Protein is the building block for muscles. This phrase is already on edge, isn’t it? And most importantly, it is completely unclear what kind of protein we are talking about. Is it really cottage cheese and chicken breast again, or do athletes still have a chance to eat tasty and varied? Let’s try to figure it out using the example of the Ivan-Pole sports product line.

Jeff Monson. This name is probably familiar to people from the world of sports: a two-time winner of the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship and a world champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and at the same time one of the Ivan-Pole brand ambassadors. He devoted his whole life to sports and knows firsthand that the result directly depends on what you fill your plate with. Therefore, Jeff and his daughter eat chocolate brownies and do not feel any remorse. After all, these are high-protein Tobebar sticks with the taste of a popular dessert.

Start With Dessert: High Protein Tobebar Sticks

One bar contains 14 to 20 g of protein. In the manufacture, only high-quality ingredients from the world’s leading manufacturers — Hochdorf and Armor Proteins are used. The combination of whey and milk protein concentrates provides a rapid release of amino acids into the blood. At the same time, nutrients are delivered slowly, which leads to a set of muscle mass and better recovery after exercise.

The bars are covered with chocolate icing, which does not contain a single gram of sugar. But it contains natural cocoa butter, which helps to neutralize oxidative processes after intense training. Bars are convenient to take with you to always have a healthy and tasty snack at hand.

Most of the carbohydrates in the bar are prebiotic fiber. It feeds the friendly bacteria in the gut, thereby boosting the immune system and strengthening the nervous system. And it breaks down very slowly, due to which it reduces the feeling of hunger.

And separately, of course, it is worth mentioning the variety of tastes of these bars. Raspberry tiramisu and mango cheesecake, blueberry sponge cake and gingerbread cookies — every day you can try something new. In addition, the line of high-protein sticks is constantly replenished. “Milk Oolong” and “Almond Cream” have already appeared in it. And who knows what dessert you can eat tomorrow?

Let’s go classic: pancakes for breakfast

People who play sports know the value of time. In order for them to have time to eat satisfyingly and properly, Ivan-Pole prepared a ready-made mixture for making high-protein pancakes. It is easy enough to dilute it with water.

There is no flour in these pancakes, but they are very satisfying due to the high protein content: there are more than 20 g of pure protein per 100 g. At the same time, the energy value is only 182 kcal. There is no sugar in them either, only proven sweeteners are used in the recipe.

Ready mix for making high-protein pancakes helps to control not only your schedule, but also your appetite. Muscle mass grows, fat is burned. And just something — pancakes for breakfast ate!

30 minutes before…

Every athlete’s morning should start with collagen. The load on the joints is such that you cannot do without the support of a special protein. It is taken in the morning on an empty stomach, at least half an hour before a meal. So collagen is absorbed much better. But hydrolyzed collagen is absorbed the fastest. This is a powder that can be diluted with water or juice. Another option is collagen gel. This is convenient to take with you to training, because sometimes you need to take this protein twice a day.

One jar of hydrolyzed collagen contains 50 servings. It not only promotes the restoration of joints and ligaments, but also prolongs the youthfulness of the skin. Ladies are more concerned with this. To enhance the effect of taking collagen, the parallel intake of ascorbic or hyaluronic acid will help.

Speaking of ladies, another Ivan-Pole brand ambassador is Nastya Zolotaya, a three-time Russian fitness bikini champion, trainer and popular Instagram blogger. She drinks collagen all the time and, by the way, also likes high-protein bars (can you guess what her favorite flavor is?)

Milkshake with or without

Increasing the protein content in the diet means losing extra pounds by reducing body fat. It is protein that makes our body burn calories more actively. And who most often wants to lose weight? Of course, girls. Especially for them, Ivan-Pole developed high-protein milkshakes.

In one serving of the cocktail — only 33 kcal and almost 4 g of protein. One jar is enough to prepare 17 servings. The composition contains natural dyes (cocktails look very nice not only in life, but also in photos in social networks), as well as safe sweeteners. Drinks are insanely delicious, you just have to choose your favorite: classic vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or original bubble gum?

These milkshakes are quite easy to prepare: just dilute the dry mix with cold skimmed milk and beat a little with a mixer, or use a shaker for this.

As you can see, protein in the diet can be not only healthy, but also tasty. And even sweet! Strict food prohibitions and monotonous nutrition will never give the desired result.

Pleasure should bring not only the reflection of your own forms in the mirror, but also the process of training, and what you eat every day.


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