The ranking of the best Japanese watches includes the brands Seiko, Citizen, Orient, CASIO. Nothing unexpected, because these manufacturers have been on everyone’s lips for many years. Japanese watchmaking is known for making quartz movements. At one time they were able to push the Swiss mechanical models and become No. 1 for an ordinary watch lover. Quartz movements are considered more accurate and more convenient to use, so today it is already difficult to unambiguously answer which quartz watch is better: Japanese or Swiss.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021

A long history of development, unique developments and millions of copies produced are proof of the reliability and uniqueness of these Japanese brands. That is why they are included in the ranking of the best watch brands around the world. Which Japanese watches are better, descriptions of brands and specific models are the topics that form the basis of this article.

Let’s start with the rating.

  1. The best Japanese watch brands: review and comparison
  2. Top best CASIO watches
  3. Top Best Citizen Watches
  4. Top best watches Orient
  5. Top Best Seiko Watches
  6. Which Japanese wristwatches are the most popular in 2021?
  7. The best budget Japanese models
  8. The best Japanese mid-range watches
  9. Best Japanese Premium Watches

The best Japanese watch brands: review and comparison

The rating of Japanese watches is formed according to the principle of price category, so that everyone can choose the right option for themselves. Firms and specific accessories are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of greater or lesser importance.

brand Price category Peculiarities Notable collections
CASIO from 15 to 2000$
  • the widest range among Japanese manufacturers: sports, business, casual, diving watches;
  • mechanisms with a solar battery;
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Baby G;
  • G-Shock
  • Edifice;
  • Lineage;
  • sheen;
  • Pro track.
Citizen from 70 to 500$
  • own Eco-Drive technology — the use of alternative energy sources (from solar and artificial light, from the difference between the temperature of the hand and air);
  • style variety of models;
  • 1 year warranty.
  • EcoDrive;
  • Promaster;
  • Chrono;
  • elegance;
  • Marinaut;
  • sports.
Orient from 60 to 900$
  • double fixation of the strap on the wrist for better reliability;
  • mechanisms with a solar battery;
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Orient Star;
  • Lady Rose;
  • Titanium;
  • style;
  • 3 stars.
Seiko from 15 to 1000$
  • watches for any purpose: shockproof, waterproof models, watches with basic functions; exclusive offers with asymmetric cases, with diamonds, everyday;
  • all types of mechanisms are presented: quartz, mechanical, electronic, solar-powered;
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Premier;
  • solar;
  • Kinetic;
  • Neo Classic;
  • Sportura
  • Prospex.


If you are looking for the best Japanese watch brands, we can help you.

  1. If you need to get a good watch for a small price, then it will be best for you to take products from Seiko.
  2. For quality and more expensive watches, you should look to Citizen, Orient and Casio. They are equal in both price and quality.
  3. If you need a quality watch that will survive extreme conditions, then Casio has made the G-SHOCK series for you.
  4. The most affordable and normal in quality are Q&Q watches.

Japanese watches are of high quality, almost perfect accuracy and at the same time the price is affordable for many.

Top best CASIO watches

CASIO offers not just watches, but multifunctional accessories. And although the history of CASIO began only in the 70s, today, as then, the Japanese brand never ceases to amaze its customers:

  • always impact-resistant case;
  • unique ultra-thin PELA digital watch;
  • sensory models with weather sensors;
  • the world’s first watch with a GPS sensor, MP3 player, digital camera…

CASIO became a world famous manufacturer in 1983, after the release of the G-Shock collection. These were the first super-durable models with improved water resistance and a reliable battery. The idea of ​​the collection is the rule of «three tens»:

  1. the watch must withstand a fall from 10 meters;
  2. pressure up to 10 bar;
  3. The battery charge should last for 10 years.

Despite the fact that the first ji-shock models were released almost 40 years ago (!), today it is this collection that attracts the most attention. The main advantages of the brand are versatility at an affordable price. You can buy a watch for $15 and $2000. If you are in doubt about which CASIO watch to choose, take a look at the most popular models.


A sports watch from the aforementioned G-Shock collection. They fully comply with the rule of «three tens».

  • A durable polymer body and durable mineral glass can withstand even significant loads, you don’t have to worry about scratches.
  • Water protection improved — withstands pressure up to 20 bar.
  • The battery should be changed no more than once every 10 years.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the design of the model — sports design and many details. On the case there are inscriptions indicating the main functions: water protection, the presence of an alarm clock and backlight. Additional features include a stopwatch, timer, date display.

CASIO DW-5600E-1VER is suitable for those who are looking for a Japanese-made quartz watch with a versatile design. They go well with sporty and youthful style.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


Another Japanese watch from the G-Shock collection. Their main difference from the previous model is the brutal design. The translucent polymer case with a large dial with a diameter of 53 mm will look good on a large hand. In addition to the shade and unusual shape, the polymer case has other advantages: strength, insensitivity to temperature changes and external influences. Despite its dimensions, the watch is light — it weighs only 65 grams.

The strap is also made of polymer material. It is flexible and durable, so it sits comfortably on the hand, is not afraid of scratches or creases.

Model GA-900SKE-8AER complies with the main standards of the collection:

  • not afraid of bumps and falls;
  • withstands immersion to a depth of 20 m (water resistance 200 m);
  • The battery charge lasts up to 7 years.

Quartz watches delight with advanced functionality. There are 3 independent timers with the ability to time up to 1 hour, which is especially convenient for athletes. The stopwatch measures up to 24 hours with an accuracy of 1/100 s. The SPLIT chronograph allows you to keep time for several parallel events that start at the same time. Five independent alarms will help you not to miss important events, and an automatic calendar will remind you of the date. Choose your time format, 12 or 24 hours, depending on your preferences. The clock also indicates world time in 48 cities (31 time zones).

CASIO GA-900SKE-8AER is the best Japanese watch for athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


The main feature of the model is a transparent polymer case and strap. They sit neatly on the hand and look restrained, which will appeal to lovers of discreet accessories. For the best look, combine them with your summer wardrobe and sporty style.

This quartz watch is also released as part of the G-Shock collection.

  • The durable case protects the mechanism from vibration and shock, and the mineral glass is not afraid of scratches.
  • Water resistance of 20 bar allows you to dive with light scuba gear.
  • The battery lasts only up to 2 years, which distinguishes this model from more energy-efficient options from the collection.

The undoubted advantage is high functionality. Time reading is simplified thanks to the electroluminescent panel and the ability to set the 12- or 24-hour time format. The panel illuminates the entire dial and works for a few seconds after the backlight is turned off.

The stopwatch counts down the time up to a day with an accuracy of milliseconds. The 24-hour auto-repeat timer counts down the set amount of time, after which it emits a 10-second beep and repeats the countdown. This feature is useful for people who regularly take medication. The alarm clock with multi-alarm is suitable for setting 4 different types of notifications: daily, monthly, at a specific time and date. An automatic calendar with date and day of the week display will help you remember important dates. All notifications are accompanied by a fluorescent screen backlight — so you definitely won’t miss the right event!

Wrist watch CASIO DW-5600SKE-7ER is a multifunctional assistant for many years. You will definitely like their versatility and reliability.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


Which Japanese watch did you choose?

Q&Q BL68-802

0.00% ( 0 )

Q&Q A172-803

3.29% ( 5 )

Q&Q Q892 J502

1.97% ( 3 )

Seiko SNKK71J

8.55% ( 13 )

Orient AA02002D

7.24% ( 11 )


5.92% ( 9 )


10.53% ( 16 )

CASIO G-Shock GA100C-8A

3.29% ( 5 )


1.97% ( 3 )

Citizen JY8069-88E

12.50% ( 19 )

Seiko SRPC29

11.84% ( 18 )

Seiko SRG021

5.92% ( 9 )

Seiko SKX007K

11.84% ( 18 )

Seiko Prospex SUN061

5.26% ( 8 )

Orient AK00001Y

2.63% ( 4 )

Top Best Citizen Watches

The history of the brand began in 1924, when the Watch Research Institute produced the first pocket watch. A little later, Tokyo Mayor Shimpei Goto called the novelty «Citizen». The name was associated with the hope of affordability, because in those days, watches were a luxury not only in Japan, but throughout the world. One of the copies was received by the Japanese emperor. He personally confirmed the accuracy of the clock.

Since then, the idea of ​​the brand has remained unchanged — the availability of original developments for everyone. This value is confirmed by the combination of modern technology and classic design in accessories of different price categories.

The Citizen brand is also known for creating its own designs. The Japanese manufacturer gave the watch industry a super-thin case and satellite time synchronization. The company’s unique technology is Eco Drive, the world’s first solar-powered watch. They operate on the energy of a photocell, do not require battery replacement or battery charging. Eco-Drive Thermo is the brand’s second development in the field of alternative energy. Wristwatches with this technology are charged from the temperature difference between the human body and the back of the watch. Over time, watch companies around the world became interested in developments. Now this technology is used by manufacturers in all countries — from Switzerland to the USA.

Citizen’s attitude towards high accuracy has not changed either. The brand’s specialists constantly conduct research to improve the accuracy of watches. Thanks to this, Citizen was more than once the timekeeper of the US Open tennis tournaments, figure skating competitions.


Inexpensive Japanese watches in retro style. A touch of antiquity is given by a large dial with a diameter of 45 mm, large hands, indicators and numbers with a rather narrow bracelet. The dial is in deep blue. To make reading the time more convenient, the hands and indicators are covered with a luminescent composition. The steel bracelet fastens with a folding clasp, which greatly reduces the risk of losing the watch.

CITIZEN NJ0100-89L is the best Japanese mechanical watch for lovers of classic design.

  • Mechanical watch with automatic winding and the possibility of manual winding. You can choose the best option for yourself and you will always be sure of their accuracy.
  • Water resistance of 100 meters allows you to swim in the pool or even dive to a shallow depth.

Nevertheless, the watch cannot be called diving or sports. They are best suited for a business suit and casual wear.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


Quality Japanese watches from the legendary Eco-Drive Titanium collection. The name of the line speaks for itself:

  • durable titanium case and bracelet;
  • use of proprietary Eco-Drive brand technology.

The essence of the development is a combination of two types of energy: a quartz movement and a solar battery that works from any light source. The charge from the solar battery will last up to 240 days, the battery will last up to 10 years.

The watch is made in a classic style: black dial, large hands and marks instead of numbers. On the edge of the dial, markers and hands, a golden border of titanium nitride is applied. The sapphire crystal reliably protects the dial from damage, and the water resistance of 100 meters allows you to dive to a shallow depth.

CITIZEN AW1244-56E is a solid Japanese watch for those who love quality things. And although the manufacturer only gives a 1-year warranty on them, you will definitely carry them for much longer!

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


Another model from the Eco-Drive collection. The technology in this watch does not differ from that described in the previous model. The main difference of CITIZEN AW7057-18H is vintage style. The brown leather strap sits comfortably on the hand and fastens with a classic buckle. The body is made of black coated steel. Beautiful graphite black dial with rose gold hands and markers. Minutes are marked with small Arabic numerals, and all indicators are covered with a luminescent coating, which makes reading the time convenient.

  • The dial is protected by mineral glass.
  • Water resistance of 100 meters allows you to dive and dive to a shallow depth.
  • The combination of a quartz movement and a solar battery makes using the watch even more convenient — you do not need to worry about the battery charge. A power reserve indicator is provided.

Most of all, such prestigious Japanese watches will appeal to lovers of business style. An interesting combination of shades beautifully sets off the white color of the shirt and makes the image more masculine.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021

Hajime Asakoa

One of the best independent Japanese brands from a self-taught watchmaker is Hajime Asakoa. This brand was founded in 2005 and has grown in strength over the past 15 years. Hajime Asoka watch models are equal parts functionality and design, which is why this brand has become one of the most popular in Japan.

In 2009, the brand decided to try to improve the accuracy of their watches, which they succeeded. Additional mechanical parts were added to the escapement, greatly increasing the accuracy of their watches. The first watch collection to use this new technique was the Tourbillion watch collection.

Following the success of the Tourbillon collection, the brand continued to create the flawless Tsunami three-hand watch. This watch is an open-ended chronograph with a twist. They are equipped with a massive titanium balance with a diameter of 16 mm.

Previously, the Tourbillon and Tsunami watch lines were too expensive for many, so the brand has released a more affordable collection called Kurono. However, unlike the brand’s other product lines, the watches are not manufactured by founder Hajime Asakoa and use third party movements.

Top best watches Orient

The brand has come a long way from a small family business to a recognizable international name. And although now Orient is part of the Seiko Corporation, the brand still retains its individual style.

If you are wondering which watch is better: Japanese or Swiss, pay attention to the origin of the mechanisms. The main principle of Orient is the use of only mechanisms of its own production. This brand differs from many Swiss manufacturers who purchase mechanisms from third-party companies. This commitment has enabled Orient to produce highly accurate watches at an affordable price for over 100 years.

The manufacturer offers quartz and mechanical watches, and its mechanics are one of the most affordable in the world. Among the models of the brand there are also prestigious skeletons. Orient produces original and stylish products in high quality. They are called the best Japanese men’s watches in the middle price category.


Mechanical watch from the famous collection of the brand «3 stars». It was this line that brought Orient worldwide fame in the 70s of the twentieth century. The watches of the collection were appreciated for their reliability, durability and recognizable design.

ORIENT FAB0017B1 is a modern interpretation of the beloved line. New technologies are not deliberately used here, the idea of ​​​​the model is to preserve familiar traditions. Of the additional functions, only the indication of the date and day of the week. The idea is underscored by a discreet, strict design: a steel case and bracelet, large golden hands and marks, and a red second hand.

Water resistance is 50 meters, so you can safely swim in the pool.

Classic style and the presence of only the most important functions will especially appeal to retro lovers.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


Automatic mechanical watch for more comfortable use. The mechanism itself winds the spring when the hand moves, you do not have to watch the clock.

The model is made in a restrained sporty style. There are no unnecessary details here: stainless steel case and bracelet, black dial, white marks. The numbers on the edges of the dial indicate the minutes. The hands and markers are coated with a luminescent coating — you can quickly read the time even in the dark. Near o is an additional window showing the date and day of the week.

The main advantage of the FAA0008B1 model is water resistance of 20 bar. With the watch, you can dive with light scuba diving to a depth of 20 meters. The sports purpose is also emphasized by the thick case — 13 mm. The watch will not fit under the suit, as it will rest against the cuffs of the shirt. But they are perfectly combined with sports and casual style.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


Discreet quartz watch with «total black» design. The leather strap and dial are made in the same black color, which makes the accessory versatile. It is perfect for a business suit, casual and sportswear. The 39 mm dial looks good on both thin and full hands.

Budget Japanese wrist watch ORIENT FQD0004B1 is made of stainless steel. They wear well and do not change color over time. The dial is protected by mineral glass. Water resistance is only 30 meters, so you should not swim in the watch, it will withstand only occasional brief contact with water, splashes while washing hands and in the rain.

This model can not be called multifunctional, but it will suit those who are looking for a basic watch without unnecessary details.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021


Not everyone wants to buy a famous watch brand. If you prefer to buy from niche companies, you should consider the Minase watch brand. The brand was founded in 2005 by Kyowa Co Ltd. and they only produce about 500 watches a year.

Previously, Minase focused on supplying watches only to the Japanese domestic market, but recently they have decided to offer their Horizon, Divido and Windows models internationally. Surprisingly, every component of the watch is designed, manufactured and assembled in-house at Minase manufacturing facilities.

Although this watch brand is quite new in the industry, they have quickly become popular among those who like watches with unique cases. Many Minase models have a body that mimics the traditional Japanese puzzle style. It is also popular with those who prefer the Avante grande aesthetic.

Top Best Seiko Watches

The motto of the Seiko brand is «World’s First». This popular Japanese watch brand strives to create new technologies and surprise its customers. But the brand is valued not only for manufacturability, but also for a special approach to style. Mineral or sapphire glass, leather strap, rubber and steel bracelets, dials of different shapes and sizes — excellent design taste is manifested in all ideas.

Wristwatches from Seiko are mostly discreet with discreet designs. The range includes both budget products and the best offers of a high price category for true connoisseurs of watchmaking art. They will definitely appeal to people who prefer practical things.

Among those who wear Seiko are Steve Jobs, Kristin Stewart, representatives of the Spanish football team Barcelona. This once again proves that Seiko is for everyone: serious businessmen, actors and active athletes.

Seiko SRPF77K1

The Japanese wrist watch Seiko SRPF77K1 is a novelty of 2021 from the Prospex sports collection. A recognizable detail of the model was the voluminous case. This stylistic idea of ​​the brand has its own name — «Turtle» or «turtle» because of the resemblance to the shell.

The watch was released as part of the exclusive Save the Ocean series. The novelty was created together with Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of the French explorer of the oceans Jacques-Yves Cousteau. He also suggested an interesting motif for the design of the dial. The designers were inspired by the Manta Ray, known as the giant sea devil. The tsunami engraving on the transparent case back emphasizes the marine mood of the watch.

This model is the best Japanese mechanical watch for divers. Combines everything you need for a comfortable dive:

  • water protection 20 bar;
  • durable sapphire crystal protects the watch from damage and is not afraid of pressure changes;
  • the rubber strap is not afraid of water and does not deform even with prolonged contact with it;
  • the back cover and crown are screwed down and do not let water inside;
  • The ceramic bezel will help you keep track of how long your oxygen tank will last.

In addition, it is also the best Japanese men’s watch with winding. Frequency 21,600 vibrations per hour and 24 jewels in the mechanism. The stop-second function allows you to stop the course to set the time to the nearest second.

As a lover of modern technology, Seiko used its own development in the novelty — LumiBrite backlight on the hands and markers. The composition absorbs as much light in 10 minutes, which is enough to illuminate for 3-5 hours. The unique technology is patented and only available from Seiko.

Wrist watch SRPF77K1 is the best combination of functionality and stylish design. They look unobtrusive and go with any outfit. At the same time, their versatility will help you out more than once. Who knows what awaits you tomorrow? Seiko watches are ready for any adventure.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021

Seiko SPC131P1

A characteristic representative of the CS Dress collection. The idea was to combine a modest and strict design with high functionality. This Japanese wristwatch is decorated in a classic style: Arabic numerals, 44 mm case with smooth lines, a combination of matte and polished surfaces. Graceful blue hands make the large dial elegant. Thanks to the color contrast of the hands and numbers, it is convenient to read the time. A black leather strap and a buckle with the brand’s logo emphasize the vintage mood of the model.

Seiko SPC131P1 is the best Japanese quartz watch with advanced features.

  • The mechanism works with an accuracy of 15 seconds per month.
  • The battery does not require frequent replacement, it will last up to 5 years.
  • Built-in perpetual calendar. It takes into account the number of days in different months and leap years.
  • The second hand with a red crescent tip indicates the date, year and month even in a leap year cycle.
  • At the top of the dial is the day of the week indicator.
  • The alarm works in a 24-hour range and at the same time serves as an indicator of an additional time zone when turned off. A loud alarm sounds for 20 seconds. The operating time of the signal can be set by the indicator located near o.
  • There is a chronograph with a measurement period of 24 hours. It includes pressing a button near about.

The Japanese turned the public’s idea of ​​quartz movements and made them perfect. Seiko SPC131P1 will be an excellent solution for men who value comfort and practicality.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021

Seiko SUR271P1

The Seiko SUR271P1 sports watch has become the hallmark of the CS Sports collection. The main idea was minimalism. A black dial, strict wide hands, a black nylon strap on a leather basis are ideally combined with each other and make the model the best Japanese men’s watch among sports accessories.

This quartz watch is accurate to 20 seconds per month. The case is made of steel coated with titanium carbide. Modern technologies were also used in the production of glass. Here, Hardlex Crystal tempered mineral glass is Seiko’s own design. It is more scratch resistant than standard mineral glass.

Instead of numbers on the dial, marks are used. To make it easier to read the time, the hands and markers are covered with the LumiBrite luminescent composition already mentioned above.

The Japanese watch Seiko SUR271P1 is ideal for every day. The «total black» design goes well with a sporty and casual look. This is a watch for active men who appreciate the speed of life.

The best Japanese watches: ranking 2021

Frank Miura

When it comes to the challenges Japan throws at luxury Swiss watches, it also draws a lot of inspiration from them.

Allow me to introduce a company in Osaka that manufactures Frank Miura watches. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is a Japanese pun, a paraphrase of the Swiss brand Franck Muller. Franck Muller watches are considered among the most complex in the world and can only be created by the finest Swiss watchmakers of haute horlogerie. Their watches are instantly recognizable and their unique designs are considered part of the brand’s DNA. Because of this complexity and uniqueness, this watch can cost upwards of $8,786.

Japanese watch brand Frank Miura plays on the uniqueness of Frank Muller and adds its own flair at a much lower price.

While they may look the same at first glance, their appearance is distinct. Frank Miura also collaborates with Japanese companies and makes some of the cutest designs, including the Doala watch (professional baseball mascot) shown above.

Buy Frank Miura watches on Rakuten


To begin with, let’s answer a stupid question — why do we need a watch?
There are at least three functions here:

— Show time (oddly enough, yes :). Given that smartphones are now increasingly bulky, a quick look at the clock is sometimes convenient. The good news here is that any modern watch from any modern brand (Casio, Citizen) does it well and inexpensively — for $ 50 you can buy a watch that will work for 10 years without any problems, then you can just throw it away and buy another one. As an example, the $75 Casio Wave Ceptor even has built-in radio synchronization, and will always show the exact time (I don’t know if the function works in Russia).

— Pleasing to the eye with beautiful design.

Models may differ in the type of dial, the number of functions, etc., everything is individual here. Indeed, a beautiful watch, if tastefully chosen, looks stylish and is a pleasure to look at.

— To be a status thing, first of all in the eyes of the owner. Tell yourself «yes, I can afford it.» The price range here starts from 100€ and goes up to infinity, everyone’s income is different. Well, tastes, of course, do not argue.

In the photo: Breguet Marine 42 Tourbillon, price 122 479€

And this price is far from the limit. On an Internet forum, I saw an advertisement for the sale of a used watch in Moscow at a price of $ 250,000, the buyer was provided with a settlement room and a cash-in-transit vehicle with security guards to take the purchase home. Well, in general, “status” is a purely personal concept, for many, spending even $ 5,000 on a Tag Heuer would be a considerable amount.

But anyway, back to the technical issues.