High-quality children’s shoes are not cheap pleasure. In an effort to save money, many parents buy shoes or boots «for growth», in the hope that the child will carry them longer. We explain why such savings are very conditional.

The right size is, first of all, the health of children’s feet! The stock can be — a maximum of 1 cm! Shoes should fit the foot, both in length and in fullness. Moreover, children’s models often have orthopedic elements that must match the relief of the foot.

For example, IRIDIS shoes have internal arch support and a Thomas heel to prevent flat feet. These elements must clearly coincide with the bend of the foot.

The second point, directly related to savings, is that shoes that are not the right size wear out faster. If the shoes are loose on the foot, creases may appear on the skin in the process of walking. Bottom line — shoes become unusable much faster.

Therefore, we recommend choosing a size with a margin of up to 1 cm. Also pay attention to completeness. The IRIDIS brand in the description of each model places the length of the leg in cm and a recommendation for completeness. Measure the foot and choose the right size, then the shoes will retain their appearance longer, and the child will be comfortable and safe!


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