No. Name Rating Nomination
one Matsuda 4.61 The most popular manufacturer of computer glasses. Best Design
2 Rodenstock 4.60 The most innovative brand. Wear resistant coating
3 Ray Ban 4.51 The best ratio of price and quality
four Seiko Vision 4.45
5 Carl Zeiss 4.44 Flawless goggle design
6 Hoya 4.34
7 Essilor 4.31 A wide range of
eight Nano Nao 4.20 Great selection of kids and teen glasses
9 Fabia Monti 4.13
ten Lectio Risus 4.11 The best prices

There are as many eyewear brands on the optical market as there are photoreceptors in the human retina—nearly 7 million. The most popular brands among consumers are played like real estate in the Monopoly game, and it is difficult to determine just by name how reliable the manufacturer is. But we figured out whose products are most approved, which companies should be trusted a priori, who the buyer pays for quality and materials, and who also pays for a big designer name. If utility is in the foreground, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of glasses:

  1. Frame material — plastic (strong, durable, light, inexpensive), metal (durable, hypoallergenic, durable, but expensive and heavy) or natural raw materials (environmentally friendly, prestigious, original, but expensive).
  2. Frame design — full rim, half rim and rimless. The last option is the most inconspicuous on the face, but only in glasses with a low degree of refraction.
  3. Lens material — with a normal refractive index (CR-39, Trivex), medium (polycarbonate, tribrid, MR-8), high and extra high (MR-7 and MR-10). The worse the vision, the more desirable lenses with a high ratio — with them, the glasses will be sleeker and lighter.

Now that your own preferences are taken into account, you can pay attention to the manufacturers. Our ranking includes brands that have historically developed a reputation for first-class optics.

Top 10. Lectio Risus

Rating (2021): 4.11

Considered 57 reviews from resources: Yandex.Market, Ozone

The best prices The average cost of corrective glasses does not exceed 600 rubles, which, along with a spectacular design, distinguishes them from other offers.

  • Characteristics

    Country: China

  • Website: online.globus
  • Year of foundation: 2011
  • Popular Model: Lectio Risus M008
  • Awards: no

The Lectio Risus brand is represented by the Chinese optical company Wenzhou Zhentaichang, which does not even have its own website. Nevertheless, the ratings from users of her products are quite high, which made it possible to include her in this rating. So, Lectio Risus M008 is one of the most popular models due to the spectacular half-rimmed frame, quality materials (metal, frame — polycarbonate) and, of course, the price. Owners like the fact that the design is flexed so it stays in shape longer, but they complain that the lenses have no or very weak anti-scratch coating. You should not count on the long service life of glasses, but they can be changed often.

Pros and cons

  • Affordable cost
  • Large selection in stores
  • Attractive appearance
  • Wear comfort
  • Not suitable for computer
  • Scratch quickly
  • Little official information

How to choose the right eyeglass frame

It is not enough to buy a trendy eyeglass frame, it is important that it fits harmoniously into the image and complements your appearance. Otherwise, even the most stylish «frame» will look ridiculous and emphasize the imperfections of the face.

When choosing eyeglass frames for vision, consider the following nuances: shape, color palette, pattern and size.

Chubby young ladies should stop at the frame of the «rectangle» or «square» type. Visually, the «frame» makes the face narrower and elongated. Round and oval models look good on girls with angular features, but it is better for them to refuse translucent and thin frames.

For girls with a “triangle” face, stylists strongly advise small accessories with elegant temples. Most of the current models of 2021 look good on an oval face, which makes it possible to select any form of frames, depending on personal preferences.

The type of deviation in the work of the visual apparatus also affects the choice of frames. For example, with farsightedness, it is better to dwell on miniature and neat «frames». With this type of deviation, they look relevant and attractive.

Top 9. Fabia Monti

Rating (2021): 4.13

14 reviews were taken into account from the resources: Otzovik

The young Russian-Chinese company gives odds to seasoned producers in terms of the width of the assortment and the price level. For about 1.5–2 thousand rubles. the buyer can get stylish glasses with metal or plastic frames and plastic lenses. Although the materials are budget, there are at least no complaints about the quality in the network. Models are presented in most optician salons, so there are no difficulties with their choice and replacement. However, the manufacturer has a clear bias towards female and unisex models, there are more than 100 options, while purely male ones are about 20. It is also worth checking the level of correction in diopters before buying, since there are single complaints about the discrepancy.

Pros and cons

  • The average price tag is 1500 rubles.
  • normal quality
  • Modern design
  • Positive reviews
  • Transport case included
  • Minimum range of male models
  • Need to try on to check the comfort and accuracy of the correction

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TOP 17 best glasses with diopters from Aliexpress

What kind of glasses with diopters would you choose from Aliexpress or advise?

Take a survey

Top 8. Nano Nao

Rating (2021): 4.20

14 reviews were taken into account from the resources: Otzovik

Great selection of kids and teen glasses The basis of the Nano Nao range is glasses for children and teenagers in the appropriate design and configuration.

In the age of gadgets, children’s eyesight suffers the most, and the Spanish company Vesport, SL has released a full range of glasses in cheerful colors especially for children and teenagers. Design is not their main difference. An important advantage is the execution of the frame from a special material with a patented Siliflex composition. It is flexible, so it does not break or crumble when accidentally hit or pressed, does not cause allergies and does not pose a danger when worn by children. The design is also different — flexible earpieces allow you to fine-tune the fit, and the lenses are selected to provide a wide view and protect the child’s vision from harmful radiation.

Pros and cons

  • Bright colors
  • Good equipment
  • Patented frame material
  • Age-appropriate design
  • Little official information

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Light tinted lenses

A light color palette of lenses has been on trend for several seasons. Many shades have special UV protection. Light tinted lenses look original and fashionable. They can even be worn indoors.

This season’s hot topics include the blue light-filtering lens. This solution reduces the blue glare created by a computer, phone or other devices.

The lenses have filters to help relax your eyes and reduce stress. Flat lenses are popular.

Top 7. Essilor

Rating (2021): 4.31

Considered 21 reviews from resources: Otzovik, IRecommend

A wide range of The company owns 6 brands, in the lines of which lenses are provided for various tasks.

Essilor Group owns 6 brands, each of which has its own characteristics. Anti-reflective Crizal lenses are designed for the clearest vision possible. They are equipped with increased UV protection. A distinctive feature of the adaptive models of Transitions is the high speed of transition from blackout and back. Varilux is a brand of multifocal lenses, they provide a smooth transition from far to medium vision, and then to near. Eyezen models will help protect your eyes from the negative impact of gadget screens, but Xperio polarized sunglasses are best suited for athletes. For close range, the company offers Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses. They do an excellent job with visual fatigue syndrome.

Pros and cons

  • Reliable UV protection
  • original design
  • Lens durability
  • Additional classification by type of activity
  • High weather resistance

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The best glasses for vision with tinted filters

Diopters will help to cope with vision pathologies, and filters will relieve stress on the eyes and protect them from ultraviolet radiation. For computer work and driving, you need yellow lenses that cut off the rays of the blue spectrum, gray ones protect against UV, and brown lenses reduce stress in bright light.

Sunshine 7008T



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

Opening the category are stylish cat-eye glasses, one of the most popular frames today. The frame of the model is metal, with reliable fastenings of the temples. Lenses — polymer with a tinted brown coating. The tint diffuses towards the lower edge of the glass, without distorting the natural hues of the visible image, but refracting UV and bright light rays.


  • Stylish and beautiful;
  • Durable metal frame;
  • High-quality polymer as glasses;
  • Tinting serves as a UV filter;
  • Wide choice of diopters from +1.50 to -6.00;
  • Adjustable nose pads.


  • It is necessary to try on — the shape and toning are not for everyone.

A bright and inexpensive novelty, comfortable to wear and reliable — you don’t have to worry that the frame will break. The frame can withstand falls, but still bends under impact.

Fedrov 2082



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

Drivers can take a closer look at the model with anti-reflective coating and yellow tinting, filtering out the blue spectrum. The lenses reduce the brightness of the headlights of oncoming cars and street lamps, and correct the picture in cloudy weather. They can be taken on a fishing trip, as well as used while working on a computer: they reduce the brightness of the monitor, and the eyes get less tired.


  • Semi-rimless design;
  • High-quality polymer lenses;
  • There are plus and minus diopters;
  • Suitable for car driving;
  • The light filter eliminates the blue spectrum, makes the picture clear, and the glare is less bright.


  • Tinting looks unusual and is not suitable for everyone;
  • There are no other frame colors — only black.

Experts recommend wearing the accessory at night, when drivers are blinded by oncoming cars, as well as in cloudy weather. For fog, it is better to purchase glasses with a more saturated yellow-orange filter.

Elferrol 2019



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The female model, but with oval lenses, received a smoky tint that relieves eye strain and reduces the brightness of objects and lighting. In these glasses it is convenient to be outdoors and indoors, work on a computer — tinting acts as a filter. But reading them is not very comfortable. The frame is made of metal with decorative arms that capture the side parts of the glass. The corners are rounded.


  • A beautiful oval-shaped frame suits many women;
  • Smoky tint dims the brightness of external light;
  • Available diopters from +1.00 to -6.00;
  • Nose pads can be adjusted in width;
  • Decorative arms;
  • Rim model — glasses are securely fixed on all sides.


  • Very thin base metal;
  • Not suitable for reading and working with color (photo processing, drawing, applying makeup, etc.).

Steel frames are more reliable than plastic ones — they cannot be broken, and the wide fastening of the temples does not allow distortion. The only drawback is the possible deformation upon impact or mechanical damage.

Bridge 2123



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

Cool model — square glasses. A trendy accessory will appeal to young men. Its main material is plastic, the glasses are made of solid tinted polymer. On the edge of the temples there is a beautiful blotch for decoration. The width of the bridge has been increased — instead of the standard 17 mm, here it is 19 mm. Not all diopters are available — only from +2.00 to +3.00 and from -2.00 to -5.00.


  • Fashionable men’s glasses of a strict square shape;
  • Continuous tinting from UV rays;
  • There is a choice of diopters;
  • Impact resistant lenses.


  • Fragile plastic must be protected from falls from a height;
  • The fastening of the temples loosens over time.

The glasses are designed for outdoor walks: tinting protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and corrects vision. A good alternative to sunglasses.

Top 6. Hoya

Rating (2021): 4.34

12 reviews were taken into account from resources: Otzovik

Today, the Hoya name can be seen on photographic equipment, medical devices, blue-ray players, computers, televisions, and even smartphones. But the Japanese company is the undisputed leader in the market of ophthalmic products. Back in 1962, she was the first to create a lens with high UV protection, anti-reflection coating and a new design without coma aberration. Glasses with modern Hoya lenses are very thin and light, while providing high clarity and accuracy of vision. Especially famous for their durability and optical comfort, and all thanks to the special anti-reflective types of coating. True, only expensive models are praised in the reviews, economy options are criticized for the rapid appearance of scratches.

Pros and cons

  • Leading manufacturer of anti-reflective coatings
  • Recognition by industry scientific journals
  • Wide range of thin high-index lenses
  • Coating durability — 3 year warranty
  • There are complaints about inexpensive models

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What is anti blue ray or blue spectrum

The not-to-be-understood phrase Blue Ray in the abstract refers to the blue light emitted by the sun, computer, tablet or smartphone. Until now, ophthalmologists have not come to a consensus on whether it is dangerous and whether glasses will save it from it. By itself, the blue spectrum does not bring any harm to the eyes, but provokes their rapid fatigue. Especially if the owner likes to “climb” on a tablet or smartphone at night. If at the end of the working day the sensations in the eyes are just like that, it is worth buying glasses with a blue spectrum protection function. But it will only make sense if the owner follows the rest of the eye protection rules — turn off gadgets one and a half to two hours before bedtime, work with short breaks and do eye exercises.

Top 5. Carl Zeiss

Rating (2021): 4.44

Considered 26 reviews from resources: Otzovik, Yandex.Market, IRecommend

Flawless goggle design The design of eyeglass lenses is calculated mathematically and provides ideal image correction when looking forward and to the sides. Zeiss glasses come with a 5 year warranty.

The company has an excellent reputation in the optics market, which is why such famous brands as Nike, Toms and Retrosuperfuture use its services. The collaboration with the latter launched the trend towards monofocal lenses, releasing the famous model Tuttolente W. The company produces both prescription and standard monofocal lenses. The material used is polymer or glass with refractive indices from 1.5 to 1.74 and from 1.5 to 1.9, respectively. The range of refractions is also wide: from +20.00 to -30.00 diopters. The optimization service (optional) provides for the manufacture of lenses of non-standard width. Also, at the request of the client, the optics are painted in one or more layers with a special color coating, which increases the aesthetics of the glasses without sacrificing visibility.

Pros and cons

  • Long lens life
  • Wide refraction range
  • High quality lens coating
  • The fragility of frames in budget lines

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The best glasses for the correction of farsightedness

Farsightedness is called hypermetropia, and it blurs the boundaries of objects that are at a close distance from a person. The pathology is corrected by the selection of high-quality glasses with lenses with the “+” sign. Most often, farsightedness affects children under 15 years of age and adults over 40. For kids, optics should be chosen only in a specialized institution in order to prevent the situation from worsening.

Siberia 1620



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The model with powerful diopters (+6) and an attractive frame is not only an essential item, but also a stylish accessory. The metal frame promises a long service life, and polymer lenses provide high-quality vision correction.

The semi-rimless design looks good, emphasizes the eyebrows and stretches the oval of the face. Nose pads — adjustable, with silicone protection against chafing. The arms are folding, with decorative weaving.


  • Fashionable female cat-eye frame;
  • Semi-rimmed metal frame;
  • High-quality polymer lenses;
  • Wide range of diopters;
  • Affordable cost.


  • The arms do not fold at the very base.

The shape of the «cat’s eye» is now at the peak of popularity and is suitable for young girls. The bright toning of the frame is in harmony with any color type of appearance.

Liro Mio M82062



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The presented glasses have a rectangular shape and can be used by men and women. The black plastic semi-rimless frame features long temples and a molded nose bridge. Polymer lenses with +1 diopter.

The model is stylish, does not cause discomfort when worn, does not leave marks after removal. It is convenient for work, walking, watching TV and studying on the computer. The temples do not press on the temples, which means they do not cause headaches and irritation.


  • Stylish unisex design;
  • Semi-rimless design;
  • Do not cause discomfort when wearing;
  • There are rubber inserts on the temples;
  • It is easy to pick up other glasses for the frame.


  • The fastening of the temples is quickly loosened.

Inexpensive plastic glasses for daily use. Lenses have the same problem as all polymers — stains on the surface, so you need a quality cleaning cloth.

Lookmakers LM006



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

Another model in a rectangular frame, but with a metal frame. This option is more suitable for older people who do not bother with appearance, but prefer quality and comfort. The optics are equipped with soft nose bridges and long temples with a plastic tip. Comes with a storage case and a cleaning cloth.


  • Foldable design;
  • Metal carcass;
  • Sold with hard case and microfiber cloth;
  • Choice of diopters from +1 to +3;
  • acrylic lenses.


  • Not suitable for driving;
  • Simple design.

In the manufacturer’s line there are options without folding arms. But such miniature glasses are convenient to carry right in your pocket. But their purpose is only reading and working with documents.

Lectio Risus P017



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

Young people should take a closer look at the range of Lectio Risus. Here you will find modern frames of unusual shapes, and P017 is one of them. Round lenses with pointed corners look stylish.

Diopters in the range of +1.50…+3.50 are available to the buyer. The optics are completely made of plastic, the lenses are impact-resistant. You can choose the color of the frame: black for bright brunettes, and brown for blondes and redheads.


  • Stylish youth frame neat and comfortable shape;
  • Soft landing — do not put pressure on the temples and bridge of the nose;
  • Two colors to choose from;
  • Impact-resistant lenses made of high-quality polycarbonate;
  • The mount is resistant to damage;
  • Storage case included.


  • In case of breakage, the hull cannot be restored;
  • The form is not for everyone;
  • Only 6 months warranty.

Polycarbonate is not inferior in quality to glass: it does not break when dropped and weighs much less. A stylish accessory will not only help with the correction of farsightedness, but also give confidence to teenagers.


13 Best Sunglasses

Top 4. Seiko Vision

Rating (2021): 4.45

Considered 8 reviews from resources: Otzovik

The world-famous watch brand has transferred its traditions to the production of optical eyewear Seiko and Starvision. Under the Starvision brand, glasses are offered from the largest optical laboratory in Germany (Lipstadt). In the Seiko product segment, they are assigned the position of «excellent quality at an affordable price.» The optics of Seico itself, although much more expensive than their counterparts, are famous for materials with ultra-high refractive values ​​- 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74. In 2015, Xchanger Men’s Vision Correction Sports Glasses were awarded the gold award at the prestigious Silmo industry competition. Another pride of the company — 1.67 SuperResistantCoat lenses consistently receive high marks for the best quality of multi-coating and a wide selection of tints.

Pros and cons

  • Premium materials with high refraction
  • The presence of a budget line from the Starvision sub-brand
  • High quality SRB and SRC coatings
  • Huge range of toning colors and gradient degrees
  • double the cost difference
  • The need to wait for production of 10 or more days

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current frame colors

When buying optics, it is important to pay attention not only to the shape of the eyeglass frames, but also to choose the right color. Among the wide range, you can find both a classic palette and unusual solutions.

  • If you want to buy an accessory that will harmoniously fit into any look, then stylists advise you to stop at the classic black model. This shade is truly versatile and will never go out of style.
  • Women’s eyeglass frames 2021 can be made in silver. This is the best option for women who put practicality and versatility in the first place.

  • Another shade of frames that goes well with almost any piece of clothing is rose gold. This palette looks spectacular, chic and feminine. Ideal for the stylish lady.
  • Pastel and pale pink tones look unobtrusive, adding airiness, romance and sophistication to the image.

Beautiful frames for eyeglasses in light colors look gentle and do not cross out the face. In other words, the accessory will not distract attention from your attractiveness and fashionable make-up.

  • Frame in bright colors will appeal to young ladies who love to be in the spotlight. In 2021, iconic brands have unveiled a piece in bright yellow, scarlet, orange, purple and pink. These glasses will help in a matter of minutes to create an unusual and fashionable look, suitable for everyday outings.
  • If the “frame” is painted in a gradient, then the accessory will look stylish and impressive.
  • Another stylish trend is the use of a leopard or tortoise pattern in the design of the frame.

Top 3. Ray Ban

Rating (2021): 4.51

139 reviews were taken into account from the resources: Yandex.Market, Otzovik, IRecommend

The best ratio of price and quality The build quality, materials and technologies used correspond to the declared price segment, however, the cost of certain models is somewhat lower than that of their classmates.

The brand produces perhaps the most recognizable glasses in the world, remember at least “aviators”, “wayfires” or “clubmasters”, which are rightfully called cult. They, like other models, are not divided into male and female, because they have a universal time-tested design. For more than 80 years, the company has not changed its style — in a progressive frame, exclusively technological and high-quality lenses. All optics effectively protect the eyes from UVA / UVB rays, and also 100% cut off HEV light. Lenses are diamond ground and polished — this is a guarantee of the absence of distortion, which is especially important in eyeglasses. Also, thanks to a special chemical treatment, the glass used is 2 times stronger than that of competitors.

Pros and cons

  • Quality lens polishing
  • Recognizable design
  • 100% protection against HEV light and UVA/UVB rays
  • It’s hard to find the original

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Glasses for different face shapes

When choosing glasses, it is worth considering the shape of the face. Framing must be selected as scrupulously as clothing. There are configurations that emphasize advantages and mask small flaws. Any face shape can be complemented with the right glasses design.

After choosing your own style and image, it is easier to choose the right option. Special frames can be chosen for a diamond-shaped, pear-shaped or heart-shaped face.

Top 2. Rodenstock

Rating (2021): 4.60

Considered 16 reviews from resources: Otzovik, IRecommend

Most Innovative Brand The manufacturer has patented more than 500 innovative technologies in the manufacture of frames, lenses and optical equipment.

Wear resistant coating Thanks to the innovative Solitaire 2 coating, the lenses are scratch-resistant and repel dirt, water and grease, while the frames resist corrosion and environmental aggressors.

One of the most technologically advanced companies for over 140 years, producing lenses and frames of the highest quality. Each element of the accessory is customized by the company’s developers to suit the client’s needs. So, for individual selection of lenses, DNEye eye measurement technology is used — it is able to collect and process information from 7000 points and recognize the smallest details. A similar careful approach is used in the manufacture of frames. In addition to the features of the fit, the manufacturer also focuses on the selection of materials depending on the lifestyle of the client: the assortment includes not only high-quality hypoallergenic plastic, but also heavy-duty titanium or flexible Italian acetate. However, such accessories are not cheap — the simplest models cost at least 7,000 rubles.

Pros and cons

  • Individual models
  • High tech lenses
  • Premium content
  • High price

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Oversized rounded frames

This configuration is ideal for a square-shaped face. Round glasses are one of the best trends of the new season. These hipster and chic designs are perfect for any wardrobe outfit. Fashion items are distinguished by a thin wire frame, making the frame almost invisible.

Such a fashionable style as frames is appropriate here. In this case, you can choose a frame in black, which will create a cool look.

Problems with the wrong choice of glasses for vision

With incorrectly selected lenses, a person feels severe discomfort. In addition to a blurry and fuzzy visible image, the following sensations join:

  • eye strain;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness.

In some cases, such manifestations are observed during the period of adaptation to new lenses. In this situation, the symptoms disappear within 7-10 days. If signs of discomfort do not disappear during this period, it is necessary to replace the lenses. You will need to re-contact the ophthalmologist who wrote the prescription.

Fashionable frames clubmasters

The glasses of this model have rounded lenses and a combined frame, plastic on top, thin metal rim on the bottom. Clubmaster glasses 2021 are perfect for the business and romantic style of a woman of any age, but owners of a heart-shaped and square face should be treated with caution.

How to choose the right glasses?

Before choosing glasses in an optician or online store, you need to get a prescription from a doctor. It will indicate the parameters that are necessary for ophthalmic products to effectively correct vision.

Before choosing glasses in an optician or online store, you need to get a prescription from a doctor

The ophthalmologist conducts a standard and hardware examination. The first stage is a vision test on a special table. Usually they use those that were developed by Sivtsev and Golovin. The doctor must determine the degree of pathology, assess the possibilities of binocular vision. Sometimes drops to relieve eye strain may be prescribed. Many opticians can also test your eyesight. The procedure takes a matter of minutes. You can trust the results of such surveys if they were conducted by a professional using special equipment. One of the instruments is called an autorefractometer. It determines the refractive power of the eye and provides the data needed for the prescription. You can’t pick up glasses on your own. An ophthalmologist’s consultation is essential in this matter. For nearsightedness, the doctor writes a prescription for glasses with minus lenses. With farsightedness — with plus. If the degree of both refractive errors is low, then the selection of optical products does not cause difficulties. For high grades, the optometrist may recommend the use of two pairs of glasses. It will be convenient for a person to wear one of them during visual work, the other — in other cases. This will help reduce eye fatigue and prevent headaches. Issuing a prescription to a patient with astigmatism takes longer. This refractive error requires a more thorough examination. Before a person goes for glasses, the doctor determines the size and degree of curvature of the cornea, the diameter of the pupils and the distance between them. Optometrists often advise buying the first glasses with lower diopters than required. This is necessary so that the addiction to ophthalmic products passes faster and does not cause discomfort. After receiving a prescription, you should pick up glasses in optics or an online store. The assortment usually has many different frames, lenses with coatings that have different properties. The prescription written by the ophthalmologist must be handed over to the optics staff, after which they will offer a suitable model. Making glasses usually takes a couple of days. In some cases, the period may be extended, but it rarely exceeds two weeks.

Angular shapes

If you add a few corners to a frame of any shape, it immediately plays with new colors. Designers have embraced this technique, and for the 2021 model year, they have released polygonal variations of almost all classic frames. They can be recommended to lovers of experiments — the glasses look interesting, but not flashy, so they are suitable for business looks.

Unofficial UNOF0071 DP00 54 18,vogue vogueandIn Style ISJF13 DP 55 16

User Reviews

Alina Dolgopolova, Moscow

Because of the computer, my eyesight went down, so I decided to order glasses for myself. I went to the optics salon, where they asked me for a prescription. I did not go to the ophthalmologist and said that I would check the visual acuity on the spot. The cost of the procedure is about 600-800 rubles. Next, followed by the selection of lenses, the price of which depends on the material and protective coatings. It is cheaper to buy polymer optics made of acrylic or polycarbonate for no more than 500 rubles, glass ones cost from 1000 to 2000 rubles. The most expensive polyurethane — up to 5000 rubles. After that, you just need to choose a frame.

Evgeny Kostylev, Yekaterinburg

There is nothing difficult in buying glasses. You come to the optician, where your eyesight is checked on the spot for an additional fee. After that, lenses are selected, you choose your own frame. As a result, I paid about 5,000 rubles for half-rimmed glasses for myopia. Whoever has problems with accommodation, I advise you to vilify the Fedorov simulator — such glasses with holes. They help improve vision to normal.

Tips for choosing a stylish frame

They choose glasses, regular and sunglasses, guided by the shape of the face — so there is no possibility of making mistakes. Here are some simple rules for choosing the right frame:

  • Division into forms is of a general nature, we advise you to focus on the individual features of the structure of the face. It is desirable that the body of the glasses match your face shape, contrasting with it;
  • Girls with an oval face – lucky ones: most of the glasses look attractive on them. For round face It is not recommended to use round lenses. Square accessories of strict lines will suit him;
  • Oval and round eyepieces will soften the heavy cheekbones of girls with square facegive softness. Rounded shapes will smooth out rectangular and diamond-shaped faces, an elongated design will suit people with a triangular face shape;
  • For owners triangular faces with a narrow chin, a wide forehead, stylists recommend choosing a body with a wide lower part, without a rim.

Remember the main selection rule: glasses smooth out sharp facial features, lengthen and expand proportions.

The choice of glasses, in addition to the shape of the face, is based on the color of the eyes:

  • green-eyed frames of orange, green and similar colors are ideal for women of fashion;
  • At brown-eyed there is even more choice: in addition to black and dark brown colors, feel free to buy accessories with dark lilac, burgundy, red shades;
  • Faithful companions grey-eyed and blue-eyed beauties — frames of steel, brown, blue, dark blue;
  • Girls with walnut eyes, we advise you to pay attention to glasses of emerald shades.

Glasses are selected according to hair color:

  • Brown-haired women crazy brown shades, dark green colors;
  • redheads young ladies look elegant in gold and copper-colored glasses;
  • Blondes choose the classics: black and white combinations, delicate pastel colors;
  • brunettes experimenting with saturated shades.

In order for the image to be complete, we recommend that you read the article about fashionable women’s bags.

What are eyeglass lenses?

The most important component of corrective glasses is lenses. There are two main types: glass and polycarbonate. The latter are often called plastic.

Many people think that «correct glasses» should have glass lenses, as they:

  • more durable;
  • do not become cloudy over time;
  • have a high refractive index;
  • may have additional coverage;
  • block ultraviolet rays.

Lenses made of glass also have disadvantages. They are quite fragile and can break if dropped. In the worst case, fragments injure a person. Glass lenses are heavier than polycarbonate lenses. After wearing them for a long time, many people complain that marks remain on the nose. It can be difficult for people with astigmatism to choose glasses with glass lenses, since the production of glasses with double curvature is a complex process. Polycarbonate lenses are thicker and more impact resistant. They, too, can suffer from a blow, but are unlikely to injure a person’s eyes. Optometrists advise children to choose glasses with polycarbonate lenses. They are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear. Glass lenses block UV and may have special coatings:

  • protective;
  • anti-reflective;
  • toning.

People with astigmatism also prefer to choose such glasses, since there are usually no difficulties in production. The disadvantages of glass lenses include the fact that scratches and other mechanical damage often remain on their surface.

Original oversized glasses

A popular trend for the 2021-2022 season is stylish oversized glasses that will appeal to many girls. Oversized glasses will be a good solution for girls with myopia. It is the oversized frames of 2021-2022 that are popular among many celebrities and celebrities.

Stylish eyeglasses for 2021-2022: eyeglass frames, photos

In order not to be mistaken, remember the main features of a fashionable frame:

  1. Oversized glasses can be absolutely any shape, not just the usual round or square. Both aviator and droplet frames are acceptable. Which choice to make depends on the preferences of the girl and the shape of her face. However, when choosing a large frame, remember that it should not look comical. Owners of a small face with aristocratic features are better off choosing a more delicate and thin frame in a classic style.
  2. A large frame is relevant not only at work, but also on vacation. These glasses will look cool on the beach, walking, meeting with friends. In addition, eyeglasses with such large lenses provide excellent visibility.
  3. It is best to choose plastic frames that will sit easily on the bridge of your nose. Avoid undue pressure on this area, because you will have to wear glasses for a long period of time.

Stylists recommend choosing lightweight plastic frames. They are very popular in the upcoming season and even the most demanding fashionistas will have plenty to choose from. And to stay in trend, you can experiment with color and decorative elements. A frame decorated with stones, rhinestones or colored inserts will look appropriate in any situation.

With a strict dress code at work, you should choose minimalist models in monochrome.

  1. Brave fashionistas can choose the most extravagant oversized models that half cover their faces. The lenses can be tinted and resemble sunglasses.

In the coming year, round and rectangular shapes are in fashion. Still popular is the “softened square” model, which will suit many women.

Beautiful rimless eyeglasses

One of the best options for the shape of glasses for vision in 2021-2022 will be beautiful rimless glasses. This model of eyeglasses will appeal to those girls and women who do not want to focus on glasses and draw special attention to them.

Discreet and stylish, rimless glasses look elegant and feminine, making the look more open and the eyes more expressive.

Stylish eyeglasses for 2021-2022: eyeglass frames, photos