Place Name Characteristic in the rating
The best Chinese smartwatches
one Amazfit The best quality at a low price. Complete water resistance. Wireless charger
2 Ginzzu The best smart watches for kids. Reliability. Capacious battery
3 kingwear Rich functionality. Favorable prices
four ASUS Stylish design solutions. Wide range of models and colors
5 smart baby watch The most popular children’s smart watch. budget
Best Chinese Sports Watches
one SKMEI The best tightness. solar powered models
2 IWOWN Price — functionality
3 Sanda Impact resistance. Two time zones. Chronograph
Best Chinese Wrist Watch with Spring Movement
one SPINNAKER Best for swimming and diving
2 Anicorn Quality materials. futuristic
Best Chinese Quartz Watches
one Weide The best backlight. Multifunctionality
2 Navi force Wide selection of men’s watches
3 Geneva Exquisite design. Profitable price
four CURREN Watch with tachymeter scale
5 oneloong Large dial

From time immemorial, people have sought to comprehend time. Watches have become one of the first and greatest inventions of mankind, have passed with us through the years and epochs and are no less relevant today than centuries ago. At the same time, modern wristwatches not only show the time, but also perform a number of additional tasks, depending on the type and set of functions. In addition, being a symbol of responsibility and prestige, they emphasize the status of their owner and complement his image.

Of course, for these purposes, many choose expensive accessories from world famous brands. But if there is no desire to buy watches for fabulous money, it makes sense to pay attention to Chinese companies. Many of them are quite popular and often look no worse than models of European brands. The best Chinese companies sometimes cooperate with well-known manufacturers of watch movements and other parts, are included in the TOP of the leading brands in the world and even present their developments at major exhibitions on a par with eminent competitors.

Chinese wrist watches, like any other, are diverse and include hundreds of companies. In order not to get confused in the abundance of brands, models and properties, it is recommended to decide on a number of parameters before buying, including:

  1. Class. Wristwatches are divided into three main classes: mechanical, quartz and electronic smartwatches. At the same time, sports models can be distinguished in each of them.
  2. Body material. A durable case is a guarantee of a long watch life. Steel is considered the most resistant to scratches and impacts. Some types of plastic are also suitable even for sports models.
  3. Moisture protection class. Part of the watch is protected from small amounts of moisture or splashes. Some are so tight that they are suitable for swimming and even diving to shallow depths.
  4. Time display method. For mechanical models, all data is displayed in an analog way, that is, with the help of arrows. The rest often have an electronic dial or a combination of the two.
  5. Additional features. Watches often show not only the time, but also the date, month and other data, are equipped with a backlight, a stopwatch. Even more features are offered by smart watches.
  6. Design and dimensions.

When compiling the rating, special attention was paid to such criteria as:

  • technical capabilities of brand devices;
  • reviews of experts and users;
  • availability in Russian stores.

The best Chinese smartwatches

Smart watches are the embodiment of the best compact technologies of the future. It is not unreasonable that this miracle of technology is sometimes called a chasophone. After all, some smart devices combine the functions of watches with the most useful properties of smartphones. In addition to a small touch screen that displays the time, smart watches have vibration, Bluetooth, GPS, a stopwatch, a timer, a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, sometimes a microphone and a speaker, and in exceptional cases even NFC, Wi-Fi and a simple camera.

The most advanced features tend to go to American flagships, in particular the Apple brand’s smartwatches. However, voice control, wireless interfaces, FM radio and other innovations are becoming increasingly available to the user of inexpensive Chinese smart watches. How do they differ from European and American counterparts? First of all, a pleasant price and, of course, a little more modest functionality. Nevertheless, many of them not only successfully notify the user of incoming calls and SMS on a smartphone, but can also function as an independent device thanks to the support of their own SIM card.


The company is a small watch assembler, usually under the Marina Militare brand. The company can supply sapphire glass on its products under the order. The clock mechanisms are reliable, the assembly is quite high-quality, there are no bad reviews about the products. Of the minuses — bad straps (they hang out, and the leather is of poor quality). However, it is possible to make the strap to order, they are handmade and made from good materials. The optimal good strap costs about 35-40 dollars. The main advantage is that the assembler does the testing of the watch.

Best Chinese Sports Watches

Sports watches are a broad category that includes devices with different mechanisms and ways of displaying time. They are distinguished from others primarily by increased strength and better protection against dust and water. Some representatives of the class even received a shockproof case, scratch-resistant glass and are suitable for swimming in the pool or the sea and even withstand shallow diving. However, most sports watches are not designed for swimming, but are well enough protected to withstand rain and splashes.

In addition to good survivability, the category is notable for its functionality. Most athletes use watches not only to tell time, but also to improve their performance. That is why the stopwatch is an essential attribute of sports models. Also, when training and orienteering, other functions can be useful, but Chinese firms rarely implement them, especially all at once. However, some individual models are not without a chronograph, while others received a timer, GPS and other useful additions.

Production cost

The cheapest watches sold in China are only $6 watches. There is a semi-plastic mechanism and one of the cheapest metals. The service life of such watches is short. As for manufacturers of quality products, the cost of their products is on average about 60-70 dollars per piece. Of course, if you buy in bulk, then the assemblers will take it cheaper, about 30-40 dollars. In this regard, if you see a watch that costs less than $ 50, then most likely this product will not last you long.

Best Chinese Wrist Watch with Spring Movement

Mechanical watches are a time-tested type of wrist watch. Having appeared several centuries ago, today they do not give up their positions, despite the emergence of a serious opponent — smart watches. On the contrary, an innovative competitor emphasizes their special charm, loyalty to tradition and durability. After all, a classic watch is distinguished from a smart variety by an extremely simple mechanism that does not require batteries or any electrical recharging. Usually, caring for them is limited to the need to start the mechanism once every six months.

However, a wrist watch with a spring mechanism is not as simple as it seems. Their design is very diverse: a large round watch with a colored leather strap, an elegant accessory with a golden bracelet that resembles a piece of jewelry, a square or rectangular case, a classic watch with Arabic or Roman numerals, and so on. At the same time, they keep up with the times — they are protected from water, and sometimes even equipped with basic backlit arrows.


This brand has been present in the Chinese market for about 20 years and has mainly produced cases only. The company has big plans for their development and relies on much higher quality. In order to establish itself in the market on the good side, the company sells models on mechanics almost below cost. For example, they sell a model on Seagull mechanics for $50. And this at a time when other competitors put the price of a watch with a similar mechanism over $100. The company sells watches only through the B2B systemdoes not sell directly to customers.

Best Chinese Quartz Watches

A quartz watch is an electro-mechanical watch that uses a quartz crystal to operate. Although purely electronic models are implemented using a similar technology, only electronic wristwatches with arrows are considered quartz. This is the most popular and widespread category of Chinese watches. Almost every brand has at least a few models of this type. Therefore, the choice of Chinese quartz watches is very large. However, they are very affordable. Unlike mechanical and smart accessories, watches of this class will cost the buyer only one and a half to two thousand rubles on average.

While doing their job well, quartz models often boast a good range of additional features, making them a good low-cost option. Among them, there are often sports gadgets and unusual designer models created by the most famous Chinese brands.


The company manufactures watches in Hong Kong, although the brand is registered in the US. It occupies a leading position in the market for quality Chinese watches. Despite the fact that the prices are high, but the products are worth it. Most of the goods have excellent Japanese quartz (Miyota). All models are equipped with sapphire crystals. The straps are worth attention because they are made of high quality material. Also, the products of this company can boast of an excellent finish of the dial, have instructions and are well packed in a stylish box. The company delivers very quickly.


Chinese specialists of the company develop watches together with Swiss specialists, which allows creating truly unique products at affordable prices. The main direction of the company is sports style. Each model is very durable and reliable, resistant to scratches and mechanical damage. It can be used by professionals and amateurs. There is a choice of collections with sapphire, ordinary and even bulletproof dial glass.


  1. Different design of sports watch;
  2. Different types of dial glasses;
  3. High build quality;
  4. Withstands mechanical damage;
  5. There is a backlight, a stopwatch and a date display.

Counterfeiting of watch movements by large factories

An important segment is the fake mechanisms. There are also simple imitations on the market — when a Chinese analogue of a European movement is produced. This is done by state-owned factories — Shanghai, Sea-Gull and others. For example, ETA 2892 is Seagull ST 18, ETA 2824 is Seagull ST 21, ETA 6497 is Seagull ST 3600.

State factories do not have much money to buy any original Swiss watches. Seagull will not be able to buy any watch, so fake manufacturers are looking for their own customers (sponsors) who will buy the required model.

Basic version from Seagull — copy of ETA 2824

Longines, Mido, Tissot and many others use ETA movements as their basis. Fake manufacturers buy basic movements from Sigulla, then process them, polish them and add the desired logo.

Creation of a logo

By the way, as for the Geneva waves, at first the Chinese could not reproduce this pattern, so it was easy to determine the authenticity of the watch. But now everything has changed and the correct Geneva waves are an unreliable way to distinguish a fake. In particular, Tissot watches are easily counterfeited.

Counterfeiting complex expensive mechanisms is difficult, such watches will cost too much, and there are no alternatives, so the Chinese simply take mechanisms from the same Seagull and modify them in an attempt to get closer to the original. Like, for example, with these Audemars Piguet. Through various tricks, it is sometimes possible to achieve a sufficiently high degree of similarity.


The brand produces watches for women only. The collections are rich in various design watches, models inlaid with rhinestones, bright and classic flourishes, as well as lines made of precious metals. The manufacturer has six factories at its disposal, so the range of watches is constantly updated. The prices here are affordable and the quality is at a high level.


  1. Build reliability and quality;
  2. Large selection of women’s models;
  3. Frequent collection updates;
  4. Affordable prices;
  5. There are rulers made of precious metals.


  1. There are no men’s watches.

At the service of counterfeiters — advanced technologies

These watch manufacturers have the most modern technologies, their production is much more modern than the production at the state-owned Chinese watch factories. Moreover, they are able to put the model into production even faster than many Swiss brands. They can do everything — process steel, titanium, bronze, produce ceramics, carbon fibers.

High-end Panerai PAM 382 fake in bronze case

Ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Titanium Tudor

Beautiful hand-engraved Panerai PAM 604s were presented at SIHH 2015. Only 99 pieces… In Guangzhou they already make such watches – and they are of excellent quality

Beautiful hand-engraved Panerai PAM 604s were presented at SIHH 2015. Only 99 pieces… In Guangzhou they already make such watches – and they are of excellent quality

There are no underground fake factories — this is a myth

You need to understand that high-quality fakes cannot be made in the basement of a family workshop; in reality, such watches are made in factories, in real modern factories. The highest level of modern Chinese fakes simply cannot physically be reproduced in artisanal conditions.

The Internet is full of legends about various underground factories, closed secret factories. All this is not true — such stories are only good for selling cheap detectives. A high level of imitation of branded watches simply cannot be achieved by the existence of one, even several underground factories.

In order to produce high-end fakes, manufacturers must have a strong marketing department that researches the needs of the market, they must have the means to buy original watches from official stores. These watches are bought, then disassembled, and fake models are prepared on this basis (meaning high-quality replicas — Den’s note).

Making fake watches is a complicated process. First, original watches are bought, then they are disassembled and different parts of the watch are transferred to different factories that specialize in the production of specific components: case, movement, hands, bracelets, etc. Then the finished parts are already transferred to the assembly plant.

This is an ordinary industry — all these factories work officially, they have registration, all documents, and so on. There are many such factories, they compete with each other and accept orders for any parts: both for parts for fake watches, and for parts for other watch orders. Of course, such an organization of production does not involve underground work — modern large-scale manufacturing simply cannot be such.

Moreover, the level of the production base of these factories is so high that they are often even better equipped than the factories of state watch brands. This also applies to environmental regulations. It is a fact that some state-owned brands are not able to produce a number of components that are purchased from foundries in Guangzhou (this is true: the cases of many Chinese watches from state-owned factories are made with poor casting quality, especially for budget models, approx. Den).