Indirect heating gunTo solve the problems of high-quality heating, it does not always make sense to create a stationary air or water heating system. Many manufacturing, repair or construction sites often install diesel guns of indirect heating. This compact and safe equipment is effectively used where people are constantly present. Thanks to him, you can maintain the required temperature in shops, pavilions, greenhouses, service stations. They are used for quick heating of residential and utility rooms and are often purchased for a private house, cottage or garage.

The scope of application of diesel fuel heat guns with a high-quality combustion products removal system is much wider than the area where it is allowed operation of direct heating guns. Such thermal devices can significantly reduce energy costs, speed up construction and installation work, improve the quality of technological processes in the cold season, protect rooms from high humidity, and equipment from freezing. In almost all cases, the installation of heat guns on diesel fuel is the best way to create optimal temperature conditions where there is no stationary heating and electricity.


For economical heating of a workshop, production site, workshop, warehouse, the use of powerful diesel-fueled heaters is a very good solution, because such devices are mobile, easy to move, easy to use, and design features of such equipment allow you to choose the most suitable option for both a large space and a small workplace. Proper placement based on differences between direct and indirect heating gunsmakes it possible to significantly save money on heating and ensuring the production cycle in painting and drying chambers, assembly shops and storage areas for finished products, where the removal of combustion products is not mandatory.


Indirect heating gun for repair workIn closed building structures and in open areas, diesel guns provide normal working conditions for workers in the cold season. Most often they are used to speed up the drying of floors and walls after construction and finishing work, for high-quality concrete preparation, cement defrosting, heating of communications, premises and equipment during frost. They are also used in private homes for repairs: drying screeds, plasters, paints, during the installation of stretch ceilings, parquet, tile and plumbing work.

Commercial and public premises

In the absence of electricity, the installation of heat guns operating on liquid fuel allows you to create an autonomous heating system for shops, markets, trade and exhibition pavilions, mobile fairs, sports and concert venues. First of all, they are effective where a bulky stationary heating system is not required, but high-quality and safe seasonal heating is needed.

Agriculture and service stations

Indirect diesel gunFor many agricultural facilities, the use of indirectly heated diesel guns is an economical and reliable solution due to the availability and relatively low price of fuel. They are used for heating greenhouses, livestock farms, poultry farms, barns for storing feed, grain, fruits and vegetables, sorting rooms. They are used in equipment repair shops, garages, auto enterprises and service stations to create a comfortable microclimate and protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

Due to the fact that clean heated air enters the room, individual households often use garage diesel gun, utility rooms, for quick drying of housing after floods and prolonged rains, for quick drying of new buildings. For maximum effect, it is recommended to choose and buy a heat gun appropriate power, having all the necessary elements of protection against overheating, fuel leakage and fire. The safety and reliability of the equipment is guaranteed by quality certificates, which are mandatory issued by all well-known manufacturers.