Top 10 Toilet Cleaners

Cleaning the toilet is not a very pleasant job, but inevitable. We can only reduce the effort and time spent on this routine work. Therefore, the best toilet cleaners and cleaners should act quickly and effectively, clean from various types of dirt and remove the most difficult of them: limescale and rust. Good toilet products have a gel or cream consistency, contain surfactants and acids (hydrochloric, sulfamic, oxalic, orthophosphoric, etc.). There are also products based on alkali and chlorine.

Today, in our ranking, only the best, most popular and time-tested toilet cleaners.

Rating of the best toilet cleaners — TOP-10

Name of product Estimated cost, rub. Peculiarities Rating, on a 10-point scale
Cillit Bang Lime and Rust Dressing gel 250 one of the best toilet cleaners on the market ten
Toilet duck active 5 in 1 gel 900 ml 180 great toilet bowl cleaner in the best packaging ten
Domestos 100% Green/Pink 750 ml 150 the best toilet gel in the ratio «price-quality» 9.8
Comet 7 days clean toilet bowl 750 ml – 150 good solution for removing limescale in the toilet bowl 9.7
AIST Sanoks ultra 750 ml – 60 cheap and effective cleaner 9.6
Sanita Antirust 500 ml fifty best inexpensive rust gel 9.6
Faberlic Toilet bowl cleaner 500 ml 200 good quality toilet cleaner 9.5
Sarma Sarma Gel for sanitary ware 750 ml 80 inexpensive toilet cleaner with a pleasant aroma 9.4
Sanfor universal 10 in 1 500 ml 60 inexpensive gel for cleaning plumbing with chlorine 9.3
Chistin Sanitary Stupino Chemical Plant 750 ml 45 The best budget good tool for washing and disinfecting toilets 8.9

Limescale has appeared in the kitchen sink. What resources will help?

Stainless steel sinks can be decalcified with mild organic or mineral acids, which are found in many general purpose and specialty acid cleaners.

Special care products for stainless steel HG or Steel Polish by Grass guaranteed not to damage the surface. If you don’t want to buy a separate sink cleaner, use a slightly acidic, non-abrasive cleaner for acrylic bathtubs.

If the sink is made of artificial or natural stone, use the same mildly acid products that we recommend for cleaning stainless steel models. Enameled sinks will withstand the action of more «powerful» cleaners with a pH of 2-4.

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Cillit BangLimeandRust Toilet Gel 500 ml is one of the best toilet cleaners on the market

Photo: hozmag-pmr.com

Average price in Russia: 250 rub.

Silit is a product based on hydrochloric acid, one of the rather aggressive inorganic acids. Therefore, the effectiveness of Cilit is very high, but it also requires maximum caution. Better than other toilet cleaners, it copes with limescale and rust, but it also costs an order of magnitude more expensive.


  • the most effective product on the market;
  • thick;
  • comfortable thin nose.


  • no child protection.
  • the price is relatively high.

Typical Reviews of Cillit Bang Toilet Gel:

“Toilet Silit will help keep the toilet in order! I highly recommend having it in your home. Just hide away from curious kids — a cap without protection.

“Easily removes rusty streaks and other dirt. The toilet bowl becomes more shiny, and this effect lasts for a long time.”

And what to do with limescale on the walls of the shower stall?

The glass walls of the shower stall can be cleaned of plaque with a universal weakly acidic bath gel, any glass cleaner or specialized cleaners. The latter include funds Pufas Glutoclean, Mellerud, Synergetic, Unicum and Frosch Green grapes.

How to clean shower walls

First, “steam out” the plaque with a steam generator or hot water (turn on the shower and close the curtains for 15-20 minutes). Apply or spray on the walls and wait 15-20 minutes. Scrub contaminated areas with a sponge or abrasive cloth. Rinse the product out of the shower head. In the final, drive off the water with a water drier or wipe the surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

How to prevent the formation of limescale on the walls of the shower

Do not leave walls wet. Took a shower — use a water dispenser or dry the surfaces with a napkin / towel.

Read on the blog: How to clean the shower from limescale.

Image source — me5otron, flickr.com

Toilet duck active 5 in 1 gel 900 ml excellent toilet bowl cleaner in the best packaging

Photo: officepro.com.ua

Average price in Russia: 180 r.

Another good toilet bowl cleaner contains hydrochloric acid. It is somewhat inferior to Silita in terms of efficiency, but it wins in terms of price, convenience and safety of use. The product is gel-like, of medium density, the original spout allows you to distribute it qualitatively even under the rim of the toilet bowl. Despite the presence of a strong acid, it has a tolerable odor.


  • convenient bottle with a curved spout;
  • leaves a pleasant smell (several smells in the line — to choose from);
  • cleans well;
  • childproof cap.

Minus: in comparison with the leader, the efficiency is slightly lower.

Typical reviews of the gel Toilet duck active 5 in 1:

“I am delighted with the Duckling. The best toilet cleaner, I highly recommend trying it! The smell, however, is a bit harsh, but what an effect! It perfectly removes plaque and rust, disinfects and eliminates unpleasant odors in the toilet.”

“Very good tool, affordable and effective. Thanks to the arched shape of the neck, it is convenient to get it under the rim of the toilet bowl, where dirt accumulates the most and where it is very difficult to get it.


The advice of cleaning experts will allow you to clean quickly and efficiently. Such recommendations include:

  1. For cleaning, you need suitable tools — a brush, a brush.
  2. Work should be carried out with rubber gloves to protect hands.
  3. Good ventilation must be ensured during the cleaning period, as cleaning agents emit harmful fumes. If there is a hood, then it must be turned on.

All the most important and useful information on cleaning the toilet is presented in this section.

3.Domestos 100% Green/Pink 750 ml is the best toilet gel in price-quality ratio

Photo: chudomama.com

Average price in Russia: 150 r.

Concentrated hydrochloric acid gel is designed for the most difficult pollution in the bathroom. Thicker and more economical than competitors. Dissolves old rust and urinary stone not immediately, but also without tiring friction. A nice bonus: the color gel changes color upon contact with water.


  • very thick;
  • inexpensive;
  • effective;
  • cap with child protection.


  • less effective for removing limescale than the leaders in the rating;
  • very pungent smell.

Typical reviews aboutDomestos 100% black:

“Good old black Domestos is the best weapon against dirt in the toilet! Copes with rusty smudges and dirt even under water! It’s cheap and very economical.»

“Very strong, effective, caustic remedy. Works wonders in 10 minutes, but can be left overnight. You can’t pour into the bath — the gel is toxic and smelly, only for the toilet.

What are the types of toilet surface contamination?

To understand what you will encounter when cleaning the toilet, you need to determine what type of pollution you have.

The most common types of pollution:

  1. Urinary stone. The reason for the formation is a poor (weak) or irregular drain, the remains of the active substances of the urine settle on the surface of the walls of the toilet bowl, most often inside the drain hole.
  2. Lime scale. It is formed due to the high hardness of tap water.
  3. Rust, yellow stains, as a result of rust parts of the drain tank, valve, lever, rusty pipes. If the float is not adjusted correctly, water flows from the tank into the toilet in a thin stream, resulting in a rusty coating on the surface.
  4. Black spots are most often formed in places of bends and in the sewer bend.
  5. Bacteria, fungi, multiplying on the surface of the toilet, can lead to an unpleasant odor. see causes of bad smell from the toilet

As one of the ways to combat lime deposits, rust can be called the installation of special water filters at the inlet of plumbing around the house. Check the water hardness level and contact the organization supplying water to your homes if there is a significant deviation from the norm.

The hardness of water is determined by the degree of dissolution of minerals in it. Water hardness is considered to be:

  • Soft up to 2°F;
  • Medium hard water from 2 to 10°F;
  • Rigid when over 10°F

If the water hardness is more than 10°F, then the likelihood of scale formation on the water heating elements of the boilers of washing machines, the appearance of lime deposits in the pipes and in the toilet bowl is very high.

Cleaning the toilet and cleaning the toilet bowl is one of the unpleasant activities, so naturally you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Our task is to help you in choosing a toilet bowl cleaner in order to quickly deal with pollution without spending a lot of time on this task.

The choice of cleaning agent is determined by the degree of contamination and the cleaning tasks that you set.

AIST Sanoks ultra 750 ml cheap and effective cleaner

Photo: sdm96.ru

Average price in Russia: 60 p.

The gel with sulfamic and oxalic acids acts delicately on the surface, while practically does not smell like chemicals. The packaging claims a «cleansing accelerator», but this is more of an advertising ploy: it contains only surfactants, acids and flavoring. Cleans the toilet perfectly, removing even complex dirt and old rust. The tool is very budgetary, so you will have to forget about a convenient form with a spout and a cap lock.


  • «communist» price;
  • less aggressive acids in the composition;
  • pleasant fresh smell;
  • efficiency on 5+.


  • no nose, uncomfortable to apply;
  • more liquid than competitors.
  • no child protection.

Typical reviews about AIST Sanox ultra:

“Sanox Ultra revived the toilet in a rented apartment. I applied it, left it for 5 minutes, and then rubbed it off, and the perennial dirt was washed off like watercolor paint! And fresh stains do not even need to be rubbed. Super tool, better than the most expensive.

“Cheap, effective and not the most toxic remedy! All hostesses should have it for especially hopeless situations.

How and how to wash the bath from complex contaminants

In addition to traditional stains, the bathtub also has to be washed from other traces of organic and inorganic origin. You can suddenly pollute the surface with finishing materials during repairs, hair dye, medicines.

How to whiten a bath video

We remove stains from potassium permanganate and greenery

There are medicines that strongly stain everything they fall on. These include potassium permanganate with brilliant green. Substances penetrate the structure, turn brown over time, but are not washed off with water. Try lemon juice mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This composition will help wipe off traces of potassium permanganate. Rub the green with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

How to remove a stain from potassium permanganate video

Getting rid of glue and putty

After repair work in the bathroom there are traces of grout, paint, silicone, glue. Drops fall on any surface, including the bath. If it was not possible to remove traces immediately, you can use a solvent. But such a tool is only suitable for emergency, one-time use. Since the aggressive composition of acetone, gasoline, solvent has a destructive effect on enamel and acrylic. To get rid of lime, use a specialized tool, such as Meine Liebe.

How easy it is to wash Layfak glue

6.Sanita Anti-rust 500 ml best inexpensive anti-rust gel

Photo: www.sale66.ru

Average price in Russia: 50 p.

Sanita will appeal to housewives who are waging an endless war against rust and yellow deposits from poor-quality water. This gel based on a mixture of acids gives a decent result even in very advanced cases. Suitable for various surfaces: sanitary ceramics, tiles, enamelled bathtubs and slabs, etc. and even, according to reviews, helps to clean the toilet from blockages.


  • effective for all types of pollution, but especially for rust;
  • is inexpensive.


  • need to rub;
  • no curved nose;
  • cover is not blocked.

Typical reviews aboutSanita Antirust:

“Great tool, quickly removes rust, even a hundred years ago. Rust softens and just rolls off the surface — a miracle.

“Sanita cleanser suits me completely. Removes dirt without traces and streaks, is easily washed off with water, does not have a strong odor. And the price is cheap.»

What to look for when choosing?

The range of household chemicals is large, but if you are guided by the tips of experts, you will not go wrong with choosing the best option.

The main task is to choose a product that will help remove rust and eliminate plaque from the surface of the toilet. An equally important criterion is the speed of the composition, but it should not be very aggressive. Not only a conscious buyer pays attention to these factors, but also manufacturers of substances, engaged in the release of new cleaning products.

From this we can conclude that it is important to pay attention to a number of parameters:

  • compound
    . Choose a product to remove actual stains. An aggressive preparation perfectly copes with a heavily soiled surface. To protect your hands, wear gloves and follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly;
  • smell
    . Rely on personal preference. In order for the product to perform not only cleansing, but also refreshing functions, you can stop at a citrus aroma;
  • package
    . Evaluate how convenient the bottle is to use, whether there is an angle nozzle. The beauty of the cover does not always match the quality. Functionality and practicality come first.

Faberlic Toilet bowl cleaner 500 ml toilet bowl cleaner with a good composition

Photo: www.faberlix.ru

Average price in Russia: 200 r.

Another product based on acids, this time orthophosphoric and glycolic, which is very remarkable, since these acids can be found in cosmetics and even food products. The qualitative composition explains why the product almost does not smell like chemicals, and also why it costs more than competitors. There is a nuance — the gel is very thick, it does not drain itself, which not everyone likes.


  • comfortable thin nose;
  • relatively safe composition,
  • smells of freshness;
  • copes with lime and rust;
  • lockable cap.


  • high price for a volume of 0.5 l;
  • not for old dirt;
  • very thick, you need to spread it with a brush over the surface.

Typical reviews of Faberlic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

“I didn’t expect that I would find an effective cleaning agent from the“ networkers ”. Faberlic gel is very thick, but also very economical. Comfortable nose, mild smell. Cleaning the toilet has ceased to cause me unpleasant emotions.

“Pollution and plaque are well removed, there is a refreshing effect and disinfection. While cleaning the toilet, you can breathe normally — this is a huge plus! I don’t use gloves (although I should), the skin reacts normally.”

Rules for choosing a composition for cleaning

When choosing a cleaning agent, it is necessary to build on what pollution occurs most often.

The most common include:

  • rust;
  • lime deposits;
  • urinary stone;
  • black spots on the bottom.

When choosing a drug, you should consider:

  1. Price.
  2. Packing volume.
  3. Release form.
  4. The shape of the vial.
  5. Compound.
  6. Direction of impact.

The composition of the product is especially important for allergy sufferers and requires study if the sewage system is organized on the basis of a septic tank. In this case, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly products.
Most modern toilet products have a complex effect, allowing you to eliminate a large list of contaminants.

Sarma Sarma Gel for sanitary ware 750 ml the best inexpensive toilet bowl cleaner

Photo: www.abknsk.ru

Average price in Russia: 80 p.

The oxalic acid gel cleans gently and effectively, leaving the toilet bowl white and fragrant. In terms of performance, Sarma is approaching more expensive «brothers», and in terms of comfort at work, it completely overtakes them. Less popular than other tools, but deserves a good rating as an inexpensive and really working product.


  • the composition and smell is less “nuclear” than that of products with hydrochloric acid;
  • fresh aroma remains for a long time;
  • noticeably whitens;
  • cap with child protection.


  • ineffective against limescale;
  • stubborn stains need to be rubbed off.

Typical reviews about Sarma Sarma Sanitary Gel:

“I had to try different toilet cleaners, but every time I returned to Sarma, I probably wouldn’t change it for anything. Always the perfect result and the scent of freshness in the bathroom.”

“He did an excellent job with the chronic yellowness of earthenware, which even Domestos could not do. The toilet bowl is white again, and all this without chlorine and a “killer” smell!”

Instructions for cleaning various surfaces

You can defeat lime if you choose the right method of struggle. Not every coating is able to withstand mechanical stress or alkali. In order not to spoil plumbing fixtures or finishes, choose safe but effective compounds.

When using cleaning products, protect your hands with thick rubber gloves, and your eyes with plastic goggles. Ensure that the room is well ventilated.

Clean the toilet

Tiles and ceramic products

If the tile is not wiped daily, it will soon lose its luster, become covered with limescale, and the seams will be in black mold. Creamy pastes are suitable for care. Powders have an abrasive structure that leaves microscopic scratches. Effectively clean the wall in the bathroom or pool, tiled shower, chlorine gel will help.

Vinegar will help to deeply clean the tiles — a simple and affordable folk way:

  1. Pour the product into a spray bottle.
  2. Spray all over the wall, carefully work out the tile joints.
  3. Walk with a brush with a pile of medium hardness.
  4. Wait a quarter of an hour so that the acidic substance can dissolve the deposits.
  5. Rinse with clean water, dry with a soft cloth.

If there is no vinegar in the household arsenal, but a high concentration of essence, dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:12.

Ceramic sanitary ware (sink, toilet bowl, bidet) is prone to lime build-up. Vinegar solution will help to remove.

200 ml. pour acid into a suitable saucepan, heat. Pour into the toilet, leave to act for 12 hours. For the effect, you can pour in baking soda ash. Wash off the solution in the morning.

To remove plaque in the place of accumulation of water in the toilet, you must first flush the water, apply a special agent or composition from the available products. Wait 1-2 hours. Remove the softened sediment with a wooden or plastic spatula. Drain the water.

To dissolve a layer of limescale, citric acid will help whiten the sink. A soft sponge is wetted with water, lemon crystalline powder is applied. Gently rub the dirt, rinse with clean water.

It is impossible to process tiles with concentrated alkalis, acids and solvents! There is a high probability of damage to the structure.

Clean up the bathroom

Acrylic and cast iron bathtubs

Acrylic products are popular among consumers. Shower cabin, bathtub made of material has a minimum weight, warm to the touch. It is pleasant to carry out hygiene procedures in them, but after intensive use the color loses its whiteness and turns yellow.

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It is easy to take care of the acrylic coating, but it should be borne in mind that the aggressive composition leaves scratches, in which dirt, rust accumulate over time, and microbes develop. Does not tolerate high temperatures.

It is recommended to clean acrylic material with a special paste and soft washcloths, rags. If there is no professional tool in the house, improvised substances will come to the rescue.

The following method will help remove heavy limescale from plastic:

  • pour cool water to the very brim;
  • pour out a package of citric acid or half a liter of 7% vinegar;
  • leave to act for 12 hours;
  • after the specified time, drain the water and rinse the surface with clean water;
  • wipe with a dry cloth.

Enameled bath after restoration is equal to acrylic and requires careful handling.

Acrylic and plastic are allowed to be wiped with hydrogen peroxide, ammonia. An important condition is not to leave substances longer than 5 minutes! Wash off with cool water.

Removing deposits on a cast iron bath is not difficult. For cleaning, dishwashing detergent or washing powder diluted to a thick slurry is suitable. Spread a small amount over the surface, paying attention to hard-to-reach places, rinse.

Serious pollution will help to remove special products with anti-corrosion inhibitors.

Glass and plastic

Glass and plastic surfaces located in the bathroom or inside the shower cabin are covered with a white coating. If you pour water into an aquarium without first cleaning it, it will look faded. Soap and water will help to clean the mirror, shelving, partitions, glass on the doors, the mixer.

Dilute a small amount of soap to make a foaming solution. Dampen the sponge and wipe the surfaces. Rinse well in clean water, dry thoroughly.

If limestone has formed into a dense hard layer, vinegar or citric acid will corrode it. Plastic will not suffer — the concentration of the substance is minimal.

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  • Cleaning Tips for White Sneakers
  • How to remove candle wax from clothes and remove stains


Vinegar will help clean the faucet. An effective scale and rust remover. It is enough to apply the acid on a sponge and carefully work through the contaminated parts, then rinse and wipe with a rag. It is advisable to rub hard-to-reach places, a joint where sewerage or a stainless steel pipe that acts as a heated towel rail with a toothbrush.

A mixture of vinegar and soda will help to clean thick limescale. Apply the finished slurry to a rag or sponge, apply a compress to the place of contamination and leave for 1.5 hours.

Place the removable parts in warm water with the addition of citric, acetic or oxalic acid.

Vinegar cleans the bathroom

Sanfor universal 10 in 1 500 ml cheap sanitary ware cleaning gel with chlorine

Photo: preprod.novex-trade.ru

Average price in Russia: 60 p.

Unlike most traditional acid cleaners, Sanfor Universal is a chlorine cleaner. Well suited for disinfecting and bleaching toilets, as well as for the destruction of black mold. It copes well with organic blockage, dissolves fats, but is less effective at removing rust and limescale than an acid cleaner.


  • versatility for various surfaces;
  • cleans fresh dirt well;
  • disinfects and bleaches;
  • destroys mold;
  • It has a narrow spout and a child lock.


  • cannot cope with old rust and plaque;
  • smell of bleach.

Typical reviews of Sanfor Gel Universal 10 in 1:

“For a couple of years I have been buying only the universal Sanfor, which replaces almost all the products in my kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Only the strong smell of bleach is frustrating — when you clean, tears flow already.

“Sanfor makes washing the “white friend” very easy: pour it, leave it, and then just rinse it off — and everything is clean. They can wash everything: the stove, the floors, and the bath! For a fifty-kopeck piece, this is a great result.”

How to clean the toilet in the «running» case

Cleaning the “white friend” with Coca-Cola or Sprite is not a joke, but a realistic phenomenon. The drink is poured into the toilet bowl, closed with a lid and left for 2-3 hours. After that, the drink must be washed off with water and the surface cleaned with a brush.

If you have ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, make a mixture. Take 2 tsp. ammonia and 300 ml of peroxide and dilute them in two liters of water. After thorough mixing, you need to pour the solution into the toilet. The exposure time is from 2 to 3 hours, then the mixture is washed off with water.

Unlike expensive household chemicals, phosphoric acid costs a penny. It is toxic, so be careful and do not forget about protective equipment. Take 150-160 g of orthophos, smear the toilet bowl with it and leave it for a couple of hours. You can pour acid into the tank and leave it there for 10-15 minutes, after which the system is washed and cleaned.

There are many ways to clean a toilet. Among them, you can choose the one that is right for you. The main thing is to regularly clean the «white friend» so that later you do not suffer from «complex» deposits and rust, and it is better to replace the old plumbing with a new one.

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Folk remedies in the fight for purity

Chemical products are not suitable for people with allergies. For them, there is a way out — to use folk remedies to care for the bathroom.

Wet the tub with water. Apply baking soda evenly. After 10 minutes, use a spray bottle to apply table vinegar over the soda. After half an hour, brush over the surface. The bathroom will remain clean.

To whiten the bath bowl, take 80 g of citric acid and dissolve it in 200 ml of water. Spread the liquid over the surface. Wash off after 20 minutes. The walls and bottom will become much whiter.