Top 10: toys for children 1 year of age. What to give for the first birthday? The most up-to-date list for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all other active «givers»!

What toys does a child need at 1 year old — the question is sometimes difficult even for experienced parents, because the range of toy stores is becoming wider every year. But what are the best toys for a child at 1 year old — known for more than one generation or newfangled interactive ones?

Some time after the birth of a child, the home of most child-loving parents turns into a real warehouse of toys.

Toys are bought because:

  • developing. Allegedly, some skill without such a toy will not develop at all;
  • cool. “I didn’t have this as a child”;
  • attracting attention child in the store. Usually packaging. How not to please the baby? (Smiley hand-face)
  • cheap: «Let it be»;
  • on the gift. Relatives and friends especially like to give soft «dust bags» in the form of hares, bears, etc.

Sometimes you have to go to various tricks in order for the child to play with toys! For example, the popular advice is hide the toy for a couple of months and again get it under the guise of a new one.

However, Not suitable for a 1 year old. If you hide a rattle or a teether (rodent) for a couple of months, it is likely that later such a toy item will not be needed at all.

So what kind of toys does a child need at 1 year old?

The best toy for children 1 year old is a ball

The easiest inflatable ball like a beach one (not a ball that can easily burst and scare a baby at 1 year old) and an ordinary one rubber ball.

The ball is the basis for many games that stimulate physical, sensory, fine motor, musical, social development.

Various options for special sensory balls are also a great option, although not required.


From 6 months.

Soft eco-balls from Myakishi are for the little ones.

Balls from tiny rubber to large rubber and beach inflatable — something that will never be superfluous. The baby’s first ball may appear when he begins to sit. First we roll the ball, crawl after it, then we learn to walk, throw and catch. It is the development of many physical skills.

Educational toy — pyramid

The pyramid is interesting for children from six months to three years! This does not mean that the child will play it every day and in the same way, but the interest is to gnaw a toy, string rings, first just getting on the pin, and then in a certain order, and then again chaotically — what happens? — will last for a long time.

Pyramid — a great educational toy and a visual aid for learning colors and sizes, training perseverance.

Musical pyramid Fisher-Price «Funny rhythms»
Most dangerous in the pyramid — a pin, so many parents choose a textile analogue, although it is more difficult to play with it.

The simplest plastic and wooden pyramids should also not be ignored by parents.

Small budget wooden pyramid for kids. A classic toy, but the pin is potentially dangerous.

There are pyramids with sound effects, rings of various shapes, «knobs» in the form of animal heads — all these additions are interesting, but not required.

A good option: pyramid cupsfrom which you can build a tall tower. Such toys for children of 1 year of age, in addition to a logical building game, will be useful for role-playing games, games in the water and in the sandbox.

The cross section of the pyramid with cups can be round, square, triangular. For the smallest, of course, the round one is suitable — it is easier to put such cups into each other.

Educational toy Stellar Entertaining pyramid 4 4

Educational toy Stellar Entertaining pyramid 4+4, Stellar

akusherstvo.ru 112 rub. my-shop.ru 127 rub. dochkisinochki.ru 149 rub.
For children older than a year, you can pick up quite funny, but not so safe plastic pyramid-cups, for example, I am impressed by the Stellar pyramid «Hedgehogs».

Pyramid «Hedgehogs» from Stellar

Types of toys by purpose and function

For the development of physiological and mental qualities, skills and abilities, different types of educational toys are required. They affect logical and imaginative thinking, perception and physical development. Consider each type of educational toys:

  • Perception toys

Perception is learned during the game, in which you need to distinguish colors, shapes and sizes. For this, toys with pictures of objects of different sizes, colors and shapes are suitable. It can be:

  1. figurines of various colors;
  2. cubes;
  3. large puzzles;
  4. nesting dolls;
  5. boxes of different shapes;
  6. cubes and others.
  • Toys for the development of imaginative thinking

The development of these skills is facilitated by drawing, sculpting, designing, modeling or appliqué. With the help of educational toys, children learn to assemble a picture or object from different parts, following a diagram or plan.

These toys include:

  1. a variety of cubes;
  2. picture cards;
  3. labyrinths;
  4. constructors;
  5. mosaics;
  6. any building materials;
  7. various materials for creativity.
  • Logic toys

Toys should develop logical thinking in a child, teach them to correctly build events, separate them according to their characteristics or properties.

These educational toys include:

  1. a variety of puzzles;
  2. board games;
  3. plot puzzles of various subjects.
  • Toys for physical development

All children should have toys that will promote physical development. These toys include:

  1. balls;
  2. hoops;
  3. sports equipment and others.

Cubes are a must-have educational toy

One of the oldest, simplest and most effective educational toys for a child. And one of the mostlong-term«.
Complemented with interesting details (for example, a wooden railway), a fairly large set of cubes can be interesting even for a schoolboy.

The best cubes are medium wooden. Plastic blown and textile, although they are lighter and safer, but the turret built from them is too weightless and falls apart at the slightest awkward movement. This is more frustrating for the yearling than entertaining and inspiring to improve skills.

Wooden cubes «Apartments» from Krasnokamskaya toy are an example of a successful investment. Such a toy is interesting both at 1 year old and at 5 years old thanks to the drawing and the ability to build according to the model.

Wooden toy Mertens cubes Wild animals



Wooden toy Mertens cubes Wild animals, Mertens

859 rub.

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Lucy wooden toy


Wooden toy Lucy & Leo Cubes (medium set) 25 pcs, Lucy & Leo

1 200 rub.

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Cubes Stellar Funny


Cubes Stellar Funny

69 rub.

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What psychologists say

Toys perform two main tasks — to entertain and develop the younger generation. However, it often happens that an expensive doll or a car “with bells and whistles” is abandoned, bored in a box, failing to interest the child.

By studying children, psychologists have come to the conclusion that:

  • the shortage of toys is not so dangerous as their excess; the child is lost among the toy abundance, attention is scattered; ten different toys are enough for the baby;
  • it is better to go to the store for a new thing together with its future owner — the child will like that his opinion is taken into account; yes, there will be no surprise, but there are more chances for a good choice;
  • the simpler the toy, the more imagination the child develops;
  • after buying a new toy, parents should not “relax”; adults should show their son or daughter how to play with the novelty, make sure that he repeats the movements — in general, interest the baby.

Both babies and teenagers need toys — just different.

Plastic building blocks

Many children are fans of Lego Duplo, Mega Blocs, Magformers and their equivalents. And many remain indifferent to them. In any case, it makes sense to purchase at least one building constructorthe details of which can be fastened together.

LEGO DUPLO My First My First Pets

Worthy analogues of Lego Duplo are found on Aliexpress. We bought the designer here — the difference with the original is visible, but it is not critical. The parts fit together, the craft does not fall apart. Is that the plastic itself is visually different. But that’s just for adults.

At the age of about a year, the child is already beginning to learn about the world around him with might and main. It’s time to gradually get acquainted with animals, birds, plants. Thematic figurines and sets help with this. The designer «Polar bears Animal World» from the brand Lanson Toys consists of 16 parts. Although it is designed for children from 3 years old, under the supervision of the mother, the baby can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the North Pole. A simple construction set with large details will become both an interesting toy and a teaching aid.

Toys from the Russian brand Lanson Toys (owned by the Bubble Gum children’s goods hypermarket) are made from materials that are safe for children. And they are produced exactly at the same factories as top-segment toys — Hasbro, Zapf Creation, Spin Master, etc. All Lanson Toys toys go through strict quality control — from the manufacturer’s conveyor to the store shelf. They are of premium quality, but are sold at low prices, because there is no markup for a popular brand. This is due to the fact that the sunny (as it is called because of the special lighting) Bubble Gum hypermarket is focused on the Russian audience and does not spend money on brand support all over the world. Toys delight children, and prices delight parents.

From one to three years

The child discovers an interest in the world of animals and at the same time evaluates his own ability to «manage» the wards.

String toy

The duck quacks, the dog barks, the cat meows — the baby pulls his “treasure” and imitates new sounds. The baby begins to distinguish who “talks” how, he has the beginnings of associative thinking.

Often, these toys are equipped with buttons: pressed — a melody, song or rhyme is heard. The kid starts to dance, he likes it.

A toy on a rope stimulates the child to walk more, which also benefits him.

Toy on a rope develops baby’s walking skills

Teddy bear

The leader in popularity in the world; it is he who, more often than other toys, turns for the baby into the best home friend.

In a number of countries, such cubs are called Teddy; once US President Theodore Roosevelt did not finish off a wounded bear cub while hunting, this humane act was highly appreciated by the press. Bear toys appeared on the shelves, named Teddy (a diminutive name for Theodore).

The place of the bear can be taken by a dog, a cat or a monkey. A plush friend will comfort you in sadness, help you fall asleep or keep you company on a trip.

The teddy bear will develop the child’s communication skills, help to adapt in society

Sandbox set

Buckets, molds, scoops — where without them on a walk? Simple devices will help the baby:

  • have fun;
  • learn to do something with your own hands;
  • make friends.

On a walk, the baby will definitely be drawn to the sandbox, and without a special set of toys there is nothing to do there.

Other educational toys

Among the many modern educational aids: cards, books, puzzles for kids, insert frames, sensory boxes, tangrams, geometric pyramids, manuals for Montessori, Doman, Zaitsev, Nikitin, Kuizener and Vaska Pupkin and similar goods, it is worth trying 1-2 options .
If the child likes it, great. And no — no big deal. Even if the child of a neighbor at 1 year old is already … wow!

Remark from personal experience: in the 1st grade, children who have been reading since the age of one (two, three years) according to the Doman or Zaitsev method, who have been studying Montessori from birth (despite the fact that the Maria Montessori method is intended for children aged 3 years and older) , who assemble puzzles from an unthinkable number of parts — have almost no advantage over «ordinary» children, because the problem in modern children is different, common, despite «early development» or its absence: mental and physiological unpreparedness for school.

And by the 3rd grade, when everyone reads the same way, despite the age of the “start” (as well as everyone goes to the toilet equally well, regardless of whether they went in a diaper until they were three years old or “landed out” from birth) — with a smile you look at the parents of a new generation of kids who are carried away by the methods of «early development». Well, as long as everyone likes it, but do no harm.

An improved Montessori mosaic for yearlings in Chinese with aliexpress. A cool, but completely optional toy for children.

In the development of a child through various methods, manuals, toys, it is important to find your «golden mean». The popular «early development» is just a parenting craze popularized by baby product marketers. But it is also naive and irresponsible to believe that “it will grow by itself” and “they will teach you in the kindergarten”.

Five to nine years old

Children through games learn new knowledge, work out various skills.


A controversial choice: some parents flatly refuse to buy a boy pistols with machine guns, as well as tanks, cannons and lightsabers. «Voynushka» is not fun — such fathers and mothers are sure. Yes, and to stimulate aggression in a child is useless.

However, some psychologists do not object to «aggressive» toys: on the contrary, they give vent to anger and relieve tension. For those who disagree with this conclusion, it is proposed to buy a child a safe darts or a toy bowling instead of a weapon: they develop accuracy, speed of reaction, and coordination of movements.

“To arm” or not a child is a question for filling; according to some psychologists, toys in the form of weapons give vent to aggression


The girl already knows how to handle a doll — it’s time to design and decorate a doll’s home. Decorating the house and listening to the advice of the mother, the child in between times masters:

  • basics of etiquette;
  • rules of behavior;
  • basics of household;
  • new communication models.

The doll house amuses and develops the child, forming housekeeping skills


This is a serious toy that introduces the child to aircraft modeling, develops imagination and horizons. However, without the help of dad, snakes will remain ordinary fun; you need to explain to your son or daughter how the device works, but it is better to put it together.

The ideal place to launch a kite is a wasteland or a wild beach; By the way, a trip to the sea with a toy will make your child’s vacation unforgettable.

Children love to fly a kite; it’s good when the child is also involved in assembling the toy


Pleasure is not cheap, and it will barely fit into a small apartment; but it develops a lot of useful skills in a child:

  • perseverance;
  • logic
  • horizon;
  • dexterity, coordination of movements;
  • vocabulary.

When a whole children’s company gathers to play, the participants learn to interact, to look for solutions together.

By playing railway, young machinists gain a lot of knowledge and learn to find difficult solutions.

Best toys for 1 year olds — musical instruments

When a child ceases to like the simplest rattles due to age, the need to extract various sounds from objects does not disappear anywhere. A very useful need for the development of hearing and speech, by the way.

Some parents don’t mind letting their child have fun with pots. Alternatives are: toy drum, maracas, xylophone, etc.

Separately, it is worth highlighting electronic musical toys for children from 1 year old — players, telephones, pianos, music books with buttons, etc., which are always popular with kids.

Lucy musical instrument


Musical instrument Lucy&Leo Xylophone

499 rub.

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Musical instrument Happy Baby set La-La Band



Musical instrument Happy Baby set La-La Band, Happy Baby

1 199 rub.

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Musical instrument Umka Microphone, 5 x 15 x 24 cm


Musical instrument Umka Microphone, 5 x 15 x 24 cm

504 rub.

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24-36 months: sensory integration, start role-playing

In the life of a child there is an active sensory integration with the participation of swings, carousels and tricycles. It is best to add to them funds for the development of the vestibular apparatus — balance bikes, scooters or special boards like the Balanskate skateboard from Chicco. Trying to maintain balance is necessary for the child to cope with gravitational uncertainty. Experts sometimes find this problem in sedentary children who spend their days in front of tablet and TV screens.

Communicating with a child becomes even more interesting: the level of speech development allows you to create a small plot in a role-playing game. This means that you should have substitute objects, simple toys that can play various conditional roles. If up to a year soft fabric cubes only surprise with sensory properties, rustle and ring, and after a year they allow you to build turrets, now the cubes in the game can turn into a substitute item: a glass of compote, a doorbell button or a telephone receiver. Support the spontaneous play of the baby, this is the most important component of his mental development.

Plasticine and paints in 1 year

Creativity is a mandatory attribute of childhood, regardless of whether the child will be a “creative” person in the future.

Drawing with fingers, brushes, felt-tip pens and pencils, modeling from dough and safe plasticine, etc. — develop fine motor skills, sensory skills, speech and communication (since they are impossible at this age without adult guidance), creative and cognitive skills. Therefore, safe stationery is the best toys for children from 1 year old.

More about drawing for toddlers here + free finger painting templates!

Nine to twelve years old

At this age, children have their own preferences — who draws, who sings, who models, who messes with animals. Toys are increasingly reminiscent of things from the world of adults.

Remote Control Machines

This educational toy is the dream of many boys; small copies of large cars and run «in an adult way», on gasoline or electricity. Only repairing a mini-car in the event of a serious breakdown will cost a little less than repairing dad’s car from the garage.

Some of the radio-controlled cars are sold unassembled — they are assembled by ourselves. An interesting occupation, a teenager with the help of a competent father will receive a lot of technical knowledge.

Remote Control Cars Are Replicas of Adult Cars

science kits

These are «cool» toys for the most inquisitive; produce kits for chemical experiments, constructing robots and other complex installations. Manufacturers guarantee the safety of goods — even devices for generating electricity.

Mastering scientific developments, teenagers are more interested in physics, chemistry, biology. To the delight of school teachers.

Science kits make a teenager feel like a real scientist

Pickler’s triangle

Developing a child’s physical abilities is just as important as developing their mental ones. For these purposes, the compact Pikler triangle sports complex is perfect. It takes up very little space, being a double-sided climbing slide. The child will perceive it as ordinary entertainment. In fact, regular exercise will help:

  • develop dexterity and balance;
  • learn to find balance
  • improve hand motility.

The kid will learn to understand his body. His muscles will become stronger. The Pikler triangle has a beneficial effect on the back, which is very important in childhood. Toys of this type can be bought both for a private house and for an apartment. They will serve for a very long time.

Summing up

A children’s room littered with a bunch of toys does not guarantee that the baby will always have something to do. When there are a lot of things around, it is difficult for a child to concentrate. He will grab onto one or the other, and as a result, a normal game may not work out. Review and put aside unnecessary items. You can periodically hide, and then again get toys that the child managed to forget. There will be interest again.

We hope that thanks to our article you will choose the best entertainment options for your child. If the baby does not have a birthday, then you should not give him a mountain of gifts at once. Let him explore every item you get, play with him and show your sincere interest. Any activity and game becomes several times cooler and more exciting when a loving parent is next to you.

Kits for research and experiments

Experiment kits are not just toys, they help to get to know the world around you better, to get carried away with science. When choosing, you need to focus on the type of research, the area that is interesting to the baby and his age. The range of the Toyfirst online store includes games designed primarily for children over 6 years old. However, there are kits available that are suitable for babies 3-5 years old. Your child may like:

  • «Space laboratory»;
  • «Transforming robot 4 in 1»;
  • «Smart watering can»;
  • «Projector 2 in 1»;
  • «Unusual slimes» and much more.

At the first acquaintance with the game, it is worth helping the child to understand everything. Experts recommend taking an active part, but the baby must do everything himself. You can prompt him, ask him the right direction. Each set comes with instructions that must be followed carefully. Games of this format develop mental abilities, logic, attention.

Logic games and puzzles

The success of mastering the school curriculum depends on how logical thinking develops in a child at preschool age. He must not only know a lot, but also learn to think consistently, prove, mentally strain, guess. In the ranking of games that solve such problems, the first place is occupied by logic games and puzzles. They really engage and captivate the baby. At the same time, his resourcefulness, observation, independence, perseverance and even constructive abilities develop.

Pay attention to games from BONDIBON SMARTGAMES in the catalog: «Pathfinder Kolobok», «Penguins on ice floes», «Business bugs», «Shy rabbit» and others. In each of them, the child is given a number of tasks that he must solve with the support, but without the help of adults. Give him a chance to prove himself. This is the only way to contribute to the active development of the baby.