Place Name Characteristic in the rating
The best running shoes
one ASICS Top quality
2 Adidas Application of the best technologies
3 new balance Most trendy design
The best basketball shoes
one Nike Most Popular Brand
2 Jordan Unique design models
3 Puma The lightest and most comfortable
four UNDER ARMOR Original colors, good reviews
The Best Casual Sneakers
one REEBOK The most recognizable design, high wear resistance
2 Vans Fancy colors, perfect for every day
3 Top materials, stylish look
four Saucony Large selection of city models
Top Top Running Shoes Brands
one Fila Fashion trends, a wide range
2 Converse The most recognizable shoes
3 Balenciaga Popular trends, premium shoes
four LACOSTE Comfortable casual shoes

The best running shoes

Special running shoes were invented in the last century, because. this sport has always been very popular. This type of training has a positive effect on the health and shape of a person. Its prevalence is also due to its accessibility — not only professional athletes, but also ordinary people can run. And for those and for others, sneaker manufacturers offer suitable models. All of them differ in design and price, but their main constant advantages are the flexibility of the upper, the rigid heel, excellent ventilation and adaptation of the joints to the features of the surface (protection from injury). When buying such shoes, it is important to pay attention to the materials used. The perfect combination is genuine leather and textiles. In such sneakers, the skin will breathe, and your foot will take the correct position.


The popular German brand produces men’s and women’s sneakers, but the collection of men’s sneakers is much richer here. ADIDAS offers a wide range of men’s running shoes, including the iconic studded soccer cleats. High quality sneakers will allow you to enjoy the chosen model for a long time. The most popular sports line, which contains only wear-resistant models of sneakers with additional insurance against injuries. Also on display are the regular city shoes, the weight-distributing shoes, and the extreme CLIMACOOL shoes. The Neo youth line is suitable for any man, regardless of the age category.

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  1. Large selection of men’s shoes;
  2. There are models for sports, everyday and for extreme conditions;
  3. Wear-resistant and durable;
  4. Flexible outsole;
  5. There are models with a sole that distributes weight.


  1. High price.

The best basketball shoes

Basketball is one of the most popular modern sports. It requires special physical data and special training. As elsewhere, unforeseen situations happen here, during which players receive damage. Particularly traumatic places are the ankles. Specially designed high-top basketball shoes are designed to protect against this kind of injury. In addition, such shoes also allow athletes to be faster and more agile. Naturally, the manufacturers took care of the unique and stylish design. Plus, brands often partner with world-class basketball stars, which makes some companies’ sneakers the most attractive.


One of the most famous and oldest brands in the world, produces high-quality sneakers for men and women. The men’s collection of sneakers contains a variety of models that differ from each other in style, color, and decor. The manufacturer places special emphasis on comfort, so any model of sneakers fits perfectly to the foot, which provides increased comfort when walking. The sports line is lightweight, which is so important when running long distances. The IGNITE and Suede lines are particularly popular with men for their ability to reduce impact. All models of sneakers are equipped with a high-quality insole, which is wear-resistant.

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  1. famous brand;
  2. Large selection of men’s shoes;
  3. High quality and comfort;
  4. Wear-resistant insoles;
  5. Fit perfectly to the leg.


  1. Lots of fakes.

The Best Casual Sneakers

Back in the last century, a new type of footwear literally burst into everyday life — sneakers. They attracted attention with an unusual design — a rubber sole and a leather or textile upper combined with special lacing. Their popularity was also justified by an affordable price, convenience and comfort. And although the sneakers were originally created for sports, it turned out that these shoes are great for every day. Men’s, women’s, children’s — they are produced in a variety of designs and colors. The range of some brands is supplemented with winter insulated and summer ventilated options. In quality sneakers, feet feel light even after a busy day at work or long walks. In order to choose the right pair for yourself in all respects, it is important to know the best manufacturers of casual sneakers.


The French fashion house is known all over the world. It was founded by the famous Cristobal Balenciaga, recognized by such style icons as Christian Dior. The Balenciaga brand does not often find itself in the rankings of the best sports shoes — it specializes in the production of couturier clothes that are in demand in the world of high fashion. But more recently, the company introduced the world to a new trend — the so-called Speed ​​Trainer sock sneakers. These are summer models with a massive white rubber sole and a top made of textured mesh textile, reminiscent of the shape of a sock. These shoes can be worn with anything: dresses, jeans, skirts, coats and other clothes.

The Speed ​​Trainer sneakers are so comfortable and stylish at the same time that they have already won the love of fashionistas around the world. Like any company that produces premium goods, Balenciaga sets quite high prices for its models. Not everyone can buy amazing sneakers. The range also includes other successful models suitable for every day. For example, leather Triple S with a characteristic massive sole. Advantages: popular modern trends, incredible design, best reviews, great assortment. Cons: very high prices.


Sports shoes from Converse are known to almost everyone. Their sneakers have a unique design, are made from the best materials and are presented in a large assortment. Initially, the company originated as a manufacturer of family summer and winter shoes, and in 1915 sports models began to appear in the collection. The most famous collection of Converse All Star is now perceived as a casual shoe, and was previously popular among basketball players. During the war, the brand produced models for the army, and in 1984 even became the official sponsor of the Olympic Games. The cost of Converse shoes is quite high, so often different brands copy the design and sell models at an inexpensive price.

Now the company often collaborates with various famous labels, for example, Marvel, with which they jointly create collections. The range consists of low and high lace-up sneakers. They differ in color and material. Often, natural leather is used instead of the usual fabric. Men’s and women’s collections are presented separately, there are even shoes for children (mostly they are not laced, but Velcro). Advantages: recognizable design, excellent quality, shows itself well with daily wear, positive reviews, always in trend.


The South Korean company, based in Italy, regularly releases the most trendy new items. Sports shoes and clothing from Fila are an example of a unique style. The brand produces sneakers for a variety of activities: running, everyday wear, fitness, tennis, strength training. The range includes a women’s, men’s and children’s collection. The latter is equipped with a special orthopedic base. There are children’s models for volleyball, physical education, tennis. The main advantage of Fila is that the most important fashion trends are always expressed in the company’s shoes.

The most popular modern model is Disruptor — these are overall women’s sneakers made of white leather. They literally burst into the world of fashion and quickly fell in love with young people. The FILA WEBBYROLL line includes running shoes for men, created using a unique seamless technology. They are incredibly light and the Air Flow system provides good ventilation. The brand offers sports shoes for running on asphalt, rough terrain, sports walking, etc. The main advantages: fashion trends, excellent assortment, interesting models, convenience and beauty, high quality, best reviews, inexpensive prices.

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Nike is a direct competitor to Adidas. Both brands started their activities at the same time, headed by siblings. Nike releases running shoes for outdoor enthusiasts. The collection of men’s sneakers contains a large selection of colors and styles. Most popular here is the line of sneakers for basketball, as well as winter models. For the manufacture of sneakers, only high-quality, elastic and durable material is used. It provides a perfect fit and snug fit around the foot. Some models of sneakers are covered with a water-repellent composition, which allows you to choose a model for the rainy season.

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  1. Popular brand;
  2. Superior quality and convenience;
  3. Wear-resistant and durable models;
  4. There is a large selection of men’s running shoes;
  5. There are winter models and water-repellent ones.


  1. High price;
  2. There are often fakes.


Since 1933, Lacoste has been making great shoe collections. The founder of the brand was Rene Lacoste, who entered the history of professional sports as an eminent tennis player. He decided that he was able to use his knowledge and experience to work on the creation of quality shoes. He also presented clothes, perfumes and accessories. Lacoste’s character has always been persistent, and therefore he was given the nickname «Alligator», it is for this reason that the brand has such a logo.

Shoes from Lacoste could become one of the most sought after in the world. It successfully combines comfort and elegance. You can wear it every day, and for a long time. In this case, discomfort will be completely absent, and the appearance is able to complement any of the images.

Sneakers from Lacoste are stylish shoes. It is covered in suede and leather. Such options look appropriate for any style of clothing. It is impossible to confuse them with other brands. Plus, the sneakers are distinguished by shock-absorbing properties with high performance.


This brand is known for its collaboration with Nike. It appeared in 1985, when Michael Jordan, a famous athlete, decided to become an advertising face of the brand. As a result, he himself released a line of shoes that could become in demand. Nike has decided that the Jordan brand has every right to exist separately.

Today, this brand produces comfortable models of sneakers in which you can play sports every day. They will also be suitable for daily wear. This type of footwear is one of the best-selling for basketball players in the world. To create it, not only leading technologies are used, but also Michael’s knowledge, special experience. Be sure to take into account the features of the leg, because the ankle can count on protection from damage. As a result, the shoes are stylish, comfortable, and even very beautiful.

New Balance 530

You probably could see this model on the Instagrams of stylists and fashion bloggers. New Balance turned to the archives and re-released their famous couple in the spirit of the 2000s. Now almost no street-style photography can do without them. Well, it’s well deserved. The pair goes well with sporty outfits, dilutes casual and even gives an accent zest to strict outfits.


from 10 thousand rubles

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The Reebok company replenishes the rating. It is worth recognizing that her story began a long time ago. Back in the early 20th century, the creator of the brand released running shoes, rewarding them with spikes. He created something like this for the first time. The company began to develop gradually. Subsequently, another breakthrough was recorded — the first collection of women’s sneakers in which you can do aerobics. It was introduced in the 80s. The girls were delighted.

The collection has become so popular that it is popular with modern women. Reebok designers continue to delight with shoes that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can go in for running, hiking, fitness in such sneakers, wear them every day, and even in different seasons of the year.


Vans has been on the market since the 1950s. It differs in that it produces sneakers with a rubberized sole covered with textiles on top. The range is really wide. The average price for a pair is around 5 thousand rubles.

The line of sneakers will be able to satisfy buyers who want to purchase unusual sneakers for every day. The advantages include convenience, excellent material characteristics, wear resistance, as well as reasonable prices.

Top 7. Mizuno Wave Sky Neo

Rating (2021): 4.60

Striking style and maximum comfort A find for young men seeking to look modern. Bright youth style in these sneakers is combined with maximum convenience.

What distinguishes these sneakers from the models of other popular brands is the abundance of bright and rich colors. Made in a youth style, they will suit lovers of non-standard, non-boring images and, of course, ideally complement sportswear. But this is not their main advantage. The upper material has maximum breathability, an anatomical insole and a Mizuno Enerzy foam outsole provide unparalleled comfort when running and walking. Engineers have worked hard to reduce the load on the foot during movement, its reliable fixation, combined with convenience. But, despite all the advantages of sneakers, men were able to find disadvantages in them — the inner parts of the backs are quickly wiped.


In 1996, the Under Armor brand first became known. Its founder is Kevin Plank, who in the past was able to enter the history of sports as a professional football player. Today, sneakers of this brand have become widespread throughout the world. The company differs in that it produces exceptionally high-quality shoe options.

They are created on the basis of effective materials. The choice of such Under Armor models is inherent in people who lead an active lifestyle. They are also chosen by those who prefer comfort and convenience. Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that many Under Armor shoes feature high-tech features. They could become an invariable attribute for all basketball players. Shoes adapted for sports. In terms of weight, these are very simple and comfortable options, featuring excellent breathability and cushioning characteristics. A big plus is the price.

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The brand cares about its consumers, and therefore provides excellent shoes at an affordable cost. In these sneakers, users note an excellent fit on the leg, as well as the ability to support the ankle. The outsole has excellent grip characteristics. The range is represented by a wide variety, which allows you to make a choice in favor of the model you like.