Compact food thermos with a volume of 600 ml made of stainless steel with a universal neck with a diameter of 75 mm. This model is rightfully considered one of the most convenient to use, see for yourself:

· Compact, has small dimensions, can be put even in a lady’s bag

Universal neck — convenient to apply food from a thermos

Universal cork — you can use a thermos for the first or second, and for drinks

Lightweight — easy to carry to work/school

Handle on the case — comfortable to hold

This sturdy baby does not keep the temperature for long compared to thermoses with a narrow neck — after 12 hours at least 45-50 degrees Celsius, this is quite understandable due to the wide universal neck and small volume. However, this temperature is quite enough to eat hot food in the morning with soup or coffee in the afternoon.

If you are looking for a compact, convenient and reliable food thermos that you can easily take with you, this model is a great choice!


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