A good phone case often solves several problems at once: firstly, your phone will always be protected from drops, cracks and chips, and secondly, you will be able to stand out thanks to a striking design. In our review — 9 reasons why you should choose cases from the Japanese brand Skinarma. Believe me, you will definitely like them!

1. Durable plastic frame with eco-leather insert.

With a durable plastic frame, you won’t have to worry about your phone breaking if you drop it. It will protect the back panel and sides of your mobile from bumps and chips.

2. Side buttons are protected with silicone bumper.

When dropped, the phone often hits corners or convex parts — buttons. However, thanks to the silicone bumper, the buttons of your phone will be protected and will not be damaged if accidentally hit.

3. Additional shock-absorbing inserts in the corners.

Corner inserts help absorb shock from drops and protect your phone from chips and cracks. And, of course, they will save on repairs, because your phone will not break! 🙂

4.Protrusions on the back to protect the camera.

The protruding camera is a weak spot, as are the buttons and corners. Therefore, Skinarma cases have special protrusions on the back to protect the camera. If you accidentally drop your phone while taking a selfie, you can be sure that the rear camera will not be damaged.

5. The magnetic stand transforms quickly and can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Among Skinarma cases there is a model (by the way, it is in the product carousel!), which has a magnetic stand. You can transform it and use it horizontally or vertically. This is handy if you enjoy watching movies, reading on your phone, or using your phone for selfies, video calls, and streaming.

6. With a strap, it is convenient to hold the smartphone with one hand.

A special strap on Skinarma case models allows you to hold the phone with one hand. Thanks to this feature, you can use your phone comfortably even when your second hand is busy. For example, when you drink tea or hold on to a handrail in transport.

7. Suitable for use with magnetic holders without the use of metal plates.

Among Skinarma cases there is a model that you can use with magnetic holders. This is very convenient if you drive a car and use a navigator or often answer emails while driving. All you need is just to buy a magnetic holder. But to glue the magnetic plates to the case is no longer needed!

8. Various designs and models.

Many different designs, among which you will find both bright and calm colors. There are models made in the design of the Japanese motif, and there are also in the urban style. You can find a model not only for a child, but also for yourself, and even for your older relatives.

9. High quality covers and comfortable price.

High quality covers — at the same time the price for quality is not high. According to customer reviews, these cases will be able to survive the phone and be inherited. Of course we’re kidding! But be sure that the cover from the Skinarma brand will last you for a long time!