Excessively dry indoor air causes a whole range of health problems: decreased immunity, thinning of the mucous membranes, and an increase in the duration of periods of illness. Maintaining an optimal level of moisture will help change the situation for the better. The rating of the best humidifiers for 2021 will help you choose the highest quality device.

Expert’s Choice:

Model Price
1. Xiaomi VH Man from 1000 rub.
2.Galaxy GL-8003 from 3000 rub.
3. Timberk THU UL 15M from 1500 rub.
4. Ballu UHB-200 from 3000 rub.
5. Winia AWX-70 from 27000 rub.

Mini rating

Types of household air humidifiers, their features and differences

humidifiers their features and differences
Types of household humidifiers
What household humidifiers are there? Manufacturers produce a wide range of devices, among which everyone will choose the appropriate option.


traditional appliance
Traditional Humidifier
The traditional humidifier is a simple appliance that functions like a vaporizer:

  • the special element is moistened;
  • moisture evaporates naturally under the action of air currents.

Manufacturers use several options for the evaporative element:

  • filter;
  • cartridge;
  • a set of discs located inside a container of water.

The last engineering solution is one of the simplest and most common.


Steam humidifier
Steam Humidifier
The steam humidifier, judging by the ratings, inspires great confidence among buyers. It is extremely simple — under the influence of elevated temperature, the water evaporates and thereby contributes to the humidification of the air.


More modern than all the previous solutions for the office, home and apartment. An ultrasonic membrane placed in a container of water vibrates to create a fine water mist or mist, as it is often called.

«Air washers» with natural humidification

«Air Washers»
This is not quite a humidifier in the usual sense. The device with the help of special disks attracts dust particles and microbes, detaining them with water and releasing purified air outside.

The latest developments not only clean and humidify the air, but also give it a pleasant aroma.

With built-in humidistat

with humidistat
Humidifier with integrated hygrostat
A good modern option that minimizes human involvement in the process. It measures the level of humidity in the room in real time, adjusts it to the optimum degree and maintains it at these indicators.

With ionizer

With ionizer
humidifier with ionizer
Experts do not argue about the benefits of air ionization — anions increase the oxygen content in the blood, absorb dust and allergens. Therefore, a humidifier with an ionizer is good for children.

General information

A humidifier is an electrical device for increasing the level of humidity in the surrounding space.

The main purpose is to saturate the surrounding space with water molecules to increase relative humidity with optimal parameters for:

  • the human body — 40-60%;

  • plants — 55-75%;

  • musical instruments and furniture — 40-60%;
  • office equipment — 45-60%.

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment

How to choose a humidifier for an apartment
How to choose a humidifier
Most often, buyers do not know what parameters to rely on when choosing a suitable device. They consider the type of humidifier to be paramount, but they miss other important criteria:

  1. Territory coverage. Each model is designed for a certain area. It must match the dimensions of the installation room. Only then will the device work with maximum efficiency. But still, in 97% of cases, the real coverage area is less than the declared one.
  2. Installation. Manufacturers produce two types of humidifiers — with installation on the floor / table and fastening to the wall. The placement method does not affect the functionality, but from the point of view of safety, the wall-mounted version is safer for families with small children.
  3. Additional options. In 95% of cases, the presence of additional functions acts as a good marketing ploy. Devices with ionization, aromatization or, for example, air purification are much more expensive than other models. But in fact, no more than 10% of buyers use additional options. So think carefully before overpaying.
  4. Water tank size. The instructions for the device indicate how long it will work on one fill. Those who are not ready to deal with the constant addition of water should choose large containers.

Why you need a humidifier video

Compare models

Model Served area, m² Power, W Water consumption, ml/h Tank volume, l price, rub.
Leberg LH-11 25 25 320 3.5 1370
Ballu UHB-100 ten 300 one 1490
Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380/3.0M) 40 25 380 3 1890
Okami Air 710 Aqua 90 110 750 23.4 19990
Electrolux EHU-3710D/3715D 45 110 450 5 6680
Royal Clima Lauro (RUH-LR370/5.0E-WT) thirty thirty 370 5 4550
Xiaomi JSQ01ZM thirty 24 200 2.25 3490
Beurer LB 50 fifty 380 350 5 6600
Boneco S250 thirty 260 250 3.5 7990
Chicco Humi Advance 250 300 2.5 4090
Ballu UHB-990 40 110 350 5.8 5990
Polaris PUH 8505 TFD 60 25 400 5 3630
CS Medica KIDS CS-19h eighteen 25 300 1.2 2580
Ballu UHB-270 M Winnie Pooh twenty 200 3 3740
Winia AWM-40 28 eleven 400 9 15990
Leberg LW-20 28 fifteen 400 6.2 8800

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Air washer (purifier) ​​or humidifier — which is better?

Air washer (purifier) ​​or humidifier - which is better?
Air washer or humidifier
Store sellers often recommend that customers replace a conventional humidifier with a sink, in terms of its improved qualities and functionality. But in fact, not everyone needs such a device.

The sink has the following features:

  • high price;
  • significant dimensions;
  • fast hydration;
  • ability to neutralize allergens.

Important! Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is advisable to install the cleaner in families with children and where there are allergy sufferers. In other cases, a regular humidifier is sufficient.

What is the best humidifier to buy for your home in 2021?

What do we have, after all? If you don’t know which humidifier to buy, start from different types of equipment, consider the budget, noise level and your personal preferences. Our conclusion, based on feedback and the specifics of different device classes, is as follows:

  1. A good cold steam humidifier is Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2;
  2. Inexpensive but good steam appliance — Boneco S250;
  3. Powerful industrial humidifier — Brune B280;
  4. Ultrasonic humidifier for children’s room — Stadler Form Mia;
  5. The best model in terms of price/quality ratio is Polaris PUH 6080TFD.

As you understand, this is a conditional opinion based on reviews, personal opinion, as well as recommendations and current standards. We ask you to join the discussion, share your personal experience, friends, in order to minimize the influence of marketers on other users.

The best ultrasonic humidifiers in the middle price segment

Devices at an average price can be classified as multifunctional, they can have many options, but the quality of components does not always meet high standards. The advantages of such devices include availability in stores, standard parameters and a relatively low price. In this nomination, three models are considered, which among the two dozen applicants deserved the highest score.

Electrolux EHU-3710D/3715D

All Electrolux ultrasonic humidifiers are multifunctional. This model is equipped not only with standard options, but also has parameters that distinguish it from the rest. With a tank volume of 5 liters, Electrolux is able to humidify a room with an area of ​​45 sq / m for almost a day, without additional refueling. An ionization function is provided, a hygrostat is built in and it is possible to preheat the water. The humidifier also has a UV lamp that destroys harmful bacteria and viruses in the treated room. The antibacterial coating of the water tank ensures the safety of the sprayed liquid. Separately, users like the backlight of the case, which works in three modes.


  • Five operating modes of the humidifier;
  • Demineralizing cartridge;
  • Adjustment of the direction of blowing and humidification;
  • Convenient control from the remote control;
  • Sturdy rubber feet.


  • Consumes a lot of electricity;
  • Condensation accumulates on the outer walls and under the device.

Experts rate this model with an average score, it has many functions, but the assembly and components of the Electrolux are not of the best quality. Plus, the device is not economical, in the mode of constant operation it consumes a lot of energy.

Aic SPS-902

A small humidifier with air ionization and a power of 110 watts. It has the same functionality as the previous model, but at the same time the device has a timer up to 12 hours. Separately, it should be said about the ease of operation and maintenance of the device, it has a large and convenient 5-liter tank and automatically turns off when it is empty. The device operates relatively quietly, occasionally there is an overflow of water that can be heard. The humidity sensor gives readings with minimal errors, estimating the humidity of the air not only around the device, but throughout the room. The display has a bright backlight that can be adjusted to a comfortable level so that it does not interfere. Remote control provided.


  • Pre-heating of water;
  • Built-in thermometer;
  • Touchscreen;
  • Neat assembly;
  • Large numbers on the display.


  • Loud sound indication;
  • Simple unattractive design.

Experts also recommend using only filtered water in this model to avoid the appearance of white plaque on furniture. Most of the reviews on the Aik ultrasonic humidifier are positive, despite its shortcomings.

The best UV lamps

The best UV lamps

Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM

A compact modern model with an innovative system from Xiaomi. This device can be remotely controlled via WI-FI interface by downloading the necessary application to your smartphone. An intelligent controller built into the equipment independently controls the level of humidity in the room and sets the fan speed. The built-in UV lamp destroys germs, disinfecting the room at the set time. The body is made of antibacterial material, and the water tank is made of strong tempered glass to increase the body’s resistance to adverse environmental conditions. You can fill the tank while the device is running.


  • Shutdown in case of lack of liquid;
  • Small power consumption;
  • Timer and calendar;
  • Automatic firmware update;
  • Low price.


  • It is not possible to set the steam direction;
  • Non-Russian application.

The application for controlling equipment from a smartphone is made only in Chinese and English. This creates inconvenience for users, since there is no remote control in the kit, and it takes a long time to figure out the settings.

Characteristics and selection criteria

1. Tank capacity and water flow.

Each product has its own values ​​that allow you to determine the operating time without topping up. So, with a reduced consumption of 0.4 liters per hour for a volume of three liters, the operating time will be 7.5 hours, which is not enough to maintain comfortable humidity during a normal eight-hour sleep.

2. The volume of the humidified room.

The value is determined by the intensity of the water supply. As a rule, manufacturers indicate for which area the model is suitable. The calculation of the optimal value is based on the size of the room. For example, for 15 m2, four to five liters are enough, and for 35 m2, it is better to take with a tank of six to seven liters.

It is important to know that the volume of the room is moistened, and not its area.

3. Noise level.

For installation in a child’s room or in the bedroom, models with noise up to 35 dB are suitable. When taking a portion of water, gurgling is periodically clearly heard. In addition, an alarm that warns of its absence becomes unwanted noise.

4. Control system.

For simple devices, the setting takes place on the built-in panels. More complex ones are equipped with remote controls. The latest equipment in the «smart home» complex is controlled through an application in a smartphone.

5. Power consumption.

The values ​​vary depending on the model type. For steam humidifiers in the range of 300-600 W with a capacity of up to 0.35 l/h. Ultrasound machines have an average power of up to 45 watts, and some up to 140 watts. The power of traditional appliances is not more than 40 watts.

6. The presence of a gyrostat and a hygrometer.

A comfortable humidity value is selected empirically by installed devices and automatically maintained at a given level.

7. Indication and illumination.

Information about the selected mode and other information are displayed. However, in the dark, the bright convergence of the screen may cause an uncomfortable feeling. In the case of installation in the bedroom, you must turn on the «night mode». Can be used as a night light if backlit.

8. Ergonomics.

Design features affect the ease of use. Most often, you have to fill the tank with water and clean the internal parts from plaque and dirt. It is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of topping up without removing the tank, setting the direction of the steam flow, as well as the presence of hard-to-reach places for cleaning.

9. Consumables.

Regular replacement of replaceable filters is required, since their effectiveness is several months even when using distilled or boiled liquid.

10. Aromatization.

To give a pleasant smell to some devices, you can optionally add essential oils or aromatic mixtures.

11. Ionization.

During the operation of ultrasonic devices, the number of charged particles (aeroins) increases with the appearance of a “smell of freshness” sensation. Some marketers believe that this has a positive effect on well-being. In addition, dust particles in the air interact with aeroins and are charged, settling on the surface. From there, the dust is easily removed with a rag.

12. Price segments.

  • budget models in the price range up to four thousand rubles;
  • products at an average price of four to eight thousand rubles;
  • premium-class equipment at a price of more than eight thousand rubles.

Option for a children’s room

The following parameters are taken into account:

  • sufficient volume of the tank;
  • high performance;
  • the presence of a hygrometer;
  • silent;
  • installation of replacement filters and the availability of their purchase.

As the best option, ultrasonic devices are suitable, capable of high-quality cleaning and moisturizing with the rapid elimination of any unpleasant odors. They have a limited set of functions, but they are completely safe for babies and inexpensive. As a rule, they have a funny shape in the form of animals or favorite cartoon characters.

Operating recommendations

  1. A new humidifier should get used to the ambient temperature in the room within an hour.
  2. Install with a minimum allowable height of 50 centimeters, as the humidified air sinks down.
  3. Turn on and set the steam humidifier to continuous operation with maximum power set during the day, so as not to notice a little noise from it. In the evening and at night, set the minimum or average level of evaporation.
  4. Monitor the constant presence of liquid in the tank and how it works.
  5. Within a few days, expect absorption of moisture into the surrounding objects and things (furniture, floors, carpets, etc.).
  6. Check the tightness of the closing of windows and doors and prevent drafts.

No need to place the device on a shelf with books!

If there is any doubt about the effectiveness of the device, it is enough to check the evaporation. If after two weeks the humidity remains low, then there is not enough power or the operating rules are not being followed.

Enjoy the shopping! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!