In recent years, people have become much more concerned about protecting the skin from solar activity. This is not surprising, because excessive radiation leads to the appearance of strong pigmentation and spoils the appearance of the skin. In addition, the rays can provoke the development of serious diseases, dehydrate and lead to premature aging.

How to protect yourself and your beauty? You need to use sunscreen with different filters. For example, Art&Fact daily sunscreen with SPF 50 for face and body with chemical filters. Let’s tell you how it works.

Why is it important to use the cream every day

The cream is especially valuable because it saves not only from type A rays (UVA protection), but also from type B rays (UVB protection). The former penetrate deep into the skin, passing through clouds and glass even in winter. They provoke the development of the so-called allergy to the sun, cancer, pigmentation, as well as the synthesis of free radicals that destroy the protection of cells. The latter cause burns, superficial skin lesions and the appearance of melanomas.

How Art&Fact cream works

Daily sunscreen with SPF 50 for face and body is suitable for all skin types. It protects against both types of rays and protects against the harmful effects of free radicals, photoaging, the appearance of pigmentation and burns, and most importantly, against skin cancer.

In addition, chemical filters do not whiten the skin, but leave a beautiful even tone, prevent cell destruction and preserve youth. An important plus of the cream is that it moisturizes and does not leave a white coating on the face, it creates a pleasant feeling of lightness after application.

What result

Beautiful, even, safe tan and protected skin at any time of the year. The cream is especially useful if you use home peels and pads, after which you need a high degree of protection from solar activity.

How to apply

Apply the cream to cleansed and protonated face 30 minutes before sun exposure. In high sun activity or on the beach, use the cream every 2 hours. It is suitable for all skin types.

To protect your youth, beauty and health, order a daily SPF 50 sunscreen for face and body with chemical filters. And to enhance the effect, complement the care with Art&Fact moisturizers.


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