Fresh and youthful skin is almost synonymous with healthy skin. Who doesn’t want perfect skin in selfies and in life? Serums will be the most effective way to maintain skin health! Why is ampoule cosmetics good? The most obvious convenience catches your eye — it’s taking ampoules on the road, you don’t have to drag a huge suitcase of creams with you. This is definitely a plus! But the most important thing is efficiency.

Statistics say that in 60% of cases, a face cream is not suitable for us for various reasons. Someone says “I’m tired of choosing, so I take the most basic”, someone “it’s a pity to spend money on a product that you doubt”, you can often hear this: “I tried a lot of products, there is no effect.” Ampoule cosmetics are designed to change the approach to skin care, because the right serum in ampoules will complement any cream. The main features of the ampoules:

  • High concentration of active substances;
  • Light texture: no oiliness, no smell;
  • High absorption rate;
  • Deep penetration into the layers of the skin: in contrast to the cream, which “film” walked over the surface, and the skin problems remained the same;
  • And as a result — serum gives more significant results.

LookDore is an ampoule cosmetics from Spain for girls over 16 years old. It will ensure the availability of professional care at home. But why do you need ampoule cosmetics at such a young age? Alas, the youth of the skin is so easy to lose. The environment plays against us, the way of life, sometimes, and we ourselves. Ecology is a big problem: exhaust gases around us, harmful sun, constant temperature changes from frost to heating, which means that sooner or later this will affect the condition of the skin. Intense stress, sleepless nights, fast food snacks also add problems even to a young body. All this leaves an imprint on our face. But premature aging can and should be prevented. Therefore, we recommend that you start preserving your youth now. Choose LookDore serums that are right for you!

  • IB+MATT — mattifying line for problem skin.
  • IB+WATER- intense hydration.
  • IB+ENERGY – cosmetic energetic: tone and freshness!
  • IB+CLEAN — for gentle effective cleansing of the skin after permanent make-up.
  • IB+FLASH — These are products that give the desired volume and elasticity.

LookDore makes not just cosmetics, but cosmeceuticals — this is Cosmetics (Beauty) + Pharmaceuticals, that is, we are talking about a cosmeceutical formula that not only gives beauty, but also has a therapeutic effect. Sometimes it seems that young, healthy skin is a given from nature . But the truth is that beautiful skin is always a job, it just needs different tools for different tasks depending on the age. And LookDore does everything to make this work a joy. That is why LookDore serums are so comfortable to use. Dear girls, lay the foundations of the right skincare routine today! Beauty in one click from the Spanish brand of ampoule cosmetics LookDore.


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