Place Name Characteristic in the rating
TOP 10 of the best manufacturers of ceramic tiles
one LaFabbrica The highest quality ceramic tiles and a wide range of colors
2 Kerama Marazzi The best Russian brand with truly Italian production quality
3 Cerabati Original «live» tile design and reasonable prices
four Cersanit The largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles with a wide range of products for bathrooms
5 Venus Ceramica Luxurious collections of ceramic tiles for an elegant interior
6 Keramin The most reliable manufacturer with high quality tiles and interesting design solutions
7 AZORI The best domestic brand with surprisingly bright collections of ceramic tiles
eight Vivo The most durable ceramic tile at an attractive price
9 InterCerama The best tiles with a high wear resistance class
ten Italon Excellent ceramic tile, designed in the Italian classic style

TOP 10 of the best manufacturers of ceramic tiles

At the moment, the market offers the widest range of tiles from a variety of manufacturers, each of which is trying to add a «zest» to each released collection. A variety of scales and textures pleases the eye and opens up endless possibilities in creating an interior of any style.

Many experts, speaking about the best manufacturer of ceramic tiles, often mean aristocratic Spain, which is a recognized market leader and is associated with the highest standard of quality. Manufacturers from Italy and France are not far behind and also have a lot of rave reviews. However, Russian manufacturers are also on the alert, trying to overtake the leading foreign leaders on all fronts, releasing tiles of excellent quality.

There are quite a lot of ceramic tiles on the market, but any buyer wants to find the best company for the production of ceramics, which, in addition to the high quality of goods, will be distinguished by reliability in this area. We have compiled a kind of rating, which includes only the best manufacturers of ceramic tiles.



The Italian brand belongs to the international financial company Dafin SpA. In the production of ceramic tiles, only natural raw materials and modern technologies are used in its production. Products differ in original design. The range includes a collection of tiles imitating natural wood. It has a traditional parquet board format.

The pattern on the surface of the tiles is applied using advanced digital printing technology. According to experts, La Fabricca ceramic tiles are among the best in quality in the world.

For a little over 10 years of work in the market of finishing materials, the Italian manufacturer has managed to become the industry leader.

Product advantages:

  • the highest level of quality;
  • a wide range of products;
  • unique texture;
  • interesting design;
  • good performance.
  • Main disadvantage — high price.


The Spanish manufacturer launched the production of ceramic tiles in the early 90s. Products of this brand are considered ideal in quality and the best for bathrooms. The brand feature of the products is unique patterns and patterns in the tile design. It is applied to the surface of the tile using rotary printing.

Glazed ceramic tiles Ceracasa have a mirror finish. The Spaniards do not save on the quality of their products. Only high-quality natural ingredients are used in their production. The brand’s signature colors are white and metallic. They are predominant in the collections produced by the manufacturer.

Product advantages:

  • attractive design;
  • high degree of strength;
  • a large assortment.
  • Main disadvantage — high price.


The Belarusian manufacturer has been producing ceramic tiles for over 70 years. Currently, it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of this type of product. Innovative technologies are used in production, allowing to produce products with high performance characteristics.

The manufacturer’s assortment includes wall and floor ceramic tiles with a matte and glossy surface. It is available in various colors, formats and textures. In the production of tiles, only natural materials are used. The collections are constantly updated.

Product advantages:

  • environmental Safety;
  • good performance;
  • correct geometry.
  • Main disadvantage – Enamel may chip off along the edges of the wall tiles.

Venus Ceramica

The Spanish brand belongs to a company from the province of Castellón. She has been manufacturing ceramic tiles since 1988. Its feature is the original theme. The company has its own research center, which develops new types of products and technology for their production.

The assortment is updated every month. It has tiles stylized as crocodile skin, zebra skin and leopard skin. Tiles that imitate bamboo straw and fabrics of the peoples of the world look very attractive. With the help of Venus Ceramica ceramic tiles, decorators create unique interiors.

Product advantages:

  • a large number of original collections;
  • good performance;
  • can be glued to any type of adhesive compositions.
  • Main disadvantage — high price.


The brand belongs to the Italian company Ceramica Vallelunga. Its production is located in the city of Nepi. A special feature of VALLELUNGA Foussana ceramic floor and wall tiles from this manufacturer is double firing. Products differ in refined style, are issued various formats.

The main colors of the brand are beige, gray, rich brown. The brand is considered the world leader in collection renewal frequency. The well-known Italian stone designer Giovanni Barbieri was involved in their development.

Product advantages:

  • a wide, constantly updated range;
  • original design;
  • correct geometric dimensions;
  • good performance.
  • Main disadvantage — high price.

Nanoceramics or good liquid glass for cars, which is better?

Nanoceramics or good liquid glass which is better

If it is difficult to decide which liquid glass is best for cars with long-lasting effects, and there are no budget restrictions, then it is better to consider purchasing nanoceramics. If liquid glass will save money and, at the same time, restore the appearance of the paintwork for six months, then the ceramic coating will have a more thorough protective effect for several years, increasing the intervals between washes, preserving the body color and wet shine.

When analyzing lists of top products, thinking about which one is better to buy, it is important to correctly assess the purpose of bodywork. If you need a cosmetic effect for six months, then there is no point in incurring large expenses for ceramics. If it is important to provide long-term protection with greater guarantees to prevent damage of a different nature, then the choice is definitely in favor of ceramics.


This trademark is also an «old-timer» of the domestic market of ceramic products, which has almost a century of history. Today it is a modern enterprise with Italian production lines and other equipment.

Glazing and pigmentation is based on imported materials (Spain, Italy).

The list of «Sokolov» products includes more than 500 items of floor and wall ceramics, which are part of various collections and series.

We recommend that you pay attention to the following collections:





A novelty is the series «Wind Rose»


This enterprise was formed relatively recently, located in the Moscow region. The initial task of the company was to fill the gaps in the domestic market of porcelain stoneware products. Then the production expanded, they began to produce high-quality ceramic tiles in a moderate assortment.

Products are manufactured on modern European equipment using innovative technologies. The cost of Estima ceramics compares favorably with foreign analogues. The plant is located near the transport interchange, which facilitates the delivery of products.


Photo: moscow.petrovichstd.ru

In the photo — the Arizona collection, the average price is 620 rubles / sq.m.

One of the oldest brands in the post-Soviet space — with all the pluses and minuses of this position. On the one hand, this is a modern company with high-demand products of an average price level, on the other hand, the image of the Minsk Brick Plant is not the most attractive for marketing. One way or another, Belarusians produce about 80 collections of tiles. Many are available in multiple colors. Design solutions have geographical origins (collections of wall tiles «Venice», «New York» or «Tokyo», for example, and floor tiles — «Toledo»), historical («Bastion») and landscape («Pastoral», «Iris», Sakura and others). Many versatile options suitable for the kitchen, and for the corridor, and even for the bathroom. There is a choice. The dimensions of the tiles are from 10*10 cm to 27.5*40 cm. The quality generally corresponds to the price: even in the most “designer” collections, one can find a discrepancy between tiles in size by 1-2 mm. And you may not meet — how lucky.


  • Wide range and colors
  • Interesting design solutions
  • Good strength and fracture resistance
  • Availability of universal collections
  • Adequate price for most collections


  • In some batches, users note problems with the tile geometry

Our rating: 9.7

Typical feedback: Keramin produces good collections, and if you have good taste and a good designer, your bathroom or toilet will delight you and your guests for a long time, but there is a great desire for the plant to update equipment to normalize quality and reduce prices for tiles.


The KeraMir group with its Azori trademark takes the honorable 6th place in our rating. The previously considered domestic tile manufacturers present thematic collections to the world, and TM Azori has collected all the lines in bulk series. Their number exceeds several dozen, and the number of collections themselves is equal to 150.

The company is known not only for its excellent tiled wall cladding, but also for porcelain stoneware. Also, suitable borders and pencils are produced for each series.

Of no less interest are beautiful panels and exquisite decors, which can be arranged both horizontally and vertically, adding even more creativity and individuality to the room.

The color palette of the series starts from white, pale beige, monotonous pink, blue and ends with rich chocolate and black. The stylistic variety is endless.

Everything is imitated: noble wood, natural stone, collectible laminate, extravagant leather and weightless textiles.

The price of facing tiles is on average 650 rubles. per m2 +/- 300 rubles, floor — from 600 to 730 rubles. per m2, borders and inserts — 70-335 and 195-600 rubles. per item, respectively.

A feature of the production process in Azori is four-fold firing, which gives the material impeccable strength, wear resistance, moisture resistance and durability.

A common problem with some manufacturers is geometric confusion, which implies some dimensional error. But «KeraMir» with TM AZORI offer elements made with jeweler’s precision. They create an almost monolithic surface with minimal seams.


Which company in Russia is the leader in sales of ceramic tiles?

The sales leader in the domestic ceramic tile market is Kerama Marazzi.

Is it only the quality that explains the large variation in prices of the same type of ceramic tiles from various Italian manufacturers?

In the Russian market, the price of tiles from Italian manufacturers depends not only on quality, but also on the volume of supplies. The price is influenced by such factors as the regularity and volume of deliveries, overhead costs.

Why are red and blue tiles more expensive than tiles of other colors in the trade?

In its production, more expensive dyes and a technology different from the traditional production method are used.

Are Belarusian tiles inferior in quality to European counterparts?

Tile production in European countries is subject to more stringent requirements, so the quality of products from their manufacturers is somewhat higher.

Shakhty Ceramics Factory

Shakhtinskaya tile is most common in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. The company has been producing tiles for 30 years, each year presents new collections. Throughout Russia there are more than two and a half thousand representative offices of this company.

Such popularity is due to the affordable price, wide range, high quality and safety of ceramics. Shakhty tiles in the catalog are represented by almost thirty complete collections.

The following brands are in the greatest demand:

  • «Rattan».
  • «Sevan».
  • Fabrizio.
  • «Venus».
  • «Florentina».

Brief instructions for applying liquid glass

Application of liquid glass

Liquid glass can be used in professional and home conditions. Household auto chemicals are designed for self-application, do not require special skills.

Recommendations for the choice of material and tool

The choice of materials depends on the manufacturer’s instructions for ceramic coating or liquid glass. There are several methods of application, but the most reliable and durable is to distribute the agent over the protected surfaces manually using special tools.

Almost all products come complete with the necessary materials, as indicated in their description. We offer a list of the necessary, which should be compared with the configuration and buy in addition what is not provided for in it:

  • applicator and sponge for application (for different areas);
  • microfiber cloths and towels for polishing (you need several of them);
  • pipette for mixing and applying the product to the sponge (helps to avoid getting crystals on the polished surface);
  • protective gloves (mask recommended);
  • headlamp for working on hard-to-reach areas and testing coverage uniformity.

Body preparation

Body preparation

Before coating with ceramics or liquid glass, the car body is thoroughly washed (in a non-contact or contact way) and dried with a soft cloth. For bituminous pollution, special tools are needed. Cleaning clay may be used. Remove all previous coatings (waxes and old ceramics) with car chemicals and abrasive materials. The completely cleaned and dried surface is polished (with a polishing machine), blown with compressed air and degreased with white spirit diluted in water. All these procedures will create optimal conditions for good adhesion of the coating to the body.

Important! As a degreaser, do not use products with silicone, which prevents the adhesion of the coating to the surface of the body.

Body polishing

Body polishing

Polishing is carried out in several stages:

  1. First, primary polishing is performed in a closed, well-lit room using a special tool. The body is treated with a microfiber cloth, on which a polish is applied, rubbed in small areas in order to have time to grind the product before it dries.
  2. The next step is deep polishing, the purpose of which is to eliminate deep scratches and chips. Sandpaper of varying degrees of grit is used and a polishing machine with different disk attachments and polishing paste. It is important to have the skill to perform this procedure so that the machine does not remove a large layer of paintwork.

On the restored polished surface evenly, without missing a millimeter, a ceramic coating or liquid glass is applied. Manufacturers indicate in the description the allowable number of layers. After that, conditions for polymerization should be created (from 6 hours to 24 hours, depending on the product) — dust, ultraviolet, water should not get on the body. Full curing occurs in about two weeks. During this period, the vehicle may be driven but not washed.

Should you speed up the process?

Not! It is impossible to refuse any of the stages described above! Speeding up the process can not only make the result not up to expectations, but can also ruin the paintwork. Firstly, careless polishing can remove a layer exceeding the allowed thickness, start corrosive destruction of the body. No wonder polishing from a non-professional takes about 2 days. Secondly, a violation of the technology for applying even high-quality ceramics or liquid glass can lead to uneven, not smooth surfaces.

Important! Despite the availability of technology for independent use and the use of the best liquid ceramics for cars, the process requires certain skills (sufficient cleaning, accurate polishing, uniform application of a protective agent). In the absence of self-confidence, it is better to contact the detailing center.

Kerama Marazzi

The most famous and proven manufacturer is the Kerama Marazzi brand, whose age on the market is estimated at almost 30 years of successful operation.

The assortment of the leader of the Russian ceramic industry has many luxurious collections, and their number is updated annually. The total number of titles reaches 2000.

Such color and stylistic diversity is difficult to meet even among Western competitors. Other domestic producers do not have 1000 items in their assortment.

Kerama Marazzi also specializes in the manufacture of super-strong porcelain stoneware and mosaic tiles, decorative elements — inserts, borders, «pencils», panels, decors.

Finishing, offered to the consumer in a wide configuration and price range, maximizes the creation of comfort in the home interior.

The highlight of the collections is their geographical component. Each ruler tells about a certain continent, country or city. There is an English selection, and Scandinavian, and Roman, as well as a novelty for 2021 — Neapolitan.

Each model range is an assortment of classic, fantasy, national and modern styles. Along with attractiveness, tiles from the Russian manufacturer Kerama Marazzi are endowed with impeccable strength and durability.

The disadvantage of products is the high price, which is little different from the prices for foreign models. Wall elements — 800 rubles, floor elements — 600 rubles. per m2, borders and inserts — 200 and 500.

Kerama Marazzi tiles unleash the power of digital printing, transforming a simple finish into a high-quality and extremely practical one. The manufacturer pays special attention to the correct selection of glaze and continuous improvement of its technical characteristics.

Types of tiles used for bathroom cladding

Different products can be used for decoration: stone tiles, polymer coating, but three types of materials are especially popular.

Porcelain stoneware

One of the most expensive tile materials has high strength, has excellent water resistance and wear resistance. Tiles can imitate different materials: rocks, wood, metal, leather, brick, etc. Almost its only drawback is increased slipperiness, but when lining the floor, it is eliminated by using products with anti-slip notches.

Tiles (ceramic tiles)

For the design of bathrooms, tile has always been the most popular choice today. Beautiful, resistant to a humid environment, durable and wear-resistant cladding is distinguished by the most budgetary cost of the materials under consideration. Its main advantage is a wide variety of textures, which allows you to create interiors that are unique in aesthetics. However, tile can be quite fragile, which must be taken into account when installing it on the floor.

Clinker tiles

The most expensive tile material made from clay is mainly used for facades, outdoor areas, stairs or patios. However, it is sometimes chosen for decorating the bathroom. Clinker is characterized by excellent performance and durability. But it is not so diverse in appearance.

Among other things, all types of tiles are environmentally friendly, which is very important when decorating residential premises. She is also very easy to care for.

All of these materials are ideal for bathroom cladding, however, they have similar disadvantages that characterize all three types of coatings to a greater or lesser extent:

  • cold surface, which is eliminated by installing a floor heating system;
  • increased slipperiness (this does not apply to clinker), from which notches save;
  • bad soundproofing.

Service life of liquid glass on a car

Subject to the instructions for performing the procedure for processing ceramics or liquid glass of a car body, the protection period is on average about 1 g (minimum 6 months, maximum 2 years). It depends on the features of the product itself, its composition, shape (application with a spray creates a less resistant coating), the number of layers applied, but mainly on how accurately the pause between application of the product and the start of operation of the car is maintained, on driving conditions, quantity and intensity washes (on average, the best ceramics for cars last about 15-20 washes).

Proven chemistry for car washes

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