On the territory of the Russian Federation it is forbidden to carry weapons with you without the appropriate documentary permission. But this is not entirely appropriate, because the crime rate is growing. You need to have something on hand that will allow you to defend yourself against people who are aggressive towards you. Here it is worth paying attention to the opportunity to buy the best spray can for self-defense in 2021, which will be a great helper if necessary. The use of this method of protection is allowed at the legislative level.

As part of our article, we have collected the best gas cartridges for self-defense, which are presented in a variety of options: jet, gel and gas. After reading the article, you will definitely be able to decide on the choice of a good option for yourself.

Rating of gas cartridges for self-defense

When compiling the TOP, customer reviews and the opinion of experts on self-defense against attacks by intruders were taken as a basis.

When selecting spray cans for self-defense, we took into account the following characteristics:

  • Type — gas, jet, gel;
  • Volume — they are usually available in 25, 50, 65 and 100 ml;
  • Weight and dimensions, so that it is convenient to hold the container in your hand;
  • Spray distance;
  • Speed ​​of action;
  • Jet strength, gas cloud power or gel film density;
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors;
  • The resulting effect — what exactly is affected and how it happens;
  • Composition, types of contained substances and their concentration;
  • Temperature range suitable for application;
  • Safety for the life of the attacker;
  • Body and valve materials;
  • The operating time or the number of clicks until the content is completely exhausted.

The main criterion for selecting funds was the reaction of the attacker to the spraying of the contents of the spray can for self-defense, ease of use and value for money.

Price for Pepper 11-A

The cost indicator of the agent in question is considered quite democratic: from 370 to 485 rubles per bottle of Pepper 11-A gas cartridge with a volume of 65 ml.

Thanks to this, today almost everyone can afford it. Also, such products as Shock, Pepper Jet, Hot Pepper, Teren 4M, Weapons of the Proletariat can boast of good efficiency and low price.

Self defense gas jet cartridges

They are containers with a valve, when pressed, a thin stream is squeezed out. Further, it should fall directly into the face of the enemy in order to cause itching of the mucous membranes and skin, and lacrimation. Best of all, 3 products, selected by experts for the rating, cope with their tasks.


… I used pepper spray for self-defense «Sword» once when I was walking home late at night and a drunken passer-by began to pester me. The effect was instantaneous, and the tool itself is easy to use …

Expert opinion

A fast-acting remedy that, when it gets on the skin and mucous membranes, causes a strong burning sensation. The resulting effect lasts up to 15-20 minutes, which is enough to have time to escape. It is characterized by a spray range of 3 m, which allows you to prevent an attack by an aggressor in advance.

A key feature of the self-defense gas cylinder is the wind resistance of the contents, so it can be used in almost any weather. 3 volumes are available for sale — 25, 65 and 75 ml. You can save some money if you buy more. The base is police irritant CS (0.38%), Tc (1.0%) and OC oleoresin capsicum (95%).

The epee is distributed by the jet, so aiming is required. This compensates for the contact patch measuring 14 cm x 2 m. For self-defense, you need to press the valve for 1-4 seconds. This equals 8 short presses. Depending on the volume, it works for a maximum of 6 seconds.



  • Small size — easily fits in a women’s bag;
  • It affects the nasopharynx, mucous membranes, respiratory tract;
  • Content of a police irritant;
  • Economical consumption of the contents of the can;
  • Effective both indoors and outdoors.


  • The price is above average;
  • With wind, there is a chance that particles will hit themselves.

Pepper spray is intended primarily for law enforcement officials.

Pfeffer Ko Jet

This means of self-defense is released by a long jet, which is easy to direct in the face of the attacker. It is highly targeted and does not dissipate during a flight of 3.7-6 m. The liquid is effective against people under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as well as against aggressive individuals.

The composition introduced an extract of hot pepper in large quantities (11%), which enhances the hotness. Upon contact with the skin, the jet breaks into small particles, which simultaneously affect the tissues and mucous membranes of a person. As a result, the attacker begins to experience spasms in the throat and eyes, choking, nausea and vomiting.

In containers, 50 ml of a poisonous mixture is sold, suitable for repeated use. On average, the number of uses to full consumption is 7-10 times. The composition is suitable for 4 years from the date of production, without losing its properties. When extruded, an aerosol cloud is not formed, so it can be used even in transport.


  • Record spraying distance;
  • Smooth and precise jet;
  • Affects the strongest attacker;
  • Does not evaporate even at high temperatures;
  • It has a multifaceted effect.


Self-defense gas spray is effectively used by police officers in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria. The volume of the bottle is 50 ml with a diameter of 3.2 and a height of 11 cm.

Jet Standard

The gas cartridge is suitable for protection against attack by hooligans and animals. It has compact dimensions (106×35 mm) and low weight — 65 g, thanks to which it fits easily in the hand and a small handbag. The ergonomic shape of the container makes for a comfortable grip.

Due to the jet direction of the active substance, the use of the product does not pose a danger to the owner. The composition is sprayed immediately after pressing the valve. The range is 3-4 m, which allows you to keep the attacker close to you.

The effectiveness of the impact is due to the high concentration of the active substance — hot pepper extract (20%) and Tc (0.5%). It begins to work immediately after hitting the air, surrounding the attacker with a cloud. The contents are consumed by holding the valve for 4 seconds, which is comparable to 8 clicks.


  • Wide operating temperature range – from -40 to +50°C;
  • A considerable volume — 65 ml;
  • Pronounced effect;
  • Long acting;
  • Long shelf life — 36 months.


  • Small contact area compared to aerosol — 7 cm by 2 m.

The reviews note that the product works every time the valve is pressed. The effect appears quickly and the attacker stops the pursuit.

What is it and where can it be applied

What is this spray can, and in what cases is it legal to use it?

In essence, this is a small container containing a highly concentrated active substance under high pressure.

The liquid concentrate or aerosol, when released, causes severe irritation of the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and eyes.

The action of such an irritant is absolutely harmless to the health and life of a person who has fallen under its influence.

The use of this weapon does not entail either criminal or administrative liability for the defender, with the exception of rare individual cases when, intentionally or as a result of excessive use of the weapon, the attacker was seriously harmed.

Such a balloon is used at a short distance, bringing it close enough to the «victim».

The ejection range of the substance depends on the type of product and varies from 1 to 4 meters. Difficulty with the release of the active substance may occur when using:

  • in strong wind;
  • at low ambient temperature

These two circumstances can turn the remedy against its owner or minimize the damaging effect.

We use this weapon of self-defense in the following cases.

  1. A deep stage of conflict with an aggressive person or group of people when a fight is provoked.
  2. When you are being followed. It is enough to spray a gas cloud behind you to stop the pursuers.
  3. When attacked by large stray dogs or other animals. Some large animals may only show more aggression when exposed to pepper.

Self-defense gas spray cans

They combine aerosol and jet form of release. This is the most convenient and effective mixture, synthesizing a considerable range of supply of the active substance and a dense contact patch. Among these options, the Vyborexperta.ru project identified 2 safe and useful products.

lady black

The gas cartridge belongs to the aerosol jet and is primarily intended for girls. Due to its miniature size and small volume — 25 ml, the product is suitable for carrying even in a clutch or in a pocket. Outwardly, it looks like lip gloss or perfume, so the attacker will not be able to recognize the danger in advance.

Lady Black is highly wind resistant and works in all weather conditions: heat, rain, snow. It does not require precise aiming due to the wide trail. To get started, just point the pepper spray for self-defense at the intruder, press the button and hold it for 2 seconds or until the contents are completely finished.


  • Operative operation of the button;
  • Does not jam with small residues;
  • Uniform jet;
  • Fast reaction of attackers;
  • The presence of two active substances.


  • Reduced efficiency when used indoors.

The composition includes two active substances — capsicum oleoresin at a dosage of 1% (hot pepper extract) and a synthetic analogue of Tss — 0.83%.


Another can from CJSC Tekhkrim. It comes in 25ml so it doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Instead of the usual composition, a mixture of the poisonous substance CR and OC is used here. This combination is equally effective on both animals and people, including those in a state of intoxication.

The dagger has an aerosol-jet type of spray, thanks to which the chances of getting into the face of an intruder are much higher even in windy weather. To prevent accidental pressing, a special protrusion is provided, so its use is safe for the owner himself.


  • Hit range — 2-3 m;
  • Valid for 3 years from the date of production;
  • Keeps efficiency at a temperature from -10 +50 °C;
  • Increased concentration of active substances — up to 2%;
  • Reliable protection.


  • Consumed quickly.

Thanks to the wide cloud formed by pressing the atomizer, it is not necessary to aim directly at the attacker’s eyes.

Changing gas composition in modern models

The popularity of gas cartridges in the market of legal self-defense weapons has increased in the last five years due to the fact that the composition of the fillers has changed significantly. Previously, the manufacturer used only tear gas (CS) as an active composition, which significantly affected the degree of reliability of such a means of self-defense. The latest generation of gas cartridges are mixed, using a combination of tear gas and hot pepper extract, with a substance ejection rate of 7 to 10 grams per second. One second of spraying is enough to completely neutralize the bandit.

There is a myth about the loss of the main properties of the irritating substance in the canister in winter at sub-zero temperatures. However, it has been experimentally proven that the efficiency does not decrease by one percent even at minus 30 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the most important component of effective self-defense is not only the availability of protective equipment, but the ability to use them at the right time. Of course, the practice of using a gas cartridge will increase the chances of success in self-defense, so many companies offer to purchase the so-called «training» cartridge, which differs from the standard ones in its low price and composition that does not contain irritating substances.

Summing up, it can be argued that gas cartridges today are an easily accessible, inexpensive, reliable and effective, legal means that more than once saved the lives and health of civilians, allowing you to avoid contact with the aggressor in 98 out of 100 cases.

Self defense gas aerosol cans

Unlike sprays, aerosols, when squeezed out, form a gas cloud that envelops the attacker. At this time, tears appear in him, the mucous membrane of the nose and throat, skin integuments are irritated, and perspiration occurs. These properties are possessed by 4 products recognized as safe and effective.


The tool is effective due to the high concentration of irritant in the form of hot red pepper extract. It is characterized by a powerful and lasting effect. A person feels the consequences of spraying for at least 15 minutes, which is enough to scare off an intruder and move to a safe distance.

The protection spray is compact and fits comfortably in the hand, which allows you to quickly use it in case of a threat. It can be sprayed from a distance of 1-1.5 m from an attacking person. Drops fall on the face, eyes, nose and mouth, causing irritation of the mucous membranes, coughing, tears.

The body and valve are made of corrosion-resistant aluminium. This ensures full functionality in dangerous situations. Inside contains 1000 mg of OS concentrate, which is responsible for neutralizing the criminal. For defensive purposes, it is enough to point the container at the enemy and hold the button all the way.


  • Gas in a spray can not lead to dangerous consequences;
  • Suitable for use at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees;
  • Works instantly;
  • Safe for the owner;
  • Shelf life — 24 months.


  • Not low cost;
  • Fully depleted in 2 seconds of continuous pressing.

According to customer reviews, the contents are sprayed quickly and accurately, creating a dense cloud that poisons the air and causes the attacker to cough and tear.

hot pepper

This cartridge is not capable of inflicting serious damage to the aggressor, but has sufficient destructive power to scare him away. It contains 65 ml of a product made on the basis of an extract of natural hot pepper. It gives a strong streaming jet, extending to a distance of 2 m.

The aerosol weighs 70g and measures 106x35mm, making it easy to carry around in your bag. The container easily fits in the palm of your hand and has a convenient atomizer that works the first time. The contact spot is 60 cm x 2 m, which causes an instant reaction — a strong burning sensation of the mucous membranes and skin.

The operating time to full consumption is 5 seconds or 10 short presses. You do not need to press hard on the sprayer — it works the first time. The irritant is OS oleoresin capsicum in the amount of 20% or 1000 mg, as well as Tc — 0.39%. They are safe for humans and are not capable of leading to serious consequences.


  • Causes severe itching;
  • Provokes cough;
  • Can be used to protect against dog attacks;
  • Suitable for use at temperatures from -10 to +50 degrees;
  • Convenient container shape.


  • Not recommended for indoor use.

In the rating of spray cans for self-defense, it is distinguished by the ability to use it on the street, regardless of weather conditions.


An aerosol product consisting of several active substances. 20% is natural hot pepper extract (capsicum oleoresin), 1% is TC, 150 mg is police irritant CS and 0.25 is Tcs. Such a symbiosis provides a quick and accurate impact on the enemy, manifested in strong lacrimation and temporary loss of orientation in space.

Fakel-2 is quite liquid and easily dispersed in the air. It has a large contact patch — 60 cm by 2 m, which provides an instant reaction from the attacker and ease of use. The operating time of the device is 3 seconds or 6 short presses on the valve.


  • A considerable volume — 75 ml;
  • Operating temperature ranges from -10 to +50°C;
  • Weighs 85-87 g;
  • Dimensions — 111 × 35 mm;
  • Works for a long time.


  • Not detected.

According to reviews, despite the large volume of packaging, it is convenient to hold the bottle. It does not slip out of the palm and is invisible in the hands.


An aerosol can with a range of up to 4 m. Unlike jet counterparts, it creates a cloud of tear substance that temporarily neutralizes the attacker. The running time is 4 seconds. The tool is designed to protect against both aggressive people and animals.

Control-UM is made on the basis of capsicum oleoresin (hot pepper extract), which causes redness of the eyes and tears when it comes into contact with the mucous membrane. To buy it, unlike a stun gun, you do not need a special permit or license. The minimum allowed age of the owner is 18 years.

The composition begins to work immediately after spraying and getting on the mucous membrane of the mouth, eyes, nose. As a result, the attacker loses the opportunity to commit an illegal act for 15-30 minutes. It has a high destructive power.


  • Available in two volumes — 65 and 75 ml;
  • Affects people in a narcotic state;
  • Active at low temperatures — up to -40°C;
  • Retains a liquid consistency in the cold;
  • Valid for 3 years.


  • Not detected.

The tool is produced using materials of European quality and has passed all tests at the Research Institute of ST of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. It became the winner of the competition «One Hundred Best Goods of Russia» in 2008-2010. The product is approved by the Ministry of Health and the quality is confirmed by the relevant certificates.


In this series there are aerosol, jet and jet-aerosol types (range 1.5-2 meters). Capacity 50−110 ml, contain OS substance.

Like any weapon, a gas cartridge requires skillful handling. It is better to purchase two cans, one of which is used for training. You need to find out if the valve works well, how far and how wide the spray jet is, whether it comes out straight or at an angle. Use the training can to the end, do not try to wear an already started self-defense can. No one guarantees the reliability of the valve when it has already been used.

Think about how to carry the can and in what situations it is worth taking it in your hand in advance. At the same time, evaluate how convenient and imperceptible it is to hold it in your hand, whether you need a smaller or larger can. Keep in mind that the spray can is a short-range weapon that also requires surprise. Seeing it in your hands, the attacker may have time to attack faster than you can react. Or turn away, cover your face — and the can is consumed within 5-7 seconds, leaving you unarmed. It is better to spray the can on an outstretched arm, from a distance of about a meter. And, I repeat, suddenly. Therefore, take it in advance in your hand, hiding it in the palm of your hand if possible.

Unfortunately, the regulations in force in the Russian Federation do not allow the use of truly effective cylinders with a high concentration of the active substance. Also, the demonstration of such a “non-terrible” weapon as a gas cartridge will not stop the attacker. But the aggressor can close his eyes or turn away when he sees a spray can. Therefore, in no case do not demonstrate it, but immediately apply it. Retreat at the same time (at least be prepared to retreat), because the aggressor may rush at you if the aerosol does not work immediately.

The balloon is effective at a distance of 0.5 to 2 m, depending on the volume of the balloon, its quality, direction and strength of the wind. Usually — up to a meter. If the attack is interrupted, run. If the aggressor gets to you, resist: the aerosol can act within a minute (much depends on individual susceptibility here). During this time, an angry aggressor can inflict serious damage on you.

If you are confident, attack at the moment when the attacker closes his eyes or covers his face with his hands. Hit with all your might in the shin or groin — and run as fast as possible. Remember: a spray can is not a weapon of victory, but a means of self-defense.

Gas gel sprays for self-defense

This is the latest generation of products. Their content is a thick and viscous gel, which is difficult to wash off if it gets into the eyes. Most often it can be used both outdoors and indoors, including in windy weather. Of the 4 analyzed means, one was recognized as the most effective spray for self-defense.


In the rating, this model is distinguished by maximum wind resistance, which allows it to be used not only in good weather conditions. It remains effective in rain and snow, and is also relevant for indoor use. The composition is characterized by a gel texture, which remains uniform even at low temperatures.

The fighter is sprayed in the form of a jet, which must be directed into the eyes of the enemy. As a tear substance, the irritant OC oleoresin capsicum is used at a dosage of 95% and Tc — 1%. The high concentration of active ingredients causes an immediate and long-lasting effect.

The fighter is good for 3 years from the date of production. The composition is available in 100 ml bottles. Approximately 26.4 g is consumed in one second. To effectively suppress the attacker’s activity, it is enough to hold the valve for 2.5 seconds or make 5 short presses.


  • Working temperature – from -20 to +50°C;
  • Effective range — up to 3 m;
  • Weighs 112 g;
  • Dimensions — 148 × 35 mm;
  • Maximum wind resistance — up to 6 m / s.


  • Not detected.

Like any gas cartridge, the Fighter can only be used by citizens over 18 years of age.

Vote for the best safe gas cylinder for domestic use

Which safe gas cylinder would you choose or recommend?

Volchansky Mechanical Plant 3-50-3.0-k steel 50 l

13.04% ( 3 )

Hexagon Ragasco LPG composite 18.2 l

4.35% ( 1 )

NOVOGAS steel 27 l

17.39% ( 4 )

Hexagon Ragasco LPG composite 12.5 l

8.70% ( 2 )

NOVOGAS steel 5 l

4.35% ( 1 )

NOVOGAS 12 l steel

8.70% ( 2 )

Gas cylinder Hexagon Ragasco LPG composite 33.5 l

13.04% ( 3 )

Gas cylinder NOVOGAS 12 l with steel safety valve

8.70% ( 2 )

Gas cylinder NOVOGAS 27 l with steel safety valve

21.74% ( 5 )

How to choose a gas spray for self-defense

For the effective use of the product, the minimum content of the active substance is 1-1.5%. The higher this percentage, the faster and stronger the composition will act. It is important that it is produced in a bottle with a convenient sprayer that would immediately work when pressed.

Spray type

There are jet, aerosol and combined devices. In the first case, when spraying, a thin jet appears, which should be directed at the face of the attacking person. The range is 2-3 m. This type is characterized by high wind resistance.

Aerosol cans, when squeezed out, form a cloud, which, when it hits the mucous membranes, causes lacrimation and pain. The range of hit of the active substance is 1-2 m. For spraying, it is not necessary to aim, as in the «shot».

tear substance

When deciding which spray can for self-defense is better to buy, it must be said that the active substance is divided into lachrymators (CS, CR, CN), hot pepper extract (OC) and dibenzoxazepine or algoten (CR). The first cause pain and burning in the eye area, profuse lacrimation. They are ineffective when attacking dogs.

In the second case, the mucous membrane of the eyes and oral cavity, the upper respiratory tract, and the skin are irritated, and the attacker has a feeling of «burning». CR, on the other hand, is capable of provoking acute pain, many tears and disorientation in space for half an hour.

Working hours

To quickly scare off an intruder, it is necessary that the agent be squeezed out for a maximum of 2-3 seconds. However, at a low concentration of the active substance, it is required to hold the spray valve for 3-6 seconds. It can be either continuous pressing or several movements in a row.

Operating principle

Simple control of the Pepper 11-A gas cartridge allows you to be sure of its high efficiency. In the upper part of the bottle there is a start button, which, even with a slight pressure, allows you to start spraying the active substance.

The ergonomic shape of the bottle ensures its tight fit in the hand, and for better emission of the substance, a vertical position of the can is required. It is in this position that you can get the highest concentration of the released substance, which is guaranteed to have the necessary effect on the enemy, leading to his neutralization.

What is the best gas can for self defense?

The bottle should be small and have a convenient shape to fit easily in a woman’s bag and palm. The optimal volume is from 25 to 100 ml. If you don’t want to aim at the attacker’s face for a long time and waste time, then it’s better to choose aerosol models that create a gas cloud.

It is desirable that the composition contains an extract of red hot pepper, which paints the jet in a bright color and allows you to follow its trajectory. Gas products are the cheapest.

Here is what you can advise to choose depending on the situation:

  • If you need a self-defense tool that would instantly work, you should take a closer look at the «Sword» option.
  • Of the jet options with a long action, Pfeffer Ko Jet deserves attention.
  • For use at sub-zero temperatures, the Shock gas canister is ideal.
  • For those who do not want to carry heavy and large spray cans, you can choose Hot Pepper.
  • If you need to additionally protect yourself from animal attacks, then it is recommended to buy Jet Standard.
  • Girls for wearing in a clutch can be advised to choose a small Lady Black.
  • Dagger will help to protect yourself from especially aggressive people, including those who are intoxicated.
  • Torch-2 with instant action is capable of causing severe lacrimation and sore throat.
  • If you need an option with a maximum spray range, you should pay attention to Control-UM.
  • For use in strong winds, a Fighter that is resistant to it is best suited.

There are quite a few good self-defense pepper sprays on the market, but this review includes the most effective, fastest, and safest. Their use does not violate the law and does not entail liability for the owner.

The Best and Worst Ways of Self-Defense According to the Editors of Zuzako

Sometimes self-defense can not save, but hurt. Not only are not all methods allowed, due to the use of some devices, you can fall under criminal liability. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a self-defense tool, you need to ask the seller in detail what can and cannot be done with it. The editors of Zuzako also specially prepared information on the worst and best ways of self-defense.

Worst Ways

It is not recommended to defend with a knife. No sane person would want their opponent to bleed or even die. A knife is a very dangerous weapon that can turn the victim into a criminal. In addition, this thing must be able to use it correctly.

Another pointless weapon for self-defense is an air pistol. In order to stop the enemy, it is necessary to shoot at his open parts of the body or on the head, which can turn out to be fatal for the offender.

It makes no sense to use a key fob-siren in emergency situations. It’s not the best choice. Although the device is a popular tool for women, most often it is useless. Much more attention can be attracted by shouting. It is unlikely that anyone will come to the rescue, having heard the usual siren.

The best ways

The safest and most affordable means for self-defense is a stun gun. Anyone can buy it. You cannot kill an opponent with a stun gun, you can only neutralize him for a while. It is used by men, women and even children.

Many people carry a regular gas canister with them for self-defense. Its use is guaranteed to save the victim and neutralize the attacker. In addition, the spray can be carried with you even in a small purse and it is inexpensive.

UDAR (metered aerosol spray device) looks like a pistol, but here it shoots aerosol cartridges and acts like a gas cartridge. His stream is purposeful. There are even IMPACTS with a scope.

In self-defense, it is very important to adequately assess your strengths and capabilities. The line between self-defense and intentional harm is very thin.

Be careful!