air ozonation

Often during a thunderstorm, the characteristic smell of ozone is felt — the smell of cleanliness and freshness.

Air ozonation has become a fashionable trend in recent times.

For artificial ozonation, special devices have been created that can produce ozone. Discussions about their benefits or harms are ongoing.

Consider what ozone is and why you need an air ozonizer.

What is an air ozonator?

The word «ozone» itself is of Greek origin and translates as «smelling». Remember that special, fresh smell on the street after a rain with a thunderstorm. This is the smell of ozone. Under the action of electrical discharges (lightning), oxygen briefly turns into ozone. The same thing happens when ultraviolet light hits a drop of water. Therefore, a characteristic smell can be felt in sunlit places with high humidity — at a waterfall, fountain or in sunny weather immediately after rain.

An ozonator is a small electrical device. In it, the charge that is needed to form ozone is generated by a generator. Household appliances produce ozone from the air, that is, a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, while medical devices produce ozone from pure oxygen. It is the strongest oxidizing agent that kills microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold. They tend to cause bad odors. In addition, the effect is also on inorganic compounds. Harmful toxins, heavy metals break down to the simplest elements and are neutralized.

Household ozonizers are compact, usually no more than 20-30 cm in height and length and about 10-15 cm in width. Their weight varies from 0.5 to 3 kg, depending on such additional functions as an ionizer, humidifier, dust cleaner.


Users unanimously recognize the high efficiency of ozonizers. However, lack of experience and low awareness often raises a lot of questions regarding the parameters and capabilities of the equipment. Ozone is a poisonous gas, which worries users.

At the same time, dissolved ozone is safe, vaporized gas can create problems, located above the surface of the water. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the displacement of air masses above the water surface.

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What is an ozonizer for?

In essence, this device is irreplaceable. In fact, it is needed to get rid of the very causes of everyday troubles and illnesses. All possible applications of the ozonator can be grouped into 4 main categories:

  1. Eliminates bad odor. You can clean the air from the smell not only in the apartment, but also, for example, in the car, garage, pantry. Even such persistent odors as from tobacco and animals disappear.
  2. Kills pathogens. It is especially recommended to use the device during epidemics of SARS, influenza. This will greatly increase the chances of staying healthy.
  3. Gets rid of mold and mildew.
  4. Eliminates parasites, eggs of worms, dust mites.

It is possible to process not only air, but also water, and even food. This is especially true for meat and fish, as they may contain parasites. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the hormones and antibiotics that were added to food during cultivation. Have you noticed a white foam with a specific smell when cooking meat? This is the toxic substances released from the meat. After applying the ozone purifier, you can safely cook the broths.

Nitrates and pesticides can be removed from fruits and vegetables, while retaining all the flavors and natural smells. Grains, especially rice, can be cleaned of organic chemicals. After 10 minutes of ozonation, cereals acquire a special taste. Eggs before putting them in the refrigerator, it will also be useful to process. As a result, their shelf life is increased and, most importantly, the threat of Salmonella infection is eliminated. You can also ozonize the air in the refrigerator.

Of course, water is also ozonized. The remains of chlorine, harmful impurities, metals disappear in it, the oxygen content increases. Such water restores the acid-base balance in the body. And if you drink 30 minutes before eating on an empty stomach, you can reliably protect yourself from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The safe rate of drinking this water is 1 glass a day.

If the plants are watered with purified water, root rot, bacteria can be prevented and growth can be accelerated. The plant develops a stronger root system and bright green leaves. Flowers in a vase with ozonated water will last much longer.

Is it possible to use a bath in ozonated water? Of course! Bathing in such water improves metabolism, blood circulation, the functioning of the nervous, respiratory and immune systems, water makes the skin healthy, smooth and elastic. Healing bath promotes sound healthy sleep, relieves fatigue. Processing time is calculated as 2 minutes per 1 liter.

Not all models of ozonizers can carry out such a procedure. This requires a tube and special nozzles. Meat or fish is cut into pieces, placed in water, and a tube is lowered there. The recommended running time is 20 minutes.

Another useful application of the device is the treatment of skin diseases. Toe fungus is a common problem. Air ozone baths for 10-15 minutes are shown for treatment. To do this, wrap your legs in a bag, wrap around the edges and insert the ozonator tube into the bag. If you place the device in a closet with clothes, you can quickly get rid of moths. Woolen products become silky and shiny. If shoes are stored in the closet, the smell of sweat and fungal infections will disappear. The result is an increase in the service life of things.

Having a baby at home is another good reason to care about air quality. In addition, water can be used to clean nipples, plastic toys, and soft toys in bags.

The principle of operation of the device

The chemical formula for the oxygen we breathe is O2. This means that two atoms form one molecule. Air enters the case either with the help of a fan, or thanks to the so-called ionic wind. It is formed in the air cleaner filter under the influence of an electric field. Inside the device there is an emitter that forms an electric arc. When molecules pass through this arc in the generator block, the molecules break up and combine in a new way, forming a gas of triatomic oxygen molecules — ozone.

In its purest form, it is poison. But in the quantities in which it is produced by devices, it oxidizes toxins, harmful impurities in the atmosphere to the simplest compounds, disinfecting the air. The substance is 2.5 times heavier than air, so it must be placed above head level.

How to make an ozone generator with your own hands: step by step instructions

An ozonizer for a pool is a very expensive device that is not available to every pool owner. However, if you have at least basic skills in working with tools and elementary knowledge in electrical engineering, you can make a home-made device.

Its design is not too complicated, the main thing is to acquire the necessary parts and assemblies.


In the photo below you can see the diagram:

The electrical circuit of the ozonator is quite simple and consists of just a few parts:

  • S1 — switch;
  • M1 — fan;
  • U1 — voltage generator (converter);
  • F1 — fuse;
  • F2 — emitter.

There are more complex circuits where not a ready-made converter is used, but a home-made circuit. However, such decisions are within the power of only trained people, since schemes of this kind need to be adjusted and require considerable knowledge from the master.

Tools and materials

For assembly, you need to prepare:

  • a set of parts with a fan;
  • housing (not sealed, as air flow is needed for the fan);
  • soldering iron, tin and rosin;
  • connecting wires;
  • glue for joining body parts.

Only essential parts are shown, more complex designs may require additional accessories.

List making process

The assembly of the ozonizer is carried out in the following order:

  1. The necessary parts and assemblies are placed in the case, providing a direct air flow from the fan towards the emitter.
  2. When all the elements are placed, they are connected by wires (soldered) and attached to the circuit board using glue or plastic clamps.
  3. A container is attached to the body for collecting ozonized air and mixing it with water from the circulation system. At the outlet of the tank, an air pump is installed and connected to the gap in the circulation system.

Attention! The ozonator is connected to the circulation system only at the end of the loop, after the pump and filter.

Types of ozonizers. How to choose a reliable device?

There are many types of ozonizers for use in different conditions. Can be distinguished:

  • medical;
  • industrial;
  • household.

To handle different volumes of air, they have different power, and, accordingly, different sizes and prices.

Models are also different in their functionality. Often, an ozone generator is combined with an ionizer, a filter for air purification from fine particles, and an air humidifier. This makes one device versatile. Additional accessories are added to the package: tubes and nozzles for water treatment.

Due to the variety of options, the question arises — how to choose the right ozonizer for you? Here is a list of the main technical characteristics that you should focus on when choosing:

  1. Power. Typically, ozonizers have a power of 15 to 30 watts. It depends on the amount of ozone produced, so you need to focus on the purpose for which the device will be used.
  2. Dimensions and weight. Devices can be both «pocket» format and large. For example, if they are combined with a humidifier. Weight and dimensions do not affect the quality of work, so focus on what format and appearance suits you best.
  3. Produced ozone concentration. Ordinary home ozonizers produce 100-200 mg per hour. This amount is sufficient for a bactericidal effect. More powerful devices can produce 300 mg or more and can be used in large rooms.
  4. The number and types of modes. Convenient to use devices operating in different modes, differing in the duration of operation and the released concentration of the substance. This allows you to customize the ozonator for yourself. More versatile are devices with additional ionizer and humidifier modes.
  5. Time of continuous work. Ozonation in safe volumes is carried out no longer than 30 minutes. Other modes, such as ionization, can also be turned on around the clock.
  6. Noise level. Typically, air cleaners operate either completely silently (according to the principle of ionic wind), or almost inaudible. If the parameter value is up to 30 dB, you can be sure that the device is quiet. However, the presence of audible sound during operation is not a drawback. After all, being in the room during the ozonation process is very dangerous.
  7. Complete set (presence of additional devices, replaceable elements, cartridges). If the kit includes tubes and nozzles for water, this greatly increases the range of possible applications of the device. But the presence of replaceable filters is not very convenient. Most often, the filters are permanent, but they need to be cleaned regularly.
  8. Control method, indicators and regulators. Parameter associated with operating modes. If there are several of them, then it should be convenient to switch them. Pay attention to the operation indicator, especially if the cleaner is silent.
  9. Additional features (ionization, moisturizing, aromatization, etc.). The more functions the device performs, the wider the scope of its application. However, additional features will affect the price. Therefore, first decide what you are buying for, and do not overpay for add-ons you do not need.
  10. Warranty period and service. The average warranty period for such technical devices is 1 year. A longer warranty period indicates high quality, and a shorter one indicates the opposite. But these factors affect the price accordingly. Do not forget that buying quality products, you save in the long run.

Indications for use

Often the main factor to use is volume. Indeed, most often the equipment is placed on industrial facilities, as well as for filling private pools. In institutions, especially if it works with children, this is a strictly mandatory aspect. We are talking about schools, circles, kindergartens, colleges and other educational institutions.

do-it-yourself water purification with ozone

SF-mix manual up to 0.8 m3/h

AMETHYST — 02 M up to 2 cubic meters / day.

Aeration unit AS-1054 VO-90

But in principle, no one bothers to install the station at home. True, it is better to do this if you are categorically not satisfied with the quality of the supplied moisture. Perhaps the management company is not coping with its task, impurities and odors are constantly observed. And also if you have your own well installed on the site, connected to an underground source. Then, in any case, heavy dissolved metals should be dealt with. It should be noted that the device of the water ozonator is quite simple and the sample does not take up much space. Therefore, it will not arise with the allocation of territory for it.

water ozonation system

Benefit and harm

As already mentioned, the substance O3 has strong bactericidal properties. By itself, it belongs to the highest hazard class. An overdose of ozone for a person is fraught with severe poisoning up to death. Symptoms of poisoning — headache, cough, malaise, dizziness. When the permissible sanitary standards are exceeded, the concentrations already speak of air polluted with ozone.

The concentration of ozone in the atmosphere is 6 to 10 million. For comparison, the concentration of carbon dioxide is 4 thousand per the same volume. For 1 m3, the safe rate is 0.16 mg. Household ozonizers produce 100-300 mg per hour. Naturally, this is very dangerous for humans. Under no circumstances should you stay indoors with the appliance in operation. After completing the procedure, you need to wait another 10 minutes or ventilate.

When using the device, be sure to read in the instructions what operating time for this model is safe.

What is the difference between an ozonizer and an ionizer

The devices have different operating principles. An ozone purifier is a medical agent that fights bacteria, and an ionizer is a hygienic one that purifies the air and improves its properties. The ozonizer produces ozone directly, and the ionizer produces air ion particles with a negative charge. Upon contact with oxygen, they briefly convert O2 molecules into O3. The same thing happens during a thunderstorm.

As a result, much less ozone is generated during the operation of the ionizer, which allows it to work for a long time, even around the clock. But even prolonged action of the ionizer is much less effective in neutralizing harmful and dangerous microorganisms. It does not kill live bacteria, but simply increases the volume of clean air. Its advantage is that it can be safely applied in preventive measures.

Professional ozonation

It is much more effective to periodically carry out ozonation at home with the involvement of professional equipment and specialists. A good ozonizer that can truly purify the air in an apartment and not harm anyone costs a lot, and this is clearly not a household appliance. Therefore, contact the specialists: disinfection of your apartment will take less than an hour with a guaranteed result.

Usually, a light wet cleaning is done before ozonation. Then the owners and pets leave the apartment (you also need to take the plants with you). After ozonation, the apartment must be thoroughly ventilated.

Air Purifier Rating

Here is a rating of the most popular and proven devices.

Atmos Life

The device is suitable for home and office use. Serviced volume up to 90m3. With a ceiling height of 2.5 meters, this room has an area of ​​36 sq. m. The productivity of ozone is 600 mg per hour. There are two modes of operation — normal and advanced. It is possible to work around the clock in the ionizer mode. The design provides for removable dust collecting plates and an air aromatization system. The power of the device is 15 watts. Dimensions — 10 x 21 x 24.5 cm, weight 1 kg. Warranty — 1 year. Country of origin — Russia. The average cost is about 6000 rubles.

Fanline VE-1

The device serves rooms up to 50 m3. It has 2 modes of operation — ionization and ozonation. Removable dust filters are washed with water and detergents. Noise level up to 30 dB. Power up to 25 W, dimensions 18.5 x 14 x 13 cm, weight — 0.9 kg. The cost is 2500 rubles.


Powerful and compact household ozonator. Treats rooms up to 60 m2, productivity — 300 mg per hour. The maximum operating time is 30 minutes with a break of at least 10 minutes before the next start. With the help of a special tube and three nozzles, it is possible to process water and food. Power — 30 W, dimensions 18.5 x 13 x 5.5 cm, weight — 0.6 kg. Producer — Russia, Tomsk. The price is about 6000 rubles.

Miniland Ozonball

Multifunctional home air purifier with original design. The recommended area of ​​the room is up to 25 m2. Includes functions of an ionizer, an air humidifier. Noise level — 35 dB. Power — 38 W, dimensions 26 x 26.5 x 28 cm, weight — 3 kg. Manufacturer — Spain, China. Price from 5000 rubles.

Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Turbo (2009)

Serves rooms up to 100 m3 (40 m2). Has 4 operating modes with different intervals «work-rest». Has dust plates. Quiet cleaning, power — 15 watts. Dimensions 27.5 x 19.5 x 14.5 cm, weight — 2 kg. Manufacturer — Russia, the average cost is 5500 rubles.

It is more rational to invest in the prevention of diseases than to spend them on treatment. In addition, it will take not only money, but also time. Subject to all instructions and safety measures, the ozonizer for the home will become your friend and helper. Choose the model that suits your needs and forget about pills and handkerchiefs forever.

Model comparison

The table below shows the main characteristics of the considered models. Comparing them with each other, you have the opportunity to choose the device that will fully meet your needs and expectations.

Name Area, in sq.m Size, in cm Control
Rottinger up to 130 29x22x8 manually, remote control
Dajet FreshOn 60 18.5x13x5.5 sensor
iBaby Air A1 70 23.5x19x6.5 control panel, sensor
AIC XJ-2100 fifty 28x21x9 sensor
MILLDOM M900 Premium 55 22x22x8.6 mechanical
Happy Life LP001 130 27x19x7 sensor
Longevita UV Cure Eco fifty 27.5x19x6 mechanical
Boneco P50 130 30x25x7 electronic