I’m probably not the only one? Who stands in front of the closet in the morning, long and painfully thinking what to wear? I end up with jeans and a T-shirt. If the problem is painfully familiar to you, then the article will come in handy, go read it!

The first reason is the monotony of the wardrobe.

It’s okay to have a few of the same items in your wardrobe, as long as they don’t fill the entire closet. When you buy your fifth pair of black or blue jeans and another hoodie, you are dooming yourself to look the same every day. Add a variety of styles and colors of clothes — this will make more looks.

The second reason is the lack of basic things

It’s a huge mistake to buy only trendy and accent things, the base of things is necessary. The basics are a white shirt, high-rise jeans, dress pants, a plain T-shirt, trench coat, and sneakers. In the demi-season, these things are quite enough.

The third reason is the incompatibility of things

Oh…. How familiar I am with purchases with hot/impulsive purchases. In order to somehow rationalize this process, make a decision and think over the images right in the fitting room of what this thing will be worn. If there are no ideas, postpone the purchase. The following strategy helps me from shopping: “If there is a doubt right away, I need this thing. I don’t take it without hesitation.”

The fourth reason is a mess in the wardrobe

The mess in the wardrobe is the main reason that we get ready for a long time before going out. Things should be correctly laid out in the closet, disassemble the closet regularly, proper storage is the order in the head.

The fifth reason is the way of life and the inconsistency of things

Long gathering in the morning? Perhaps because the clothes do not fit your lifestyle. If you work in an office where there is a dress code, then most of your wardrobe should consist of business and classic items. The easiest way is to initially buy universal things. Every time you stand in front of your closet in annoyance and can’t choose anything, ask yourself the question — “why don’t I have anything to wear?”. Go through all the points and find your mistakes. Wardrobe diagnostics is very important to solve this problem.

And also be inspired by the new dresses (trendy and at the same time universal, which will suit both summer and winter).

Dress link below:

Warmly, Chernega


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