In the East, they believe that seduction is a whole science that everyone should be taught. And one of the important elements are aromas. Oriental spices excite sexual desire, set the couple up for a night of love. Let’s see what perfumery offers us. Let’s talk about the best strong aphrodisiac perfumes from famous brands for men and women.

Explaining terms in simple terms

aphrodisiac for women

When a person inhales, the most sensitive receptors, the olfactory ones, are activated. They instantly give an impulse to the brain. Some can be unpleasant or warning (fumes, toxins), the second are neutral, but the third group seems pleasant to us.

With aromatic stimulation, brain activity begins. Scientists have long established that people, like animals, emit their own natural smell, which is called a pheromone. It is produced due to the action of hormones that regulate the sweat glands. With sexual arousal, one of the strongest feelings, the hormonal background begins to rage, and the body emits signals for the opposite sex. Often they are caught on a subconscious level.

Aphrodisiacs work the same way. They contain substances that irritate receptors and send impulses similar to real pheromones. Therefore, neural connections that are involved in sexual arousal begin to actively restore in the brain.

For the first time, the natural effect of spices on human nature was established in the East. They actively use aromatherapy as a way to relieve fatigue and relaxation, immersion in a meditative state. And oriental girls rub themselves with oils and smoke the room with incense before their wedding night.

No. 10 — Ero Woman

Price: 349 rubles

Ero Woman is an oil-based pheromone perfume with a floral scent. Notes of verbena, peony, rose and anise are used. One bottle contains 10 ml of perfume.

This fragrance is intended primarily for young girls. Perfume has a bright floral scent that creates a warm atmosphere around. They have a very delicate shade and attract men. At the same time, it is noted that an analogue of expensive perfumes is sold at a very affordable price, providing almost the same effect.

The smell is well pronounced immediately after applying the perfume, but it does not linger for a long time.

Biorhythm Perfume with pheromones for women Erowoman

Properties of pheromones in women’s and men’s perfumes with aphrodisiacs

The main task of the perfume collection with the addition of «pathogens» of plant or animal origin is to increase sexual desire. But depending on what components are laid down in the basis, the effects will also differ:

  • Relaxation. For example, bergamot oil is suitable for those who come tired after a day’s work. A spouse can use such a trick to drive away thoughts about work at the olfactory level and attract them to domestic joys. Pairs well with a massage or bath. Please note — it is better to apply perfume after taking a shower.
  • Enhancement of tactile sensations. If the composition includes notes of cloves, then you can especially enjoy the touch. All receptors are sharpened, every touch brings pleasure.
  • Feeling attractive. It can be caused by gentle jasmine, which is on the list of aphrodisiacs for girls — they become more liberated, because they are aware of their own sensuality and beauty.
  • Beneficial effect on potency. Ylang-ylang is one of these substances. Almost every exciting women’s perfume has a fragrance in it, because it guarantees a long night full of love.

In addition, they all work as stimulants of general arousal and tone. Oils have an effect on the nervous system and normalize the general condition. After an excessive psycho-emotional shake-up, you can return to a measured state, and if lethargy and fatigue appear, then the aromas will help you forget about it for a while and cheer up.

#7 — Natural Instinct Sun Valley

Price: 576 rubles

Continuing our top women’s perfume Natural Instinct Sun Valley, which comes in 100 ml bottles and is positioned as an aphrodisiac. They provide a pleasant floral-fruity aroma.

The fragrance emphasizes confidence and gives energy for the whole day. He is very attractive to men. At the very beginning, the smell is not felt too bright, but very soon it opens up and leaves behind a pleasant trail. Perfume is stored in a beautiful and large enough bottle, although they cost a little. At the same time, the aroma is quite persistent and it is quite enough for the whole day.

The initial notes are very specific and not everyone likes, but this smell does not last long.

Natural Instinct Sun Valley

How aphrodisiacs work in perfumery

It is worth distinguishing between two large groups — pathogens of animal and plant origin.

Let’s deal with the first. Ambergris, civet or castoreum are added to the perfume. They not only have the most stable properties (therefore, these are the base notes that leave a sweet flair for a long time), but they are also the waste products of animals — sperm whale, beaver, civet. In fact, these are pheromones, which are similar in action to human glands.

If we talk about a person, then these substances do not have a pronounced smell. Attention — not to be confused with sweat. Although, yes, the sebaceous glands located on the nasolabial fold, in the groin and in the armpits are also responsible for their production.

An interesting fact: the presence of hair in these areas is not only for protection from the sun and pollution, but also for the dissemination of a natural aroma. That is why men with a beard often seem very attractive and masculine to girls.

For this reason, there are perfumes with aphrodisiacs that are almost odorless and tasteless for women — which means that natural pheromones are added to it. Copulin attracts guys, and androsterone attracts ladies.

Herbal ingredients do not act so straightforwardly. They do not replace natural attraction, but they set you in the right mood — they relax, give a signal of pleasure, and dispose. It should be understood that there are no universal perfumes — each person selects his own fragrance according to compatibility with the body, as well as for the right moment. Some smells (for example, sharp and seductive) are suitable for a stormy romance, while others, gentle and sensual, will help create a romantic connection.

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perfume with aphrodisiacs

A third, less common group can be distinguished. It includes toilet water with aphrodisiacs for women and men, which are synthesized artificially. An example is the Escentric Molecules collection from the eminent perfumer Geza Schoen. The composition includes one molecule that has the ability to affect areas of the brain and stimulate sexual desire. At the same time, perfumes are considered unisex, that is, they are suitable for both sexes. Their feature can be called the fact that they are revealed on each person in different ways. It depends on the hormonal background and the natural pheromones that people secrete. According to user reviews, if the «Eccentric Molecule» is suitable for both lovers in a pair, then they are a good couple at the biological level.

№9 — Ammarin Saudi Arabia

Price: 1 790 rubles

Ammarin Saudi Arabia is a luxury perfume from Saudi Arabia that contains 100% animal pheromone. They are completely alcohol-free, oil-based. One vial contains 3 ml.

Perfume comes in a beautiful golden bottle. They have a bright floral scent that excites sexual desire in men. The great advantage of this perfume is that for a lasting smell, it is enough to apply only a small amount to the body. It is also pleasing that the perfume is made from natural ingredients and does not contain alcohol at all.

Despite the fact that these perfumes are much more expensive than the previous version, one bottle contains three times less of them.

Ardore perfume with pheromones for women Premium Parfum Pheromone Woman

Names of aphrodisiacs that increase libido

This word was first used by Freud. The father of psychoanalysis argued that this is a complex state of mind and body, which is responsible for desire, sexual desire, temperament. It applies to both sexes. And if it is a variable, then it can be increased depending on the components. Let’s see what should be in the composition of the perfume, so that Freud himself would envy the level of partners’ sexuality:

  • jasmine;
  • rose flower;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • neroli;
  • ginger;
  • cardamom;
  • black pepper;
  • patchouli.

powerful aphrodisiacs for men

Basically they work like this:

  • relieve fatigue;
  • accelerate blood circulation;
  • improve blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • increase perspiration and the production of natural enzymes.

#2 — Ardore For Woman

Price: 4,000 rubles

Ardore For Woman is a premium French perfume that is in high demand. They contribute to the awakening of sexual desire in men and are characterized by a berry-fruity aroma.

The smell of these perfumes emphasizes the femininity and confidence of the girl at the same time. They are recognized as one of the best products of their kind. Right out of the box, the status of the perfume is felt, which is ensured by the stylish design of the packaging and bottle. Among the positive features, many cite a rich and luxurious aroma, which is enhanced by ambergris incense.

There is a very small amount of liquid in the bottle, despite the fact that perfumes are really expensive.

Ardore For Woman

Women’s aphrodisiac fragrances to attract men — what the stronger sex likes

Pay attention to the following notes, many of them are classified as oriental:

  • Cinnamon. Stimulates an erection due to active blood circulation, and also stimulates appetite. The receptors responsible for hunger and sexual desire are nearby. It is for this reason that you should not plan lovemaking after a hearty dinner, it is better to get enough of your soulmate.
  • Vanilla. Expensive and rare spice has the property of stimulating the production of endorphins — hormones of joy. Next to you, a man will feel calm, pleasure and satisfaction, so he will instinctively reach out to you. Interestingly, the word vainilla itself has a Latin root from vaina (or vagina), that is, «sheath». It is difficult to call the etymology accidental.
  • Lavender. The plant was used in medicine to combat impotence, and the charming Cleopatra won the heart of Julius Caesar with the help of these incense.
  • Jasmine. Although it is considered a female flower, and it primarily affects girls, they add it to perfume to seduce men. Let’s explain why. After all, a woman’s own feeling and readiness is of no small importance. And with the help of jasmine notes, she becomes more self-confident, gets rid of tightness, complexes and frigidity.
  • Ylang-ylang. It has a sweet aroma and a long history. In many Eastern cultures, tree flowers symbolize marriage, conception and love, as the effect of their essential oils helps to relax and tune in to the wave of love.

powerful aphrodisiacs for women

Aphrodisiac scents that attract men can also include sandalwood, orange blossom and musk. They, in comparison with the list listed above, are sharper. Therefore, they speak rather not about sensuality, but about passion, perseverance.

Of the floral natural male pathogens, rose and tuberose, frankincense and gardenia should be distinguished. All of them have sweet notes. When combined with oriental spices, languid and attractive compositions are obtained.

Perfume is recommended to be applied to the skin in places where it is most tender — the elbow, wrist, neck, earlobes, temples. Here the pulse is better traced, which means that the fragrance will come out stronger.

#5 — Classic Erotica Pure Instinct Woman

Price: 1 700 rubles

This perfume is made in the USA and comes in 15 ml bottles. They contain high quality pheromones and adapt to a woman’s individual natural scent.

This is a very long lasting perfume that is enough to apply once a day for a long and rich fragrance. They have a sweetish-floral tint and leave a pleasant trail that opens up gradually. The perfume has a very feminine scent and is paraben-free. The bottle comes in a beautiful box with detailed information about the perfume.

Not everyone will like the sweet smell, and besides, you should not count on too strong a scent. Perfume is more suitable for lovers of a subtle sweet smell.

Classic Erotica Pure Instinct Woman

Women’s perfume with aphrodisiac

Girls can be recommended a perfume product of any concentration, which contains either the listed natural ingredients or a synthesized substance of a similar nature. In the collections of famous brands you can find:

  • Youth-Dew by Estee Lauder. This popular composition is more than 50 years old, but it is still one of the most bought. The point is high stamina and a combination of decency and passion at the same time. The notes are intertwined so neatly that at first glance one feels only solidity, the classic aroma of oriental spices. But if you listen, you can make out the subtlest overflows. This perfume is suitable for a business woman, belongs to the evening, goes well with a dress. It should be applied to business dinners and dates, when seductiveness should not be evident, but shine through in every movement. The base note is incense, the heart note is spices and spices.

aphrodisiac scents

  • Christian Dior Poison. Very strong, heavy and thick. Among the sweet notes there are those that add bitterness. Powerful women will like it, ready to dominate and seduce everyone worthy on the spot. Add attractiveness woody shades, sandalwood.

aphrodisiac perfume for women

  • 212 Sexy Carolina Herrera. The name speaks for itself. Good for everyone and always. A very cheerful core is combined with a languid and long train. There is no tender sensuality here, but a lot of emotions, games and excitement.

aphrodisiacs for girls

  • Miu Miu — Floral, powdery. Suitable for girls and ladies under 40, because it rather suggests love, romance, than passion. The composition has very gentle tones.

perfumes with aphrodisiacs of famous brands

Hot Twilight

If a girl is waiting for a pleasant romantic evening, her charm will be emphasized by a rich floral bouquet of the Twilight fragrance from the NOT company at a cost of 3,500 rubles.

The double content of pheromones in the «super durable» format will drive her companion crazy. He’s just looking forward to the end of the evening. And the girl every moment enjoy her irresistibility. Having tried once the power of the sexual weapon of this perfume, she will no longer be able to refuse it.

Some clients didn’t like the smell itself. In this they saw his weakness. Basically, only positive reviews.

What fragrances in perfumery are aphrodisiacs for women

Men also try to look more attractive to the fair sex. Ladies want to see more masculinity, strength — these are normal physiological reactions to a self-confident representative of Mars. The basis of any exciting eau de toilette will create — tobacco, leather, wood, spices. Fruits and flowers — in a minimal amount. Fresh, invigorating compositions are suitable for sports events, but not for an intimate night. So girls like:

  • Liquorice. Here you need to stick to the balance, the note should be barely audible. In small amounts it is an excellent arousal stimulant, but in large quantities it is associated with a drug.
  • Cedar, cypress. Woody sounds are mesmerizing and soothing, and they help build trust. Encourage hugs.
  • Ambergris is a strong natural pheromone that works in tandem with the natural masculine scent to enhance it. Emphasizes masculinity and attractiveness.
  • Leather and tobacco are reminiscent of the animal nature, passion. They inspire sensual awe and tune in to a sexual wave.

aphrodisiacs in perfumery

#3 — Tokyo Sensual

Price: 3 500 rubles

Tokyo Sensual is a perfume from the famous Austrian company HOT, which recommends it as the best fragrance for seducing men. The top note is characterized by the smell of opoponax, the middle note is orange and mandarin, and the end reveals mimosa.

This perfume comes in a small, minimalist bottle that looks quite elegant. The perfume itself provides a deep and, at the same time, delicate fragrance that is very attractive to men. It is noted that the subtle smell of mimosa and citrus is what most people like, so the fragrance is quite versatile.

Unfortunately, the fragrance is not very stable, it may not be enough for the whole day.

Tokyo Sensual

Perfumes with aphrodisiacs for men: the best fragrances according to customer reviews

We advise you to try:

  • Bruno Banani Absolute Man — its feature is the presence of bitter citrus fruits. Grapefruit is so combined with wood and spicy ylang-ylang that they shimmer at the same time with enchanting sweetness, exciting sourness and bitterness inciting passion.

perfume with aphrodisiacs for men reviews

  • Gentlemen Only Intense Givenchy is more suitable not for regular relationships and casual relationships, but for constant search. Girls fall into the whirlpool of smell like a trap. Notes of tree resin will make it possible to compare with an insect that is completely immersed in the viscous and alluring tree sap.

aphrodisiac for men in perfume

In the article, we talked about aphrodisiac fragrances for men and women in perfume. Tempt with the Aromacode online store, where original products from leading brands are presented at low prices.

No. 4 — Diamo Cerruti 1881

Price: 3000 rubles

Perfume Diamo Cerruti 1881 is made on the basis of flax seed. They have a very tart smell and have a strong stimulating effect. The opening note is Sicilian mandarin, the heart note is Florentine iris, and the final note is cypress and patchouli.

These perfumes are the best suited for mature ladies. They have a very intense scent with a multifaceted composition. Due to its tartness, for the proper effect, the perfume requires the use of only a few drops, so the perfume is also economical. Also noted is the very elegant design of the bottle, which emphasizes the status of the fragrance.

The disadvantages include a rather high price. In addition, these perfumes are not very suitable for young girls.

Diamo Cerruti 1881

Features of pheromones

These chemical compounds have the following characteristics:

  • The pheromone andosterone, produced by 10% of men, is responsible for their success among women.
  • Varnishes, sprays and other hair-fixing products can block the effect of pheromones located in the hair.
  • Alcohol and alcohol-containing products can destroy pheromones, so perfumes with pheromones are produced on an alcohol-free, oil-based basis.
  • Pheromones can also be destroyed by deodorants and other antiperspirants.
  • Pheromones are poorly able to penetrate clothing.

Knowing about these features, you can avoid a situation where the effect of pheromones will be leveled due to exposure to other substances.

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The secret of the effect of this fragrance lies in the content of sensuality stimulants and pheromones. Manufacturers promise that even one drop will guarantee the desired effect — an increase in self-confidence and personal charm.

The brand presents several women’s fragrances with such a piquant composition that any lady will find an option to her taste. For example, the union of exotic fruits with notes of violet, as well as Ariadna with sweet vanilla combined with jasmine and moss, is very popular.

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Perfume created specifically for dynamic, passionate women who can plunge into the maelstrom of passion. And at the same time enjoying the music of love. A drop-shaped bottle of a relatively inexpensive spray perfume (800 rubles) looks sophisticated.

Vanilla-musky spices replace lemon-floral freshness. A multi-layered, contrasting bouquet, like ice and fire, makes a man’s heart pound. He wants to conquer the passionate nature again and again.


  • suitable for any age;
  • oil base.

The fragrance is so perfectly dizzying that it has no flaws.