The taste of freshly baked Borodino bread cannot be confused with anything else. For the first time this delicious bread replenished the shelves of Soviet bakeries in 1933 and to this day does not leave the shops of the CIS countries and our tables. Fragrant, slightly salty rye bread and characteristic caraway bitterness — how was this unique combination born?

History of appearance.

There are two most popular versions of how the miracle bread called “Borodinsky” was invented. The first one says that such bread was baked by the nuns of the Spaso-Borodino Monastery, which was built by the widow of General Tuchkov, who died in the Battle of Borodino. Hence the name of the monastery and the bread itself. The baking recipe was very similar to the classic one, but with its own characteristics in the form of spicy cumin. According to the second version, the recipe for the famous bread was brought from Italy by the chemist and composer Borodin. By the way, the modern recipe for this bread is over 100 years old! The recipe does not lose its relevance to this day.

Let’s talk about benefits!

Everyone knows that black bread is much healthier than white bread. There are a lot of elements important for the body in Borodino bread:

  • Vitamins of group B, as well as PP, A and E.

Thanks to this combination, the functioning of the nervous and digestive systems is normalized. If you are experiencing intestinal problems, Borodino bread is for you! It regulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, improves peristalsis and maintains the microflora in excellent condition.

  • Trace elements are iron, phosphorus, sodium and potassium.

One loaf of Borodino contains most of the daily intake of these substances! Thus, regular consumption of such bread is simply necessary for people with anemia, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.

  • Proteins, beneficial enzymes and fiber

Faithful friends of our digestion! Their high content in Borodino bread helps to keep the skin in excellent condition and remove everything unnecessary from the body.

Who should limit the consumption of Borodino?

Borodino bread should not be carried away by people with high acidity of gastric juice — in order to avoid heartburn and exacerbations of gastritis. People with diabetes should also refrain from eating Borodino (as well as any other bread products).

Borodino bread — the heart of the hearth!

Agree, it is most pleasant to cook bread with your own hands. Delight your loved ones with the most delicious pastries — even a beginner will get the perfect Borodino bread with the ready-made mixture «Bake at Home»! What is the peculiarity of our mixture?

  • The classic recipe is observed to the smallest detail, and all the ingredients are selected in the right proportions. Freshly baked bread would be perfect!
  • Prepared in two counts — in the oven or bread machine.
  • Formulated without artificial colors, preservatives and GMOs.
  • The perfect base for your culinary fantasies.

Borodino bread is ideal not only on its own, but also as an addition to a variety of snacks. You can even make homemade kvass from it. And, of course, a piece of Borodino with your favorite soup is the best combination familiar from childhood. A few pieces of Borodino a day will bring undoubted benefits to the body and diversify familiar dishes thanks to a special, incomparable taste!


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