Electric hand dryersOne of the main tasks of technological progress is to improve the quality of human life. Invented almost 90 years ago, the electric hand dryer is a great example of the practical use of scientific and technological achievements. Today, touch-drying technology eliminates paper towels, offering a great way to maintain hygiene in public places, food establishments, healthcare facilities and workplaces.

Invention history

History of hand dryersFor the first time, a hand dryer was produced by a German electrical engineering company in 1925. The principle of operation of the electric dryer was as follows: the air from the room enters the dryer, heats up there and exits back with a powerful stream. To dry their hands, the user had to place them inside the structure, where a fan protected by a case blew the palms.

A couple of decades later, the idea of ​​a similar device was put forward and patented by the American engineer George Clemence. His devices, as well as those of the German manufacturer, supplied heated air, but only to a wide nozzle located at the bottom of the structure. Installing this type of hand dryer was similar in appearance to a paper towel dispenser, which was very popular at the time.

The technology of electric dryers, which Clemence invented, with the exception of some improvements, has remained unchanged to the present. In the early 80s, the Danish company DAN DRYER released a contact, and later, a non-contact model of electric dryers. These devices are still very popular. The 90s were marked by the appearance on the market (from Mitsubishi Electric, Japan) of dryers in which the flow of warm air did not evaporate drops of water, but blew them off the hands.

New technologies for hygienic drying

Nowadays, such an electric towel is an indispensable attribute in personal hygiene rooms. Installation of dryers is carried out in buildings with high traffic of people (offices, fast food cafes, railway stations, entertainment centers, hospitals, hotels). Such well-known companies as Stiebel Eltron, AEG, Neoclima, Dyson, Mitsubichi, Electrolux are engaged in the production of this equipment and the introduction of the latest technologies in everyday hygiene.

Innovative hand dryerPush-button less hygienic equipment has been replaced by automatic electric dryers with touch controls. The newest devices are distinguished by an accelerated drying process (in 10-12 seconds) and a built-in non-filter that kills germs up to 99%, supplying clean and safe air to hands.

Many modern models are equipped with digital type electric motors, which allow you to consume much less electricity. And to increase comfort, some manufacturers offer the use of special flavored tablets that make it more pleasant to stay indoors. A real sensation was the appearance of a completely unique Dry Hand’s Faucet technology (South Korea) or Dyson Airblade Tap (Great Britain), which made it possible to combine a dryer and a water tap in one device.

Today, there is an increasing trend towards installing hand dryers in a private house or apartment. Such equipment allows you not only to quickly dry your hands. It significantly saves the time that the modern pace of life leaves for doing housework — washing ordinary ones and disposing of paper towels. This means a higher level of everyday comfort and cleanliness.