Today, sensual chic reveals why a sweatshirt sweatsuit is the most versatile piece to date. We sewed a lot of classic clothes and “going out” outfits, but then we took the focus on total comfort. Now you can buy chic sweatshirt suits in lavender and dark blue colors from our brand.

Hoodies and joggers have long won the hearts of fashionistas around the world. In them you can see both celebrities and ordinary girls on the streets of your cities. And this is not surprising, because it is difficult to come up with something more comfortable and stylish than this set. Sportswear at fashion shows has become commonplace and is no longer associated only with the gym.

The modern girl chooses comfort, but comfort does not mean outdated design. We create costumes that will be appropriate both on a walk with a friend, and at work, if she does not require a clear dress code, and at home for relaxing with the family.

The peculiarity of our costumes is that they are made in the same size. Suitable for girls from 40 to 52 sizes. What’s the point? In cut, of course. A girl of any build in our cut of costumes looks very feminine and fragile. Trendy oversized stylists advise for a reason. He is not only able to emphasize tenderness, but also to hide figure flaws. Isn’t that what we all want from the perfect suit?

In addition, both the trousers and the sweatshirt from the suit can be worn separately, combined with other wardrobe items. The most daring even combine oversized hoodies with over-the-knee boots, and joggers with high-heeled ankle boots and a knitted crop top.

We chose the colors of the costume not by chance. Dark blue is the most versatile, but not a banal color. Not easily soiled, shading facial features, and, importantly, trendy, as it was chosen by Pantone as one of the main colors of winter 2021. Well, the second color we chose is lavender. This color will be relevant in the spring and summer of 2021. We take care of you in advance so that you can already buy the most fashionable suit at a nice price right now. For the most romantic ladies, lavender color will become indispensable in the coming season.

But one of the main advantages of this costume, of course, is the fabric from which it is made.

Footer is a natural cotton fabric that has a pleasantly smooth outer side and a very soft inner side. All this is due to the special weaving of threads in production. This fabric absorbs moisture well, so jogging will not have any problems with colds in the cold season. In addition, it is the footer that is most often chosen by manufacturers of children’s clothing.

We make sure that our clothes are not only trendy, but also comfortable. We are gathering a large team of like-minded people who love beauty and comfort in everyday life. Join our sensual chic community!


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