By installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom, you can forever forget about the dampness and mustiness characteristic of wet rooms. A small but strong and durable device will quickly remove all unpleasant, pungent odors and make the air cleaner, healthier and more comfortable.

Installation of the device does not require expensive tools, specific knowledge and practical experience. The product is simply inserted into the air outlet shaft and fixed there using the connecting elements included in the kit. The work is very simple and will be within the power of every home master.

The market for ventilation devices offers many models, and choosing the right device is sometimes problematic, right? To facilitate this task, we have prepared an overview of the best bathroom hoods, indicating their technical parameters, advantages and disadvantages according to users.

Which fan is better to buy for the bathroom

Any fan is primarily a technical device that uses electrical energy during operation. When choosing it, one should rely on the main characteristics that should be indicated in the product passport.


The purpose of the fan is to quickly update the atmosphere in the room you have chosen. For bathrooms, the air exchange rate is taken in the range from 4 to 8. This indicator determines how many times during an hour of continuous operation of the blower a complete replacement of air must occur.

For a family of three, this coefficient should be taken equal to 6. If she lives in an apartment with a bathroom of 15 m3, simple calculations will give:

6 x 15 = 90

This means that when choosing a fan, one should pay attention to models with a capacity of at least 90 m3/h.

Fan dimensions

The geometric dimensions of the fan must correspond to the area of ​​the free section of the air ducts or the ventilation shaft. Most models are designed for channels with a diameter of 100 or 125 mm. We should not forget about the method of fastening the product provided by the manufacturer. The mounting holes of the device must be placed opposite the strong elements of building structures or a special frame must be adapted for this.


The high humidity typical for bathrooms imposes additional requirements on the electrical equipment used here. Devices operating from a network with a voltage of 12 or 24 volts are not capable of harming human health. It is on them that it is better to stop your choice, taking care of purchasing a step-down transformer. But exhaust fans powered by 220 volts are also widely represented on the modern market.

The bathroom fan housing must reliably protect the internal filling from liquid ingress. Equipment with IP24 protection class should preferably be installed further than 60 cm from the shower. For protection class IP25, this restriction does not apply.

When choosing a fan for the bathroom, be sure to specify whether this model is designed to work in bathrooms.

Noise level

Loud noises interfere with the rest of residents and cause irritation. It is believed that the noise level of household appliances installed in the apartment should not exceed 55 dB. Naturally, in order to achieve comfortable conditions, it is better to buy a model with the lowest possible value of this indicator.

Additional functions

Some models of modern bathroom fans have additional features. They are able to take on the functions of control, which has a beneficial effect on improving the quality of our lives.

Humidity sensor

This device itself monitors the level of relative humidity of the surrounding atmosphere. When a critical point is reached, the fan automatically turns on. It will stop after changing the air to dry. With this option, fungus or mold will never appear in the bathroom. It also saves energy consumption, since it completely eliminates the risk of leaving the fan on for a long time.

Motion Sensor

Such a device itself notices the appearance of a person and closes the starting circuit. The settings usually allow you to set the required time after the cessation of movement, after which the motor is turned off.

Built-in timer

This function communicates with the bathroom lighting system. She will turn on the fan herself at the moment the lamps light up and stop the hood after a certain time after the light is turned off. This way you will save energy costs and your own nerves.

Before visiting the store, you can already make a list of the characteristics that the bathroom fan you need should have. The bathroom fan rating below contains a list of reliable and efficient models. When compiling it, objective technical data, expert opinion and user reviews were taken into account.

TOP 10 popular models

The rating includes exhaust fans for bathrooms, showers and bathrooms, most often bought in online stores and supermarkets of household appliances in Russia. According to the principle of operation, the devices are similar.

Among the main differences:

  • power of work and air exchange;
  • additional functions;
  • body shape.

The client has the opportunity to choose the device for the interior solution of the room, while taking into account their own needs in terms of strength and ventilation efficiency.

Seat #1 — Soler & Palau HCM-225 N

Powerful and strong exhaust fan suitable for spacious bathrooms and sanitary facilities. Effectively removes unpleasant odors and moisture from the room. It works quickly, but does not produce excessive noise in the process. Mounted on a wall or in a window opening.

Features a high quality build. The outer case made of durable plastic is completely sealed and is not afraid of moisture. The protective grill protects the internal mechanism from the penetration of small particles of debris and foreign objects.

The aluminum impeller is anodized to resist corrosion.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate – 600 m³/h
  • operating power — 28 W
  • automatic blinds — yes
  • check valve yes
  • control method — mechanical
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — protection against thermal overloads, the ability to connect through the REB electronic module, housing moisture protection, the ability to install in glass
  • noise — 45 dB
  • weight — 1.8 kg

The owners note the good traction properties of the device and the ability to quickly remove corrosive, aggressive odors from the room.

Separate praise deserves an attractive and neat appearance, good assembly and compliance with the parameters of technical documentation.

Users call the lack of rolling bearings a disadvantage, although they say that this point is not critical.

Seat #2 — Electrolux EAF-150 25 W

The device from the famous Swedish brand belongs to the series Premium. It looks unusual, catchy and attractive. Suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting. Serves rooms up to 14 sq. m.

Low noise electric motor with specially shaped impeller combines high working efficiency and low background noise.

The unit is equipped with a special sensor for adjusting humidity in the range from 40% to 100%. The built-in timer allows you to comfortably control the operation of the module and delay the start for a period of 1 to 20 minutes.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate — 320 m³ / h
  • operating power — 25 W
  • automatic blinds — no
  • non-return valve — available
  • control method — mechanical
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — timer, humidity sensor, splash protection IPX4
  • noise — 35 dB
  • weight — 0.86 kg

Customers love the product’s original appearance, quiet operation and optimal durability.

We are pleased with the reliable moisture protection of the case, the good strength of all plastic elements and the presence of a check valve that protects the room from the penetration of unpleasant odors from the ventilation shaft.

Some buyers complain about insufficient power and noticeable vibration of the check valve. Some customers say that the price of the device is too high and it is not advisable to overpay only for the brand.

Seat #3 — Soler & Palau SILENT-100 CMZ 8W

A compact module from a well-known Spanish manufacturer is part of the silent. It is completed with rubber-metal bushings that dampen vibrations and other noise. It works almost silently and does not interfere with residents.

Designed for arranging an exhaust ventilation system in very small rooms. It is connected to a single-phase network and consumes a minimum of energy resources.

It has a high level of moisture protection and is not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate – 95 m³/h
  • operating power — 8 W
  • automatic blinds — no
  • check valve — installed
  • how it is controlled — mechanics
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — practical pull cord switch, ball-bearing motor mounted on silent blocks
  • noise — 26 dB
  • weight — 0.4 kg

The unit demonstrates the greatest efficiency when servicing small-sized bathrooms, showers and toilets. Excellent resistance to moisture.

It can be mounted in a suspended ceiling structure if there is a separate air shaft.

As cons, customers note the insufficient traction of the device and the rather high cost with such weak parameters. There are no complaints about the appearance and installation process.

Seat #4 — CATA E-120 G 15W

The modern square fan from the Spanish concern is structurally different from all other options. The façade is covered with a decorative plate of frosted white glass.

This element turns the module into a sophisticated interior element that enhances interior design.

The optimal power of the device allows it to be used in bathrooms, toilets and showers of medium size.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate – 210 m³/h
  • operating power — 15 W
  • automatic blinds — no
  • check valve no
  • control method — mechanical
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — tilt function, front decorative glass panel, moisture-resistant housing
  • noise — 33 dB
  • weight — 0.7 kg

Buyers call the model interesting and unusual. I really like the outer glass lining. It delicately covers the working elements and elegantly masks the hood area.

There are no cons to the device.

Seat #5 — Soler & Palau DECOR 200 C 20 W

A high-quality medium-power model is mounted on a wall or ceiling. Sold at an affordable price. Works correctly in temperature conditions from 0 °С to +40 °С. The built-in thermal protection system is responsible for protecting the engine from overheating and failure.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate — 185 m³ / h
  • operating power — 20 V
  • automatic blinds — none
  • non-return valve — available
  • how it is controlled — mechanics
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — indicator window on the facade
  • noise — 46 dB
  • weight — 0.8 kg

Externally, the device looks neat and modern. Available not only in white, but also in several additional shades. It draws air perfectly, despite the modest power parameters.

Consumes energy economically. Easy to clean inside and out in case of noticeable dirt.

The only thing that users don’t like is the strong sound background, although in the bathroom this is of no fundamental importance.

Seat #6 — ERA HPS 20 20 W

The round-shaped exhaust fan, made by a popular domestic manufacturer, looks stylish and attractive. Designed for window installation.

Housing and impeller are made of high-strength ABS plastic, resistant to direct sunlight.

The engine is equipped with special protection against overheating. This ensures a long service life regardless of the intensity of use.

The external non-return valve closes automatically. It does not allow unpleasant odors from the street to penetrate into the premises during the period when the fan is not working.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate – 330 m³/h
  • operating power — 20 W
  • automatic blinds — no
  • check valve yes
  • control method — mechanical
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — a convenient pull cord switch
  • noise — 47 dB
  • weight — 1.13 kg

As a plus, users note the original design and efficient operation, the quality of the molding of the plastic case, reliability and wear resistance.

The fan works quietly, removes unpleasant odors and strong odors from the room. Conveniently controlled with a lanyard.

Some customers had some problems with the installation, but the phenomenon did not become widespread.

Seat #7 — Soler & Palau DECOR 300 C 23W

Efficient and powerful, the unit is designed for both wall and ceiling mounting. It well draws out all unpleasant odors, removes moisture and dampness from overall premises.

Differs in reliability and operational durability. Tolerates both permanent and occasional use.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate – 280 m³/h
  • operating power — 23 W
  • non-return valve — yes
  • how it is controlled — mechanics
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — indicator light
  • noise — 46 dB
  • weight — 1.44 kg

The device is easily mounted in an air shaft or a window opening, is not afraid of exposure to moisture and ultraviolet radiation. Demonstrates high traction properties and looks good on the outside.

The blades do not require constant cleaning and work normally even in difficult operating conditions.

The owners do not report any cons.

Seat #8 — DiCiTi AURA 5C 10W

The module is mounted in ventilation shafts or air outlet communication lines of bathrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms of a compact size. It is applied to periodic or continuous ventilation of damp rooms.

It is completed with a classic square case made of plastic that is not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Easily transfers heavy loads and has an increased working resource. It has protection against reverse draft and does not allow unpleasant odors from the ventilation duct to penetrate into the room.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate – 180 m³/h
  • operating power — 10 W
  • automatic blinds — none
  • check valve yes
  • control method — mechanical
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — ball bearing motor, overheating protection
  • noise — 30 dB
  • weight — 0.67 kg

The model is presented in several original colors. This makes it possible to harmoniously fit it into the interior of any orientation.

Users most of all like the quiet operation of the device, and they call some fragility of the plastic case a disadvantage.

Seat #9 — Dospel Styl 120 S 20 W

A compact household appliance for forced ventilation looks concise and neat. Designed for wall and ceiling mounting. Works in single-phase networks.

Qualitatively serves small bathrooms and small-sized sanitary facilities. Equipped with a reliable ball bearing motor.

The case is made of durable and high-quality ABS plastic with an antistatic additive for effective protection against dust.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate – 150 m³/h
  • operating power — 20 W
  • automatic blinds — no
  • check valve no
  • how it is controlled — mechanics
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — internal protective mesh against insects, protection class IP X4
  • noise — 46 dB
  • weight — 0.6 kg

Customers note that the device is conveniently mounted in any position and copes well with its duties. Its disadvantage is the noise at the time of initial switching on.

Place No. 10 — Domovent 125 C 16 W

Compact yet strong and powerful, the unit is designed to be mounted on a wall or ceiling in a ventilation shaft or duct of suitable diameter. Effectively works and is completed with special grids from penetration of insects.

The device has two options for connecting to the electrical network: through a traditional separate switch or through a light switch in parallel with lamps and fixtures.

A shortened branch pipe makes it possible to install the units in thin walls, internal partitions and vents.

Technical specifications:

  • mechanism type — axial
  • air exchange rate — 179 m³ / h
  • operating power — 16 W
  • automatic blinds — no
  • non-return valve — absent
  • how it is controlled — mechanics
  • number of speed modes — 1
  • additional options — mosquito net, shortened nozzle
  • noise — 44 dB
  • weight — 0.65 kg

The device perfectly copes with its duties and quickly draws out dampness, unpleasant odors and obsessive odors.

Completely changes the air in the room in 5 minutes of operation. Does not rattle or make noise during operation. Retains aesthetic appearance for the entire period of operation.

The only drawback is the complicated process of cleaning the outer grill and inner mesh.

Standard 4ETF

The review is completed by a very interesting model with an automatic operation system. This is a pretty efficient device. In an hour, he manages to let through about 100 cubic meters of air. Turns on thanks to a built-in photocell sensitive to light. Interestingly, the device can operate in one of two modes: “bathroom” and “toilet”. To select the desired one, simply reinstall the jumper located on the timer board.

The «bathroom» mode assumes the automatic inclusion of the device immediately after the light in the room goes out. The second mode, on the contrary, turns on the fan as soon as someone entered the bathroom and turned on the light. The device turns off automatically after the time set by the timer. That is, having set the necessary settings once, you will never again have to worry about turning the device on or off.


  • automatic control by means of a photosensitive element;
  • multifunctionality;
  • good performance;
  • timer;
  • two speeds of work;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • great value.


  • installation may require specialist assistance.

«Vanvent VKV-315E»

Vanvent VKV-315E

Vanvent VKV-315E

6. «Vanvent VKV-315E» This is a large and heavy fan that can become part of the exhaust and air conditioning system in large, spacious rooms. Its installation diameter (the parameter is selected according to the diameter of the duct shaft) is 30 cm, and the weight is 7.5 kg. It works loudly, but with such power it is impossible to do otherwise.

The device provides forced air exchange in the amount of 2100 cubic meters per hour. Effectively eliminates light smoke, removes odors, moisture, dust. Looks solid, impressive, solid.


  • «Beast Machine»
  • Strong Productivity
  • Resistant to changes in temperature, pressure, humidity


  • Strong power consumption
  • Large dimensions
  • loud work
  • Difficult to install without calling a wizard

Current prices


We have already discussed the types of silent exhaust fans in more or less detail, and now we will go directly to the characteristics and all kinds of functions. Good brands quickly help provide effective forced ventilation. Very useful is the operation of the check valve, which protects the interior from air masses from the outside.

types of fans

There are several types of dampers: the passive type works only when the impeller is actuated, the automatic type has a manual opening and closing system, the self-closing type is driven by a specialized spring.

fan in the wall

By the way, sometimes it is not included in the model at all, which usually indicates its cheapness. It is very important that moist air comes out and clean air comes in.

white fan

You can choose one way or the other. Features of the modification are not very critical. The buyer decides what he needs. Passive ones almost never break down, while electric ones are more convenient and comfortable to use. Malfunctions happen, but they are not fatal.

Check valve on the fan in the bathroom — needed or not

There are also exhaust fans with a built-in non-return valve. Sometimes this option is useful — if a reverse draft occurs, it will not allow air from the ventilation system to enter the room. But such models are still not very popular. It’s about natural ventilation. Most apartments and houses have natural ventilation. By installing a fan in the ventilation duct, we significantly impair the exhaust air output in a natural way — due to the difference in pressure and draft. Installing a fan with a non-return valve worsens the situation even more. In this case, forced arousal (using a fan) must work around the clock.

Which bathroom fan is better — with or without a check valve — you decide

If you decide to install a check valve, it does not have to be in one housing. It can always be installed separately — in the channel in front of the fan.

Other options

When choosing the best exhaust fan for the bathroom, you should pay attention to the parameters:

  1. Noise level. Unobtrusive sound will be up to 35 dB. Constant noise will negatively affect the psychological state, contributes to fatigue.
  2. Mounting method. Devices can be overhead, ceiling, built-in. The latter are in demand due to their stealth, efficiency, ease of installation in the ventilation duct.
  3. Safety. Since the fan is supplied with electricity, the device must be reliably protected from moisture. The optimal security class is from IP44.
  4. Additional functions. Thanks to them, the user will be able to adjust the power, set the boundary level of humidity in the room for automatic on / off. Fans equipped with a motion sensor automatically turn on when you visit the bathroom and turn off if the room is empty. It is especially important to have a non-return valve, thanks to which dust from the duct does not penetrate into the room. Some models are equipped with a remote control that allows you to set the operating mode of the device from a distance.
  5. Diameter. The smallest diameter is 80 mm, the largest is 200 mm. Standard air exchangers have a diameter that is a multiple of 20 mm, so it will be very difficult to find a device with d 90 mm. It is better to take a smaller device, then you do not have to break the wall. It is enough to take a corrugation of the right size, mount a device in it, and fill the remaining voids with mounting foam.

The top exhaust fans for the bathroom include the most popular models that meet international quality standards and do not cause mass dissatisfaction among consumers.

OBR 200M 2K Bahcivan

OBR 200M 2K Bahcivan

10. OBR 200M 2K Bahcivan These fans are successfully used in industry, agriculture, for domestic needs. The productivity of the device is already 1800 m³ / h, and the power is 60 watts. Works loudly, but effectively.

The one-sided suction device provides high-quality ventilation in damp rooms with an unstable temperature background.


  • Big power
  • Solid Performance
  • metal case
  • Can be installed in long shafts


  • High price
  • Power consumption is high
  • Volumetric dimensions

Current prices

Dust fan Bahcivan OBR 200 M-2K SK

TOP 10 Best bathroom fans: tips for choosing a device, an overview of popular models, prices + Reviews

Elicent E-Style 100 PRO

Economical and productive model. The company is famous for its minimalist design and optimal feature set. This appliance was created specifically as a model for the bathroom. Equipped with a splash protection system that increases the durability and efficiency of the product. Ease of maintenance is ensured by a removable front panel that does not allow the device to quickly become dirty.

The fan is designed in such a way that, with minimal energy consumption, it is able to provide maximum efficiency — a powerful outflow of moist air.


  • power;
  • energy saving;
  • protective front panel;
  • strong and reliable case;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • high-quality check valve;
  • silent operation;
  • modest price.


  • requires careful installation, with distortions it can make a lot of noise.

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Mmotors mm-100

The quietest fan in the review. Its work will not only be efficient, but will not annoy residents with excessive noise, the maximum of which is only 24 dB. The manufacturer from Bulgaria, although not very well known, has long established itself in the market.

A feature of the fan is the ability to operate at very high temperatures, up to +100 degrees. It can be installed in a steam room, thermal baths and pools, home saunas and other rooms with high temperature and humidity.


  • very quiet;
  • can work at high temperature;
  • is easy to install;
  • has a compact size;
  • nice appearance;
  • quality assembly.


  • not too high productivity, only 60 cubic meters per hour.

Maico ECA 100 iPro

This device at first glance, generally bears little resemblance to a fan. There are no grilles on its front panel, the fan blades are also not visible. At first glance, this is just a small inconspicuous flat and smooth panel that does not attract much attention. Initially, the front panel is white, but if desired, it can be easily repainted in any color, it can be easily removed.

The device has excellent technical characteristics. It has splash protection and programmable electronics. High-quality bearings significantly increase the service life. With all its advantages, this fan «eats» only 6-8 watts from the network.

Positive points:

  • excellent power;
  • legendary German quality;
  • stylish design;
  • the ability to easily change the color scheme;
  • inconspicuousness in the interior;
  • low power consumption;
  • thoughtful protection system;
  • ease of installation;
  • quiet work;
  • reliability;
  • long warranty period.



When choosing an efficient exhaust fan, you need to remember that:

  • the power of the device, the air exchange rate and the installation diameter of the structure are the key parameters that you need to focus on;
  • it is also worth taking the time to carefully study such indicators as the sound power level, the materials used and the type of control system;
  • you should consider not only the basic, but also additional functionality — the device can be equipped with a timer, an infrared sensor or a hygrostat.


budget model. This is explained simply — it is of domestic production. The technical characteristics of this device cannot be called outstanding. Nevertheless, they are optimal for most typical bathrooms: the power of the device is 10 W, and in one hour it is able to process 180 cubic meters. m/hour. Such characteristics make it easy to maintain the optimum level of humidity in the room.

Simple but reliable design. Built-in overheating protection is provided. The fan is light, compact and has acceptable «noise» indicators. The noise level of this device is 30 dB, which is quite good considering the high performance.


  • acceptable cost;
  • quality of work;
  • durable body material;
  • many positive reviews;
  • modern engine enough power;
  • reliability of work;
  • average noise figure;
  • long warranty period.


  • no timer.

Principle of operation

Principle of operation

Principle of operation

Let’s see how the device works:

  1. After the power supply is turned on, the impeller starts to rotate.
  2. Pressure builds up, causing air to be drawn through the grate
  3. Inside, the flow collides with rotating blades, pressure builds up
  4. The air mass passes further into the duct

The case is most often made of high-quality plastic, but there are models made of metal. In bathrooms, the fan is most often connected to electrical wiring. Thus, it turns on simultaneously with the light (or a switch is mounted to independently regulate the start of work).

Electrolux EAF-150

The TOP is continued by a powerful model from the Swedish manufacturer. The device has a high power of 25 watts. Works effectively even in very humid environments. Efficiently handles up to 320 cu. m/hour.

The moisture-proof case ensures long and productive operation of the device. Customers also love the look of the product. There are several front panel colors to choose from. You can choose the color of the interior.

Positive traits:

  • power;
  • high performance;
  • stylish design;
  • several colors of the front panel;
  • reliability;
  • Can work in large areas.


  • slightly noisier than other models;
  • no timer.

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Why is a Silent Extractor Fan Quiet?

Silent duct fans have a special housing design. They are made of plastic or metal with special sound-absorbing perforations or are lined with sound-insulating material. Inside the device is a soft layer that prevents vibrations and sound propagation from moving air. In addition, the special shape of the blades allows you to direct the flow without the whistling effect.
Many manufacturers offer quiet duct fans, the price of which often depends not only on quality and performance, but also on the degree of brand promotion. In our store we offer a select range of fans, the price of which is fully justified by their quiet operation and reliability.