Parents often buy a lot of unnecessary things for their children. And when it comes time to dress beautifully, it turns out that there is nothing to wear. One of the most important items in a child’s wardrobe is a basic T-shirt. Today we would like to tell you just about such a model from Miss Alice.

What should be a children’s basic t-shirt?

A t-shirt for children is a thing that a child will wear almost every day. That is why it must have the following qualities:

  • Natural fabrics are mandatory in the composition: for example, a Miss Alice T-shirt made of high-quality knitwear that is pleasant to the touch — a high cotton content of 80%.
  • Allows children’s skin to breathe, as children are quite active and rarely spend time in a calm state.
  • Comfortable at any time of the year — in summer it is cool, and in winter under clothes it warms from the cold.

What to combine with a t-shirt?

There should be several t-shirts in different colors in the child’s wardrobe. Let’s see what they can be combined with.

White T-shirt. This is a universal option for any occasion: whether it’s a festive outfit, or physical education classes. A white T-shirt looks great with shorts, trousers, skirts of any color. In addition, you can sleep in a white T-shirt, as well as wear it at home.

Black T-shirt. Just as versatile as white. It can be worn with contrasting items: bright jackets, skirts, jeans, and tracksuits. The black T-shirt is less easily soiled, so the child can safely wear it on the street for active walks, in the park or for sports.

Bright t-shirts. They will help to add colors in summer and spring, when you really want the child’s image to be stylish and fashionable. The main thing to think about when choosing a T-shirt: fabric dyes. The T-shirt should not have any foreign smell, so as not to cause an allergic reaction of the child’s skin. Colored T-shirts from Miss Alice are safe for children, pleasant for the body and hypoallergenic. T-shirts in bright colors can be combined with trousers and skirts of the same color, or play in contrast.

Why is it important to have several t-shirts in a child’s wardrobe?

If you want your child to have a new look every day, then a few T-shirts in the wardrobe are just what you need. The same t-shirt can be combined with a school uniform, and with a smart skirt or jeans. This way you have an infinite number of options to combine things, while keeping your budget safe and sound.


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