Electric gun for repairs in the apartmentRepair, especially overhaul, is a rather complex set of works, the success and timing of which largely depend on the creation of the necessary conditions in the room. Recently, this has been increasingly used electric heat guns, as the safest and most convenient way to warm up, ventilate and eliminate excess humidity in the apartment. They are used to dry floors, walls and ceilings after plastering, parquet and finishing works, help to dry painted surfaces faster.

Thanks to the operation of such equipment in a room, regardless of its area and purpose, the most favorable temperature conditions are created for faster removal of moisture from fresh plaster, concrete screed, uniform drying of wallpaper and flooring. In apartments up to 30 m2, installing a heat gun on electricity is the most economical option compared to gas or diesel devices. In small rooms, the convenience and safety of use is much more important than the cost of electricity, which in such cases will not be too high.

Advantages of electric guns in apartment renovation

Drying the room with an electric gunEfficient rapid heating equipment, which includes any electric gun, in a city apartment often becomes the only way to significantly speed up the repair time, especially in winter and off-season, when additional heat is needed to dry surfaces. The use of such compact and mobile heat generators with a power of up to 5 kW undoubtedly brings numerous advantages:

  • to connect, you only need a 220 V household power supply;
  • such devices can be installed in unventilated rooms;
  • they are instantly ready to work and do not require preheating;
  • no need for refueling and connection to the gas supply;
  • the air remains clean, because there are no combustion products and oxygen is not burned, which makes it safe to use electric guns in greenhouses and greenhouses, as well as in places of permanent residence of people;
  • low noise level and automatic control of operating parameters;
  • reliable protection against overheating and short circuit, which provide new technologies in production.

Possibilities of use during repairs

Thanks to the operation of such equipment, the room quickly warms up to the desired temperature and the heat can last from several hours to several days. Most often, it is used to dry surfaces that will dry out in natural conditions for a longer time, and when installing stretch ceilings instead of unsafe gas units. They keep the temperature within +35°C and, if necessary, can increase it if required by building technology (up to 65°C when installing PVC ceilings).

Electric gun for apartment heatingIntensive drying of the walls with the help of these thermal devices helps to get rid of dampness, the appearance of fungus and mold on concrete, brick or wooden surfaces, improves the quality of all finishing work. When using such a device, you must follow some rules:

  • installation of equipment is carried out at ambient temperatures from -10°C to +35°C;
  • it is impossible to direct the air flow directly to the surfaces to be dried;
  • it is necessary to observe the drying time for each building material indicated on its packaging;
  • in damp or explosive areas it is necessary to use special models with a higher protection class;
  • before starting operation, it is necessary to check the possibilities of electrical wiring and the presence of grounding;
  • so that a thermal cushion does not form under the ceiling, you need to take care of organizing 4-6-fold air exchange.

With the existing range of such equipment, you can purchase electric gun without any difficulties and use it not only for the time of repair, but use it for heating and ventilation of your apartment after the completion of all repair and construction work.