area of ​​up to 80 square meters. The volume of the tank (9 liters) is enough for 15 hours of continuous operation.

The humidifier is controlled electronically, all the necessary characteristics are indicated on the digital display. The equipment uses five operating modes, including night mode, automatic humidity control function and water disinfection.

Additional features of the device are: the presence of a timer to determine the operating time, the sleep function (dimming the display), the presence of an indicator for cleaning the device and the minimum water level. The Boneco U700 package includes an ionizing silver rod, a demineralizing cartridge and a capsule for aromatic oils.

Power consumption 180 W, noise level 25 dB. Weight 4.6 kg.


  • Design.
  • Large tank volume.
  • Large coverage area.
  • Ionizing silver rod.
  • Demineralizing cartridge.
  • Capsule for aromatic oils.
  • Warm steam function.


  • The noise level is higher than stated.
  • There is no on timer.

Humidifier Boneco U700

1 Dyson AM10

The first place in the premium segment is occupied by the most expensive model of the Dyson brand — AM10. This is a high-quality, stylish and highly efficient representative of climate equipment that performs all the declared functions to improve the humidity in your room.
The device serves a maximum of 30 square meters, consumes water at 300 g / hour, the volume of the tank (3 liters) is enough for 18 hours of continuous operation. Management is intuitive, can be carried out electronically and remotely using the remote control. All functions performed are displayed on the built-in digital monitor.

The device is equipped with several types of indication: water level, inclusion, selected power, lack of liquid and indication of the set humidity. This humidifier has an air ionization option and ultrasonic cleaning technology, and a demineralizing cartridge is present to protect the equipment. For ease of use, it is possible to set the work timer.

Dyson AM10 can be used in two modes — as a humidifier or as a fan. Dimensions of the device allow desktop or floor installation. Power consumption 55 W, noise level 62 dB, cord length 1.8 meters. The maximum water temperature is 40 degrees. The product is approved for use by people prone to allergic reactions.


  • Stylish design.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Convenient indication.
  • Antibacterial filter.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology.
  • Demineralizing cartridge.
  • Work timer.


  • It is not convenient to remove the water tank.
  • Price.

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

Rating of the best ultrasonic humidifiers

Stylish Electrolux YOGAhealthline EHU-3810D

The device from the Swedish manufacturer, stylish and convenient for use in everyday life.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Electrolux YOGAhealthline EHU-3810D

The device has a multifunctional front panel: an LCD display, a touch scale, a USB connector, a place for an aroma capsule and a control panel. For remote control via smartphone, you need to download the Home comfort app. The level of air humidity, operating time and temperature are regulated.

Tank capacity — 6.3 liters. The water tank has a convenient elongated shape in the form of squares, as a result of which the device works silently even in complete silence. On the lid is a steam atomizer that works in 2 directions at once. Water cartridges are equipped with silver ions and easily purify water from impurities and salts.

The humidifier has an unusual design solution: the water tank is illuminated, there is a dynamic backlight at the bottom, the colors harmoniously change from blue to green, with a smooth transition to white lighting.

According to reviews, the model is worth the money and is perfect for lovers of interesting technical solutions, for families with small children and for those who like to take care of their health.

Product advantages:

  • stylish design;
  • well moisturizes the air;
  • destroys up to 99% of bacteria;
  • silent;
  • convenient to use.

Product disadvantages:

  • bulky;
  • display is not always correct.

Tefal HD5230 Aqua Perfect — a proprietary approach

The second in the ranking of ultrasonic models is a device of a well-known international brand, with proprietary technology that fights dry indoor air. Designed for an area of ​​53.6 m2, it works in automatic and night mode.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Tefal HD5230 Aqua Perfect in the ranking of humidifiers

Useful functions of Tefal Aqua: automatic steam regulation mode, moisture maintenance control and continuous water recycling mode.

The tank is filled with 5.9 liters of liquid, the time of continuous operation is 30 hours. The night timer is set to 12 hours.

The device has a stylish design, it is portable and additionally has two bags for water filtration.

The device weighs 2 kg, the warranty period is 24 months.

Product advantages:

  • steam adjustment function;
  • built-in protection against overdrying;
  • two automatic modes;
  • Remote Control;
  • works silently.

Product disadvantages:

  • fragile body;
  • humidity sensor errors are observed;
  • sometimes water accumulates on the surface of the table.

Boneco U700 for a comfortable climate

The model is great for creating a favorable climate in residential premises. Equipped with a touch screen that, if necessary, goes into dark mode.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Boneco U700 in the ranking of humidifiers

The device comes with an antimicrobial rod, a scale remover and a water filter that performs its function for 8 months. The cleaner increases the life of the appliance by easily and quickly removing lime deposits.

The silver rod is a Swiss development, thanks to which a sufficient concentration of silver ions accumulates in the aquatic environment to purify moisture from pathogens.

U700 works in cold and warm steam mode, it has a hygrostat and a humidification intensity sensor. When the water level is low, the device switches off automatically.

Humidifier power 180 W, serves rooms up to 80 m2. Water consumption 600 ml/hour, continuous operation time over 15 hours.

Product advantages:

  • stylish design;
  • quickly moisturizes the room;
  • capacious water tank;
  • in the presence of a compartment for flavoring;
  • electronic control.

Product disadvantages:

  • there are errors in the built-in sensor;
  • a high stand is required to avoid the accumulation of moisture on the floor;
  • the silver rod quickly fails;
  • noise during operation;
  • high cost of consumables.

Silent Okami Air 710 Aqua

The most expensive model of the entire review.

Among the advantages of the device, one can note the maintenance of large rooms up to 90 m2, the adjustment of operation in five modes, the LED screen, a large tank with a size of 23.5 liters and mobility. For ease of movement, the manufacturer has equipped the device with four wheels.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Air humidifier Okami Air 710 Aqua in the rating of air humidifiers

The device works absolutely silently, the sound barely reaches 40-45 dB. Water processing is up to 750 ml per hour. In the presence of a convenient control panel for adjusting indicators.

Despite its large dimensions, this air humidifier will perfectly fit into any room due to the ergonomically executed body detailing.

Product advantages:

  • large and powerful device;
  • noiselessness;
  • five operating modes;
  • simple and accessible display.

Product disadvantages:

  • frequent topping up of water;
  • case material is of poor quality.

Best Inexpensive Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Inexpensive ultrasonic humidifiers are devices that fully cope with their main tasks, namely, increase the level of humidity in the room. All of them are small in size, low noise and good speed. These devices meet the required levels of safety, are endowed with low water level indication or emergency automatic shutdown. The low price of such devices is due to the lack of more expensive and advanced options, a small coverage area and a minimum number of additional cartridges and water purification systems.

5 Timberk THU UL 15M

The Timberk THU UL 15M model opens the rating. Convenient, easy to use, the device has an intuitive mechanical control and is designed to maintain the desired level of humidity in the room.
The device is designed to work in a room with a surface area of ​​25 square meters at a rate of 300 ml of water per hour, the period of continuous operation is 8 hours. The liquid reservoir holds 2.6 liters, which is quite enough for the declared cycle with the fastest evaporation.

Distinctive characteristics of the device are: on indication, the ability to adjust the evaporation rate, the presence of a light indicator that reports a low water level in the bowl and the small dimensions of the model, which make it easy to move to the right place.

Timberk THU UL 15M operates quietly, with a noise level of up to 23 dB, and can be installed on a tabletop or floor. Device weight 0.7 kg, power consumption 25 watts.


  • Affordable price.
  • Indication of lack of water.
  • Low noise level.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Continuous work up to 8 hours.


  • No ionization.
  • No limescale protection.
  • No antibacterial water protection.
  • No work timer.

Humidifier Timberk THU UL 15M

4 Electrolux EHU-4015

The fourth position is occupied by Electrolux EHU-4015. This compact humidifier weighs only 0.24 kg. Its small dimensions allow it to be used not only at home, but also to take it with you on various trips. Due to its size and stable legs, the model will be conveniently located on the desktop or on the bedside table near the bed. Soft backlight allows you to use it instead of a night light.
In order to put the device into action, it is necessary to install a bottle of water (a volume of 0.5 to 1.5 liters is suitable) and plug it into the network. The rate of evaporation of the liquid is 130 ml per hour, its intensity is adjustable. The humidifier is equipped with a special container into which aromatic oil can be poured. Thus, the air around becomes not only less dry, but also filled with a pleasant aroma.

Despite the small dimensions, the device is designed for a room up to 20 m2. Power consumption is only 14 watts. The indication will alert not only the operating status of the device, but also the low water level. A storage bag is a nice bonus. The kit also includes a special brush that can be used to clean the ultrasonic membrane of the humidifier.


  • Compact dimensions.
  • Backlight.
  • Small power consumption.
  • Regulation of the rate of evaporation of water.
  • There is a reservoir for oils.
  • You can add water.
  • Equipment.


  • Works for a short distance.

Humidifier Electrolux EHU-4015

3 Kitfort KT-2810

On the third line is Kitfort KT-2810. The model looks stylish and modern. White body color, streamlined shapes will decorate any space. The humidifier itself weighs only 2 kg and is suitable for small rooms with an area not exceeding 30 m2. The humidifier is powered by the mains, consumes power equal to 25 watts.
The water tank is designed for 4 liters of liquid. Its filling is very convenient due to the removable design. The inside foam filter purifies the water. The fluid flow is 300 ml per hour. The intensity of evaporation is adjustable, 3 levels are available. The user can set the timer for the humidifier by selecting the operating time from 1 to 10 hours.

Touch buttons are located on the front control panel. It also displays the level of humidity at the current time. The device is equipped with a special indicator that notifies about the operation of the model, and also warns of a low water level. The device is equipped with a special container for aromatic oil. The noise level is 35 dB.


  • Several modes.
  • Quietly works.
  • There is an indication.
  • Convenient tank filling.
  • Shows humidity.
  • The presence of a water filter.
  • Aroma oil container.
  • Timer.


  • Designed for a small space.

Kitfort KT-2810

2 Leberg LH-803

In second place is a modern model with an electronic type of control humidifier Leberg LH-803. The multifunctional device of compact dimensions can be placed both on the floor of the room and on the table, while it effectively copes with its task of humidifying the air.
It is recommended to operate the humidifier in a room up to 40 square meters, the equipment can work continuously for 15 hours with a water flow of 400 ml/hour. The water tank holds five liters of liquid.

Distinctive features of this product are the presence of carbon and HEPA filters, water disinfection systems, the possibility of aromatization and the operation of the device in two modes (cold and warm steam). There is also an automatic mode of operation, a night mode (with the display off) and a timer for setting up the operation of the equipment.

Leberg LH-803 stops working in the absence of the required water level, turns off when the liquid container is removed, there is an adjustment of the operating mode with information displayed on the LED display. The maximum noise level is 35 dB, the power consumption is 105 watts.


  • Stylish design.
  • HEPA filter.
  • Water disinfection systems.
  • Carbon filter.
  • Automatic mode of operation.
  • Air ionization.
  • The presence of a hygrostat.


  • There is no filter indicator.
  • There is no regulation of the direction of humidification.

Humidifier Leberg LH-803

1 Xiaomi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier (ZNJSQ01DEM)

The first place goes to the modern technological model Xiaomi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier (ZNJSQ01DEM). This unit is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and can connect to a smartphone after installing the required application. Another undoubted advantage of the device is the presence of a UV lamp. Thanks to its work, the moisture coming out with spraying goes through the disinfection process, which leads to the instant destruction of all microbes.
The water tank holds a volume of 4.5 liters. Removable lid allows you to replenish it at any convenient time. The rate of evaporation of the liquid reaches 300 ml per hour. The intensity of work can be adjusted. The function of constant humidification allows you to maintain optimal humidity for up to 15 hours. The noise level of the device does not exceed 38 dB, so it will not interfere during work, when the greatest concentration of attention is required or during sleep.

The area that the model can cover is 25 m2. It can be installed on a table, window sill or nightstand. The unit is powered by the mains, the power consumption is 25 watts.


  • Multiple speeds.
  • Smartphone connection.
  • Water disinfection.
  • WiFi.
  • Evaporation regulation.
  • Convenient water refill.
  • Not noisy.


  • Small impact area.

Xiaomi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier (ZNJSQ01DEM)

Rating of the best steam humidifiers

Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM — innovation in technology

Model made in China, the best in the segment of premium devices for humidifying rooms. The device reads the Smart Home system and the voice assistant Alice.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2 in the ranking of humidifiers

The volume of the serviced area is small — 36 m2. Water consumption 240 ml per hour, 4 liters of liquid are placed in the tank.

The case is made of environmentally friendly materials and covered with an antibacterial layer, which reduces the risk of germs and viruses. Easy to operate with two buttons on the front panel. One button to adjust the water level, the second to communicate with Wi-Fi.

It works very quietly, within 34 dB, so it will not wake up even small children. To add water, you do not need to open the lid: there is a convenient grate on top through which the liquid enters the tank. For better air circulation, the manufacturer has provided two fans: the first draws air into the device, the second pushes the air masses into the room.

The device is easy to clean, just wipe it with a dry, clean cloth.

The humidifier weighs 4.3 kg.

Product advantages:

  • energy efficient model;
  • stylish body;
  • air purification from dust;
  • comfortable hydration;
  • remote access;
  • ease of maintenance.

Product disadvantages:

  • low-quality adapter;
  • need frequent flushing of disks;
  • weak fastening of the upper and lower parts;
  • high price.

Ergonomic Boneco S450

Powerful air humidifier assembled in Czechoslovakia, designed for a long service life and with impeccable parameters. Humidifies rooms with an area of ​​60 m2, is able to work more than 13 hours, spending 7 liters of water.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Boneco S450 in the ranking of humidifiers

Of the useful functions: humidity sensor, electronic control, automatic stop in the absence of water in the tank, flavors. When limescale accumulates, the self-cleaning mode starts.

Humidifies with sterile steam, undemanding to the quality of water, it does not need additional consumables and filters. It is absolutely not dangerous for children: the device is stable, and its steam jets do not burn the skin.

The power of the device is 450 W, it is installed on the floor and has a carrying handle.

Warranty period of service is 12 months.

Product advantages:

  • external design;
  • perfectly moisturizes the air in the room;
  • can be used as an inhaler;
  • low noise level.

Product disadvantages:

  • raises the air temperature in the room;
  • very approximate hygrometer readings;
  • overpriced.

Premium device Panasonic F-VXR50R

An expensive device with the best steam humidifier with an informative control panel. The device increases the moisture content, rids the air of dust, viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors. The F-VXR50R has proven itself well in air purification after repair work. Released in three colors: there are white, silver and black models.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Panasonic F-VXR50R Air Purifier/Humidifier in Humidifier Rating

The device is equipped with humidifying, deodorizing and composite filters. According to the instructions, the filters must be replaced after 10 years, but with intensive work, the service life is 2-3 years.

The device is designed for 26 m2, no more than three liters of water is placed in the tank, which often has to be replenished.

The noise level of the device is quite high — 51 dB, power consumption is 70 watts.

Product advantages:

  • informative front panel;
  • high quality air purification;
  • the presence of illumination;
  • HEPA filters;
  • excellent assembly, high-quality plastic.

Product disadvantages:

  • bulky;
  • no wheels to move;
  • not designed for large areas;
  • high price.

The best humidifiers for children’s rooms

Choosing humidifiers for children’s rooms is not an easy task. First of all, you need to exclude the purchase of appliances that produce hot steam. Models with cold steam work with a high level of noise, so they are not suitable for children’s bedrooms either. The best option is air-purifying humidifiers. Such models are silent and easy to operate.

Leberg LH-11

This is an ultrasonic device with safe and effective air humidification for children’s rooms. It can be installed on the floor or on household surfaces. It has good build quality and compact size.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Leberg LH-11 in the ranking of humidifiers

The model is designed to work in rooms with an area of ​​25 m2. On the panel there are convenient buttons with which you can adjust the parameters. The power of the device is small, but at the same time high performance — up to 330 ml / h.

Continuously works till 10 o’clock, in the absence of water in a tank it is automatically switched off. Warranty period 12 months.

Product advantages:

  • simple and convenient model;
  • affordable;
  • safe;
  • works almost silently.

Product disadvantages:

  • it is inconvenient to pour water into the tank;
  • leaks are possible.

Galaxy GL-8005

Inexpensive device for maintenance of premises of 30 m2. The stylish waterdrop-shaped case is perfect for little users. The model received convenient control and an automatic shutdown function.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Galaxy GL-8005 in the ranking of humidifiers

The GL-8005 is an ultrasonic machine and operates almost silently. Due to its small size, it can be installed in any convenient place. The tank holds 2 liters of water at a rate of 400 ml/h. The total operating time with a full tank is no more than 5 hours, which is not always convenient and you have to add liquid. Device weight 800 g.

Warranty period 12 months, manufacturing country China.

The device is recommended by 94% of users.

Product advantages:

  • good air humidification in a short time;
  • interesting design and color performance;
  • space saving;
  • affordable price;
  • circuit breaker.

Product disadvantages:

  • no water indicator;
  • short working time.

Royal Clima Murrrzio

The model is designed specifically for children, the body is made in the form of cats in three different colors with additional elements. The toy weighs only a kilogram, the performance is enough for 7-8 hours of continuous operation.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Royal Clima Murrrzio in the ranking of humidifiers

Ultrasonic device with simple mechanical control. May act as a fragrance. The manufacturer provides a filter for water purification and two separate sprayers: jets of steam come out of the two ears of the toy. It works silently, with a water flow rate of up to 200 ml/hour. The tank holds 1.5 liters of water.

Users rate this device as safe for small children, but it must be handled with care due to decorative details.

Warranty period of work is 12 months.

Product advantages:

  • safe case;
  • the presence of flavoring;
  • convenient management;
  • auto mode;
  • choice of colors;
  • acceptable price.

Product disadvantages:

  • difficult to clean the tank;
  • difficulty pouring water
  • designed for purified liquid, scale formation is possible.

Leberg LH-803

Another model from the Norwegian manufacturer. According to the results of user surveys, the device has no disadvantages. It is an ultrasonic device with 105W high power and warm steam.

Steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.  Overview of the top 15 best models
Humidifier Leberg LH-803 in the ranking of humidifiers

Of the functions: there are HEPA and carbon filters, a humidistat, a timer and a button for adjusting the power. The device has a built-in night mode, operates silently at a level of 35-40 dB. 5 liters are placed in the water tank, this is enough for 15 hours of air humidification.

The device weighs 2.9 kg and is designed for floor installation.

The manufacturer gives a 12 month warranty.

Product advantages:

  • low cost for such quality;
  • ionization;
  • capacious tank;
  • good construction.

Product disadvantages:

  • sometimes a white coating appears.

Humidifiers — customer reviews


I have been using the Panasonic air purifier-humidifier for 7 years, which has been working around the clock all these years, so there is something to compare with. When I bought this humidifier, I knew what I wanted from it and understood what it could give. Everything I wanted — I got: — the air in winter in a residential, heated room really moisturizes. With 5-7% humidity in an apartment of 50 square meters, during the day it raises the humidity to 25-30% and keeps it at this quite comfortable level. Water consumption at maximum power is 6-7 liters per day, i.e. I add 3 liters every evening and every morning; — works at maximum speed noisily, but not in such a way that it interferes with my sleep; — topping up water is implemented perfectly — you pour water into a three-liter jar and pour it into the device through the grate from above, without removing anything. Simple and ingenious; The main thing is that as the water is poured into the humidifier, the lines showing the water level light up, after the 4th one lights up, you need to pour it slowly until the 5th one lights up and then immediately stop, because you overdid it once, poured it and the water went to the floor; — management is convenient and clear, only two touch buttons; — which is very important — it is very easy to wash and care for the device, unlike the same Panasonic, where the moisturizing element is made of cloth and it is a whole epic to wash it from limescale. Here — poured warm water, added citric acid, let it stand, rinsed with clean water, wiped it off and that’s it! You can also, without disassembling the discs, put and wash them in the dishwasher; — after the water runs out — automatically turns off. In general, everything is convenient and aesthetically beautiful and at an adequate price (I took it on Ali for 7.5 thousand rubles). It is even possible to control the device through an application on a smartphone via wi-fi and even, if I understood everything correctly, use the humidifier as an access point …


— the water tank with such a capacity (4.5 liters) is not enough, if you don’t top it up after the night, the device will turn off at lunchtime; — at some point after adding water, he creaked. He took off the upper part — put it all together again — it stopped creaking, apparently it was a little skewed on the axis; — there is noise, of course, at maximum power, but not critical — this is the “maximum” and the outgoing air should be noisy, the fans are noisy and my Panasonic is no less noisy at maximum.

I’ll tell you right away, when the sellers in the store tell you that this is an air wash — send them to the forest! It’s just a moisturizer and nothing else! He does not have filters, he does not collect any and no dust and dirt. All that remains at the bottom of the tank after, for example, a month of continuous operation is only white limescale, like at the bottom of the kettle … A humidifier in the winter in a room where convectors or central heating batteries work is a must! If you have kids, even more so. Dry air is harmful to both skin and breathing. Even better — a good humidifier cleaner or a combination of them with a humidifier, because on the Hepa filter of my Panasonic I collect a layer of dusty felt once a week for 7 years and, it is clear that this dust would otherwise be in our lungs . Children — they are lower than us and inhale dust into themselves in the surface layer of air, where it is concentrated … Take care of yourself and your loved ones — good health to everyone!