In view of the global changes that the world has faced in recent years, people, spending most of their time at home, have finally chosen comfort. Fashion lovers are no exception. Therefore, clogs are the main trend of recent seasons. The trend pleases, because what could be better than stylish, while the most comfortable shoes?! Leather slippers on the platform have returned to the top of the most fashionable solutions for spring and summer. In addition, clog fashion is cyclical and returns to us every 20 years, staying afloat for a season or two, but it seems that this time everything is different and clogs have decisively strengthened their position in the minds and hearts of fashionistas, having received the status of “must have». For the first time, clogs were transformed into a fashion trend in the 70s. Now, clog fashion has been revived by the most famous fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Hermès, Isabel Marant, Chain, Versace.

Why are clogs so popular and what can they be worn with?

One of the advantages of clogs is their variety. Now they are made on wooden, cork, rubber and plastic soles, using natural leather, leatherette, fur, wool and many other materials. Designers are experimenting with the height and shape of the soles, and also do not skimp on extraordinary colors and details in the design — flowers, metal rivets, chains, etc. The variety of clogs is their main advantage — they can be combined with all fashionable outfits of different styles and colors and, thus, use both walking shoes, work and at home. This is exactly what fashionistas have been delighted with for more than a season.

What do famous brands offer us?

Incredible variety of shapes, colors and materials. All this, of course, attracts the eye and gives rise to a desire to quickly acquire one, if not several pairs of clogs. The only obstacle is the price, which you want to argue with.

What to do?

A common problem with trends is that world-famous brands set high prices, and their copies, while having an affordable price, are made from low-quality materials. People choose accessibility at the expense of leg and spine health. We know that the golden mean exists and we should not forget about it. If you pay attention to the composition and characteristics of the models, then mainly, it really is leather. Production — Italy, Turkey or China. Considering that shoe brands all over the world (including ours), most of the materials for sewing shoes are also purchased and imported from Italy, you can opt for local shoe brands, as a more budgetary and no less high-quality option.

For our part, we are successfully implementing our idea — to make high-quality footwear available to everyone. To create something that is cheaper, but not worse in quality, and at the same time always in trend. Quality and convenience that can be enjoyed by everyone. What clogs to choose and what to wear — the flight of your imagination. And we, in turn, look forward to your reactions to our new summer collection of clogs 2022 and look forward to what fashionable images you will delight us with.

— Shoes from Serbia


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