Direct heating diesel gun applicationThermal equipment running on diesel fuel is used in many industries as a way to obtain the main or additional heat. The most convenient, efficient and economical to operate among all such heat generators are direct heating diesel gunsgiving almost 100% efficiency. However, they emit combustion products directly into the room, so they can only be used in the absence of people. More extensive scope of indirect heating guns, which divert combustion products from the room to the street or to the ventilation system. To make the right choice, you need to understand how direct and indirect heating devices differ.


Differences in design and principle of operation

Application of diesel heat gunsBy design, both types are distinguished by the presence / absence of a chimney or pipe that removes the products of combustion of diesel fuel. In chimneyless devices, the process of heating air occurs directly from the outer and inner walls of the combustion chamber. If there is good ventilation, then operation of diesel guns of direct heating can be absolutely safe if all the rules specified in the manufacturer’s instructions are observed.

More perfect and complex is the gun of indirect heating, design features which allow it to be used in rooms with a permanent stay of people. Its main difference is a closed combustion chamber, separated by a partition from the supplied air. Thanks to this design, the combustion products of diesel fuel do not enter the outgoing air stream, but are discharged through a pipe connected to a chimney or exhaust pipe or ventilation duct.



  • In terms of heat transfer, a direct diesel gun is much more efficient than indirect heating, because. all the heat energy received is spent only on heating the air.
  • Where the installation of guns with a chimney system is used, depending on the model, from 10 to 40% of the heat received can be lost.
  • Such devices warm up the room more slowly, so for large volumes it is better to choose models with direct heating, which heat the air in a shorter time.
  • The temperature characteristics of the outgoing air jet also differ. For devices with an open combustion chamber, the outlet temperature is in the range of 300-400 ° C, with a closed one — much less (60-200 ° C).
  • There are no significant differences in fuel consumption at the same power.
  • An indirect heating gun is safer, can be used for a long time, although due to design features it costs 2 times more.

Scope of guns with direct and indirect heating

Operation of a diesel gun of indirect heatingGuns with direct heating are installed where high speed and heating power are required. A prerequisite is the absence of people in the room and the presence of good ventilation. The main places where heat guns of this kind are installed are rooms with large heat losses:

  • metal hangars and large garages;
  • new building structures (drying walls, facades, screeds);
  • objects with completed finishing works;
  • enterprises for the production of concrete;
  • automotive industry, mechanical engineering and machine tool building;
  • open areas for various purposes;
  • objects of housing and communal services, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, military purposes (warming up heating mains, defrosting trenches, drying after natural disasters, warming up equipment and mechanisms in winter).

Application diesel guns with indirect heating includes:

  • office and residential premises during the period of repair and construction;
  • retail outlets, mobile pavilions, fairs, concerts and outdoor performances;
  • greenhouses, conservatories, places of keeping farm animals;
  • garages, workshops, technical rooms, production sites;
  • warehouses for storing goods, products and materials, etc.

In the modern market of thermal equipment, the opportunity to purchase diesel heat gun represented by a wide range of reliable and reputable companies. Such products are intended for economical use of fuel and obtaining the cheapest possible heat in any conditions. The introduction of the latest technologies significantly increases the level of safety and allows you to use the equipment for the entire period recommended by the manufacturer.