July 31 is a special day for all Potter fans. After all, today is the birthday of Joanne Rowling, the creator and mother of the magical world. We thought — why millions of people on the planet are so fond of books and films about Harry? We managed to find 4 reasons for this recognition:

1. The book helped each of us believe that we can become wizards.

J. K. Rowling let magic into the world of each of her readers. Agree — after reading or watching once the story of the boy who survived — each of us secretly dreamed of receiving a letter with an invitation from Hogwarts at the age of 11.

2. Hogwarts

Hogwarts School is a vast magical world. Who has not dreamed of being there with the heroes of books and films? Who in the most realistic dreams has not dreamed of long corridors, the appearance of a help-room at the most necessary moment, and the antics of the Weasley brothers? The world of Hogwarts itself is so attractive and charming that, it seems to us, no one remains indifferent to it.

3. Values ​​are an order of magnitude more important than any magic

JK Rowling in each of the parts of Harry Potter skillfully translates the emphasis on the inner qualities of a person, a Muggle or a wizard. We all remember the image of Severus Snape, whose actions and appearance turned out to be very deceptive. In the last episodes, we learn a lot about the hero that makes it clear that he did everything to protect Harry. Never judge a book by its cover.

4. Attracting fans from an early age

As you know, JK Rowling’s books have played a key role in getting children of literally all ages (and even, to be honest, some adults) to read around the world. The figures are the most incredible — by some estimates, more than half a billion books have been sold in total, and this is not counting translations. Rowling’s books have had a significant impact on world literature and trends in parenting in general.

We invite everyone to remember the hours and minutes spent with their favorite characters with the help of the goods of our store.

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