Climate devices for the majority have already become essential household appliances. The beneficial effects on human health and well-being from such devices have been proven by scientists and physicians around the world. Therefore, the demand for purifiers, humidifiers and air washer is constantly growing. The number of offered models in the climate technology market is also increasing.

To make it easier for you to understand all this variety of brands and models, our experts have prepared a rating of the best climate devices in 2021. We studied the parameters of the devices in detail, tested the devices and, of course, studied the reviews of the owners. And as a result, we have prepared this rating, which will become an excellent assistant to those who are still in search of their ideal climate complex.


  • 1st place — Orverk Air-Pro 4
  • 2nd place — Sendo Air-90
  • 3rd place — Boneco w200
  • 4th place — Venta LW25 Comfort plus
  • 5th place — Boneco W400
  • 6th place — Panasonic F-VXR50R
  • 7th place — Sharp KC-D51RW
  • 8th place — Winia AWM-40
  • 9th place — Cuchen airwash
  • 10th place — Winia AWX-70
  • 11th place — Boneco W2055D
  • 12th place — Venta LW45
  • 13th place — Philips AC2887/10

In what cases is a climate complex necessary?

Modern climatic complexes are equipped with a multifunctional airflow purification system and an intelligent control system to maintain the optimal level of humidity in the room.

Note! Universal electrical appliances are recommended for installation in:

  • apartments with insufficient ventilation;
  • rooms with mold on the walls;
  • country houses;
  • children’s rooms.

indispensable climate control assistant It will also become if the household has an allergy to dust.

You also need a device in cases where dust mites or animal hair are present in the housesettling on furniture and other surfaces.

Boneco H680

A small device will help clean the air of a room up to 100 square meters, which is a very high figure. It purifies the air, ionizes it, and also disinfects it thanks to the presence of an ultraviolet lamp. The model is equipped with multi-stage filters that effectively clean the air from any dust, wool and other small debris in the air. Moreover, the device will be able to cool the premises on hot summer days. Here you will have access to 6 speed modes and 4 modes of operation.

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  1. Small size;
  2. Stylish design;
  3. There is a choice of colors;
  4. 19 liters water tank;
  5. Ionizes, cleans, moisturizes, disinfects and cools the air;
  6. Suitable for a room of 100 sq.m.


  1. Make a lot of noise;
  2. High price.

Principle of operation

Keep in mind! The principle of operation of a household air conditioner consists of several stages:

  1. After turning on the appliance air enters the system and is directed to be thoroughly filtered and sterilized with silver ions.
  2. Then the air flow is additionally cleaned with water, sterilized ultraviolet rays or biophotocatalysts.
  3. After passing through a 3 or 5-stage purification system, the air is completely purified and becomes more humid..

Due to the fact that polluted air is cleaned with water or ice, the user does not have to spend extra money on the purchase of chemical detergents.

The best air washers for 2021: differences in prices and consumer reviews

When visiting a home appliance store, we strive to select a device based on our own budget. Therefore, Tehno.guru specialists decided to help consumers by creating a rating of the best air washer models for each price segment.

To make the device work longer, follow the operating rules, otherwise there will be difficulty with the function of the device

Options from the budget segment

As you know, each of us has far from the same income, despite the fact that we live in the same country. Therefore, budget, but high-quality air washes will help out when you need a result for modest money.

Device types

The simplest type of air conditioning equipment is air washer.
Only the water filter is responsible for cleaning in such an electrical appliance.which collects dust particles and other contaminants that remain in a special drum.

At the same time, the air is additionally humidified. The device does not require replacement of components and does not require professional maintenance.

The user only needs to periodically rinse the internal tank and change the water.

Climate complex — a more advanced system. The device operates using air-cleaning filters. — one or more.

Stay up to date! As a result, the air becomes clean and humidified, and the temperature in the room rises or falls depending on the wishes of the owner.

Sharp KC-D41 RW/RB

The climate complex is suitable for cleaning a room of 30 square meters. The manufacturer has developed a special Plasmacluster technology that allows you to destroy various bacteria and viruses in the air. The model is equipped with good filters that effectively filter fine dust and also destroy unpleasant odors. Water will evaporate by the classical method and fine mist will be carried through the air. The model has a very low noise level, so it can be used even at night while sleeping.

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  1. Stylish design;
  2. There is a choice of colors;
  3. Kills bacteria and viruses;
  4. Humidifies the air;
  5. Sensors that determine the degree of pollution in the air;
  6. Virtually silent.


  1. High price.

Main manufacturers

Manufacturers specializing in the production of climate systems produce different types of designs. Multifunctional complexes are available in large electronics hypermarkets or on the official websites of manufacturers.


A Japanese corporation that produces all types of climate systems. Household appliances are distinguished by high build quality.


A Japanese corporation that has existed in the electronics market for over 100 years. Sharp produces climate systems for home and office.


Russian trademark owned by Technopolis LLC. The production of equipment is carried out on a contract basis in Korea and China.


A South Korean brand with a narrow focus on production. The brand produces air washer and climate systems.


The company was founded in the second half of 1963. The direction of production is the production of climatic complexes.


A world-famous brand that produces various types of electronics and home appliances. Climate complexes are a combination of quality and comfort.

A world-famous brand that produces various types of electronics and home appliances.


A Russian company that produces various types of devices for purification, aromatization, ionization, air humidification. In addition, it produces garden tools and consumables for construction.


A company that operates under the slogan: «healthy air». The Swiss company has sales offices in all developed countries of the world.


A German brand that offers products in several categories. Air purifiers, dust barriers, humidifiers are part of the product range.


The Korean brand is a leader in the production of household appliances and electronics. Represents simple and convenient climate control systems for homes and offices.


Italian group of companies, manufacturer of high quality household appliances. Climate systems of the brand are intended for private use.


Swedish brand that promotes the slogan: «technology for life». The brand’s equipment is distinguished by high build quality and performance.

Philips HU 5930

The best air conditioners - what is it and how to choose
★ Better setting and timer flexibility Country: Netherlands (made in China) Average price: 20990 RUB. Rating (2021): 4.6
Great for large (up to 70 sqm) rooms. Easily filters even the smallest particles, including bacteria and mold spores. According to the manufacturer, it copes with 99% of bacteria in the air of the room. The car wash independently analyzes the air quality and shows if there are problems with it. Then eliminates them — moisturizes, cleanses and improves. A nice addition is the flexible setting of the humidifier and fan (4 modes for each).

Thanks to Philips NanoCloud technology, the moisture coming from the climate complex does not damage things and does not leave white spots on surfaces. That with a humidification efficiency of 500 ml / h, a water tank of 4 liters and an operating time of 8 hours, a pretty good addition. And the Nano Protect filter copes with the smallest particles up to 0.02 microns (that is, with allergens and bacteria).


The climatic complex of the German assembly is able to effectively purify the air, ionize and humidify it, as well as cool it. The volume of the water tank is 3.2 liters, and the power of the device is 65 watts. The complex is suitable for a room of 25 square meters. With it, you can enjoy clean air without unpleasant odors, as well as various allergens and dust. The model is able to cool the room by 6-7 degrees, and the special “Swing” mode will allow you to supply air in a horizontal position.


  1. Stylish design;
  2. Good volume for water;
  3. Cools, cleans and ionizes the air.


  1. Noisy work.

Popular Models

Before heading to the store for a climate control, experts recommend studying the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the best-selling models.

We have prepared a rating of the best models according to customer ratings and reviews. For each model there is a small overview, pros and cons, as well as characteristics.



A mobile air conditioner capable of creating a favorable microclimate in large rooms in a matter of minutes.

A compact device that provides effective air humidification with water and ice.

When certain modes are activated, the appliance can serve as an air cleaner, and can also replace a fan, air conditioner and heater.

In addition, the device quickly eliminates any unpleasant odors and lowers the temperature in the room to a predetermined value.


  • heating power — 2000 W;
  • serviced area — 25 m2;
  • humidifier performance — 0.45 ml / h;
  • noise level — 65 dB;
  • dimensions — 24x25x67 cm.


  • remote control;
  • timer for 7.5 hours;
  • light weight and compact size;
  • acceptable cost;
  • ice accumulators included.


  • increased noise level during heating;
  • specific smell from plastic elements;
  • rapid contamination of the case;
  • No child safety lock.


Vitesse VS-867

Bio-climate designed to create and maintain a healthy environment in an apartment or office.

Floor standing model with remote control, timer and large water tank.

The device is equipped with two heating modes, dry air humidification program, ventilation, cooling and ionization.

For ease of use, the manufacturer equipped the device with wheels, thanks to which the device is easy to move around the apartment.


  • heating power — 1800 W;
  • serviced area — 15 m2;
  • humidifier performance — 0.8 l / h;
  • noise level — 40 dB;
  • dimensions — 37x39x68.5 cm.


  • silent operation in any mode;
  • indication of low water level and operating mode;
  • convenient movement of the device;
  • air ionization;
  • large water reservoir.


  • difficulties in draining water;
  • no display;
  • the cost is higher than analogues.


Honeywell CHS07AE

Universal microclimatic unit that guarantees the creation of coziness and maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Climatic equipment that allows you to thoroughly clean the air from dust particles and microbes, as well as humidify the air in a natural way without the use of ultrasound.

The appliance is equipped with a remote control and small wheels.

The device is perfect for a child’s room or a small apartment.


  • heating power — 1500 W;
  • serviced area — 50 m2;
  • humidifier performance — 0.3 l / h;
  • noise level — 47 dB;
  • dimensions — 40x35x79 cm.


  • indication of low water level;
  • large serviced area;
  • remote control;
  • wheels for comfortable movement of the device;
  • no need to replace filters.


  • short power cord;
  • noise during work;
  • stamped body.



A modern climate complex that operates in an economical mode and does not require the purchase of additional components.

Noise-reduced mobile air conditioner housed in a durable plastic housing.

The device has a stylish but discreet design, so the user has the opportunity to install it in any corner of the apartment, complementing the overall interior.

The device is controlled using the remote control.


  • heating power — 2000 W;
  • serviced area — 25 m2;
  • humidifier performance — 0.8 l / h;
  • noise level — 60 dB;
  • dimensions — 24x25x67 cm.


  • sensor for lack of water in the tank;
  • mesh and bamboo filters;
  • small size;
  • long service life;
  • attractive appearance.


  • the need to use purified water;
  • increased noise level;
  • The housing should be periodically cleaned with a soft cloth.


Sabiel MB30V

A mobile air cooler-humidifier, which families with small children cannot do without.

Device with automatic water supply for purification, ionization, cooling and humidification of air in an apartment, house or outdoors.

The gadget is equipped with a convenient electronic control panel, a large water tank for 32 liters of water and a remote control.


  • heating power — 2000 W;
  • serviced area — 30 m2;
  • humidifier performance — 1.1 l / h;
  • noise level — 50 dB;
  • dimensions — 52x40x93.8 cm.


  • fan speed control;
  • the ability to choose the intensity of evaporation;
  • the presence of a remote control in the kit;
  • almost silent operation;
  • easy-to-clean removable filter mesh.


  • high price;
  • dimensions;
  • no humidistat.



Air conditioner for domestic premises, harmoniously combining functionality, laconic design and safety of use.

Equipment for floor installation, which is suitable for humidification and purification of polluted air in large rooms.

The model features low power consumption, a non-standard trapezoidal shape and an increased area of ​​the top cover through which air is drawn into the device.

Present in the device and a backlit control panel, emphasizing the stylish design.


  • heating power — 1800 W;
  • serviced area — 75 m2;
  • humidifier performance — 0.8 l / h;
  • noise level — 45 dB;
  • dimensions — 45x33x30 cm.


  • electronic control;
  • indication of low water level and inclusion;
  • 10 liter water tank;
  • small weight and size;
  • high performance.


  • noisy work;
  • the device must be cleaned regularly;
  • price.

Panasonic F-VXR50R

The climate complex has a small size and weight. It can be used as a floor or wall model. The area of ​​the room to be cleaned should not exceed 20 square meters. Here you will have access to power adjustment, clear and simple touch controls, and the device is equipped with child protection. The model is able not only to qualitatively purify the air, but also ionizes and disinfects it.

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  1. Small size;
  2. A light weight;
  3. You can choose the color;
  4. Built-in surge protection.

What is better to buy: an air washer or a humidifier in the house, a comparison of devices

If you have a controversial question about what to buy is better: a humidifier or an air purifier, you need to analyze the claimed devices and take into account their main differences. The difference between these electrical appliances is that they each function in their own way. Speaking of air washing, it is worth noting that it is able to transfer optimal humidity to the climate in the room without an excess of water. The device is able to neutralize dust by accumulating it on its wet filters, and thanks to a powerful fan, the air flow blows all the drops out. Already from the first minutes of operation of the device you will feel the purity of the air.

Humidifiers are compact and easy to operate. Even a beginner can handle the operation

If you buy a humidifier, you should understand that, in addition to the direct evaporation of moisture in a room of a certain area, it does nothing else, of course, if it is a simple model. Today’s devices can be equipped with additional functions, respectively, and the price of such a device is many times more expensive. But a simple ultrasonic type of device can be bought for 500 rubles. As a conclusion, it should be said that air washers are more practical household appliances, of course, if you are not going to purchase a “fancy” model of a humidifier.

Additional functions

The presence of additional options affects the cost of the device, however, makes working with the device easier and more convenient.

For reference! The most useful features are:

  • air speed adjustment — designed to select the intensity of blowing and at what speed the fan blades will spin;
  • choice of airflow direction – carried out with the help of built-in movable blinds;
  • control panel security lock – guarantees safe operation if there are small children in the family;
  • ice compartment — by loading ice into a separate container, the user will be able to start the intensive cooling mode, which is especially necessary in hot weather;
  • indication — the device can be equipped with an indication of switching on, temperature, operating mode and low water level in the tank;
  • remote control — the presence of a remote control gives the owner the opportunity to control the appliance remotely.

Models equipped with small wheels are more convenient to move around the apartment, so you should take a closer look at such devices.


We reviewed the rating of the best climate complexes for [year] year. It is more correct to choose the complex you like first of all in terms of parameters and functions. Price and manufacturer — this is an amateur.


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Redmond RAW-3501

The model belongs to the floor and consumes a small amount of electricity — 60 watts. The climate complex humidifies and purifies the air, and thanks to the ultraviolet lamp it disinfects it. 4 modes of operation speed, will allow you to choose the best option. There is also a timer that can be set to a delayed shutdown time of up to 24 hours. The model is equipped with a beautiful backlight, convenient touch controls and minimal noise, which allows you to use it while relaxing. The climate complex also performs the function of air ionization, charging it with negative ions, which are beneficial for the human body.

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  1. Beautiful design and lighting;
  2. Performs the function of ionization;
  3. Silent operation;
  4. 4 operating modes;
  5. There is a timer.


  1. Big sizes.

Weak sides

This technique has many advantages. But there are also some weaknesses:

  1. You cannot turn off the LCD monitor whenever you want.
  2. In some modifications, you cannot add water to their system. This complicates their domestic use.
  3. For some models, additional materials are very expensive. This complicates their purchase by ordinary users.
  4. Also, some devices are very noisy. This is especially true at night. Such equipment should not be placed in children’s rooms.


When planning to purchase air conditioning equipment for an apartment, you should consider a few points:

  • when choosing a device, special attention should be paid to area covered and humidifier capacity;
  • important parameter is noise level — the best option would be a device with an indicator of up to 50 dB;
  • safety interlock function for safe operation required if there are small children in the family.

Winia AWI-40

The climate complex purifies the air by means of a special disk with a 3D structure. The air passing through it is cleaned and humidified, and then brought out with the help of a fan. At the outlet, before the fan, the air passes another filter, which destroys bacteria and any allergens in it. The device can be configured for the necessary programs, which after it will run automatically.

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  1. Silent operation;
  2. High-quality air purification;
  3. Automatic operation;
  4. The presence of ionization.


  1. Built-in low quality humidity sensor.

How to choose: criteria and tips

When choosing climate equipment for the buyer attention must be paid to several key parameterswhich will simplify the operation and maintenance of the electrical appliance.

Performance and footprint

Each model is capable of processing air in a predetermined number of square meters by the manufacturer.
To calculate performance cleansing, you should calculate the volume of the room by multiplying the area by the height of the ceilings.

Based on the result, you can choose a device that can go through at least three cleaning cycles in one hour.

For example, for a room with a ceiling of 3 m and an area of ​​20 m2, a device with a capacity of 180 m3 / h will be required.

Applied filters and their parameters

Should know! The air purification system may include such types of filters as:

  • carbonic — effectively absorbs unpleasant odors and various compounds hazardous to human health;
  • moisturizing — necessary to maintain the desired level of water vapor in the air;
  • pre-cleaning – captures large particles, quickly eliminating animal hair, hair, dust and fluff;
  • ultrafine cleaning — Detains dust particles, mold spores, bacteria and waste products of dust mites.

To avoid premature clogging, the fine and ultrafine filters are always installed after the coarse or medium filtration.

Air purity control

It is worth noting! It is represented by a special sensor capable of displaying information on the display.

This allows the user to monitor the operation process and the quality of air purification.

Noise level

High-performance appliances are often noisy, which can cause discomfort.

The optimal indicator is 40-50 dB — such a device will not be able to interfere with family watching movies or disturb the sleep of a child.


Delayed start timerAllows the owner to set convenient on and off times.

Thanks to this, the appliance will start its work by the time the user arrives home.

Aic S135

A small climate complex that will help you clean a room up to 45 square meters. Power — 50 W, the timer will allow you to delay turning off the device up to 24 hours. Two modes will allow you to select the optimal level of humidification and air purification. The model effectively cleans the air from the smallest villi of cat or dog hair, as well as from other particles.


  1. Stylish shape and small size;
  2. Suitable for a room of 45 sq.m;
  3. There is an automatic mode;
  4. There is a choice of colors;
  5. Effectively cleans the air.


  1. Short power cord;
  2. Small water tank.

TOP 10 best air purifiers

City air can hardly be called clean — it is saturated with harmful components that have a negative impact on health. To create comfortable conditions in residential premises, devices are produced — cleaners and humidifiers. In appearance, these are compact devices, but they can change the composition of the air to acceptable levels for the body.
It is better to use two devices at the same time, but if this is not possible, it is worth evaluating their advantages and disadvantages separately. The article will also present an introductory rating of air purifiers for apartments in 2021.