A mirror is a necessary thing for every woman, regardless of age and lifestyle. Therefore, it is worthwhile to approach the choice of a mirror wisely.

Most often, women use wall or table mirrors. Today I will talk about the desktop.

The main criteria for choosing a desktop makeup mirror are its size, quality and additional lighting. Thanks to the illuminated mirror, it is much more convenient to care for the skin and apply makeup. Professional Hollywood makeup artists recommend applying makeup only in the right light, as applying makeup in the right light saves up to 30% of time and improves its quality. Proper lighting helps to emphasize your strengths and hide flaws.

Mirror size should not be too small, as it will be uncomfortable for you, and not everyone can afford a large mirror. It is recommended to give preference to the average size of a rectangular or oval shape. A rectangular table mirror should be between 30 cm high and 16-18 cm wide for comfortable use. A big plus is the ability to rotate the product at different angles. Rotation helps you choose the right angle to apply foundation, eye shadow and lipstick.

Quality The reflective surface should be special, without glare and distortion. EThese parameters distinguish makeup mirrors from ordinary mirrors. The quality of reflection will depend on the coating. Different types of coatings have different color rendering.

The cheapest and most unsuitable is an amalgam coating made from an unstable alloy. To maintain it, you have to additionally fix it with building varnish. The amalgam coating does not tolerate moisture, therefore, the product cannot be installed in the bathroom.

Aluminum mixed with copper is also a budget option, but the quality is slightly higher than in the previous case. Aluminum conveys colors well, but the image itself is not clear, but somewhat distorted. Therefore, in order to get high-quality makeup, makeup artists do not recommend buying wall or table mirrors made of aluminum coating. From such a coating, you can purchase an ordinary pocket mirror.

Silver-plated makeup mirrors are significantly more expensive than the previous two options. However, these mirrors are highly resistant to high humidity. Therefore, the product can also be installed in the bathroom. Silver-coated mirrors are recommended even by makeup artists. Since the price / quality ratio is justified.

The most expensive is titanium coating. Products made from it are durable and transmit the image as accurately as possible. However, one should not hide the fact that titanium-coated mirrors have a slightly bluish reflection tint.

Additional illumination should be as close to natural light as possible and preferably adjustable. A distinctive feature of makeup mirrors is that they are equipped with LED-backlight. As a rule, the backlight is located around the entire perimeter of the mirror surface in the form of light bulbs or a frame. This helps to see the whole face, and not its individual features. Uniform illumination of the face, neck and décolleté eliminates unnecessary light shadows, you get lighting as close as possible to daylight, which is the most correct according to Hollywood makeup artists.

LED bulbs do not blind and do not hurt the eyes. The mirror emits a pleasant, soft, but rich light. They are also durable compared to other types of lamps.

The most budgetary include incandescent lamps. This is ordinary lighting, which does not differ in long-term operation, the lamps quickly burn out. Modern mirror manufacturers do not use this type of light bulbs. An alternative is halogen lamps, which are also budget, but ten times more durable than incandescent lamps. Most often used when placing the product in the bathroom, since the hallmark of such lamps is resistance to moisture.

Fluorescent lamps are considered the worst lighting for applying makeup. They not only distort the real shade of daylight, their eyes get tired, they start to hurt and blush.

Now you can easily find the right makeup mirror for you. The average cost of decent make-up table mirrors with lighting is from 1000 rubles. Many have an additional magnifying mirror that is attached to the main one. Wildberry has a lot of offers with different quality and price, but I suggest stopping your attention on mirrors from the Most12 brand. So far the best option in terms of price and quality.

Happy shopping!


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