We present a fragrant collection — the best perfumes for women, from which each representative of the weaker sex will pick up her «own» scent. He shouldn’t be annoying. Ideally, if others “hear” a thin train, and the owner herself practically does not feel it. Today, the beauty market is literally oversaturated with perfume products, but, oddly enough, many people have problems with the choice. If you have not yet decided how to smell, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our selection of the most popular women’s perfumes according to users.


best perfume for women

Price: from 6 600 rubles

Collection women’s perfume, a delicate oriental fragrance created by perfumer Louise Turner from the American perfume house Carolina Herrera. A typical representative of luxury perfumery. Presented in an original memorable design. The bottle is in the form of a black shoe on a gold hairpin, decorated with elegant white «polka dots». Perfume is packaged in a flirty black and white box with a similar color scheme.

luxury perfumery

Luxury refers to perfumes produced by large fashion houses (often), or a number of purely perfume brands focused on a wide coverage (Cacharel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Moschino, Elizabeth Arden, Paco Rabanne, Dior, Chanel, Guerlain, Givenchy).

This segment can be considered the «distributors» of perfume trends: luxury novelties are often released in the same vein as popular fragrances in the niche segment. Unlike selective brands, which can use natural raw materials to create a fragrance, luxury fragrances are created from artificial fragrance oils and essences.

Lux is widely advertised, covered in the media, and releases free trial products: miniatures, aroma samples. Much attention is paid to the quality of the bottles. Fragrances, despite not being as high-quality as in the niche, sound, have depth, disclosure and a pyramid.

Features of the suite


  • produced by popular brands;
  • has commercials and posters involving celebrities or models;
  • fragrances come in original bottles of high quality, with attention to small details;
  • characterized by a high concentration of aromatic substances and durability;
  • have an opening, a pyramid.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori

Price: from 3 000 rubles

Perfumed masterpiece from the famous Fashion House — perfume for women «Gucci Bloom Aqua Di Fiori» with a green floral scent. A bewitching spring composition, revealing the sweet fragrance of the Garden of Eden, is ideal for young and middle-aged girls. The bewitching liquid is housed in a muted pink ceramic rectangular bottle with a white sticker with a green ornament.

This fragrance was created by French perfumer Alberto Marijas under the direction of Alessandro Michele. At the first moment after spraying, an interesting, incredibly light combination of blackcurrant with a balsamic shade of galbanum is felt. Delicate jasmine appears in the flower center with bewitching tuberose and sweet honeysuckle. The trail forms a languid musk and persistent sandalwood.


  • charming perfume;
  • emphasize the status of a woman;
  • unsurpassed design;
  • excellent durability;
  • Suitable for afternoon lunch and evening events;
  • sold in different quantities.


  • it is desirable to «try on», not suitable for everyone;
  • price.

HERMES Twilly d’Hermes Eau Poivree

Price: from 4 200 rubles

Cheerful women’s perfume with a musky woody-floral fragrance. This is an incendiary, mood-boosting perfume by Master Perfumer Christian Janel. Wrapped up in a stylish square bottle with streamlined shapes in rich pink, reminiscent of sweet caramel. Instead of a cap, he has an elegant black hat, and a miniature silk handkerchief in pink and orange colors proudly flaunts on the neck. The packaging box is made in the same color scheme.

The laconic pyramid cannot boast of diversity. The perfume dance begins with the release of the soft exotic smell of pink pepper berries, reminiscent of a combination of citrus and juniper. After a while, the baton is taken by an exciting marvelous rose, gradually giving way to the multifaceted aroma of spicy patchouli, which gives the trail a certain “peppercorn”. The interlacing of three legs sounds incredibly feminine and beautiful.


  • thick multi-layered aroma;
  • smells expensive;
  • has excellent stability and medium sillage;
  • incredibly attractive design;
  • economical consumption;
  • suitable for the brave.


  • is not cheap.

Nina Ricci Nina Rouge Eau de Toilette

Price: from 2 500 rubles

A sweet New Apple fragrance from Nina Ritchie in a seductive rich red design. The epitome of femininity and charm, simply impossible to resist. Perfume is perfect for lovers of sweet fruity-floral fragrances. Looking at the elegant bottle, even the most sophisticated gourmet aesthetes will admire. Red glossy «fruit of temptation» with a small round cap is decorated with thin, neat leaves. A perfume of impressive volume — a thin elegant lace with the logo of the famous fashion house.

The fragrant symphony bursts into a sweet raspberry accord with lemon-caramel zest. A delicious opening picks up the sharp, delicately spicy ginger flower and creamy, intoxicating gardenia. A sweet duet of vanilla and delectable caramel rounds out the floral note. The fragrance envelops the owner in a fluffy fragrant cloud and remains for a long time.


  • delicious composition from the legendary brand;
  • quality packaging and bottle;
  • stylish collectible design;
  • sweet but unobtrusive;
  • lasts a long time;
  • leaves a gentle trail.



Price: from 3 000 rubles

Perfume for women «Flower Kenzo Poppy Bouquet» — an original fruity-floral fragrance from the legendary maestro Alberto Morillas. At first glance, a modest composition reveals a bewitching spring bouquet, echoing delicious fruity notes. The fragrance begins with a fruity accord of inviting ripe pear, slowly flowing into a floral solo of the charming queen of roses and intoxicating magnolia. The aftertaste gives «marzipan» aroma of bitter almonds.

Soft refreshing incense has a simple but original design. A long transparent bottle of slightly curved shape with a bright poppy on a thin long stem. Transparent lid with brand logo on the top. A high-quality atomizer works perfectly, releasing a stream of pinkish fragrant liquid.


  • pleasant aroma with a delicate plume;
  • beautiful white and red design;
  • good durability;
  • unobtrusive «Japanese» perfume fits perfectly at any age.


  • not detected.

How to choose perfume for women

For winter, warming, pronounced aromas are needed. In summer, more calm, cool smells are relevant. Something neutral is needed in autumn and winter. On weekdays, it is not customary to use sharp notes that are intended for the evening and various holidays.

top notes

This is the name of the initial or starting (head) notes, from which the whole composition begins. This is the very first thing a woman feels when she smells perfume. Usually they are light, fruity-floral and give off freshness, quickly evaporating. The most common among them are citrus fruits, lavender, bergamot, sage, tarragon, thyme, rosemary.

middle notes

In another way, they are known as «heart» or central. This is due to the fact that such notes are in the middle of the fragrance, which is built around them. Between the top and base, there is most often something neutral, not irritating to the sense of smell, with a mild effect. We are talking about jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, geranium, neroli, verbena.

base notes

This is the final chord in the whole pyramid. Base notes do not appear until the top notes evaporate. They are the heaviest, because they are designed to gain a foothold on clothes, hair and skin. Therefore, long-lasting and memorable nutty or woody aromas are added here. These can be: vanilla, musk, oakmoss, civet, cedar.

Hugo Boss Alive Eau de Parfum

Price: from 3 500 rubles

Confident aroma for purposeful representatives of the weaker sex. The novelty from «Hugo Boss» belongs to woody fruity-floral perfumes. «Boss Alive» is the name of a variation of women’s perfumes. Daring, at first rudely masculine, it gradually flows into a sweet feminine fragrance.

A hint of rigor is present in the design. The box in peach-powder tones goes well with the golden lettering of the brand and stripes on the sidewalls. The flacon itself of a laconic rectangular shape made of thick transparent glass with a gold cap is in harmony with the coral-colored perfume composition enclosed in it.

A confident introduction sets a unique combination of notes of spicy cinnamon with sour apple, blackcurrant with a tart plum aroma, flavored with sweet vanilla. At the heart of the pyramid is a very strong indole scent of star jasmine mixed with divine thyme. A fragrant aftertaste remains a woody accord with cedar, oily olive and persistent sandalwood.


  • outrageous perfume for ladies who prefer freedom;
  • stylish noble design;
  • excellent durability.


Mass market perfumery

The most extensive segment, designed for the maximum coverage of the audience of buyers.

This includes both waters with a 15-minute longevity at the price of a 50 ml cup of coffee, and quite decent flavors (La Rive, Bi-es, Martin Lion, Jeanne Artes, Brocard, etc.).

therefore, they are often characterized by laconic and simple packaging, not the highest concentrations of aromatic substances, and a relatively simple sound of aromas in terms of perfumery.

Many of the mass market popular luxury fragrances, and this correspondence is often noted by users of perfume forums. In the mass market, bottling of fragrances into bottles of different sizes is rare (usually they are standardized for one volume), and demonstration products (samples, miniatures, testers) are not produced.


A bit of classification

When talking about perfumery, they mean a liquid consisting of alcohol, water and a perfume composition, which is a concentrate and a mixture of fragrant substances. A certain combination of these components gives completely different types of products, namely:


— parfum or extrait) — perfumery containing the most expensive and refined components, it consists of 90% alcohol and 20-30% of the perfume composition. The fragrance of the perfume is very rich, bright and persistent, and even a light touch of an ajar bottle on your wrist will envelop you in a heady floral-fruity cloud that will accompany you all day with a thin, elegant train.

perfumed water

which is also called «day spirits» (
— eau de parfum, parfum de toilette or in the terminology of Christian Dior — esprit de parfum «spirit of perfume») is 15-20% of a perfume composition in 90% alcohol. Due to the lower concentration of fragrant substances, daytime perfumes seem more airy and light.

Eau de Toilette

— eau de toilette) — an even thinner substance, since 85% alcohol here already accounts for 6-12% of the perfume concentrate. The fragrance becomes more unobtrusive and subtle, like a light flutter of a butterfly’s wing…


— eau de cologne) — this is a further movement towards refinement of the aroma, since 3-5% of the content of fragrant components in 70-80% alcohol creates an almost weightless fragrance. American perfumery equates cologne with French parfum or eau de toilette

refreshing water

(sports water, l’eau fraiche, eau de sport) — this is just a hint of aroma, since 70-80% alcohol contains only 1-3% of a perfume concentrate with citrus notes. Ethereal lightness, purity and transparency of the smell give a feeling of freshness and elusiveness of feminine charms.

Dolce&Gabbana The Only One

Price: from 2 200 rubles

Noble perfume for women, floral-oriental fragrance without a hint of pop or vulgarity. A rich perfume composition by master perfumer Violin Collas. The enigmatic fragrance begins with a deceptively sharp citrus accord: bergamot and orange, which is picked up by a delicate sweet violet. Floral notes give way to caramel iris with sobering coffee, which is favorably set off by echoes of orange blossom, juicy pear and bewitching rose. Sweet oriental base is soft vanilla with appetizing caramel flavored with noble spicy patchouli.

Perfume is poured into a concise bottle of high quality transparent glass with a black square cap. The liquid itself is a creamy dirty pink color. Incredibly stylish design is continued by a noble black packaging, securely sealed in mica, sealed with a golden “seal” with the logo of the fashion house.


  • unusually beautiful slowly revealing aroma;
  • unsurpassed femininity;
  • simple but «rich» design;
  • good durability;
  • more suitable for cool days.


  • original, not suitable for everyone;
  • for some it’s a little heavy.

Niche perfumery (selective)

The word «Niche» (Fr.), from which the name of this caste comes, means «cell». Roughly speaking, selective perfumery is a section in which each fragrance must be unique and sets a certain “segment” of perfumery.

Modern niche perfumes often contain unusual notes or have a strange final sound (Etat Libre D’Orange (ELDO), Escentric Molecules, Juliette has a gun, by Kilian, Creed, Initio). Many of them are capable of drastically changing during development, contain rare components and are produced in limited editions. Selective fragrances can be produced as a «premium» line of luxury brands (Guerlain, Armani, etc.).

Niche is characterized


  • limited number of vials available for sale;
  • always original, not similar to other fragrances perfume composition;
  • organic, clean sounding of perfumery and voluminous aromas;
  • high quality packaging, in most cases containing the conceptual idea of ​​the brand and a specific fragrance;
  • unusual sound and opening.
  • Satisfied with the high price in its segment

Niche fragrances set the «perfumery fashion» for the next few years — i.e. usually after the release of a popular niche perfume, the direction it sets becomes very popular within the next 1-3 years.

VERSACE Bright Crystal

Price: from 2,000 rubles

The well-known perfume «Bright Crystal Pink» is classified as a fruity-floral fragrance. This is one of the legendary bestsellers from Versace, which today adorns the perfume wardrobe of many fashionistas. The girly smell is fully consistent with the chic design. It starts with an aquatic accord combined with an invigorating citrus aroma of yuzu (Japanese lemon) and tart pomegranate. Over time, the composition reveals a languid splendor of tart peonies, sweetish magnolia and refreshing lotus. The final chord behind woody mahogany accords and the classic duo for durability — musk with amber.

The original fragrance is designed in frivolous pink tones. A funny bottle is hidden in a gradient white-pink box: wide, slightly flattened. The “chip” of the design is a massive lid in the form of an elongated cut crystal.


  • an immortal fragrance that hits right in the heart;
  • original memorable design;
  • excellent durability;
  • long beautiful train.


  • individual, not suitable for everyone.

GUERLAIN Mon Guerlain Bloom Of Rose Eau de Parfum

Price: from 3 300 rubles

Romantic light perfume for women «Mon Guerlain Bloom of Roses» with a lyrical floral scent. Ideal for young and young girls. A delicate, interesting bottle with several facets is complemented by an elegant top-cap, and the neck is wrapped with a pink satin ribbon. Pale pink fragrant liquid is generously sprayed from a quality atomizer. A discreet but perfect design is complemented by a harmonious box in white-pink-peach tones.

Perfumery symphony from Thierry Wasser begins with intoxicating lavender and invigorating citrus accord. The inflaming bouquet is replaced by a charming fragile rose combined with a bewitching and powerful jasmine, complemented by a slight bitterness of neroli. Base notes behind sweet vanilla and warm woody sandalwood.


  • light perfume, suitable for daily use;
  • leaves a gentle bewitching trail;
  • the fragrance stays on the skin well;
  • nicely decorated.


  • not detected.

perfume rating for women

When included in the rating of women’s perfumes, we took into account the opinions of men and the reviews of the girls themselves. It was necessary to make sure of their high quality, safety, ease of use, versatility in use. The TOP was prepared taking into account the main features of the products — sillage, persistent, delicate.

Analyzing the reviews and characteristics of the goods, attention was drawn to the following points:

  • Year of issue and novelty of the formula;
  • Persistence of aroma;
  • Strength and length of the train;
  • The composition of the top, middle and base notes, as well as their compatibility;
  • Pyramid Wealth;
  • Sweetness or insipidity of smell;
  • Convenience and volume of the bottle;
  • Economy of consumption;
  • Cost and popularity of funds;
  • Perfume originality;
  • Availability in stores.

We also took into account how likely it is to buy a fake, what age the perfume is suitable for, when it can be worn — seasonality and time of day (day and / or evening). The nature of the girls for whom the products are intended, the absence of allergies to their use, was also important.

Tom Ford Metallic Eau De Parfum

Price: from 8 400 rubles

Sensual universal perfumes that women love so much (according to unisex sources) are classified as fougere-floral. A unique piece from the Tom Ford perfume collection. It has a high durability and an amazing multifaceted aroma. It is soloed with cheerful bergamot and creamy-powdery aldehydes with “juniper bitterness” of pink pepper. In the heart, sweet spring lily of the valley, honey-tart hawthorn and leading flower-balsamic heliotrope. In the finale, a magical combination of sweet vanilla with cold ambrette and a powerful spicy tandem of sandalwood and Peruvian balsam sounds.


  • universal fragrance;
  • unusual design: a «metal» bottle that combines the beauty of precious metals (silver and gold);
  • excellent durability;
  • fabulous trail.


  • quite expensive.

Brands offering their new products

Each fashion house strives to convey the elusive sound and smell of its inspiring image of a woman through fragrance. The perfumes created by brands are tactile replicas of their ideals. They may differ from season to season, since a woman also changes under the influence of conditions, but the essence remains the same.. Perfume for 2019-2020 has already received reviews, which means there are favorites.


The brand is identified with a sultry woman who wears guipure, knows how to look out from under her eyelashes and with one gesture will make a man cross a busy road for a bouquet. In 2021, DOLCE & GABBANA made The Only One 2 their flagship, which was advertised by popular actress Emilia Clarke.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Convenient rectangular bottle of deep red shade will look great on the dressing table. But the main thing is its content, the selected aroma is ideal for the cold season. It warms and envelops, thanks to the penetrating warm and rich fruity notes. The top note starts with pear and barberry, it is sweet and powerful, it is softened a little by the following white freesia with a light freshness of blackberry. This is followed by strong floral notes — rose and violet, supported by sultry coffee. The base notes are amber, amber, patchouli and tonka bean. Their main goal is to keep the bright first two phases longer on the body.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

In general, the fragrance is very feminine, more mature than girlish, but not stiflingly aging. The product from Dolce & Gabbana will perfectly fit into the autumn evening look.


Chanel sings of refined restrained femininity, on the verge of classicism, but with a considerable amount of coquetry. No wonder their flagship is called «Coco Mademoiselle», but in this rating we suggest paying attention to another lesser-known fragrance from CHANEL — Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum, and it perfectly «describes» a woman from Chanel: sonorous, light, mobile, able to balance between frivolity and discipline.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The top notes of the perfume are fashionable citrus (grapefruit) and quince, which gives a gentle tart sound. Further, rose and jasmine play well in a duet, and white musk in the base. The aroma cannot be called complex, but it is measured down to mid-note, each ingredient opens each other perfectly and in time. Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum contains most of the trendy scents. Users describe the resulting product as summer-spring, daytime, powdery and crystal, like a fresh May morning, draped over the shoulders instead of a chiffon shawl.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani In Love With You is another floral-fruity fragrance. According to the statement of the creators themselves, they collected it for the young and in love. But those who are young at heart can also use it, because the smell tangibly emphasizes the inner state of a woman.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The top of the perfume is sweet-sour berries — blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry. In the middle, there is a clutch of jasmine and rose, but they are emphasized by the bitterness of wormwood, and this is a godsend for lovers of berry-herbaceous notes. And the base is patchouli.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The aroma of Giorgio Armani turned out to be thick, hot, but with a refreshing aftertaste, like a chilled sweet syrup in a cocktail. It is perfect for the end of summer, in the daytime it opens up well on the skin.

Tom Ford

The girl of this brand is a stylish young woman of a big metropolis, but for the summer they have prepared a novelty. It was Sole di Positano, Tom Ford tried to convey the romanticism of a resort town on the Mediterranean coast in Italy.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Their perfumes whisper about vacations, walking in a wide-brimmed hat and touching the skin with sun glare from the sea waves. The first note carries a complex combination of scents of different citrus fruits (mandarin, lemon, bergamot, bitter orange, petitgrain). Further heady neroli, shiso, ylang-ylang combined with orange blossom, lily of the valley and jasmine. The ground moss completes the multi-component composition.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

This is definitely a summer day scent. Simple, despite the long list of components, it does not question, does not make you think, but it does not bring anything superfluous, which is good for warmed summer skin. Separately, it should be noted a very beautiful translucent bottle of aqua shade.

Estee Lauder

The brand has unveiled its new fragrance Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum 2019 Estée Lauder. It is still little studied by users, but one thing can already be said for sure: the combinations are simple, a little tropical, but without an inflection into fruity sweetness. The first note is coconut, the second is tiare, based on sandalwood, amber and vanilla. In general, the solution will be pleasant for lovers of coconut and sweet-spicy scents.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Such perfumes can be worn in spring, summer, and autumn. It is only important how harmonious it is with the owner.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Christian Dior

The top perfumes of the season would not be complete without Poison Hypnotic Roller Pearl. This fragrance from Christian Dior has absorbed and successfully combined the best fashion trends of the perfume world. It has oriental and gourmet motifs, but no one outweighs. It is moderately sweet and exotic, spicy notes are clearly traced.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The base is musky, but the first note is almond and anise, vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood are well felt. The combination of such smells creates a composition that will be adequately perceived both during the day and in the evening. However, in the heat, spicy perfumes on the skin can “burn out”, and the result will not please.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020


A modern impudent girl who knocks down all taboos is the ideal of this brand. And they produce fragrances to match exactly this type. Gucci’s latest creation is Guilty Pour Femme.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Top notes are mandarin orange and pink pepper; heart notes are peach, geranium and lilac; base notes are patchouli and amber. Despite such a powerful base combined with sweet fruit, the perfume is balanced. They are tender and slightly bitter. For lovers of patchouli and unusual combinations, Guilty Pour Femme is recommended.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

According to reviews, it is optimally suited to any time of day and season of the year, such versatility will appeal to supporters of the fragrance as a business card. And the product has a beautiful golden and convenient bottle, it looks good and is perfectly stored in a purse.

Yves Saint Laurent

Black Opium has become a legend from the brand, it really appealed to many women and is perfect for modern fashion needs. Therefore, the Yves Saint Laurent brand decided to continue the line and released a flanker in 2021 — Black Opium Intense.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The magic starts with absinthe and boysenberry, the heart is coffee, jasmine and orange blossom, the base is licorice, vanilla and sandalwood. Users describe the aroma as spicy-tasty, with liqueur and creamy notes. Coffee opens up on the skin gradually, and in combination with base vanilla gives a soft accent, accentuated by oriental sandalwood.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Gourmand flavors, which include Black Opium Intense, are good for the cold seasons of the year. The perfume is packaged in a chic bottle of deep blue color with a mysterious shimmer.

Narciso Rodriguez

A laconic and trendy version from this brand was introduced in 2021. Users find light milky and cottony tones in it, but this is the result of the overall composition. Perfume from Narciso Rodriguez is called «Pure Musc For Her».

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The first note is soft musk, the heart is lily of the valley, lilac, white flowers and almonds, and cashmeran is chosen as the base. The resulting fragrance is close to the skin, has good durability, great for daytime use in the warm season.

Carolina Herrera

In recent years, the brand has been known for its line of perfumes «Good girl», produced in a recognizable bottle in the form of a shoe. 2021 brought a new perfume from Carolina Herrera «Good Girl Dot Drama Collector Edition». If the previous versions had white flowers as the top note, now it is a bouquet of citruses (lemon, bergamot) and a coffee-almond combination.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

In general, perfumes have a very complex composition, the creators placed floral tones in the heart — rose, jasmine, tuberose, iris, orange blossom. And the base part consists of patchouli, cashmere wood, musk, white cedar, cinnamon, tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood, cocoa, praline.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The composition turned out to be very warm, with woody and sweet tones, slightly brightened up by citrus notes. The fragrance is able to unfold differently on the skin.


Oriental woody perfumes are clearly on the crest of popularity this season. Guerlain presented their creation — Mon Guerlain Limited Edition 2021. The perfume begins with simple fresh notes of lavender and bergamot, the second step of the pyramid reveals a floral bouquet (rose, jasmine, iris), and the base is rich woody-spicy: sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, coumarin , licorice, benzoin.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

According to users, the main audible note was lavender. Vanilla softens it, but then opens with sandalwood and flowers.


Analyzing which perfumes of 2019-2020 are now the most fashionable for women, one should not forget about the sports brand, which relatively recently began to create perfumes. Adidas this season offers Unlock For Her perfume in an unusual soft pink rounded bottle.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The fragrance itself begins with a bouquet of fruity notes, of which pear and grapefruit stand out. It then opens with ginger and violet, based on white cedar, burnt sugar, kopay balsam and cashmere wood. Users note its high durability and sharpness, softened by a fruity start, then it is spicy-woody on the skin, but at the same time retains a fresh mood.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Unlock For Her Adidas is suitable for any time of day and all age categories.


Budget perfumes can be quite sophisticated. So far, last year’s issue of Bushy Gardens from Zara holds its position. The top note is sweet pear, the heart is rose, and the base note is tonka bean.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

According to reviews, the perfume is ideal for the day, good at any time of the year and does not have a clear age limit. It carries a sweet pink mood but no vanilla or cream notes.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Available in a golden peach bottle. Bushy Gardens can be attributed to gentle feminine, simple, but well-perceived fragrances.

Louis Vuitton

In 2021, the brand offered a perfume that still has not lost its relevance. Turbulences by Louis Vuitton has an interesting combination of florals with a powerful musky message, resulting in a composition that is close to unisex.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The top notes are jasmine, the heart notes are tuberose, rose, and magnolia, and the base notes are sandalwood, leather, and musk. The combination is feminine, but assertive. The transparent rounded bottle has a stylish shape, reminiscent of pharmaceutical jars of the last century, but, surprisingly, it looks very interesting.


The company positions itself as a youth one and works mainly for this segment. Their last popular perfume was released a year ago in 2021, and is called Toy 2. Moschino used their signature fun bottle in the form of a toy bear with golden details for it.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The top notes of these perfumes are apple, magnolia, mandarin. Heart notes are jasmine, peony, white currant. The base contains musk, sandalwood and woody amber.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

The composition turned out to be clearly daytime, it is best revealed in summer and spring. Users note the frivolous cheerful mood of the fragrance, it easily sets in a positive way and reminds of what wonderful adventures there are in the world.

GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia

Price: from 3 800 rubles

New «Orange Allegory» from Guerlain, continuation of the legendary perfume series. This is a citrus perfume for women and men, created by the famous perfume master Thierry Wasser. After the first puff, the owner of Aqua Allegory Orange Solea dives into a refreshing trio of woody-fruity aromas of pink pepper berries, invigorating bergamot and blood orange. The heart notes are mesmerizing mint and citrus petitgrain. The plume fragrance gives a base duet of warm musk and «nut-vanilla» tonka beans.

A real work of art can be called not only a perfume composition, but also its frame. A surprisingly beautiful bottle, the upper part of which is made in the form of golden honeycombs, resembles the dome of a cathedral. And on the streamlined lid, the brand’s symbol — a bee — flaunts. The box is made in a discreet style in white and honey tones, decorated with legendary symbols.


  • original variety of citrus perfume;
  • exclusive design;
  • unsurpassed quality;
  • excellent durability characteristics;
  • fresh thin plume.


Men’s Perfume Trends

Top 25: a selection of the best men's perfumes and perfumes 2021-2022

Before plunging into the world of the best men’s fragrances, I propose to study the basics, namely, to understand what characteristics unite the most popular men’s perfumes today. Knowing what fragrances are in trend now, you can choose a perfume for yourself and not miscalculate with its relevance.

So, here are some characteristics of the most popular perfumes for men for the coming seasons:

  1. Aromas of «freshness». Perfume with notes of sea breeze, mint and lemon is a win-win option that is especially suitable for men who are actively involved in sports.
  2. Perfume unisex. Perfumery clearly separates male and female products. Typically, men’s perfumes use woody notes as base ingredients, while women’s perfumes use floral notes. But today the fashion world is actively experimenting, making cool symbioses of traditionally masculine or feminine fragrances.
  3. Light and unobtrusive perfume. There is nothing worse than a heavy trail of men’s cologne, which makes everyone around look for the source of the pungent smell and causes a headache in its owner. If once upon a time such perfumes were associated with wealth and power, today only pleasant and calm aromas are held in high esteem.

If you come across a perfume bottle that matches all or most of these items, grab it and run! Most likely, this perfume will not go out of fashion for a long time and will decorate your images to the maximum.


Price: from 2 800 rubles

Woody-musky perfume from the Italian masters Alberto Mirillas and Fabrice Pellegrin. The perfume has a funny design. Its «keeper» is a glass bear. He firmly holds the perfume bottle, he has a glass hat, and a gold border around his neck. This is already the second fragrance of the fashion brand from the «Toy» series. It is classified as woody-floral.

The initial notes are sweet mandarin with a vanilla-plum aroma of magnolia, echoing the sourness of an apple. Opening, the perfume shimmers with exquisite notes of jasmine and heady peony, floral chords are more than overlapped by light white currant. The base accent is woody, sandalwood and amber.


  • light sparkling perfume;
  • opens beautifully on warm summer days, does not suffocate;
  • unusual design;
  • Medium longevity and sillage.


  • not suitable for everyone.

Judging by the reviews, young girls like it more, it sits well even on teenagers. Adult women treat it differently, so it is advisable to test and vilify the fragrance before buying.

How to choose the right scent

Top 25: a selection of the best men's perfumes and perfumes 2021-2022

Knowing which perfumes are recognized as the best in 2021 is not enough. For a 100% hit, you need to be able to choose the most suitable perfumes for you: your appearance, your character and lifestyle. A couple of tips will help you with this.

First, narrow down your search by deciding on a family of fragrances. There are only seven of them:

  • Eastern — amber, vanilla, musk and various spices;
  • Woody — patchouli, sandalwood, smells of bark, moss and everything connected with the forest;
  • Herbaceous — smells of cut grass, lavender, thyme, rosemary, mint;
  • Floral — rose, lily, ylang-ylang and other plants;
  • Citrus fruits — orange, grapefruit, bergamot, neroli;
  • Oceanic — fresh sea breeze, surf, smells of rain;
  • Fruit — all other fruits except citrus.

To understand which group you like, ask the consultant in the store to let you listen to the fragrances from each family.

Now that you have a rough idea of ​​what types of fragrances you like, it’s time to deal with them in practice. Start from what image you want to produce on others. Think about what you associate with others and what smell reminds you of your character. You can also ask someone from the family or loved ones to choose a perfume for you and evaluate the options that you like.

After that, you can move on to the test of your favorite perfume. Order a few testers or visit a perfume shop to try individual men’s fragrances. Perfume should be applied to the wrists, neck, behind the ears — in general, to the “pulsating” zones. Rubbing your hands with applied perfume is not worth it. Be sure to walk around the mall or the street with perfume applied for about half an hour to understand how it opened up. The men’s fragrance that suits you best will seem to “merge” with your skin, complementing your natural scent. The head will not hurt from it, and the sense of smell will gradually cease to feel the presence of spirits.

Important! Both men’s and women’s perfumes are divided into winter and summer. «Winter» have several fractions, that is, they gradually open in the process of wearing. They are often spicy, with oriental notes. Men’s perfumes for the summer are usually fresh citrus scents. Keep this in mind when choosing a perfume.

It’s time to move on to our rating of men’s perfumes. In the sections below you will find brands of men’s perfumes, which we selected according to various parameters: durability, relevance, sympathy from the female side, and so on. Go!

Chant d’Extase Nina Ricci

Price: from 3 900 rubles

A charming perfume for women with a fruity-floral scent, although the weighty bottle in dark aqua color and the playful mermaid surrounded by tropical flowers on the packaging scream a nautical theme. Exotic perfume adds an incredibly harmonious pyramid.

At the top of the fragrance is an interesting combination of ginger with refreshing lemon and creamy scent of pink pepper, with sweet perky raspberries coming to the fore. In the heart of the composition, an enchanting rose rages, a little in the shade, charming jasmine and exotic magnolia. All this floral charm envelops an aquatic accord. In the finale, delicious caramel sounds combined with sweet vanilla. Persistence is set by amber and musk.


  • complex and at the same time light perfume;
  • very persistent berry-flower mix;
  • attractive design;
  • excellent quality of the spraying mechanism;
  • suitable for any age;
  • does not choke;
  • leaves a lasting, memorable trail.


  • not detected.

Actual scents

Today, leading brands are trying to get away from gender boundaries and stereotypes, creating a bright and recognizable eau de toilette in the unisex category. Equally well suited to both sexes, it sounds especially relevant and modern.

best fragrances for women rating

If we talk about specific smells included in the aromatic pyramid of such creations, then the following can be distinguished here:

  • musk is a classic ingredient that is used in plume notes;
  • sandalwood — gives the perfume warmth and shrillness;
  • citrus fruits are the main components of the top notes, charging with vivacity and energy;
  • patchouli — gives a noble sweetness.

These are absolutely universal smells that are usually present in many perfume compositions.

Armand Basi Scent of Kiss Eau De Toilette

Price: from 2,000 rubles

Red lipstick is an immortal symbol of femininity. It was this cosmetic attribute that became the prototype for the design of these spirits with «Spanish roots». The original bottle is made in the form of an open lipstick, and the scarlet model is a cap. On the black paint, a red inscription with the name of the perfume flaunts. It looks uncluttered, the perfume is sprayed with a gentle cloud with the help of a spray button.

The composition itself became the personification of kisses, this is how the creator of the fragrance, perfumer Olivier Pecheux, heard them. The initial mood is set by a fruity and berry intro of sweet pear, combined with fragrant strawberries, invigorating grapefruit and a barely noticeable sourness of apple. In the middle, the perfume blooms with tints of fragrant rose with intoxicating jasmine, wrapped in a delicate veil of orange blossom and juicy peach. The final chord belongs to seductive patchouli, sweet vanilla echoing sandalwood and woody notes of cedar.


  • sweet oriental perfume;
  • seductive design;
  • average durability;
  • thin «spring» train.


  • too sweet for some.

The most fashionable fragrances in the season 2019-2020

The trendy combinations are oriental, citrus, woody and floral. Gourmet motifs are beginning to remind of themselves, but shades of chocolate, butter cream and praline, fashionable a couple of years ago, are still on the sidelines.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

This season, solid perfumes are popular because they are more practical, easier to carry in a purse, and the fragrance opens longer, which means more variations of playing with the skin. With the onset of cold weather, you should pay attention to oil perfumes, they more successfully “carry” winter aromas.

Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020

Whatever perfumes are the most fashionable now, in 2019-2020 it is more important for women to choose the fragrance that emphasizes their sensuality and style. Unique and strange combinations look interesting, the trend towards unisex fragrances continues, but it has become softer and less weighty. The emphasis has shifted to compositions that have an unusual sound or reveal an unusual bouquet.

Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau De Parfum

Price: from 20 400 rubles

This luxury perfume for women from Tom Ford is an ode to the queen of flowers — the rose. A captivating bouquet of three varieties of a charming flower: Bulgarian, Damascus and May roses in the heart of the «wild» composition. Pink tenderness is followed by voluptuous tonka bean and noble patchouli. And the soloist is spicy Sichuan pepper and spicy turmeric. The maestro himself describes the perfume creation briefly: “Flesh. Petals. Thorns».

The aroma is classified as floral-spicy. It is dressed in an elegant package, made in pink-smoky and black tones. The opaque powdery pink bottle is associated with an expensive collectible figurine with a black sticker with brand information, has an incredible appeal of simplicity and style.


  • attractive expensive aroma;
  • exquisite design;
  • exciting trail of medium intensity;
  • sits down evenly, enveloping in a train of mystery.


  • is quite expensive.

Chanel Gabrielle

Price: from 6 300 rubles

«Sparkling» perfume from the legendary fashion house «Chanel», one of the best women’s perfumes. The muse for its creation was the bold image of the founder of the brand — Mademoiselle Coco, whose real name is Gabrielle. Decisive, graceful and at the same time incredibly feminine — these are perhaps the most appropriate epithets for this perfume masterpiece.

The expressive composition begins with opening accords of invigorating grapefruit with sunny mandarin, flavored with juicy notes of blackcurrant aroma. They are replaced by an intense smell of intoxicating jasmine, alluring orange blossom with a green aroma of white flowers (tuberose) and intoxicating sweet ylang-ylang. The classic duet of musk and sandalwood completes the perfume symphony.


  • luxurious floral fragrance;
  • rich thick plume;
  • stylish design in muted gold tones;
  • incredible durability.


This is a «young» bestseller, an unshakable classic from Chanel. Its use is not limited by age. Having heard «Gabriel» once, it is impossible to forget.

The best women’s perfume with a fresh scent

Up to 37% of ladies prefer fresh compositions. They are appropriate at any time and create an aura of strength mixed with enthusiasm. The best in this category are:

  • Cologne Mimosa Indigo — a natural spring cocktail, which is highly appreciated by creative people;
  • Davidoff Cool Water — the purest aquatics, instantly taking you to the seashore in your thoughts;
  • Armani Air di Gioia — an ambiguous cocktail of citruses, flowers, humid forest and sea salt, instantly uplifting;
  • Kenzo L’eau par Kenzo pour femme — a typical, but no less beautiful version based on mint, peach, cane and violet accords;
  • Byredo Gipsy Water — a real niche, in the base of which juicy citrus, hot pepper and fragrant needles, will appeal to self-willed characteristic girls.

The most persistent perfume

What is the most persistent, attractive and sillage fragrance to choose for yourself? Women often focus on these indicators, wanting to leave a fragrant trace behind them.

Suitable for these buyers:

  • Versace Crystal Noir — astringency and oriental enveloping tenderness;
  • Montale Intense Cafe — thick, sparkling and gradually opening up new facets;
  • Sisley Soir de Lune – chypre honey with a fruity “aftertaste” cannot be confused with anything else;
  • Chanel Chance Eau Tendre – elegance and tenderness that become a second skin;
  • Guerlain Champs Elysees – a unique blend of two dozen components gives incredible durability and sillage for a long time.

The best women’s perfume with gourmand notes

This group of fragrances has become fashionable not so long ago — since the 90s of the last century. Now the choice of gourmet toilet water is great. But the best are:

  • Angel, Mugler — he is predicted to be the glory of the root cause of love for gourmand chords;
  • Candy, Prada – softness with a powdery touch;
  • Womanity, Mugler – a new level in the gourmet family contains a mix of figs and black caviar;
  • Vanille Fatale, Tom Ford — vanilla and vanilla again, diluted with a powerful concentrated syrup;
  • Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian – strength and unusually matched components.

Rating of delicious perfumes with a train

If the train is a priority when buying another fragrant bottle, then you should consider the following suggestions:

  • Sandflowers by Montale — a light breeze of wind, carrying notes of juniper, hot sand and sea breeze for kilometers;
  • Lalique Le Parfum by Lalique — sandalwood, jasmine, rose and laurel give a deep long sound;
  • Casamorati Fiore d’Ulivo by Xerjoff – grassy base sillage with a mix of magnolia and lotus;
  • Si Eau de Parfum Intense by Giorgio Armani – eccentricity, underlined by iridescent contrasts;
  • X for women by Clive Christian — musk, vanilla and tuberose in the trail cannot but cause a compliment.

The best woody, chypre and fougere women’s perfumes

Such compositions are either loved or not perceived. But fans of this group will appreciate the top five flavors:

  • Tiziana Terenzi Kaff — citrus and sandalwood;
  • Roja Dove Candy Aoud – fruits mixed with oud and quality leather;
  • Jul et Mad Amour de Palazzo — rich sun-warmed cedar;
  • Tiziana Terenzi White Fire — jasmine, flavored with oud, sandalwood and amber;
  • Orto Parisi Stercus — dense, exciting and lively.

The best women’s perfumes with fruit and citrus scents

There are many lovers of «compotics» among women. The most interesting options are listed below:

  • Taj Sunset, Escada — hot tropics under the midday sun;
  • Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde, Guerlain — a luxurious garden, filled with color and rain;
  • Eau d’Hadrien, Annick Goutal – unisex, soaked in lemon;
  • I Love Love, Moschino — naive and carefree childhood;
  • Sorrel & Lemon Thyme, Jo Malone — selective and unusual.

LANCOME La Vie Est Belle En Rose

Price: from 3 300 rubles

«La Vie E Belle Rose» is an elegant French perfume with fruity-floral notes, one of the novelties of 2021, a continuation of the popular series of fragrances a la Life is Beautiful. This is how the name of these perfumes for women is translated from French. Light and cheerful, from the first seconds they captivate and go straight to the heart.

It is better to understand the mood and find the pink wings of freedom with the help of the design of a fragrant liquid. The perfume is packaged in a weighty rectangular bottle with a gradient color from transparent, smoothly turning into a muted raspberry. A quality atomizer protects the crystal clear cap. An elegant chiffon scarf is coquettishly tied at the neck to match the color of the top of the bottle.

The composition opens with invigorating bergamot and sweet pink pepper, which break through a thick veil of raspberries. The debut chords are gradually covered by the fragrance of a charming rose, through which gentle lily of the valley and intoxicating peony break through with a delicate aroma. The plume aftertaste forms the aroma of patchouli with a traditional tandem of sandalwood and musk, spiced with a sweetish powdery-floral iris.


  • perfect «solar» perfume;
  • moderately sweet delightful aroma;
  • thin fabulous train;
  • excellent durability;
  • delicate feminine design.


  • too juicy in the hot season, more suitable for cool weather.

Tiziana Terenzi Kirke

Price: from 7 500 rubles

One of the favorites of women, a representative of niche perfumery is the royal fragrance from Italy Kirke. Mystical in its way, but with a unique persistence, it is classified as unisex, and belongs to the category of fruity-chypre. From the first notes, the perfume sounds like a complex fruit and berry interweaving of delicious raspberries, fresh pear, sour passion fruit, sweet peach with echoes of the «green» aroma of blackcurrant and warm sand. A charming lily of the valley is heard in the heart, and in the final there is a pleasant aftertaste of sharp patchouli mixed with sweet vanilla, sandalwood, milky-almond heliotrope and bright sourness of musk.

The perfume has a delightful black and gold design. The golden coat of arms flaunts on the box, and the bottle itself stands on a thick cardboard pedestal. A round golden cylindrical vial is separated from the same black cap. On the front of it is a black sticker «under the skin» with golden letters of the name and brand.


  • fragrance of magical beauty;
  • rich pyramid;
  • thick noble train;
  • amazing durability;
  • exclusive collectible design;
  • very tasty and sweet.


  • high price;
  • not everywhere you can buy;
  • causes controversial associations among others.

Perfume Trends

In recent years, unisex fragrances have dominated fashion, and could be described as fresh ozonic or bittersweet with herbal notes. The latter still hold positions, but frank masculinity is losing them. The pressure is replaced by irresistible tenderness and softness, it seems that elite and budget fragrances are trying to remind again and teach to be frivolous and wise, devoted and insidious, seductive and modest. Therefore, fashion remembered simple but effective smells:

  • sweet citruses;
  • vanilla;
  • violet;
  • jasmine;
  • lily of the valley;
  • neroli;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • incense;
  • almond;
  • leather.

    Rating of fashionable women's fragrances 2019-2020