Advantages of Electric Heating BoilerAny type of autonomous heating has its pros and cons. Despite the high cost of electricity, electric heating boilers are increasingly being installed as backup and main sources of heat supply for private houses, country cottages and summer cottages, offices and retail premises. The installation of electric boilers is especially relevant where there is no centralized gas supply line or the operation of equipment on gas or liquid fuel is prohibited for any reason.

Advantages of heating electric boilers

Electric boiler for autonomous heatingFor ease of use and the rapid creation of comfortable climatic conditions — heating a private house with an electric boiler considered an excellent alternative to gas heating. Compact and lightweight household models allow you to successfully apply electric boiler for apartment heatingwhen an important condition is the rational use of the usable area of ​​​​the premises. The main advantages of installing such equipment are as follows:

  • absolute environmental safety (no smoke, soot, harmful combustion products);
  • absence of unpleasant odors and open flame;
  • full autonomy of work without the presence of a person;
  • high equipment efficiency (95-99%) means that all the heat generated is spent on heating;
  • you do not need to obtain permission to install, as is the case with other types of boilers — you only need a certificate from Energonadzor on the availability of the necessary power;
  • compact size and light weight, allowing you to install the device without allocating a separate room;
  • simple installation of an electric boiler (no need to lay a fuel line, fuel storage tanks and build a chimney);
  • no need for frequent service;
  • silent and reliable operation due to the absence of moving parts.

An important savings factor will be that when purchasing an electric boiler, you will only have to pay for it. When installing a gas, liquid fuel and solid fuel unit, you will need to pay for additional equipment. The installation of such boilers will also cost much more than the installation of an electric boiler.

Disadvantages of electric heating boilers

Replacement of heating elements in an electric boilerThe disadvantages that are attributed to electric boilers can be easily eliminated if you carefully approach the arrangement of the heating system and replace failed heating elements in time:

  1. The main disadvantage of electric boilers is the high cost of the energy resource used, which greatly increases the cost of electricity. Therefore, it is believed that such a unit is best used as an additional source of heat. For main heating, many experts limit the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room to 100 m2, but today new models are already being produced that can heat much larger spaces, working from a conventional outlet.
  2. Another disadvantage can be considered that not everywhere there is an opportunity to allocate additional kilowatts for such equipment. Therefore, before buying, it is better to find out what limits are allocated for energy consumption in the area where the house is located.
  3. Such boilers require high quality water treatment and it is not always possible to use non-freezing liquids instead of water in them. If you follow all the requirements of manufacturers, you can significantly reduce the formation of scale and extend the life of the entire system.

The use of modern engineering solutions (soft start, step power control, replacement of contactors with advanced relays, weather-compensated automation, GSM control, etc.) make energy saving electric boilers very economical in terms of resource consumption and practically equalize operating costs with equipment operating on other types of energy carriers.