Baseball cap is the main accessory of 2022

Gone are the days of putting on a baseball cap to pop into a nearby store without makeup or hair. Today, baseball caps are the most fashionable headwear of the season. Designers suggest wearing it even with cocktail dresses! Indeed, it does not matter at all whether you focus on a bright baseball cap or, on the contrary, choose neutral colors, this headpiece will emphasize any image.

C what to wear

The cap boom of our time began with the Celine digital show, in which designer Hedi Slimane put baseball caps on almost all models, regardless of whether they were dressed in a discreet classic jacket, romantic or even evening dress.

1. Baseball cap + jacket

A stylish combination that has not yet had time to get bored and opens up a lot of interesting options for us: here you can combine different colors, textures and styles. And if in such a combination you can take any baseball cap, then it is better to choose a jacket with a free cut, voluminous or elongated.

2. Baseball cap + coat

Stylish and practical autumn mix, goes well with sports shoes or boots. For the harmony of such an image, it is better not to take a coat of a fitted silhouette, a cap will look more interesting and advantageous with a coat of a straight cut or oversized.

3. Cap + fur coat

A bold and even slightly daring combination of a cap and a fur coat will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. The most interesting combinations are possible with sneakers or laconic heeled shoes.

4. Cap + heels

In this image, the heel will add elegance to the woman, and the cap — mystery. There are no restrictions in this combination — a cap can look stylish both with a stiletto heel and with a wide stable heel.

5. Cap + dress

If we have been wearing a dress with sneakers or sneakers for several years in a row, then why not add a cap to this tandem ?! A cap and dress is a fresh and trendy solution that will definitely make your outing stylish and memorable.

6. Cap + down jacket

Every girl who cares about her warmth and comfort gets a jacket or down jacket for the fall. But to make your images in it more interesting and trendy, wear a down jacket with a bright cap — the visor will protect your face from the wind, and highlight the bright color from the gray crowd and charge you with positive.

Favorite Hollywood Celebrity Accessory

The life of famous people is arranged in such a way that they remain in sight even when they do not want to. Therefore, they sometimes take all measures to remain unnoticed. One of the most effective is a black baseball cap.

So, from a purely sporting attribute, a baseball cap has long turned into an everyday one — today it is appropriate with a suit, like Hailey Bieber, and with an evening dress, as Hedi Slimane showed in the Celine spring-summer 2021 collection. Olga Karput does not part with a black baseball cap on vacation Marine Serre and wears it, including on the beach with swimsuits in pastel shades. Fast forward to Paris, Leah Sfez loves pairing a baseball cap with a classic coat. The love for this eclectic trick is shared by Pernille Theisbeck, the stylist wears a black baseball cap with a matching outfit, accentuating with beige.

Baseball caps with LACKPARO print

Hats with unique and discreet prints will not go out of fashion for a long time. The favorite of 2022 will be baseball caps with a pattern imitating cute animals, as well as various lettering. It is these baseball caps that can be successfully adapted to a variety of styles.


LACKPARO brand baseball caps are unique baseball caps made of soft and breathable cotton material. The embroidered caps feature a classic six-panel design with eyelets on each of the gussets — small vent holes that keep your head always breathing. Rigid visor, slightly curved so that the embroidered cap looks good on every type of face.

Three different embroidered prints available above the peak

  1. Threatening duckling with a knife. A tribute to Swedish-American rapper, singer-songwriter Gustav Elijah Ahr, better known by his stage name Lil Peep—he has been called one of the first musicians of the post-emo revival, and his hip-hop style became known as emo rap.
  • Inscription «REVENGE»which is translated from Latin as «revenge / revenge.» Revenge is a mixtape (collection of songs) by American rapper XXXTentacion, released on May 16, 2017 under Empire Distribution. It consists of eight previously released songs.
  • Crying heart. A tribute to the famous Japanese brand Comme des Garçonsmanufacturer of premium segment clothing (luxury class). PLAY — this is the clothing line of this brand, it is on it that the logo with a broken heart is depicted.
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