In recent years, the ideas of conscious consumption and capsule wardrobe have become popular — that is, one in which the minimum number of things forms the maximum number of combinations. With this approach, the quality and level of execution of each individual item is especially important: you will wear it often, and at the same time you do not want it to be boring. Today we’re sharing a pair of shoes that are guaranteed to brighten up your spring pod.


Light sports accent, elegance, freshness and lightness — a good combination to start the day! Use elements of your style to create the mood you want.


Flat shoes are a real salvation for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or moving around the city. By the way, sneakers can be a great change if the company has a strict dress code (change shoes when leaving the office) or if you are going to a party (and after a few hours you decide that there are enough stilettos for today).

Ability to use most of the year

If you live in central Russia or in a country with a mild climate, you can wear leather sneakers almost all summer (except for the hottest days), most of spring and most of autumn.

Easy compatibility

The laconic design of this model is the key to successful combinations with various wardrobe items, especially in casual style. The retro hue and compactness make sneakers a great addition to dresses, even the most romantic and feminine.

Delicate accent

Despite their conciseness, these sneakers are not at all faceless: their expressiveness is enough to make them an accent in your everyday look. Pair them with straight jeans and a white T-shirt and you’re done!


Genuine leather is a durable, breathable material that is easy to wear and ages well. With careful use, sneakers will serve you for more than one season.


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