At the present time of pandemics and viruses, the issue of maintaining immunity and strengthening the nervous system is acute. We want to tell you about one tool that will help to cope with this task — red fly agaric.

This is an effective and beneficial supplement for the body. What is its unique effect?

When taking fly agaric, the following positive processes are observed in the body:

A surge of strength and energy.

Improving physical endurance.

Increased performance.

Improving the performance of the body.

Elimination of the syndrome of constant fatigue.

Help in the fight against depression, in solving psychological problems.

Increased libido.

Helping the body to more easily endure the withdrawal from psychotropic drugs.

Help in the fight against smoking and alcoholism.

Relief of allergy symptoms.

Support for the body during intense sports.

Elimination of pain in the joints, soft muscles, even if the pain is chronic.

Improving the functioning of the digestive system.

Cleansing the body, removing toxins.

Reducing inflammation.

Normalization of vision.

Improving the quality of sleep.

Normalization of the cardiovascular system.

Help in the treatment of dermatological diseases.

Increase immunity and protective properties of the body.

In addition, red fly agaric:

● activates the process of metabolism in nerve cells and improves thinking processes;

● improves a person’s mood in life;

● inspires a person to new achievements, gives energy and strength.

How to use fly agaric?

Usually the course is 1-2 months, 6-8 times a year. The dosage is 0.5-2 g per day of the red fly agaric or 0.3-0.5 g per day of the panther fly agaric. During the course, you will have to give up fried, fatty, increase the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, drink more water. Avoid alcohol completely.

Be sure to follow the dosage indicated by the manufacturer on the package. After all, fly agaric is still a poisonous mushroom. Improper use of it can cause harm to health and psyche.

The correct and reasonable use of fly agaric will help you feel a surge of strength and energy. Give yourself these feelings. In our store you can choose a product in a convenient form (capsules or dried mushroom caps) and volume, and our consultants will answer any of your questions.


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